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  • Why Chicago won't tell you Downtown is unsafe

    by Sicario506 Written May 19, 2013

    the Loop thrives on Convention goers to keep the hotels and restaurants filled.
    Black gang muggings continue to increase, they no longer just shoot each other
    On the south side ( not far from the convention center ) they have found convention
    Goers easy targetsj for robbing and beating.

    Convention goers travel in groups of at least 4, wait inside your hotel for your cab.
    DO NOT try to walk to or from a Restaurant at night.

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  • chicago is not safe

    by Sicario506 Written May 19, 2013

    Blacks continue to make Chicago a city to avoid. black mobs invade Shopping on the Mile.
    city officials will tell you differently but the truth is they have to lie to you.
    Once Convention goers learn about the muggings at Hotel Taxi Stands and
    Walking to Restaurants in the Loop, the city will become another Detroit.

    Once Chicago Convention business dries up, so will the downtown hotel and
    Restaurant business... Kiss Chicago goodby.

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  • JongIww's Profile Photo

    Don't listen to the negative hype

    by JongIww Written Apr 15, 2013

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    There are lots of people who don't live in Chicago who love to rant about how dangerous it is when most of their information is from secondhand stories which they've embellished.

    You have to walk many many miles to get anywhere where gangs are a problem, and even where they are, they leave regular people alone (%99 of gang violence between gangs, not towards innocent people). The northside, the near west side, and the near south side are all perfectly safe, and in fact, fairly rich & upscale. Chicago is a beautiful city with lots of vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and endless activites. You'll miss out on some beautiful sights and great times if you allow your trip to be governed by what some ignorant out of towner THINKS it's like.

    Come visit, and if you do, I recommend the following neighborhoods
    - Ukranian Village (near west side)
    - Noble Square (near west side)
    - Logans square (near northwest side)
    - Wrigleyville (northside)
    - Lincoln Park (northside)
    - Lakeview (northside)
    - University Village (near southside)
    - Pilsen (near southside)
    - Bridgeport (near southside)
    - West loop (downtown)
    - River north (downtown)

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  • Dabs's Profile Photo

    Flash mobs

    by Dabs Written Apr 1, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a really tough tip for me to write but I don't believe in sugar coating the big city problems that a city like Chicago sometimes has. The tourist areas in Chicago-the Magnificent Mile, River North, the Loop-are generally safe but technology has spawned a rather disturbing phenonmenon with young troublemakers tweeting and texting and forming flash mobs. The most recent incident happened just this last Saturday with 100s of youths gathering on Michigan Avenue basically to cause havoc. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt but in prior incidents there have been injuries. These incidents are not happening late at night, this most recent incident was in the early evening hours.

    There was another incident the same day on the red line el, a young woman and her mother were attacked by a group of young girls, only one of which was over 18. In that case the woman was punched and her purse stolen, she must have pursued them as she got it back.

    If I see a large group of young people wandering around, I assume they are up to no good, better safe than sorry. Cross the street, go up a different block, pop into a store or restaurant until they pass. If you see a large group of young people on a CTA train and you are the only other person getting on, wait for the next train or get on a different car.

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  • DAPLUMBER's Profile Photo

    Chicago Crime

    by DAPLUMBER Updated Jul 15, 2012

    The City of Chicago is NOT SAFE! The Criminals are Attacking people on the street, on the Trains, in the Alleys and even in the Walgreen Stores. A Woman was taken from the Blueline Train on June 15th, 2012. She was forced to go to an apartment, where she was repeatedly Raped by multiple Men. Concealed Carry is illegal in Chicago, and the Monsters know it. Stay away from Chicago until you can pack a Gun!

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  • TravelTravel34's Profile Photo

    Don't Be Afraid of Chicago

    by TravelTravel34 Written Nov 10, 2011

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    When people come to the city they worry about safety. Yes, it's a big city and anything can happen. But downtown is nothing like what it was in the '80s. The more people around the safer you are. The bad neighborhoods are to the far South and far West, and there's no way you would end up in them unless you got seriously lost while driving! Chicago's infame for gangs is nothing a tourist should worry about. Just thought this might be helpful!

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  • Gangs, tourists and you

    by HeartOfTheCity Updated Feb 18, 2011

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    For tourists coming to chicago, here's some advise about the gang stuff. STAY IN THE DOWNTOWN OR SUBURBS. dont go to the outskirts of the city and say you wanna see the neighborhoods that Al Capone controlled. Its just a bad idea, if you see a group of guys walking around, dont stare at them, dont challenge them, and if you call the cops, your stupid. now if they do something to you, then yes, call the police. but if theyre just walking around, leave them be, dont call the cops because for one, they already know your a tourist and gonna probrably give you real problems when they leave. and two, because cops in the city dont respond to anything unless its a murder or something to get them airtime on the news. think im lying ?, talk to someone in chicago and ask them the last time the police helped them out. as for clothing, no matter what 10/10 times your gonna be wearing someones gang colors, so just watch how you prosent yourself. but if your a teen or in your 20's...stand by because you will probrably be stopped and approached. dont be stupid with hand signs tryna be funny either...bad things always happen to good people here. So my advise is as followed. Come to chicago and enjoy yourself, take in the sights of the city...if you wanna go outside of the city, go to dupage county...its the suburbs maybe 45 min away...lots to do and see, always travel with someone else, even if its down the street, have someone with you so you can almost guarantee protection, NEVER PICK A FIGHT AT A BAR, if you do this in your city, fine...but 9/10 times the guy you fight with is a active gang member, and he probrably has backup, or your in HIS neighborhood. if you go anywhere with some type of gang graffiti, LEAVE THE AREA. there are a estimated 400 different major gangs in chicago alone, and chicago is Motherland of alot of the nations top threatening gangs, so be smart and know where you are.people die defending colors and blocks that they dont even own, and they wont hesitate to do something stupid just to make a name for themselves in there neighborhood.

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  • Gangs and groups of individuals

    by QueenBee75 Written Aug 6, 2008

    Some of the neighborhoods around Chicago will have a high concentration of gang activity and if you're not experienced in knowing about this don't visit the area. Keeping together as a group is wise because gang members have been known to attack people who havent done a thing to them as a means to exacerbate their threatening behavior. If you see a group of teens or young adults preferably late teens early 20s standing around places like a liquor store or corner/convenience stores call the police because this also helps them keep the streets clear of unwanted loitering and congregating. Make sure you inform the police of what street you're on or intersection. If the police get enough complaints about a certain street or intersection that has a lot of loitering and congregating of gang members they'll come and sweep the street and make arrests. Being safe is better than being sorry.

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  • Chicago, my home

    by DMacMan Written Nov 26, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Being Southside Chicago bred, let me tell you that out of towners shouldn't go around wearing bandanas or wearing their hats to the left or right. That offends us here, we'll think you are repping a set. Don't mistakingly make any hand motions involving the twisting of any of your fingers. You may accidently throw up a sign, and which you will be spotted and questioned. And don't try to act like a gangster badass around the local Chicagoans who actually are gangsters. People such as the Almighty Latin Kings, Black P. Stones, and my (C's)Vice Lord Nation. Gangster Disciples are almost everywhere, including my old hood in Auburn Gresham aka Boys Town on 76th Street. Don't act tough in Roseland either, you'll go back to the nomansland you came from in a body bag with a tag on your toe. Mexicans are wild here, like the Spanish Lords, Imperial Gangsters, Ambrose, Latin Counts, Spanish Vice Lords, Spanish Gangster Disciples, Maniac Latin Disciples ect. Bottomline, don't step on any toes.

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  • jeffhensr's Profile Photo
    Feb 21, 2013 at 11:44 PM

    Chicago is one of the easiest places to get lost in and end up in a neighborhood you don't want to be. I grew up on the southside and have moved to Kansas. One year when I was back for Christmas I needed to go to the Stoney Island Chicago Police Station. As I was heading there I was cut off and stopped by a black police officer. He noticed my out of state plates and was afraid I was lost. I explained what I needed and he escorted me there. I wasn't able to solve my problem so he pointed me in the right direction and told me to get out of there fast. Don't look at anyone. My grandfather and grandmother are buried in a cemetery there and I guess we can't really visit. Many of my friends say they find Chicago the easiest place to get lost.

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