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Evansville Things to Do

  • Casino Aztar

    Casino Aztar was pretty nice since it is near the river. However, the slot do not pay out well. I ended up losing money, I won’t say how much. They do have some good live entertainment at times. Corky's BBQ has some yummy BBQ. I loved eating the full rack of ribs with the BBQ rub:)

  • Fall Festival

    The first full week of every October, the city finally comes alive. Over 100 food vendors show up along West Franklin much to the joy of the crowds. 85 years strong, and still going.It allows people to actually be friendly for a while and enjoy some good, if not odd local flavors.You can pick up everything from a apple dumpling to a brain sandwich,...

  • LST 325

    Go down towards the Riverfront and see the LST WWII container ship. Evansville was a large ship builder during WWII and we finally get to show off some of that heritage in a floating museum.The dock surrounding it might not be the most appealing tourist attraction, but it's the history you're here for.

  • Bosse Field

    If you are a fan of old baseball stadiums you have to make an effort to catch a game at Bosse Field. The independent league Evansville Otters currently play there. One of the oldest stadiums in America and a WPA architectural gem. The Otters organization does things right and any sports fan would have an enjoyable evening at Bosse.

  • Zoo with pride

    Mesker Park Zoo is a smaller zoo but one that you can actually appreciate in one whole day. They have a variety of animals that fulfill the kids' need to see wildlife. They also have a tram and paddleboats.They have worked very hard on the area to improve it and make it visually appealing in many ways.

  • Nightlife in Evansville

    I recently turned 21 and am enjoying the nightlife here in Evansville very much! There are fun places to go, such as...The Little Cheers, Fast Eddy's (a new favorite), Fox and Hound, and a cool place to go for dinner is Applebees, TGIFridays, and Hacienda. Joey's, a karaoke, hole0in the wall bar, is a BLAST! You can dance with the crowd while you...


Evansville Hotels

Evansville Restaurants

  • Gerst Bavarian Haus

    My husband and I was in Evansville In on 10-14-2011 and after reading reviews on here opted to give the German Restaurant Gerst Bavarian Haus a try..I used to live in Germany so I was very excited about trying the food. It was below par, It was a disappointment to me. I don't recommend this to anyone who knows what really food made in Germany taste...

  • Bummer if you want good Barbecue !

    THE BAR-B-Q SHACK (4430 N. First Ave. at North Park Shopping Center, Evansville, Indiana. Ok… so I heard on the news that last week a presidential candidate was in town and was taken to eat at The Bar-B-Q Shack here in town. I love good barbecue and am always hoping to find it in Evansville, especially close to home. It was a Monday and I was ready...

  • Good Chain Restaurant

    I like the retro-look of these Denny's Diners. This one was pretty nice. My waitress was nice, friendly and efficient. I had the Tilapia Ranchero which was very tasty.

  • worth missing

    I thought the buffet was very overpriced with very little to choose from. The catfish was overcooked and the dressing tasted like Stovetop Stuffing gone wrong.I hope we just ate there at a bad time and otherwise the food and selection will be better but there are too many other buffets with more options at much lower prices to choose from. I do not...

  • Fast Food that's actually worth it.

    Hamburger and Ice Cream shop that will not dissapoint. Super thin burgers served with shoestring fries. Regular Hamburger and Fries Combo.Ultimate PB&J sandwich. Peanut Butter with chopped Peanuts on top, with jelly covered in sliced strawberrys.All ice creams are made in house and will never let you down.

  • Old Fashioned Tavern Food

    Small Place, good people, great food. You could go on forever about this Historic location, or any number of things, I prefer to keep it as simple as their food. If you are in town, stop by and grab a bite, you won't be dissapointed. My favorite is the simple cheeseburger and fries with a side order of fried cheddar cheese cubes.Plenty of other...

  • The German Heritage Shows

    In a Westside location that appears to have the same age as the city, and every bit of the heritage.The Gerst Haus is a place we often go on a Friday after work to wind down with plenty of good beer and lots of good people.This place is very hopping during the week of the Fall Festival, don't expect a quiet meal during the first full week of...

  • Turoni's Pizza. The true best of...

    There are two Turonis locations in town. The Turonis Brewery on Main Street and Turoni's Forget Me Not Inn in midtown on Weinbach. I much prefer the Weinbach location due to the space provided for seating and parking. Some prefer the original location, to each their own.The Main St. location is in a bit older and as time passes in a more shady part...

  • Real Chinese really

    Jimmy will ALWAYS makes you feel welcomed. If you are not sure what to have ask Jimmy for suggestions, he has NEVER steered me wrong. Very friendly place and service is great. After the first time I was there they remembered me and what I like. I go there for special occasions usually about 3-4 times a year, yet they remember me like a DAILY...


Evansville Nightlife

  • Good drinks and good pool

    Fox is a good place to go with some friends and enjoy a night out drinking. It's not loud or over crowded, there is no booty dancing or people attempting to fight. The higher prices and the dress code keep the trouble away.Great pool tables, good cigars, ice cold beer. No hats, no jerseys, no extreme baggy clothes.

  • The bar scene in Evansville

    1 The Jungle - upscale cocktail bar in the downstairs of the resturant2 Fox and Hound - pool, clean place, good beer3 Fast Eddies - band and dance floor, cheap beer on most nights4 Hoosier Lounge - it's the lower floor of the Casino and is fun to stop in4 Oxygen - dance floor and multi-bars, this is a night club for Evansville.5 Old Chicago -...

  • Classy bar

    Scott Winzinger plays here on Thursdays and Saturdays. Fun, classy bar located in downtown Evansville. Dressy to casual, jeans and a nice shirt for guys, sneakers are fine for guys, girls should stick with a little dressier attire.


Evansville Transportation

  • Rent a Car

    Evansville is not a Mass Transit freindly city. Cabs cannot be hailed, they must be called, and prepare to wait 30-45 minutes for a pickup. Cabs are usually reservered for travel to and from bars, not usually getting around town. Buses do move around town, but are not very frequent.

  • Hyw. 64, east or west or Hwy....

    Hyw. 64, east or west or Hwy. 41 north or south. The best air travel would be thru Delta and Comair thru Cinnicinati, Ohio connection as the rest of the computer planes are quite small and scary.Bus or trolley cars and auto

  • Evansville Hotels

    36 Hotels in Evansville

Evansville Local Customs

  • Just understand that people are not in a...

    Driving around town can be a terrible experience. No one understands the use of the "fast lane" You will be driving down a 3 lane road, with 3 cars spanned across the lanes all going 5 under the speed limit. You can either rip your hair out getting mad or just give in and slowly travel behind the people who do not understand the common rules of the...

  • Back to back parties

    When you book a hotel here, you need to ask around. Sometimes staying one more day can turn up a lot more fun.In the summer time, sure- there's the big Thunder On the Ohio thing, but that's just one of dozens of Riverside-Drive-closing activites. There are barbecue cookoffs and always some sort of convention going on.In short, once you're set, ask...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Evansville Warnings and Dangers

  • Places to avoid. General Info

    The only places to really avoid in Evansville are places the normal tourist or business traveler will never go. To call them dangerous zones is pushing it, as there are very very few places I would not walk at night.If you want to stay out of the parts of the city where crime is higher and the pay is lower, just avoid everything west of 41, East of...


    Evansville is known as "Stoplight City" and for a good reason! When stopped at a stop light ,wait a second after you traffic light turns green and watch for people running a red light before you proceed.It is common here.

  • There is always alot of...

    There is always alot of construction going on and around Evansville, plus it is known as Stop Light City due to the many stoplights. The best bet is the Lloyd Expressway going east and west across town


Evansville What to Pack

  • Packing List

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: in summer it is usually hot and muggy, being close to both the Ohio and the Wabash Rivers, In the fall and Spring it can also be very warm and we normally do not get much snow in winter, sometimes we receive more ice. So you plan accordingly

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: There are 3 hospitals, many med-care center around town which are available

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Burdette Park offers great camping but also has mosquitoes

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Evansville Off The Beaten Path

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Evansville Favorites

  • "Fun" in downtown Evansville

    My main memory? A greasy, unkempt man on a bike rode past a grotesquely obese woman and commented something along the lines of, "I'm followin' ya." She then began a torrent of loud and graphic obscenities, which she continued with for almost 3 blocks. None of it can be repeated here. Unable to hold in our laughter for long, my friends and I...

  • You know the Madi Gras is the...

    You know the Madi Gras is the biggest street festival in American-BUT what's #2? It's right here in Evansville in October-the Westside Nut Club FALL FESTIVAL. Over 100,000 folks patrol the west side of Evansville for a week on Franklin Street enjoying entertainment and exotic foods (Brains are a favorite). The FREEDOM festival is a big event also....

  • Evansville is a large city...

    Evansville is a large city with the small town friendlyness. Among the things to visit here is the Mesker Zoo, Casino Astar, Burdette Park, New Harmony close by and the many different types of bars and restaurants. Growing up here was great. When I am away I miss my friends at the VFW and the FOP Clubs Where you can set back, drink a few beers and...


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