Indiana Favorites

  • Old Colonial Homes
    Old Colonial Homes
    by DSwede
  • Old State Bank of Vincennes
    Old State Bank of Vincennes
    by deecat
  • Lincoln Memorial Bridge From Indiana
    Lincoln Memorial Bridge From Indiana
    by deecat

Indiana Favorites

  • Bloomington

    Located about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Indianapolis, Bloomington is a pleasant city of around 80,400 inhabitants, and is the county seat of Monroe County. Known as the "Gateway to Scenic Southern Indiana," the Bloomington area offers numerous outdoor recreational opportunities at nearby state parks, state and national forests, and lakes...

  • Indianapolis

    Indiana's capital and largest city, Indianapolis is the center of a metropolitan area of over 2,040,000 inhabitants. Indianapolis was settled in 1820, but did not become the state capital until 1825, when the city was chosen to give Indiana a centralized capital. This ensured that Indianapolis would become the largest and most important city in the...

  • state divisions

    Ninety-Two counties divide the state into political and governmental areas. The first county was incorporated in 1790 (Knox County along the Mississippi River at the southwest corner of the state) and the last county formed was Newton County (northwest corner of the state) in the 1850s.Marion County has the largest population and Ohio County the...

  • Indiana's Small towns

    Indiana has numerous small towns dating from the end of the 19th Century and the start of the 20th Century. It was a time of rapid industrial growth. Much of which was not dependent on the exact location of the business as transportation was expanding, demand was rising for finished products and farm production was producing value. These towns grew...

  • Indiana Courthouses

    Indiana Courthouses, have had a tradition of being similar. Square built with a central tower. Even with that tradition, the variation is wonderful. Of course, over the years, some have lost their towers, others have been replaced completely. Those remaining 19th Century (1880-1900) buildings are always fun to see.

  • Indiana State Flag

    In 1917 the Indiana General Assembly adopted a "State Banner" as part of the commemoration of the The centennial of the Hoosier State. The banner was chosen in a competition sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the prize-winning design was submitted by Paul Hadley of Mooresville, Indiana. The banner is a blue field with...

  • Old National Road Welcome Center in...

    The Old National Road Welcome Center is a GREAT place to stop as you come along US 40 in Richmond. The center is a part of the Wayne County Convention Tourism Bureau. The place houses TONS of brochures and information on nearly all points of interest statewide. The receptionist that works there is very friendly and will gladly make reservations for...

  • Indiana's Capitol Building in...

    I'm always amazed when I discover the number of citizens who never visit the capital of their state. Citizens of Indiana are really missing out on something special if they have not visited the Capitol Building in Indianapolis.This revitalized Capitol Building called the "State House" represents nineteenth-century grandeur with the inner workings...

  • Old Bluff Town: Terre Haute

    Terre Haute is always mispronounced. The correct pronunciation is Terra Hote. This 1816 town sits on a bluff overlooking the Wabash River and takes its name from the French for "high land."Terre Haute became a railroad and coal mining center until about 1960. Because of the outlying shopping malls, the downtown area almost collapsed. It certainly...

  • Indiana's Industrial Area: Calumet...

    The Calumet Region is the strip of Lake Michigan shoreline where the cities of Hammond, Whiting, East Chicago, and Gary are today. This area was originally swamps and sand dunes, but in the late 1800's, it grew into one of the most important industrialized regions in the United States.My husband Allan was born and raised in the "Region" in East...

  • Madison, Indiana, An Architectual...

    Madison appears today much as it did during its steamboat days. The historic district claims 133 blocks as this city has converted almost every corner in town into an architectually visual paradise! It has two national historic landmarks & eight historic museums. There's a collection of 19th-century homes as well as shops that invite visitors to...

  • New Harmony Was Not Always Harmonious

    Is a perfect society a possibility? Robert Owen thought so. He bought the town of New Harmony on the banks of the Wabash River. He purchased it from George Rapp's and his German Religious group. Owens wanted to form a society in which all members would work together. "Equal work=equal profits" was the philosophy so that community members would own...

  • Brown County and the Town of Nashville

    Brown County is the center of tourism for Southern Indiana. Its got the cute little town of Nashville with its 200 shops and restaurants geatred for tourists. By this I mean it tends to sell antiques and Amish furniture, jellies, jams, mustards and other country style goods. They have good restaurants, music jamborees, horseback riding and just a...

  • Daylight Savings Time - Hello Headache

    The vast majority of Indiana is on Eastern time, but does not set their clocks forwards in the Spring. The counties immediately around Chicago and Evansville are on Central time and do use daylight savings time. Add to this that there counties near Cincinnatti and Louisville are on Eastern time and do use daylight savings and you have a big...

  • Lower taxes

    Indiana has lower sales taxes than our neighbor Illinois so many people who are close to the border come over for the cheaper sales tax of 6% on general goods and 0% on food (compared with 8.75% for general goods and 2% for food in Chicago) and cheaper cigarettes (around $6 per pack in Chicago).Until recently Indiana also had a favorable gas tax...

  • President Benjamin Harrison's home

    The house is located at 1230 N. Delaware Street in Indianapolis. For information phone: 317-631-1888Tours are conducted every half hour and are about an hour long.the museum is open on Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 3:30 pm and on Sunday from 12:30 to 3:30. This home of the 23rd US President contains 3,700 artifacts and 2,440 books. Ten of...

  • Visit the Children's Museum.

    The Children's Museum is located at 3000 N. Meridian Street in Indianapolis. For information phone: 317-334-3322FAX 317-921-4019 The Children's Museum is open daily from March 1st through Labor Day, 10 am to 5 pm.It is closed on Monday between Labor Day and the first Monday in March.

  • Visit the Indianapolis Zoo.

    The zoo is located at 1200 W. Washington Street in Indianapolis. For information phone: 317-630-2001

  • Indiana Museum of Art

    Visit the Indiana Museum of Art. It is located at 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis.For information phone: 317-920-2660 Free guided tours of the permanent collection are offered Tuesday through Sunday at 1 pm.

  • Northern Indiana

    My homeland. So I'm aloud to say it's not the most exciting of places to visit. With two days I imagine you could get a decent sense of the land. Amish country around Nappanee, Shipshewana and Middlebury make for a very interesting and peaceful excursion. The Notre Dame campus is a pilgrimage for some. The more adventurous and sociologically...

  • Southern Indiana

    Easily the more scenic section of the state. Limestone cliffs, winding roads, forests, quaint towns and the Ohio River valley create a landscape in stark contrast to the level farmland of northern Indiana. Defintely worth a couple of days if you have the time. Highlights include the architecturally innovative city of Columbus, the first capital...

  • Lincoln State Park

    Lincoln State Park and the Lincoln Boyhood Memorial are located near each other in southern Indiana in Lincoln City,In. The State Park is a great place to camp, hike,swim,or just picnic.The memorial has a living farm and a replica of the kind of cabin the Lincoln family lived in.They cook and farm like farming was done in the early 1800's.The cabin...


    On Dec.11,1816,Indiana became a state in the infant United States.It started out with 15 counties and by mid century there were 92 counties in Indiana.The first state capitol was at Corydon.This is where the first constitution that became the law of the state was adopted.It began the process of creating the local governments and from here Indiana...



  • Go to the Circle Center Mall...

    Go to the Circle Center Mall in downtown. Lots of good shops, and steps away for nightclubs, and good restrunts. Beaches of Northern Indiana on Lake Michigan are nice in summer. Lots of memories, it is home.

  • John195123's General Tip

    I can't say much about Indiana, but one really cool trip I took with my dad and a couple of his coworkers to a farm owned by one of them We shot guns, bows, but mainly we rode 4-wheelers around. That was cool. The trails were all muddy and wet, and for much of the time, we rode up creeks. I was surprised at how well my own ATV handled the...

  • John195123's General Tip

    Another fond memory of Indiana is at another friend's farm. We rode up with our ATV and motorbike, they brought theirs. Guns aplenty... I took out one of their ATVs which was bigger and had four wheel drive, on one of the many trails on their land. It was all fun and good until I began up a steep, steep hill. I made it within sight of the top,...


    Most of Indiana was inhabited by Indians of several different tribes. Along river banks where they had lived you can still find artifacts such as arrowheads. Evansville and Vincennes are rich in historical sites of this era .Indiana Indians played a large role in the early developement of the European expansion into the Northwest Territory.Theirs...

  • Go to Indianapolis! Rapidly...

    Go to Indianapolis! Rapidly becoming one of the greatest cities in the nation. Take a walk on the canal, visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art, see Dillinger's grave at Crown Hill cemetery, take a downtown walking tour of the city's several memorials, and don't forget the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! I have countless fond memories of Indiana given...

  • Visit the RCA Dome to see the...

    Visit the RCA Dome to see the Colts play or visit Monument Circle! My fondest memory was when I went up there in the winter time just after Christmas and when I walked out of the airport there was 3 inches of snow on the ground! I saw snow for the first time in my life being that I live in hot Florida.

  • See Indianapolis, it truly is...

    See Indianapolis, it truly is a beautiful city, and getting better by the minute. The construction can be a pain, but that is what is making my hometown better. The birth of my daughter, and grandson!!!

  • To truly understand Indiana,...

    To truly understand Indiana, you need to attend a high school basketball game in a rural community. I miss the fog that lingers in the morning & especially miss the vividness of the leaf colors in the autumn.

  • gkitzmil's General Tip

    Indiana is a leading manufacturing state and a major agricultural producer. The latest U.S. Census Bureau estimate places Indiana's population at 5,942,901, which makes Indiana the nation's 14th largest state. Yet, there are still many lakes!

  • ...(hee, hee) I guess you...

    ...(hee, hee) I guess you 'must' read this. State Bird = Cardinal This is from a Fourth Grade class in Indiana -- I hope they got their facts right: Indiana covers 36,185 square miles in area, including 253 square miles of water. The length of Indiana is 275 miles. The breadth is 145 miles. This ranks us 38th in the United States in size.The...

  • gkitzmil's General Tip

    State Flower = Peony Governor -FRANK O'BANNON Richard Lugar -U.S. Senator Evan Bayh-U.S. Senator 1st Governor -Jonathan Jennings James Whitcomb Riley -Poet

  • When visiting Indiana, you...

    When visiting Indiana, you must visit Brown County. In the Fall the trees are just beautiful. So many colors. They have a state park, where you can hike, camp, etc. We have a wonderful childrens zoo in Ft.Wayne. It is said to be one of the best ones around. I think my fondest memory of Indiana is the colors of the seasons. I think that I would...

  • phildeni's General Tip

    I really can't say that I remember being born in Indiana, but I was, and this is a photo of me at approximately one year old....1937!! Nice looking boy!! LOL! I realize that it will be hard for you to leave the handsome little boy, but do give a look at my travelogues..please! Ha!

  • Go visit Lincoln Boyhood State...

    Go visit Lincoln Boyhood State Park, it's absolutely beautiful! If you love nature and lakes, you will love this place! The best thing about Indiana is the breeze. The temperature is always appropriate and relazing. Most the places in Southern Indiana are very beautiful and extremely relaxing. What could be better than sitting under a tree having...

  • Go and see the bridges area...

    Go and see the bridges area which is southeast of Indianapolis. I usually avoid the fall festival but if you check the home page you can find festivals throughout the year which are fun and the bridges are always there! Our first trip to the markets in Mansfiled and the live nativity in Rockville.

  • Rsing Sun, Indiana is the home...

    Rsing Sun, Indiana is the home of the Hyatt Grand Victoria Casino and Resort on the Ohio River. Eight miles up stream Lawrenceburg, Indiana is located the worlds largest river boat casino complex the Argosy Casino & Hotel and 13 miles down river is the newest casino and resort in Florence, Indiana the Belltera Casino and Resort. Championship class...

  • Fall is the season to visit,...

    Fall is the season to visit, but all year is nice. We have 4 full seasons here to enjoy. Snow, Sun and fires in the fireplace in the winters. Fall Festivals, all over Indiana and a great way to experience its culture.

  • KaljaMaha's General Tip

    I think I witnessed a F0 (Fujita Scale rank) tornado while driving on I-65. I saw a pile a soil from a field spinning in the air, and coming across the highway, and continuing its travel. The weather was fine and clear, but extremely windy.

  • This is College Basketball...

    This is College Basketball Heaven and the Final FourTournament should be held in Indianapolis every year.Indiana is the Only state I know that can attract50,000 people to a High school Basketball game.Takein a Purdue,Notre Dame or Indiana sporting event ofany kind and feel the experience. Since Indiana is my Eastern neighbor,I have dealtwith the...

  • check out the weird layout of...

    check out the weird layout of country's easy to get lost when roads stop and then start again a few hundred yards to the right or left (but you never know which way it will be) collecting ragweed samples

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