Indiana Off The Beaten Path

  • Bathhouse before the summer rush.
    Bathhouse before the summer rush.
    by Toughluck
  • Beachgoers (with metal detectors)
    Beachgoers (with metal detectors)
    by Toughluck
  • Dunes Creek
    Dunes Creek
    by Toughluck

Indiana Off The Beaten Path

  • Exotic Feline Rescue Center

    The Exotic Feline Rescue Center is a truly hidden gem in Indiana. It's unfortunate that the rescue has to even exist bc people here believe it's a good idea to make money by breeding or getting these wild animals as pets. I personally think a domestic cat can be pretty demanding, not to mention a 150+ wild cat. There are 226 rescued cats living at...

  • The Bailly Homestead

    The Bailly Homestead was the home of Honoré Gratien Joseph Bailly de Messein, a French-Canadian fur trapper from Montreal. He established a fur-trading post at the crossroads of several important trails in 1822 and thus became one of the first settlers in northern Indiana. He and his family later played an important role in the development of the...

  • The Monroe County Courthouse

    The Monroe County Courthouse is the third building at this site to house offices of the Monroe County government. It contains offices of some county government agencies, but most of the other government offices, such as those of the Board of Commissioners and the circuit court, are located in other newer buildings in the downtown area. The...

  • Hoosier National Forest

    Located in south central Indiana, Hoosier National Forest covers 202,814 acres (82,076 hectares) of rolling, forest-covered hills interspersed with steep-sided ravines. Recreational opportunities include camping, picnicking, hiking and backpacking, horseback riding, fishing, and hunting. There are 12 campgrounds, eight picnic areas, and 26 hiking...

  • The Chellberg Farm

    The historic Chellberg Farm was home to three generations of a Swedish immigrant family, the Kjellbergs. (Like the names of many European immigrants, the original spelling was changed to become "more American." Kjellberg therefore eventually came to be spelled Chellberg). The farmhouse and outbuildings, including the original barn, a water house...

  • Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

    Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore stretches 25 miles (40 kilometers) along the south shore of Lake Michigan from Gary in the west to Michigan City in the east. Its two separate units protect 15,067 acres (6,097 hectares) of sand dunes that are unique to the south shore of Lake Michigan.Beginning toward the end of the glacial period of the last Ice...

  • Civil War battle of Corydon

    The Battle of Corydon was a result of a raid by Confederate forces led by John Hunt Morgan, a confederate general from Lexington, Ky. Morgan led a raid across Kentucky to Brandenburg on the Ohio River. By lat July 1863 the raiders had used their horses up and knowing there were horses in the Corydon area Morgan comandeered two Ohio riverboats and...

  • Bridgeton Covered Bridge and Mill

    Located in the small village of Bridgeton, Indiana, this is one of the most picturesque of Parke County's 32 covered bridges. Built in 1868, it is 245 feet long and of two-span Burr Arch construction, crossing Big Raccoon Creek at a small waterfall. Next to the bridge is Bridgeton Mill, established in 1823, the oldest working grist mill west of the...

  • Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area

    Located south of Linton in south-central Indiana, Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area is a restored wetland that provides outdoor recreational opportunities such as hunting, birdwatching, hiking, and nature study in general. The area is part of a glacial basin that is drained by Black Creek and Brewer Ditch, and is part of the larger Ohio River...

  • Tropical Island in Muncie, In.

    This place is worth a tank of gas to see! It is called "The Island Muncie" and that is what it is. A tropical paradise Muncie, IN. along the Cardinal Greenway just on the north side of McGalliard Ave. The site has a really big waterfall, banana trees - one of them had a stalk of bananas growing on it, palm trees, lots of flowering plants and a very...

  • Shakamak State Park

    Located in west central Indiana, Shakamak is a reservoir that has been turned into an oasis. To the east is rolling farm land. Bloomington is just 20 miles away. To the southwest, lies the coal fields of Indiana. Huge strip mines have recontoured the land. FOrest have disappeared and begun to return. But here at Shakamak it is quiet and peaceful....

  • McCormick's Creek State Park

    The states first park is one of the more interesting. Small and compact, it consists of deep canyons hidden in an Oak and Beech forest. Along the canyon floors, Sycamore trees dominate with their white splotted bark. Come in the winter when you can see into the canyons, or come in the summer when the cool air rising from the depths provide...

  • Turkey Run State Park

    One of the state's most enjoyable state parks, Turkey Run offers a unique environment. Narrow canyons, the width of the stream in it's bottom. Towering sycamores and oaks. Two covered bridges and a full range of recreational opportunities, including a pool, picnicing and horseback riding. An enjoyable day out, weekend or a week. For details, see my...

  • Indiana's Railway - The Monon

    Indiana is really the 'Crossroads of America'. That is one of the many nicknames the state has and as far as railroaders go, it's true. It seems like every little town has it's railroad museum. For many it's just one car, others have many more. The Monon Railroad was the original railroad of Indiana. Not that it was the first, it's never...

  • Madison - On the River

    Located on the Ohio River, Madison is a well preserved town. The historic downtown offers a pleasant walk and plenty to see and do. Up the hill, you'll find the modern town spread along the federal highway, with the shops and stores of modern America. See my Madison page.

  • Clifty Falls State Park

    Located just outside of Madison, Clifty Falls State Park highlights the several waterfalls along Clifty Creek. Indiana has few waterfalls, and these are some of the more significant. See my Clifty Falls State Park page.

  • Two of the longest Covered Bridges in...

    Each measuring over 300' (90m) long, the Shieldstown and the Medora Covered Bridges are among the longest. Each is a three-span bridge over the East Fork of the White River. For details and pictures see my Seymour, Indiana page.

  • Kankakee River - Marsh

    Once the Kankakee River traveled it's short 100 mile journey from South Bend to the Illinois border following a path that stretched nearly twice that distance. The marsh lands spread out for miles on both sides. There were only two or three safe crossing and those could change with a heavy rain.Today, the Kankakee River is channel and the marsh...

  • The world's largest gambling riverboat!!

    Caesar Indiana's "Glory of Rome" riverboat casino. The world's largest gambling boat is located at its dock along the Ohio River at Elizabeth, Indiana, just 15 miles from Louisville. I personally do not support or endorse gambling....but it is an extremely big and ugly boat! Worth a visit just to say you have done it...

  • A cute little town called Crawfordsville

    Crawfordsville is a small, historic town west of Indianapolis. We went there on our way to Brown County. Although we didn't fully explore the town, we did have breakfast an walk around a little bit. One of the first things you discover is that Crawfordsville is really quite old, as in pre-Civil War old, with the expected architecture and monuments....

  • Mysterious Old Boxcar

    I ran along this old boxcar while driving south on state road 135 somwhere around Samaria. The boxcar appears to be private property, as it is locked, but it is a great place to stop for a nice picture with the kids. This also provides evidence of the lingering Hoosier fascination with trains. There are several trains still running around Indiana,...

  • Look Out For the Great Blue Heron

    (Enlarge the pic to see the Blue Heron, he was tricky to catch on camera:))The Great Blue Heron is a large, graceful, dark gray bird having a white crown, cheeks and throat. It has a length between 97-137cm and a wingspan that can span 5 feet in length. The bird is often found around fresh water streams, lakes, and marshes. I spied this beauty...

  • See a grist mill in operation

    Spring Mill state Park is well known and enjoyed by many "Hoosiers", but more visitors to the state should see the beautiful park, and Inn.

  • Long Ago Memories in Indiana

    When I was way, way younger, I had the opportunity to go to several out-of-the-way places in Indiana. None of those places were long vacations or planned trips; it was more of a spur-of-the-moment trip as I was wont to do when young.Brown County State Park near Belmont.This is a lovely area, and thousands of people go there during the fall to see...

  • Blacksmith

    If for some reason fate lands you in the small town of Rossville, Indiana you might be surprised to find this hint of the past: a blacksmith! Blacksmiths were quite popular through the 1800s, but have been replaced these days with machines.They worked with the black metals wrought iron or steel and smith means to smite or to strike, thus the name...

  • The Lowlands And the Southern Hills of...

    Because the glaciers did not reach the south-central section of Indiana, the hills and lowlands in this region just follow the dips and rises of the bedrock that lies beneath of soil's surface. At times, the bedrock crops out in the form of steep hills and knobs. The biggest "dip" slopes toward the southwest; Indiana's southwestern tip is Indiana's...

  • Fond Memories of Turkey Run State Park

    One of my fondest memories was going with my family to Turkey Run State Park. Its name comes from the great flocks of wild turkeys that once inhabited the area and sheltered themselves beneath the overhanging cliffs.My most vivid memory is of the Narrows Covered Bridge (1882 that spans the Sugar Creek. On the north Portal is a sign that reads:...

  • Evansville: From Ferry Crossing to...

    While going to college SIU, I went to Evansville, Indiana, as a cheerleader. At that time, I had no idea the significance of this Ohio River town.Evansville is located on the southwestern tip of the state beside the Ohio River. Today, it's the largest industrial & trade center in southern Indiana. It began as a ferry crossing on the Ohio River in...

  • History Right In My Own Backyard: ...

    While growing up on the Illinois side of the Wabash River, I only knew about Vincennes, Indiana, as a great place to shop. Little did I know that right there was a city with wonderful historic buildings, museums, and a great history to discover.During the 18th century, Vincennes was almost entirely populated by descendants of the French who built...

  • Cataract Falls State Recreation Area

    Cataract Falls State Recreation Area consists of three beautiful waterfalls on 37 acres along Mill Creek, in Owen County, Indiana. It is about 8 miles south of the small town of Cloverdale, via Hwy. 321. Cloverdale is just south of I-70, about half way between Terre Haute and Indianapolis. The Upper and Lower Cataract Falls, the largest in Indiana,...

  • Summit Lake State Park

    Summit Lake Sate Park in Central Indiana, is one of the newer parks in the Hoosier State. If consists of more than 2,680 acres, including a large shallow lake that is known for it's great fishing. There are 125 modern campsites, 3 boat ramps, a beach bathouse and 2 large open shelters that can be reserved for family picnics and other events.This...

  • Clifty Falls State Park, Madison,...

    In a state known for it's expansive flat farmlands, Clifty Falls State Park comes as quite a surprise. Here on the southern border of the state, near the Ohio River and the Kentucky state line, is a park which showcases four magnificent waterfalls plunging into a bouldered canyon, and miles of woodland hiking trails leading to them. The park also...

  • Shelbyville: Statue to Charles Major

    A question we often ask of local people in small towns we visit is: "What is this town famous for?" The answers we get often lead us to interesting new discoveries. That's how we first heard of the novelist Charles Major, who was a well known writer in the early years of the 20th century.On the square in the center of Shelbyville, 30 miles...

  • Hoosier Hill

    Hoosier Hill is the high point in Indiana. Its about 9 miles north of Richmond just over the Ohio Border. The high point is 1257 ft above sea level.I chose the infamous Southern route for my assault on this peak. It was a grueling 5 second climb to the peak.

  • Grissom Air Museum State Historic Site

    This outdoor display of all kinds of aircraft is located at 1000 W. Hoosier Boulevard in Peru. You can walk among the aircraft of aviation history from World War II through the Gulf War.The museum is closed from mid- December to February.

  • Levi Coffin House

    This stop on the Underground Railway is located at 113 US 27 North in Fountin city, Indiana. The Federal style home is a Registered National Landmark. Fleeing slaves of pre Civil War days stopped here and hid in this small upstairs room. the door was blocked by beds to hide the existence of the room.

  • Corydon

    Located in southern Indiana, about a half hour west of Louisville, Kentucky, Corydon was Indiana's first state capital. The pretty square, historical sites and picturesque countryside make it a worthy visit if you're passing through the area.

  • Story Village is truly a...

    Story Village is truly a unique old, very old, place. But don't drive too fast or you may drive right through it!We stopped for a drink on a beautiful autumn Saturday afternoon. A band was playing in the BierGarten as locals, out-of-towners and bikers relaxed and chatted.The 'town' features over-night accomodations (though we'd heard they're...

  • Rural Southwestern Indiana...

    Rural Southwestern Indiana such as the Wheeling covered bridge built in the 1870's,big wooden barns,or little country churches.These are quickly becoming harder to find.


    COUNTRY ROADS AND FARMS.Southern Indiana is mainly rural with small towns and communities.Many of these communities have pretty much died out or in some cases have completely disappeared from the map.

  • Huber WineryAccording to...

    Huber WineryAccording to their website, Huber Winery is located 14 miles northwest of Louisville, Kentucky. I was there only once and have no idea how I found it. They offer wine tasting and tours of the facilities. I've heard of similar things at other wineries, but I haven't seen them to compare. I thought the place was pretty nice. They have a...

  • Harrison-Crawford State...

    Harrison-Crawford State ParkHarrison-Crawford State Park is about half an hour west of Louisville, Kentucky on I-64. I visited this park numerous times during my year and a half in Louisville. The park is a nice little picnic/hiking park in the hills of southern Indiana. I don't remember the exact length of trails, but I believe it was close to 20...

  • Falls of the Ohio State...

    Falls of the Ohio State ParkFOSP is a small park on the Indiana side of the I-65 bridge over the Ohio River. The bridge connects Louisville, Kentucky with Jeffersonville, Indiana. I believe the park itself may officially be in Clarksville, Indiana, but the two towns are so connected as to be inseperable. The park itself is not very impressive for...

  • Well, it was a nice day one...

    Well, it was a nice day one time I was driving back to school, so I decided to take a little detour through Bloomington, home of IU. Well, Bloomington isn't much to speak of, but the road I took initially to get there is kind of neat. Exit 19, off of I-65, take SR 160 west, to Salem. Ok, this small stretch of road was kind of neat... windy, hilly,...

  • Visit Madison, IN and the...

    Visit Madison, IN and the scenic road that starts from it! I just went there today and it is a wonderfully quaint, historic small town. It's main street had all sorts of small shops and cafes, and was really great to see that part of Americana. Some day I will get out and explore some of this street! They also hold a huge high-speed boat festival...


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