Iowa Favorites

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    by DPando
  • Favorites
    by DPando
  • Favorites
    by DPando

Iowa Favorites

  • Des Moines

    Des Moines is Iowa's capital and largest city, with about 560,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area. It is one of the country's major centers for insurance, as well as for businesses related to agriculture. Although Des Moines is a relatively small city, it has many of the cultural amenities and attractions of larger cities.Des Moines got its...

  • History of Iowa

    The first known records of Iowa were documented by two European explorers, Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet who travelled the Mississippi River in 1673 documenting several Indian villages on the Iowa side. The word "Iowa" comes from the American Indian tribe of the same name. Iowa was part of the Louisiana Purchase, a deal arranged between...

  • Corn

    From what I understand, Iowa is Corn Capitol. Not sure what else is here, but I sure hope to go back someday to see. I truly do, because not having enough info on my pages makes me feel....well..... um.....naked.....

  • Places to See That We Did Not

    Because of time restrictions, we missed a great deal that we would have loved to have seen in the Dubuque area. To help those of you who ever visit, here is a list of places to go and to see that Jill and I missed:1. Crystal Lake Cave [5 miles south on U.S. 52] It is supposed to have rare formations, a rare form of aragonite crystals, and cave...

  • The Amana Colonies Have Much To Offer

    I would be remiss if I did not give an overview of what the Colonies have to offer:Museums:a. Amana Heritage Musem in Main Amana [316-622-3567]b. Communal Kitchen & Cooper Shop in Middle AmanaThere are guided tours to explain how the ding halls were run with several sall dining halls in each village. The house in Middle Amana is the last communal...

  • Old House Enthusiasts Tour

    Unknown to Jill and I when we were making plans to visit Dubuque, Iowa, the weekend of May 18 & 20, 2007, was the date of Dubuque.Fest [music and fine art]. So, much to our surprise, we were able to participate in these festivities.From the information that we received at the Dubuque Convention & Visitors Bureau, we learned about the Old House...

  • Grand Opera House Restoration

    Dubuque's downtown, its Main Street, and its waterfront have seen drastic improvements in the last decade. What I admire most is that the reconstruction and renovation is done with care, pride, and patience.I've chosen the Grand Opera House Restoration as the perfect example.The Grand Opera House is the oldest theater in Dubuque. It was built in...

  • 4 History Sites to see in Dubuque

    Although we only spent one day in Dubuque, Jill and I packed in a great deal. Here are four places that we saw but did not go in because they were closed or it's just a place to see, to read plaques about, and to photograph:1. Five Flags Center is a multipurpose structure. They use it for sports, arts, and for conventions. It is named for the five...

  • Make it to the Iowa State...

    Make it to the Iowa State Fair. The animals and food are some of Iowa's best. It is also ranked in the TOP 10 for things to do in the nation (I believe it's fourth, but I'm not sure)!IT IS THE THIRD WEEK IN AUGUST, DON'T MISS IT! My fondest memory would have to be when my dad won his first dirt track modified feature.

  • Sunrise

    Possibly the only thing I ever miss when I'm away from Iowa is the clarity of the Iowa sunrise. I work overnight and have had the opportunity to see many, many Iowa sunrises; I've also seen sunrises in London, Venice....lots of places. But they're never as clear anywhere else as they are in Iowa--we just have so much open space that it makes it...

  • The new immigrants

    Mexicans The hard working Mexicans are slowly inflltrating into this pristine nordic/germanic can see in this photo taken at a small town called Denison in Iowa.. the american fast food giant Hardees had given up the plae and in its place a mexican fast food place has opened up

  • Visit the Grout Science Museum

    Visit the Grout Science Museum in Waterloo. This was originally an outgrowth of the curiosity of Henry W. Grout. It has grown to be the epitome of history, culture and science in the region.For 45 years it has collected, preserved and interpreted both cultural and natural history in the region.

  • Riverboat Museum in Sioux City

    Visit the Sergeant Floyd Riverboat Museum in Sioux City. It is the Us's largest display of steamboats and keelboats. there is a special focus on the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804. This picture is the Riverboat Museum. Also see the Milwaukee Railroad Roundhouse Historic Site.

  • Dubuque's Crystal Lake Caves

    Visit Crystal Lake Caves in Dubuque. There is a three quarter mile well-lit passageway with intricate formations and an underground lake. There is a rare form of cave crystal called an athodite.

  • Czech Village in Cedar Rapids

    Visit the Czech Village in Cedar Rapids. It is a restored section of what used to be the shopping district for Czech, Moravian, and Slovak immigrants. The bakery and meat market date back to the 1920s.

  • Visit the Amana Colonies

    Visit the Amana Colonies. They are seven authentic German villages founded as a religious commune in the 1800s. It is a National Historic Landmark.The early settlers of the Amanas left Germany in 1842. After settling in Buffalo, NY, they moved to Iowa in 1855. It was one of the longest lasting communal societies in the world, not ending until 1932.

  • National Farm Toy Museum in Dyersville

    Visit the National Farm Toy Museum in Dyersville. Since its establishment in 1986 it has showcased over 30,000 toys and exhibits which include, tractors, trucks, implements, and miniature farm scenes. there is also a ten minute movie.

  • Visit the Fort Dodge frontier fort

    Visit the frontier Fort Museum and Historic Village at Fort Dodge It is a replica of an 1862 militia fort with two original cabins within the stockade.The Village has a drugstore, jail, log chapel, and general store among other buildings all with period furniture.

  • Living History Farms, Des Moines

    In DesMoines visit Living History Farms (in Urbandale)and the governor's mansion, Victorian Terrace Hill.At the Farms there are actually three working farms where you see crops and livestock. There is the Farm of 1700, the Farm of 1850 and the Farm of 1900.

  • Snow

    This is a view of my parents' house one cold winter. This was the year I decided i wanted to go some where warm for a while. Not all winters have this much snow but they are usually very cold. These snow drifts are 6 feet high. You can not see the 4 foot high landing on the front of the house. I remember building tunnels in snow drifts as high as...

  • Quad Cities area...

    Quad Cities area (Davenport)...nothing interesting, it's definitively not worth to stop here..IOWA CITY...this is a beautiful town (the most in Iowa for us). The Old capitol (PICTURED) being great, as well as some downtown buildings. There should be some fun at night since it's something like a 'college town' (lots of teenagers...).South of Iowa...


    One way to see Iowa is from the seat of a bicyle. And every year for the past 30 years, there has been a great bike ride across Iowa from west to east. The Route is different every year. It is called RAGBRAI(Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). It is sponsored by the Des Moines Register Newspaper. It has become such a big deal that now...

  • Willkommen! (or so the sign...

    Willkommen! (or so the sign reads) Amana Colonies are a nice place to spend some time, located in the southeastern part of the state. The colonies are actually a cluster of seven villages that formed a communal society for German settlers seeking religious freedom in the mid-1800's. The main town, Amana, offers a winery, a small brewery, several...

  • Skiing in Iowa?? YES!

    I was just talking to my roommate from southern Missouri and was really surprised that she had never been snow skiing! It boggles the mind...skiing was one of my favorite things to do as a child! Please keep in mind that skiing in the Midwest is nothing like skiing in Colorado or Europe or really anywhere that has anything more than a few hills:)...

  • visit the Iowa State Fair! I...

    visit the Iowa State Fair! I suppose it could also be characterized as a tourist trap, but I love it in all of its tacky glory. Steer away from the overpriced junk, but do visit the butter cow (yes, it truly is a cow made out of butter) and the fun exhibitions that you could only appreciate in Iowa, like the contest for who can grow the biggest...

  • Some Facts about Iowa

    Iowa (means: beautiful land), the Hawkeye state (I would have called it the corn state, but that´s already taken by its neighbor Nebraska!) has got a population of almost 3 million, the Capital and biggest city being Des Moines, other 'big' cities are: Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Waterloo, Iowa City, Council Bluffs, Dubuque, Ames, and...

  • 13 year old Ruth on...

    13 year old Ruth on International food day Oh such wonderful people all would spend time to talk with this strange person from another world.

  • Participate in RAGBRAI. Young...

    Participate in RAGBRAI. Young or old, fast or slow, expensive bike or klunker, just do it. This event attracts the friendliest people from all over the world, in a state with the friendliest people in the USA.

  • See the state capitol...

    See the state capitol building. It has several cupolas and is Gold topped. The only other gold topped capitol dome I ever saw was in West Virginia. It is really different from any other capitol building. Shooting shotguns in a long quonset hut style building.

  • While Iowa holds true to its...

    While Iowa holds true to its image as being a major producer of corn and other agricultural products, there are some neat places to visit so don't immediately disregard Iowa as a possible destination. Besides visiting Grinnell College, we went to a neat little town called Amana. We found this to be a very inexpensive, relaxing and overall fun...

  • Pass through quickly. This is...

    Pass through quickly. This is one of the few places I have visited in my life that I found to be totally dull. I actually lived in DesMoines for several months and the only good thing I can say about the experience is that I learned to appreciate California. Leaving. I would assume that the majority of accidents on Iowa roads are caused by boredom...

  • meta4r's General Tip

    When I was fourteen I bought a moped and I would drive out in the country on the gravel roads. One day I stopped at the top of a high hill and I had one of those mystical moments when everything seemed so much more than beautiful. I remember it now as the first time I actually saw and recognized the curve of the earth. As Plato said,'What if man...

  • Go to the Grotto in West Bend....

    Go to the Grotto in West Bend. Made from millions of crystals and gems it is the eighth wonder of the world. From the brochure,... The Grotto of the Redemption is a composite of nine seperate grottos, each portraying a scene in the life of Christ and His work of redeeming the world. is the largest Grotto in the world.. ..frequently...

  • You hafta go to the rodeos and...

    You hafta go to the rodeos and to Cedar Falls-Waterlo, the coolest place to hang-out! Not too big, but it isn't small either! Well, we moved here 3 yaers ago, in July, but these people, especially my friends, fun and friendly... Just reach out and meet new people!

  • Find a place to have a steak...

    Find a place to have a steak dinner. Having traveled from coast to coast I have found that our pride in our locally grown beef is justified. Growing up in the Upper Mississippi River Valley will always be the first thing that comes to mind when speaking of my native state.While a farm state, Iowa is also a land between two rivers. Not just any...

  • find something to do. Went to...

    find something to do. Went to Des Moines for a convention. Lots of flat land. A local resident took four of us on a tour of the Bridges of Madison County. Took pictures. Time to leave. There was a great Chinese restaurant just across the street from our funky 'art deco' hotel (don't stay there). Great food. Also heard rave reviews for the Iowa...

  • TheFish's General Tip

    my fondest memory of iowa... well that would have to be when we were driving through, as i mentioned above, and stopped at a rest stop. next to the vending machines was a notice and a box. the notice said: if you have any questions or concerns regarding this vending machines, please fill out a card and drop it in the box.' below that it said,...

  • I grew up in Iowa ..there...

    I grew up in Iowa ..there really is a lot to see and do here.. the amanas have german food thats cooked family style thats very good! Iowa city is an Interesing place with lots of cultural activitys, des moines has the Iowa state fair thats the best in the land..(aug 8th-on) the northeast part of the state is beautiful and hilly ( near the house on...

  • meet the people. I find the...

    meet the people. I find the people here to be very friendly and inviting. There is not much diversity, but still everyone is welcome. The Living History Farms are interesting, and there is always a neat bit of history behind every little town in Iowa. You just have to look for it sometimes. My fondest memory of Iowa is when I knew that it was...

  • see our 'Snake Alley',it's...

    see our 'Snake Alley',it's called the crookedest street in the world.It's all brick and can be driven down in good weather. My fondest memory of Iowa would have to be The Mississippi River.The Ole Muddy Mississippi as our old timers call it,=-) and Muddy it is! I miss 'My Ocean' when i'm away from Iowa.I also miss all the cornfields.

  • alicetoo's General Tip

    When i am away from Iowa the thing that i miss the most is all the farmland,the cornfields rippling in the wind,the sunsets on the Mississippi river and the fact that you can see forever into the sunset.It's so beautiful!

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