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  • Baxter Springs main street, once part of Route 66
    Baxter Springs main street, once part of...
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  • The Soldiers' Lot
    The Soldiers' Lot
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  • Things to Do
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Baxter Springs Things to Do

  • Black Dog Trail

    This marker, located near the Baxter Springs Historical Museum, designates a spot on the hunting trail used twice each year by Osage Indians. Chief Black Dog (1780-1848) established the trail which ran from east of present day Baxter Springs to the Great Salt Plains in north central Oklahoma. The Osage camped in this area close to the mineral...

  • Johnston Library

    Before this building was donated to Baxter Springs for its library in 1905, it had served as city hall and a college. It was intended to be a courthouse when erected, the nearby town of Columbus was selected as county seat of Cherokee County. There are numerous stories across Kansas of the sometimes malicious contests between towns vying for the...

  • Fort Blair Battle Site

    Site of a 1863 Civil War battle in which Confederate troops, disguised as Union soldiers, and led by William Quantrill, massacred the out manned garrison of Fort Blair. Visit a replica of the earth and wood fort, as well as an informational kiosk.Note - the plaque shown is not located at the site of the fort, but is included here for informational...

  • Soldiers' Lot

    The final resting place for those killed in the nearby Civil War battles of Baxter Springs and Fort Blair, as well as other area engagements. A stop on Baxter Springs' self-guided Civil War tour. Designated as an official Soldiers' Lot by the National Cemetery Association.

  • Unique Historic Mural

    Many towns across the country sport historic murals on the side of business buildings. This one is unusual, being a bas relief mural (low or shallow relief sculpture). The sculptor has skillfully depicted many of the important events in the life of Baxter Springs, from the Osage Tribes who made their homes in the area through Civil War, its era as...

  • Route 66 Gas Stations

    Several old gas stations remain from the glory days of Route 66, two of which caught my eye. One classic Phillips 66 station in town has been restored and is currently used as Baxter Springs' Welcome Center. A DX station on the outskirts of town is no longer in use.

  • Brush Creek Bridge on Route 66

    This restored rainbow or marsh arch bridge is located just north of Baxter Springs, and is no longer on the highway due to its narrow width. There is a one-way road through the bridge, however, allowing you to drive across it. I stayed at the bridge with my camera for an extended period of time, hoping somebody would come along in a classic old...

  • Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

    There is a large contingent of nostalgic folks scattered across the country (and the globe) who are Fans of Route 66. You don't have to tell them where Baxter Springs is located. Many of them have visited this Kansas town of four thousand or so residents, as well as its neighbors Riverton and Galena. All are located on that 12.8 mile stretch of...

  • ROUTE 66 : Tip 28 - A bridge too far

    "This road is a bit on the zig-zag side again""Yep, it must have slowed them up quite a bit in the past. Still, I'm enjoying these 13 miles of Route 66 trundling through Kansas""Anything to see ?" "Well there was a whole series of of those types of bridges that remind you of the Sydney Harbour bridge, and the one we are coming up to by Baxter...


Baxter Springs Restaurants

  • Did Jesse James Rob a Bank at This...

    Disclaimer: I have never eaten at the cafe. I know a number of people who have, and all gave good reports. I wanted to add this Cafe on the Route, so that visitors will know there is someplace to eat in town. In addition, I thought the wall mural itself to be worth viewing.The Jesse James part? Good question. It is known that a bank occupied this...

  • Great BBQ

    Saw this trailer parked in the Marvin's parking lot and decided to give the food a try. I ordered the Brisket Sandwich and it was very good. The only problem I encountered was that the trailer was not there one time when I was craving some BBQ. Hopefully I will catch them some other time the Brisket was very good

  • Baxter Springs Hotels

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Baxter Springs Shopping

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    Various shops: Route 66 Souvenirs, antiques

    by basstbn Written Feb 28, 2010

    What to buy: Several shops along Baxter Springs' main street specialize in souvenirs related to Route 66, as well as the familiar antiques and collectibles common to numerous small towns in the heartland of America.

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Baxter Springs Warnings and Dangers

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    ROUTE 66 : Tip 29 - Don't worry about...

    by sourbugger Updated Feb 1, 2005

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    Pulled up on the old Route 66 near Baxter Spring because a a turtle sat smack in the middle of the road. A local pulls up and gets himself and a large stick out of the car.

    "Hi, I've never seen anything like that before"

    "Well in Kansas their pretty common. Say where you guys from ?"

    "England. The most we have to worry about on our roads is squashing a hedgehog"

    "Well that shell could make a mess of your tyre. I'm going to push him off to the side of the road"

    "Why can't we just pick him up ?"

    "Because that my friend is a common snapping turtle"

    "And it does what it says on the tin?"

    "Hey, I'll show you".

    As he poked the stick towards its mouth, the creature made a sudden lurch for the stick

    "I don't think I'd want my hand to be there"

    "It could take it right off"

    "You're winding me up"

    "Well maybe a finger. We get a few round here because the local ponds have dried up. He's desperate for water"

    "Well that was an education. Nice to meet you"

    Back in the car

    "You had better be careful. If I hear any crunch in the rest of this state I will not be happy"

    "Yes dear"


    Hello my friend....
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