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  • Front Street
    Front Street
    by Basaic
  • Old Jail 8X 8 feet from 1865
    Old Jail 8X 8 feet from 1865
    by BruceDunning
  • Typical matel cut pieces
    Typical matel cut pieces
    by BruceDunning

Dodge City Things to Do

  • 1972 Cenntenial Monument and other...

    In front of the Old Municipal building is a deteriorated collection of locally produced tributes. The largest is 1972 tribute for the centennial of Dodge City's founding. This includes a plate memorial for George M. Hoover--the first and longtime wealthy businessman in town, the one who hired Wyatte Earp, and contributed the 1919 Hoover Pavilion...

  • Old Municipal Building (1880) and Town...

    The old municipal building is worth a visit, if for nothing else it's good hillside view of the old downtown and gospel hill. The original police building was nearly destroyed during an apparently low budget 1929 rebuild of the municipal building, but a distinctive buffalo entrance remains from the original 1880 structure. In front are various...

  • Wax Museum and Teacher's Hall of Fame

    At the same location, on 5th Avenue are the Gun Fighter's Wax Museum and Kansas Teacher's Hall of Fame, and typically amusing ironic multifunction building found in many Kansas communities.

  • Sughrue House (1900)

    At the corner of Central and Cedar Ave. is a home that is historical for the family that lived there from 1915 to 1978. P. H. Sughrue was a cousin of early Dodge City lawmen of the same name. The home is not available for viewing, but note the decorative ironwork that surrounds the front garden of this home, and the similar less well preserved...

  • Ford County Historical Society Building...

    Fellow VT member writes more detail about this outstanding locally quarried yellow sandstone building, located on the corner of Vine Street and Avenue A, that was once a residence. It was constructed between 1879 to 1881 and appears to be the oldest residence in town.

  • Gospel Hill: Sacred Heart Catholic...

    Founded two years after the Presbyterian congregation, in 1882, the current Sacred Heart Cathedral is actually older than the protestant church building by 9 years. Both churches are on Central Avenue. The Spanish Mission architecture includes a stone surround on the front doorway, stained glass windows, and a large altar mural.

  • Gospel Hill: Presbyterian Church (1925)

    The most impressive church architecture on Gospel Hill would have to be the First Presbyterian Church (1925). Located on a spot where early wooden churches look down upon the debauchery of Front Street saloons, the congregation roots (1880) served as an important milestone toward more civilized Dodge City. The church has stained glass windows and...

  • Gospel Hill: St. Cornelius Episcopal...

    Clearly the oldest church in town is that of St. Cornelius (1898), which has retained a sanctuary of original native stone, but has considerable additions further uphill. The building appears rather odd and modest architecturally for a church building, as it was actually built as part of a commercial ice house owned by Henry Sturm. Sturm demolished...

  • Front and Gunsmoke Commercial Buildings

    The central portion of downtown remains paved in 16 miles of quaint brick, although there were some residents I talked to who argued that the old cracked up brick of downtown ought better be removed and replaced with fresh asphalt. The intersections have an interwoven pattern to prevent being dislodged by heavy vehicles turning corners. The brick...

  • Visit the Reconstructed Downtown

    The original building in Dodge City was built of earthen sod in 1871, and then locally quarried yellow sandstone, but the days of fame in Dodge City brought imported wood on the railroad to build the saloons and houses. Not surprisingly wooden Dodge City suffered three terrific fires--all in 1885. The first started in a grocery store and burned...

  • Gunsmoke Walk of Fame

    Gunsmoke was first a radio series that ran from 1952 until 1961, and then a television series that ran from 1955 until 1975. It remains one of the longest running television series of all time, a tribute to the lasting power of the western as a genre. The show is loosely based upon the setting and characters of 1870's Dodge City. So, not...

  • Wyatt Earp Bronze

    The Dodge City Trail of Fame was inaugurated during the 2003 Kansas Cowboy Symposium, with the help of Gunsmoke TV actor and Hollywood cowboy Dennis Weaver. Dennis Weaver was himself honored with a Trail of Fame medallion dedicated during the ceremony, but the real attention was devoted to the 8 foot tall statue of Wyatt Earp, erected in 2004,...

  • Dodge City Zoo

    Do not waste your time in going in to the facility. It is small and quite common. They do have a Lama, a tiger, and a longhorn steer. A local guy who was raised here said you need to see Elvira, the old lion. Well I think he was sleeping inside, like the other animals. Only 1-2 were outside. The zoo is SMALL, and in a little park surrounding it to...

  • Boot HIll Museum

    This is the one, and maybe only real decent attraction in the town. It has a string of replicated store fronts form the 1880-90's era. Inside of the buildings is a museum that goes the length, as well as Boot Hill Cemetery (removed from original spot) on the hill and a jail. The whole area was conceptualized in 1975 and the current day presentation...

  • Carnegie Also Helped a Library Here

    Besides the other 2,000+ libraries he helped fund and subsidize, this is one here. It now is an administrative facility and art exhibits. Open Tues-Fri 12-5 and Sat 11-3. The outside looked very nice and preserved. The inside was not as interesting or attractive. It was constructed around 1905 with a donation from Carnegie of $8,500. The outside is...

  • Churches of the Area

    There are some quite magnificent churches on the east side of town for all denominations. The area is called Gospel Hill Churches. These churches are from the late 1800, with Sacred Heart being 1897. I talked to the priest of the Catholic church and he says they have about 20,000 members, mostly active also. Religion has not died out here, and it...

  • Muller Schmidt House

    Only open June-August and hours are 9-5 Mon-Sat and 2-4 Sunday. The home is from 1881, and when built on the hill was one of the most elegant around. It then had a commanding view of the valley below because no other houses existed to obscure the view. The facade is all limestone, which came from the south about 50-100 miles of Dodge. John Mueller...

  • Boot Hill Museum Inside

    This museum is no doubt the one and only real site to tour during the visit to Dodge City. The rest on the tour circuit is mediocre at best. The city constructed in 1975 a building of a replicated store fronts for a full block along Front Street. They took the original look from pictures back in the 1880'-90's. One home at the end was picked up and...


Dodge City Hotels

Dodge City Restaurants

  • Collection of Corporate Junk Food

    Below a towering grain elevator just west of the junction of US54 and US50, there is a rather large collection of junk food restaurants with familiar brand names: Arby's, Carl's Jr., McDonalds, and so on are clustered along with a few local joints. Near the Love's is an empty lot with decent parking space for two or three big rigs like mine.

  • Good Steaks and Other Foods

    The food was very good and the steaks to be commended for the quality. The locals say sometimes the quality may vary, so be aware. A strip sirloin at 16 oz was $17 and rib Eye of 14 OZ $15. Chicken plates were also very good.

  • The Dodge City Hotel Attracts Locals

    Overall it is good food and the service aims to please. The restaurant is side by side to the hotel entry and the area connects to the bar area, as well a a couple of pool tables next to the tables. The Asian Salad was great. Al steaks are of good quality and the price reasonable.


Dodge City Transportation

  • Flying J Truckstop

    US 54west arrives along an escarpment that overlooks the Arkansas River. The old town itself is located on some low hills above the otherwise boring plain. The Flying J has a view across the way, and visitors stopping here for fuel and appreciate trucker's waiting to deliver or pick up cattle or finished meat products. From my perspective as a...

  • Roads are Torn UP

    Apparently for the last couple of years they have tried to improve the main street; Wyatt Earp Blvd. Well, two of the four lanes are shut down and traffic backs up. TAking Trial St to the south can be dangerous due to the police patrolling and giving out tickets.

  • Municipal Airport

    They have a small but useful airport to the east of town about 3 miles on Hwy 400. It could have a couple of flights from the area you live daily, but check first.


Dodge City Warnings and Dangers

  • Speed Trap of the Big Time

    This town is a trap form one end to the other. Almost all the locals have commented on getting some type of ticket in recent months. The town is trying to generate revenue, but before tried to control the fast moving trucks coming to town with cattle. Well---I got one of those tickets only one mile into the town. It is terrible and turned me off...

  • I have heard from friends who...

    I have heard from friends who have visited Dodge City lately that there is now an elevated murder rate in this town - mostly due to turf warfare between rival ethnic groups in the city. This is hearsay only, but should serve as a warning for caution. Besides, little entertainment exists in Dodge for which you would want to stay up late at night or...

  • Dodge City Hotels

    11 Hotels in Dodge City

Dodge City Tourist Traps

  • atufft's Profile Photo

    Smelly Overlook off US56

    by atufft Updated Nov 19, 2009

    Driving southwest from Great Bend to Dodge City, there is a smelly overlook above Excell Corporation's huge beef processing plant. These crowded and inhumane feed lots are frankly disgusting in my mind, serving as a reminder that the western cattle drives really deserve their nostalgia. In those days, at least the cattle were able to graze over thousands of acres of lush Kansas prairie before arriving at the railroad where they would be sent to Kansas City for slaughter. Today, 500-600 pound calves are brought the plant and within 140 days are fattened up to some 1,200-1,300 lbs. Of this, some 850 lbs are eatable beef, while the rest--organs, bloods, fat, skin, and bones, are used to produce a wide variety of chemicals and leather products. Excell Corporation processes 6,000 cattle per day, six days a week, making it one of the world's largest beef processors. Nearby National Beef is the world's largest privately held beef processor, processing 4,000 head of cattle per day. The world's largest cattle auction is also in Dodge City. Kansas in general dominates the beef industry in the USA, by producing one quarter of all beef produced in the USA.

    Slaughteryard Overlook outside Dodge City, KS Slaughteryard Overlook outside Dodge City, KS
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Dodge City Off The Beaten Path

  • Typical Dodge City Homes

    These homes caught my shutter lense. I liked the garden landscape and house combination for one, and for the other, the flat front tirek child's hobby horse, and unkept front yard seemed prototypical of the domestic economics in Dodge City at the time I was there.

  • Classic Dodge City Homes

    The town is rather short of period residential architecture, but I found these clustered on the hillside.

  • Yard Art at its Bizarre Best

    An individual has created a unique series of metal art with an idea, a torch, a theme using people or animals as creations, and a lot of pizzaz. Located in a very small town called Mulinville; about 40 miles to the east of Dodge City on Hwy400/54. Mr. M. T. Liggett retired from a job and started this art. He is now 79 year old and still does art...


Dodge City Favorites

  • The Buffalo Are All Dead

    Of the 60 million that roamed that plains at one time, only 594 remained at 1890. Now back to a total of maybe 2,000, it is pitiful we did such a thing to these beasts. The motivation is it took away the meat and substance form the Indians. This really depicts what we can do as a society to destroy ourselves in a quick instant. It only took 5 years...

  • Visitor Center in the Middle of Town

    They have some friendly and pleasing people behind the counter to direct you to the sites in town. Not all are as great as they depict, however, as you may find out. Boot Hill Museum is the main feature due to its extensive displays of items, and real history of the town. The smell of cattle being slaughtered.

  • Grain Elevators

    One thing that you will notice if travelling through Dodge City (or any community for that fact in Kansas) are the HUGE grain elevators. Kansas is known as the Wheat State and the breadbasket of the United States. So in many towns, you will have a grainery which stores the grain that is harvested. Usually there are train tracks next to the grainery...


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