Kansas Favorites

  • Local version of the metal man
    Local version of the metal man
    by BruceDunning
  • Favorites
    by Astrobuck
  • View of the center off Wyatt Earp Blvd in mid town
    View of the center off Wyatt Earp Blvd...
    by BruceDunning

Kansas Favorites

  • Arkansas River Area

    Wichita Favorites

    There is a lot of stuff to do on the east and west sides, actually mainly just shopping. All the fun stuff is generally downtown. Also try to go in early may for the annual Wichita River Festival. If you like groups of 100,000 people or more than you will really like the parade and fireworks. I was born and raised here

  • Flying

    Wichita Favorites

    Wichita Mid-Continent Airport serves the vast majority of commercial airliner travel in and around Wichita. It is most certainly not a large airport and offers mostly connecting flights to larger airports, namely Dallas and St. Louis. But the upside is easy to see...you will never have a 1-3 hours wait in line at a desk. Nor will you ever have a...

  • Exploration Place

    Wichita Favorites

    Enjoy The Location of the city, have a lots of wonderful thing to appreciate. i take my friends to the newest place like exploration center. I miss my pets and driving to go fishing in the lake and private pond

  • History of Kansas

    What today is referred to as the Wild West had its origins in Kansas, the slaughter of buffalo, cattle drives, gunfighters and legendary lawmen like Wild Bill Hickok found fame in Kansas towns like the infamous Dodge City. Later Kansas had to endure Civil War raids by William Clarke Quantrill and other Confederate guerrillas.

  • Kansas Guidebook for Explorers

    Here's another helpful guide for those who really want to get out there and see the state - its backroads, quirky spots, and especially those wonderful little hometown restaurants that make chicken fried steak "The Explorer Way." You have to be a member of Kansas Explorers Club, or obtain this guidebook to learn what that means. Marci Penner has...

  • 2006 Kansas Getaway Guide

    I highly recommend the 2006 Kansas Getaway Guide if you will be coming to Kansas, traveling through Kansas, or if you are just plain curious about Kansas. The state may not be one of the nation's biggest tourist destinations, but few states do a better job of detailing attractions, lodging, dining, and other trips as well as Kansas. I think you...

  • Kansas State Flower: Wild Native...

    Kansas is known as The Sunflower State, and for good reason. These bright yellow wildflowers with dark eyes grow abundantly on the Kansas prairie. Vast fields of the larger domestic sunflowers can also be found growing in Kansas, but it's the wild variety that is the State Flower. The highest point in Kansas, in the far west near the Colorado...

  • Cottonwood: State Tree of Kansas

    Since 1937 the Common Cottonwood (Populus deltoides) has been designated the state tree of Kansas. Well adapted for life on the high plains, the Cottonwood is common along rivers and streams, and may often be found standing alone on the prairie, as in this photo. The tree takes its name from the fluffy white seeds, produced by the female tree,...

  • Agriculture

    Kansas is a VERY big agricultural state. As you drive through, you will find much farmland where either crops are being cultivated or cattle are being raised.This is a grain silo. You will find many of these all around Kansas, no matter where you are. Grain is processed here and then loaded onto trucks for export and distribution.

  • Kansas Scenery

    As you can see here, the Kansas Prairie isn't really much to look at. However, if you take a drive between Sharon Springs and Goodland on KS-27, you will find some of the most beautiful Kansas scenery. One place, particularly beautiful was a lush green valley with trees. However, I couldn't find a place to pull over to take the picture. I guess,...

  • Kansas-The Sunflower State

    As you drive through Kansas, you will soon find out why it is called The Sunflower State. Sunflower crop fields are EVERYWHERE! Here is a picture of a HUGE sunflower field. The heads of the sunflowers get so large and heavy, they slump over, which is what you see here in the picture.Even the state highway marker is shaped like a sunflower!!

  • Clean Highways, Clean State

    I want to be as accurate as possible when I say this, but as I drove through Kansas, I found the roads and highways were by far the cleanest I have ever seen. The whole time I was there, I found one crushed can...and it was in the parking lot at the gas station!!!I'm sure there may be parts of Kansas that aren't very clean, but this part I went...

  • Driving through Kansas

    Ok, now I know that possibly everyone on VT who has been to Kansas and has a page on it, probably has something to do with driving, right? Well, driving in Kansas is VERY boring. It makes you want to go zzzzzzzzzz......But, it can have it's advantages too. The best thing (and yes, this will sound crazy) is to read up on places to see and things to...

  • Visit the BIG WELL

    Visit the BIG WELL in Greensburg, The picture is looking down the BIG WELL. Located at 315 S. Sycamore in Greensburg, you can get information by calling 1-800-207-7369.

  • Native American Heritage

    Visit the Native American Heritage Museum State Historic Site near Highland. The museum teaches about the family life and sharing of traditions of the Iowa, Kickapoo, Potawatomi and Sac and Fox tribes. The museum is located at 1737 Elgin Road, Highland, Kansas. There are interactive exhibits and children's activitiea.

  • Long stretches of road . . .

    Kansas was not the most beautiful state we've driven through, but there was lots of wildlife out in the open as we drove through miles and miles of roadway to get from one end of the state to the other. If you live in the big city and are tired of seeing stacks of buildings, take a drive through Kansas for a change of scenery! Be sure you bring...

  • Pringles and a Coke

    The best memory of Kansas is driving my car on the endless I 70. Some good music in the radio. A coke and some Pringles chips. Pringles was my standard food on road trips. Beside selfmade turkey sandwich. Good nutrition, isn´t it.

  • Topeka is the only place in...

    Topeka is the only place in Kansas I have really visited, but lots of nice things there if you don't want to go to a large city. The zoo is good to visit, and if you ilke historical type places there is also the state capital Lots of things you can enjoy but most people don't realize Kansas has many things to see

  • Visit Winfield, Ks. It is a...

    Visit Winfield, Ks. It is a great all Ameican city.It is not too big of city, but it has all the basics you would need.I will add more to this later. I lived just outside of Winfield, so I miss the country a lot. We would take lots of country drives to explore the different areas of the county.

  • And just when you might be...

    And just when you might be thinking there is nothing to see when driving ‘round Kansas.... you'll discover there's so many cute, unbelievably beautiful scenes!!!!! Stopped the car.... everything was so green and sunny..... it was a shock!! Mellowness flooded me. The road was smooth, and the car glided over it. Ditches sported 4' tall, creamy,...

  • Take in the Cosmosphere in...

    Take in the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson! It may be a bit of a tourist trap, but who isn't interested in space travel? Also, catch a flick the newly restored Fox Theatre -- it's a blast from the past! There are also a lot of antique shops which hold lots of interesting trinkets.'Make-out Point' in the state's capital, Topeka, is great. I loved seeing...

  • Stop and stay a while and...

    Stop and stay a while and enjoy what the state has to offer. Kansas is kid friendly and every town has a park or a play ground.

  • Go to Aggieville in Manhatten...

    Go to Aggieville in Manhatten and cruise! It might appear strange to the outsider, but it is a blast and you will meet lots of interesting people. The fantastic thunder storms dancing across a storm darkened sky.

  • Visit the largest lake in...

    Visit the largest lake in Kansas and the Fishing Capital of Kansas - Milford Lake. You'll find so many fish in the lake that all you have to do is to yell for them to jump in your boat! Great fishing for bank anglers as well as boat anglers. Besides fishing, the KS Fish Hatchery and Nature Center is located at the lake.Once you catch your limit,...

  • I liked Kansas because it's so...

    I liked Kansas because it's so different from Rhode Island (which is where I live), so I would take people out to the western part of the state to see country like that in my pictures. The wheat fields impressed me...miles and miles and miles.

  • PeterDW's General Tip

    If I had to name a most friendly state, it is definitely Kansas. When crossing this state, we were often invited into people's home for dinner and for a nice, soft bed. Thanks Kansas people.

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