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  • Little Niagara roaring
    Little Niagara roaring
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  • Cumberland Falls at full spate .... in the rain
    Cumberland Falls at full spate .... in...
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  • View from the brink of the falls
    View from the brink of the falls
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Cumberland Falls State Park Things to Do


    Some 68 feet high and 125 feet wide, Cumberland Falls is the Little Niagara. Several options exist to give you that perfect picture of the falls. In winter, some of those options are closed due to high water. When it is raining hard, your options are limited to how wet you want to be.

  • Cumberland Falls Moonbow

    I was here a day before the full moon. I was able to see the Moonbow even though it wasn't the clearest of nights. They say winter is the best time. I was not able to get a picture though with my standard digital camera.

  • Cumberland Falls

    Waterfalls in the Eastern U.S. are hard to find. Mostly beause they're small and tucked away. Here is Cumberland Falls located on a main road and it's been developed to provide ease of access to everyone. It drops 60 feet (20 meters) over a ledge. Because it a north facing water fall, it has the unique gift of creating a 'moonbow'. 13 times a year,...

  • Follow the Rainbow

    Visitors to Cumberland Falls can take a short 30 minute misty ride up to the falls, or a water rafting excursion down river through Class III and a Class IV rapid. Safety instructions and gear are provided. Plan to get wet!


    Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest. The Park has much to offer such as white water rafting, fishing, nature trails and swimming.Accommodations include the Dupont Lodge with 51 rooms that offer beautiful views. Woodland rooms which are adjacent to the Lodge and are little cottages with the convenience...


    The MOONBOW that appears here is the only one in the Western Hemisphere. It may be observed under a full moon and a clear sky. An arch of white light is usually produced at the base of the falls and continues downstream. Generations of people have visited here to see this natural phenomenon.Though we did have a full moon at the time we were here,...


    Hans and I, along with Johan (Johanl) and his lovely wife Wies, spent the day together and part of our day was visiting CUMBERLAND FALLS STATE RESORT PARK which is located on Highway 90, southeast of Somerset and 20 miles southwest of Corbin. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Known as the "Niagara of...

  • Cumberland Falls

    The main attraction at Cumberland Falls State Park is, of course, Cumberland Falls. Sometimes called "the Niagara of the South," this is the largest waterfall in the United States south of Niagara and east of the Rocky Mountains. The waterfall forms a 125-foot wide curtain that plunges 60-feet into a boulder-strewn gorge below, creating a...

  • Eagle Falls

    This very beautiful 44-feet high waterfall is formed where Eagle Creek plunges into the Cumberland River Gorge, about a mile below Cumberland Falls. It is reached by hiking Trail # 9, the Eagle Falls Trail, a 1.5 mile loop. Much of this trail follows the cliff line overlooking the Cumberland River Gorge with sheer drop-offs and spectacular views....


Cumberland Falls State Park Restaurants

  • Seafood buffet every Friday night

    The Riverview Restaurant offers a splendid view of the Cumberland River gorge, and surrounding hillsides. The menu offers a wide variety for various tastes. One may order from the menu or from the buffet when offered. A wide variety of desserts are also available. Regional favorites like the Kentucky HotBrown and the Kentucky Derby pie are served....


    As we all were getting hungry, we searched for a place to have a bite to eat. Now remember, this is January, not many tourists and not many places open. We came upon a little place called KOUNTRY KUPBOARD and YESSSS! It was open for business. They offered sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgs. That's OK - it was all we needed. We all had a hamburger...

  • A Visual and Culinary Feast

    One of the things Karen and I enjoyed most about our stay at Cumberland Falls was having our meals at the DuPont Lodge Dining Room. It was a visual feast as well as a culinary one, with large picture windows overlooking the Cumberland River Gorge, upstream from the falls. There were also bird feeders at the windows which were busy with both...


Cumberland Falls State Park Nightlife

  • What a Hoot!!

    During the Spring to Fall season at the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park the park naturalists invite you to a special night life event. How much to you know about owls? The naturalist will give you an informative talk on the various species of owls, their habits and habitats. Then you may take a short walk with them and call in the owls. This is...

  • A Lunar Rainbow

    Cumberland Falls has the only moonbow in the Western Hemisphere, and one of only two moonbows in the entire world. The other is at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, on the Zambezi River. The moonbow is similar to a rainbow except that it is formed at night. When conditions are right, the arch of white light begins at the base of the falls and continues...

  • Cumberland Falls State Park Hotels

    0 Hotels in Cumberland Falls State Park

Cumberland Falls State Park Shopping


    The Park's GIFT SHOP features Kentucky handcrafts. They had the usual t-shirts, souvenirs and post cards. Also nearby was the Park's Visitor's Center, which offers exhibits on the area's history, geology and wildlife. I bought some lovely post cards which were selling at 2 for a dollar.

  • More than a gift ... a memory

    The Cumberland Falls Gift Shop has a wide assortment of fine gifts like jewelry, handbags, candy, pottery, glassware, books, clothing and collectibles. The service is always friendly and helpful. The Cumberland Falls Gift Shop also offers special events like book signings, artisan exhibits, and culinary tastings. Some special items to look for are...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Cumberland Falls State Park Warnings and Dangers

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    Cliffs: Many of the park trails skirt the edge of high cliffs and there is not always a guard rail. Have children stay near your side, and watch your step because the trails are rocky, rough and sometimes slippery. Karen tripped and fell into a shallow puddle on the Cumberland Falls Trail and gave us a scare.

    The River: Wading in the river can be dangerous. Although the water may appear safe, drop-offs, slippery rocks, and changing currents present hidden hazards. More than one person has been swept off his feet in what appeared to be gently flowing water. Some have gone over the falls.

    The Falls: The cables at the falls have been placed there for your protection. Please stay behind them. Walking under the falls is prohibited.

    Poisonous Snakes: This park is home to two species of poisonous snakes, the Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake. While neither is aggressive, both will defend themselves when threatened. You can reduce your chances of encountering them by staying on marked trails. In the event that you do see one, leave it alone. It will likely go on about its business. Snakes and all living things in the park are protected by law.

    At a Cliff Overlooking Cumberland Falls

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Cumberland Falls State Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Yahoo Arch

    After reaching Yahoo Falls, (previous tip), those who are willing to hike an additional 1.6 miles, round trip, may visit Yahoo Arch. This sandstone formation is impressive, but not as large as some other arches in the Cumberland Plateau area. Just as at Yahoo Falls, the setting of Yahoo Arch is awesome. The Arch is just to the side of a much larger...

  • Natural Arch Scenic Area

    Another very popular day-trip from Cumberland Falls is a visit to the Natural Arch Scenic Area. This can be combined with a trip to the Yahoo Falls and Yahoo Arch, in our two previous tips.Natural Arch, in the Daniel Boone National Forest, is the biggest natural sandstone arch in Kentucky. At 100-feet wide and 60-feet high the opening is a bit...

  • Yahoo Falls

    Yahoo Falls, about 19 miles from Cumberland Falls, is a popular day trip for those staying at the state park. Yahoo Falls plunges 113-feet from a heavily forested sandstone ledge, making it the highest waterfall in Kentucky. Yahoo Creek, which feeds the falls, is a small stream which may run dry in the summer. The falls are within the boundaries of...


Cumberland Falls State Park Sports & Outdoors

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    Cumberland Falls State Park offers unusually good opportunities for the hiker. There are 12 named and numbered trails of varying distances, and many of these lead through a spectacular landscape of high cliffs, deep gorges, roaring waterfalls and quite forests. A free map and guide to the trails is available at the Dupont Lodge or the Visitors Center. Here is an abbreviated list of the trails:

    # 1, Moonbow Trail, 10.8 miles
    # 2, Cumberland River Trail, 5 miles
    # 3, Laurel Trail, .25 mile
    # 4, Civilian Conservation Corps Memorial Trail, 1 mile
    # 5, Camper's Path, .5 mile
    # 6, Cumberland Falls Trail, .5 mile
    # 7, Rock House Trail, .5 mile
    # 8, Spur Trail, .25 mile
    # 9, Eagle Falls Trail, 1.5 miles
    #10, Blue Bend Look, 4.5 miles
    # 11, Anvil Branch Trail, 2.5 miles
    #12, Wildflower Loop Trail, 1.25 miles

    Equipment: Comfortable sturdy shoes with non-slip soles are a must since many of the trails lead along sheer cliff lines.

    Karen Hiking an Icy Trail Nick Points the Way to the Falls Nicolas & Alexandria on the Trail Hiking with Grandchildren at Cumberland Falls Alex holds up a Big Rock along the Trail
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Cumberland Falls State Park Favorites

  • Monument to T. Coleman duPont

    Along the paved walkway leading to Cumberland Falls you will see this monument to T. Coleman duPont of Louisville, KY. In 1932 duPont purchased the land which is today Cumberland Falls State Park and gave it to the state of Kentucky. His gift was initially rejected by the then governor of Kentucky for political reasons, and only after duPont's...

  • Thanks to the Civilian Conservation...

    Many of the amenities you will see at Cumberland Falls State Park are there due to the hard work of the Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, in the 1930s. This includes DuPont Lodge, cabins, hiking trails, and this historic shelter overlooking the Cumberland River gorge below the falls. The shelter may be reached by a short but steep side trail off...

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