Kentucky Local Customs

  • The Paducah Ambassadors waiving goodbye
    The Paducah Ambassadors waiving goodbye
    by mikelisaanna
  • Local Customs
    by Krumlovgirl
  • Local Customs
    by Krumlovgirl

Kentucky Local Customs

  • Kentucky Shakespeare Festival

    The Kentucky Shakespeare Festival is a cultural event which features free Shakespeare performances every summer in Central Park in Old Louisville. Begun as the Carriage House Players in 1949, it is the oldest free and independently-operating Shakespeare festival in the United States. Between 12,000 and 15,000 visitors watch the festival's...

  • state symbols

    state motto: united we stand, divided we fallpresent state slogan: "Kentucky, unbridled spirit"state nickname: "Bluegrass State"state flag is the state seal on a blue backgroundstate seal: a pioneer (Daniel Boone) and a politician (Henry Clay) clasping hands in unity; golden rod (the state flower) is around the borderstate tree: tulip poplarstate...

  • peaceful and slow

    Things do not seem to move fast in Kentucky (except the motorists on their highways).But in general, you have to learn to wait and be patient for everything else. We are from New York where "time is money". Here in Kentucky "time is meant to be spent".In other words, if it is worth doing then it is worth taking your time to do it.And there is no...

  • St. James Court Art Show

    The St. James Court Art Show began five decades ago as a small open air art fair taking up only a small corner of Old Louisville's St. James Court. It has since grown into one of the largest in the country, with over 700 artists coming from every corner of the country to display every imaginable type of art work, including paintings, drawings,...

  • Music is a tradition here in Eastern...

    This is my Pastor, Rev. Ed Houston, Just picking away. He is an awesome singer and can play just about anything. My dad also can sing and play guitar. I play bass and guitar at times myself. Here in Eastern Kentucky it's not unusual to have a great singer in just about every household. There are a lot a famous singers from Eastern Kentucky like:...

  • Keeping Old Traditions Alive: Berea...

    Berea College, near Lexinton in the town of Berea, is certainly unique; students pay NO TUITION. Instead, they work on campus, many at school-owned businesses. Most students at Berea today are Kentuckians of limited means, but there are students from all over the world who come here to learn about the Appalachian Culture. All students have to work...

  • Eastern Kentucky University

    Another personal connection that I had with Kentucky. besides my parent's home, was my daughter's university.Jill's first year in college was spent in Richmond, Kentucky, at Eastern Kentucky University. Ironically, the university was on the opposite side of Kentucky from my folks.Needless to say, we made a few trips to the eastern portion of the...

  • Shaker Village: A Way of Life

    A very interesting place to visit is south of Lexinton in Pleasant Hill that is called Shaker Village. It was settled in Kentucky in 1809 and is one of the 19 Shaker communities in the United States. Who were the Shakers? Well, they were a religious group who believed in a simple life that is filled with love and peace". They also belive that work...

  • Coal Miners and Share Croppers

    My parents and grandparents often spoke with affection of the coal miners and share croppers in Kentucky. I grew up curious about the plight of both groups.I know that mining companies in Kentucky established towns such as Colmar, Lynch, and Jenkins where their workers lived in the houses that the mine actually owned. The miners purchased their...

  • Another Kind of "Civil" War: Hatfields...

    Growing up in southern Illinois, my grandfather used to tell tales about one of the longest-running "civil" wars in Kentucky. He would tell us about these two families who would feud all the time, and with serious results. This took place throughout the late 1800s between two families within small Appalachian Mountain farming communities. The...

  • Kentucky and churches

    Driving thru Kentucky, I was struck by the many different churches, everywhere you go.Every village and town has its own churches.People still attend church several times a week and also donate quite some money to it. Compared to western Europe, eg Belgium, it is a real difference.Churches have a social- economical goal and add a lot of quality to...


    A number of counties are so called "dry counties". No alcohol is sold and drinking in public is not allowed.In need for your portion of alcohol you will have to drive to a "wet county " and purchase the stuff overthere.


    It is a custom and hobby to have a shoot out, which means that some friends gather and shoot all kind of guns, making sure that the area is safe and no animals are shot. It is just target shooting for fun.


    In southern Kentucky lives a large society of Amish people. They are very friendly and help you out in any way they can. Most of them run farms and sell the crops in shops they own. Try the home made jam and jellies.For transportation they use no cars as it is against their beliefs.

  • Kentucky has so much to offer...

    Kentucky has so much to offer culturally. Visit the country and small towns and you sample local culture. Visit Louisville and Lexington to find colleges, symphonies, theatre, and internationally-famous equestrian events.

  • Above all else, be friendly...

    Above all else, be friendly and courteous to Kentucky residents. We have many tourists visiting our state and they often stereotype Kentuckians in a very negative and offensive manner. Don't make jokes about people living in mobile homes, going barefoot, or having distinctive speaking least until you get to know us!

  • Many people in Eastern...

    Many people in Eastern Kentucky are very sensitive to negative stereotypes from outsiders. They complain film makers and others have exploited documenting the poverty which is well known, but not giving a complete picture of the successful families who live normal well adjusted lives. The best way to fit in is to use common sense and avoid saying...

  • The one bit of advice I could...

    The one bit of advice I could give you is that Kentucky is very country and laid back. If you want to go somewhere to relax and take it easy, it's the place for you. But if your looking for excitement and adventure, you might want to look somewhere else.


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Kentucky Local Customs

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