Kentucky Off The Beaten Path

  • Off The Beaten Path
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  • Bardstown, KY
    Bardstown, KY
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  • Bardstown, KY
    Bardstown, KY
    by atufft

Kentucky Off The Beaten Path

  • Hidden River Cave

    Kentucky Off The Beaten Path

    In the center of the small town of Horse Cave, Kentucky is the huge natural entrance to Hidden River Cave, and the American Cave Museum. As the name implies, a river runs through this cavern, flowing 150 feet beneath the streets of the town. On the January Sunday morning of our visit the water was very high and rising so fast that tours had to be...

  • Lake Barkley

    Kentucky Off The Beaten Path

    The story of Lake Barkley is a strange one. Lake Barkley was actually formed in the early 1960s when a dam was built on the Cumberland at Grand Rivers. There were two communities with a combined population of 3500 that rested on the banks off the Cumberland. The river was "impounded (or flooded by the dam), and the two towns, Eddyville and Kuttawa,...

  • Best Hiking & Camping in Ky - Red River...

    About 2 1/2 hours southeast of Cincinnati is the Red River Gorge Geological Area. It sits across the Blue Mountain Mountain Parkway from Natural Bridge State Park. Although Natural Bridge holds it own beauty, the RRG side is lest "touristy" and primitive camping and hiking. There are some outstanding hikes through the area, a good one for beginner...

  • Colonel Sander's restaurant and museum

    Go here for good home cookin' (cornbread, green beans, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, chilli, and of course, fried chicken). Take a look at how KFC got it's start. Pretty impressive house, interesting stories and photos. There's a gift shop inside, and plenty of tasty souvenirs. Directions, hours and time in the car are all on the website which...

  • Cloverport, asleep in time

    Cloverport is a sleepy little town on the banks of the Ohio River that has watched it's hayday flow down river. In the 1800's Cloverport was a major riverport to send Kentucky products out into the world. In 1851 a plant was constructed to manufacture coal oil, which was then shipped as far away as England.In 1816 the Lincoln family, including 2...

  • My Family History on Hensley Settlement

    Hensley's Settlement is part of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, which lies in three states: Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. The preserved settlement is located atop Brush Mountain where the Hensley's first settled in 1903. In the early part of the century, the Hensley's settled on the mountain, forsaking settled areas for an entirely...

  • Bennett's Mill Covered Bridge

    This wooden bridge which crosses Tygart Creek in Greenup County, Kentucky, is 195-feet-long and reported to be the oldest and longest single-span covered bridge in the world open to traffic. Originally constructed in 1855, the bridge was fully restored in 2002-2003, by the Kentucky Department of Transportation. At that time it was raised two feet...

  • Wildcat Mountain Civil War Battlefield

    Wildcat Mountain is a little known battlefield of the Civil War, only recently developed by the National Forest Service. The battlefield is partially within the boundaries of the Daniel Boone National Forest, and partially on private land, about 7 miles north of London off US Hwy. 25. It is reached by a narrow winding one-lane gravel road which was...

  • Fort Knox

    Fort Knox, which is located to the southwest of Louisville, is best known for the United States Bullion Depository, which stores and safeguards the nation's gold bullion reserves.During the height of the First World War, Congress allocated funds to purchase 40,000 acres (16,190 hectares) for an Army base and training ground to be called Camp Knox....

  • The General George Patton Museum

    Formerly the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor, the General George Patton Museum is undergoing major changes due to Base Realignment and Closure affecting Fort Knox. Its cavalry and armor exhibits are being packed and moved, and the museum building is undergoing renovation. The focus of the museum is changing as well. It had been established in...

  • Bardstown

    Recently listed as one of America's top 100 small towns, Bardstown is a pleasant and historic town about 35 miles (56 kilometers) south of Louisville.William Bard arrived in the area in 1780 as an agent for his brother, David Bard, and John Owings. Based on a land grant of 1,000 acres (408 hectares) from the Virginia General Assembly (at that time,...

  • Cave Exploring in Northern Kentucky

    About 2 hours east from Cincinnati (in Northern Kentucky) is Carter Caves State Park. Although the cave system is not on the scale of Mammouth Cave National Park, it still has several cave systems readily available to explore. There are less tourists here, which provides a more one-on-one experience with your guides. At the time we went, you could...

  • The Maker's Mark distillery tour

    From Louisville, you will be driving south for about an hour and 1/2. (I have included the website for directions and other info). The drive is stunning, especially in the fall. There are miles of green pastures, hills, windy roads, horse stables, open land, old barns and modest housing. When you arrive, you will be at the visitor center, and you...

  • See the birthplace of KFC

    I made a pilgrimage to Sanders Cafe on my way to Louisville and was not disappointed. I don't normally do KFC much, but I would say the food here is no different than any other KFC. The real treat is seeing the building where it all began. The dining area is just as it was when it was Sanders' Cafe, and you also get to see the original kitchen, the...

  • Guist Creek Lake

    The park offers camping, boating, fishing and skiing on approximately 325 acres with 27 miles of shoreline. The lake has bluegill, crappie and channel catfish. Guist Creek Lake has good (large mouth) bass fishing and the two state records for mud cat and white catfish. I've seen more great blue herons here than any where. The boat launch is well...

  • Explore the Banks of The Ohio River

    The River of the 1800's was the main throughfare into the interior of North America. Today that has changed but the signs of the bygone era are everwhere to be found along the Kentucky shore. It took about an hour to drive along the river from Stephensport to Hawesville, including stops to take pictures and read the signs.All of the pictures were...

  • Hike to Natural Bridge

    Natural Bridge is an arch in the natural sandstone formation. The State Park is one of Kentucky's upgraded parks and includes a Lodge, Restaurant, Camp Ground, Hiking Trails, and a Sky Lift to the top of the bridgeNATURAL BRIDGE STATE RESORT PARK2135 Natural Bridge Road,Slade, KY 40376-9999

  • Pig Iron Forge

    In the early 19th century areas of Western Kentucky was a major producer of pig iron. The forests supplied hardwood for fuel to smelt iron ore which was mined locally into ingots of pig iron which was then shipped away for additional refining. One of the interesting areas of the Land Between the Lakes is the ruins of the Great Western Iron...

  • Jefferson Davis Birthplace

    Davis was born near Fairview, Kentucky, in Todd County. The Jefferson Davis monument was erected near his birthplace in the early 20th century by veterans of the Confederate Army. Today it is a Kentucky State Historic Site. It is located in Fairview, Kentucky, in Todd County, nine miles east of Hopkinsville along U.S. Highway 68. The focal point...

  • Casey County Amish

    There are many small Amish communites in central Kentucky. In Casey County there are Amish owned furniture stores, high-quality crafts, produce and baked goods We enjoy shopping for fresh fruit and veggies in these stores which are grouped along Ky. 910, which extends between the small towns of Phil and Windsor.Do not ignore the resorcefulness of...

  • Civil War Battle of Wildcat Mountain

    On October 21, 1861, Confederate General Felix K. Zollicoffer moved his troops up the Wilderness road in eastern Kentucky toward Richmond and Lexington. Union troops under General Albin Schoepf were dug in in the mountians North of London blocking the route to the Bluegrass. The resulting battle became known as the Battle of Wildcat Mountain. The...

  • The Battle of Mill Springs

    The Battle of Mill Springs, also known as the Battle of Fishing Creek in Confederate terminology, and the Battle of Logan's Cross Roads in Union terminology, was fought in Wayne and Pulaski counties, near current Nancy, Kentucky, on January 19, 1862. From Somerset, Ky tke highway 80 West to Nancy, Ky. about 10 miles. In Nancy watch for the National...

  • The Mill at Mill Springs

    The mill at Mill Springs is a very large part of the Civil War Battle at Mill Springs. The Southern troops were on the South side of the Cumberland River at the mill. They crossed over the river where they ran into the NOrthern troops. I seperated the mill and the battlefield in these tips because they occured on different sides of the Cumberland...

  • Civil War Encampment at Camp Nelson

    Camp Nelson was a large Civil War supply depot for the federal army just South of Nicholsville, Kentucky. Each fall in early September, there is an encampment at the historical site, civil war buffs, dressed in Northern troops set up camp for the week, cook over fire pits, shoot their cannon, sing 1860's songs, play an 1860's version of baseball...

  • Tebbs Bend Battlefiels

    The Battle of Tebbs' Bend was fought on July 4, 1863, The same day that Union Victories took place in Vicksburg and Gettysburg. John Hunt Morgan had led a raid into Central Kentucky near the Green River in Taylor County, Kentucky. Despite being badly outnumbered, elements of the Union army thwarted repeated attacks by the Confederate troops. Take...

  • Cumberland Falls

    The Cumberland River is the main drainage from the area known as the Cumberland Gap North West to the Ohio River. The Falls are located about 100 miles down stream from the Cumberland Gap. Today there is a Kentucky State Park located at the falls which provides lodging. The biggest draw for the Cumberland falls is the moonbow which is visible on...

  • Old Mulkey Meeting House

    The church was orginaly the Mills Creek Baptist Church, John Mulkey was the first preacher. By 1809 a controversy arose over the teachings of John Mulkey who believed in a strict organization that he found in the Bible. Thisl heresy trials but failing to gain a majority vote against him, the church decided to "choose sides." The majority of the...


    Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest and towering above a forest woodland, the 50 by 9 foot NATURAL ARCH was formed by the erosion of wind, water and ice, that cut away the soft sandstone and left a hard rock cap that arches dramatically across the sky.The arch's surrounding 945 acres were once home to prehistoric groups and later the...

  • Acres of Land Winery- Richmond

    While I wouldn't recommend coming to Richmond for the sole purpose of visiting the winery, if you're already there then it's a good place to stop at. It was just a matter of time. AND it’s located on one of my favorite roads-Poosey Ridge. (Yeah, the address says “Barnes Mill” but it’s Poosey.) It’s still fairly new but the restaurant is really...

  • McHargue's Mill

    McHargue's Mill was built in 1939 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It stands on the banks of the LIttle Laurel River where it intersects with Boone's Trace, a historic pioneer road built by Daniel Boone. This authentic working reproduction mill is open and in operation Memorial Day through Labor Day. Admission is free. Visitors can buy fresh...

  • West Liberty

    There are a couple of reasons to go to West Liberty: the Sorghum Festival, the Bluegrass Festival, and Cave Run Lake. It is fairly easy to get to fromthe Mountain Parkway and the roads around it are quite scenic. West Liberty is the county seat of Morgan County. Currently, it has around 3,000 people. The name West Liberty always confused me because...

  • Valley View

    Valley View isn't on the way to anywhere, unless you are taking the ferry over from Jessamin County to Madison County or vice versa. And I really suggest that you do. Although there isn't much to see in Valley View (okay, there isn't ANYTHING to see in Valley View) it is still worth it to take the ferry ride. There are several things that set...

  • Our U.S. Flag and our Kentucky Flag

    Placed on a navy blue field is the seal and words "Commonwealth of Kentucky". The two people on the seal, a pioneer and a statesman, represent all the people. They are acting out the meaning of Kentucky's motto: "United We Stand; Divided We Fall". Sprays of goldenrod extend in a half circle around the picture.

  • Rustic old home place

    This house is a typical early 1900's or late 1800's not many seem to be around anymore and if you find one it is usually a replica or in a park. This picture I took was on Pine Mountain.

  • Gas Wells are taking over the Mountains

    In the past few years these gas wells have been popping up in the Mountains...The way our U.S. gas prices are right now we need more gas wells!!

  • Sangers--(Are people who hunt Wild...

    Wild Ginseng-Backwoods appeal The best ginseng roots - those with the elongated neck of a Giacometti sculpture, a few twisting rootlets at the bottom and the general aspect of a wizened gnome - can sell for more than $100 apiece. Run-of-the-mill roots go for $300 or more a pound in the booming Asian market. In China, wild ginseng is prized as a...

  • Wild Black Berry

    Wild Black are found all over the mountains of Kentucky. They are a treat to many animals. I have heard of Black berries selling for about $15.00 a gallon. They're not to hard to find but just watch for the snakes.

  • Leggett, Kentucky

    This picture I took while riding In the mountains one day. We are looking off of Leggett Mountain in Kentucky. There are plenty of wild animals to see such as Bobcat, deer, Black Bears, Panthers, Turkey, and coyote just to name a few.

  • Cool Looking Rock Formations

    Eastern Kentucky is full of Cool looking rock formations, some like bridges other shaped as heads and other like animals, this one is on HWY. 421 in Harlan County. Notice how this one looks like a mans face at the top.

  • Rusty Old Tower.

    We came across this Rusted Old tower in S.E. Kentucky, I'm not sure what it was used for some of the bottom steps were off. It didn't look safe to climb at all. It also looked like a good place for snakes around there.

  • Kentucky is full of Wild Turkeys

    Wild Turkey is wanted Bird in Kentucky. We have open season in Sept. Oct. and then again in April...Some people don't like wild Turkey but I think it's good. It does shrink up more than tame turkeys when their cooked. The legs of wild turkey you just toss out the're not good to cook at all.

  • Wildflower haven

    Kentucky is well known for it's beautiful Wildflowers. Not only in the Mountains but just about all over.

  • Never ending Mountain trails

    This picture was taken on top of Black Star Mountain Kentucky. You can see some of the mountain top removal it leaves barren spots with no trees. Every time I have been up there we have always seen a big Black bear.

  • Black Mountain, Kentucky

    Black Mountain has a new Recreational Park...It's made a county that was 4-wheeler capital of the state into 4-wheel capital of the world...With it's rugged trails and beautiful scenery it's easy to make a long day or as most do make a long weekend out of it...More and More trucks and 4-wheelers are making their way into Harlan Kentucky. It's also...

  • Shakertown

    Shakertown, south of Lexington, is a very interesting place to visit. It's a restored Shaker settlement. The Shakers were a religious sect akin to the Mennonites, Amish, and Quakers. While there, take a cruise on the Kentucky RIver. It's a beautiful ride through one of America's most unspoiled river valleys. To get there, take US Highway 68 south...


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