Kentucky Things to Do

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  • Things to Do
    by sabogg01
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Kentucky Things to Do

  • Belle of Louisville

    Louisville Things to Do

    While in Louisville, Ky on August 1st, Tony, Noel and I saw the Belle of Louisville Sternwheeler boat on the River. I am not sure how much it cost to ride it but to be truthful..I don't think I would like riding it..goes too life is fast paced and it seems a little slow and lazy for me...I know I need to slow down..but I am always on FAST...

  • Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

    Lexington Things to Do

    Shakers were/are a religious group begun in Manchester, England, emigrated to Boston, USA and traveled to Albany,NY. (We have been to Shaker homes and woodcraft places between Rochester, NY and Albany.) After a period of religious languor, a revival in the sect took place and Shakers settled in middle Kentucky and Ohio. Shaker Village at Pleasant...

  • National Corvette Museum

    Bowling Green Things to Do

    At the National Corvette Museum you can see classic, in mint condition cars; pace cars, current day models, and one-of-a-kind prototypes that never went into production. There is a lot to see here, and I would allow at least 2 hours to visit this museum. I am not a big car person, and it was my husband's idea to visit here, but I really enjoyed...


    After driving through Tennessee, we entered Kentucky via the I-65. I wanted to stop at the KENTUCKY WELCOME CENTER as I wanted some maps and brochures, but I also wanted a motel discount coupon book as I wanted to look for a place to stay for the night.They had lots of information available and also clean rest rooms.

  • Benjamin Franklin statue in Louisville

    I saw this statue quite by chance. It was in downtown.Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

  • Burbon Tours

    Any visit to Kentucky requires at least a visit to one distillery if not many. There are organized tours of the various distilleries but most hotels and roadside tourist information centers will have brochures describing the various venues that can be visited.I only had time to visit one, Woodford Reserve, and it was well worth the trip.

  • Kentucky Derby Museum

    I'm not a horseracing fan, but my wife wanted to go here. I knew horse ownership was expensive, but I sure learned how expensive it could be on the "Back side bus tour." We had Angie for our guide and she did a great job of letting us see daily life at the track. The movie they show is enough to get even this non-racing person's heart a-pumping!...

  • Louisville Slugger Museum

    Not being much of a baseball fan I really never thought much about baseball bats. But my wife and my mother-in-law are fans so we included this tour on our vacation in KY. It was a great tour! I am very glad we did the tour.

  • Newport Aquarium

    A very interesting aquarium experience just across the river from Cincinnati, OH. There's a lot to do on the Newport KY Riverwalk besides the aquarium so if you have time to spare, plan a whole day here. The aquarium has a number of displays especially for kids.

  • Big Bone Lick State Park

    This is an area of natural salt springs. In prehistoric times this drew many of creatures to this area which was a large bog at the time. Many of the larger creatures would sink into the bog until their remain were discovered in modern times. The park also has a bison herd and a small lake.

  • Red River Gorge

    The Red River Gorge is one of Kentucky's hidden gems. This natural area cut by the red river is a hiker/backpacker's paradise. It also contains a high concentration of rock arches

  • Perryville Battlefield historic site.

    Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site is home to one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. A Confederate campaign to "free" Kentucky was launched in 1862. The opposing armies met in battle on October 8. There were nearly 40-thousand men directly involved in the fighting; casualties exceeded 7,500. One Union general described the action as...

  • Fort Boones Borough original site

    The actual original site of Fort Boone borough is much closer to the river near the state park campground and Kentucky River museum.

  • Oldenberg Brewing Company

    From the Drawbridge Estates it is just a short walk to the Oldenberg Brewery and Entertainment Complex.This is the perfect place to stay when you only have twenty-fours to stay. Plenty to see and do in a short time and not far from the airport, nor is it far from downtown.

  • The State Capitol Building

    The Kentucky State Capitol Building that exists today is actually the fourth building that has served as the capitol of Kentucky. The first two burned and the third, the Old State Capitol (which stills exists as a historic attraction in Frankfort), was abandoned for the present building when it became too small to house the state's government.The...

  • The Louisville Science Center

    The mission of the Louisville Science Center is to encourage the public's understanding of science, mathematics, and technology through hands-on exhibits. It is the largest hands-on science center in Kentucky, featuring 150 interactive exhibits and activity stations. Formerly the Louisville Museum of Natural History and Science, the Louisville...

  • Talon Winery and Vineyard

    Perfect place to go for a wine tasting. They do not offer food here that I am aware of. My biggest complaint is that while doing the tasting you had to stand. No chairs or stools were offered. You can tour the grounds at your leisure and they have a walking tour guide pamphlet that you can use along the way. Great selection of wine to choose from....

  • Maker's Mark

    If you are up for some really good bourbon, you might enjoy a tour of the Maker's Mark Distillery. It's located at Star Hill Farm in Loretto... not far from Fort Knox. The recipe originated in the 1800's, although they have revised it a few times since then. Did you know that 90% of all bourbon is made in Kentucky? Doesn't have to be..... just...

  • Land Between the Lakes

    Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is a United States National Recreation Area located in Kentucky and Tennessee between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. The area was designated a national recreation area by President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Some of the clearest water I have ever seen. Great fishing with several tournments throughout...

  • Civil War Battlefield reenactment at...

    The Battle of Perryville fought October 8, 1862 was the largest Civil War battle in the Commonwealth of Kentucky There were more than 7500 Union and Confederate troops wounded or killed in this battle. Each year on the weekend closest to October 6 there is a reenactment held on the orginal battlefield.Cannons roar, sabers flash, horses charge, the...

  • Visit Lincoln Country

    Lincoln Contry begins in Springfield, Kentucky. Here Abraham Hanks homesteaded and raised his family, including Nancy Hanks, President Lincoln's mother A few miles South and West of Springfield at Hodgenville young Abraham was born, Midway betwen grandfathers home and his birthplace Abraham Lincoln grew up on the Knob Creek Farm.There is a Lincoln...

  • Black Mountain

    This is Kentucky's highest peak at 4,145 feet. The summit is owned by a coal company and in order to access the summit you must sign a waiver, available at In order to access the summit it is a 1.5 mile hike from Hwy160 just between the Virginia and Kentucky border signs. Access is via a paved road so you...

  • Blanton Forest Preserve

    Blanton Forest is located on Pine Mountain in Harlan County and is the largest old-growth forest known in Kentucky. Trees that tower 100 feet above the forest floor are the same ones the settlers saw as they came through the Cumberland Gap and moved westward into Kentucky in the 1700sThe Blanton Forest Preserve design includes a total of 6,700...

  • World Famous Chicken Festival

    The Chicken festival is each year in Corbin, Kentucky around the 3 to 4th week in September. The streets of downtown are closed off and makes room for the festivities. There is all kinds of live music and entertainment...(Now about the Colonel)...Colonel Harland Sanders, born September 9, 1890, actively began franchising his chicken business at the...

  • Cumberland Gap National Historic Park

    Cumberland Gap is located at the border of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. The gap itself is spectacular, and the history behind it is fascinating. The path was first walked by Indian hunters in search of buffalo and later by Daniel Boone in a quest of westward expansion. You can learn all about the history and view the gap from overlooks or by...

  • Taste a kentucky tradition, ale 8 (all...

    Ale 8 is a soda beverage similar to a ginger ale. It comes in a green glass bottle (It also comes in a plastic bottle or in an aluminum can But I don't suggest them) and about any gas station in Central Ky will carry Ale 8 as well keep a bottle opener on hand. I will warn you however this drink is loaded with caffine but light in calories. There is...

  • Boat ride on the Kentucky River

    Near Shakertown is a pier where you can board a small excursion boat named the Dixie Belle. Here is one of the most spectacular and colorful riverboat trips in the US. The Kentucky River has cut a deep, beautiful canyon through the limestone hills of central Kentucky; this is the best way to see it. This is from April to October.For tickets, visit...

  • Jim Beam's American Outpost

    This is the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, home of the most famous bourbon in the world. Learn about what bourbon whiskey is, how it's made, and the people who have been crafting it for over a century and a half. This is a true American art form. And as a patron of the arts, I go out of my way to support it.You must be at least 21 to enter the...

  • Kentucky Horse Park

    The Kentucky Horse Park would be of interest to people that love horses. The park museum has hosted special exhibits such as Horses in the Brittish Empire and Horses in Imperial China. The park also brings in special horse shows such as the Rolex 3 Day Event pictured below.

  • A very deep dark hole in the ground

    A visitor to Kentucky traveling Interstate 65 south to Bowling Green that enjoys caving should visit the Mammoth Cave National Park and take one of the cave tours. The most popular tours are booked in advance. Call ahead for reservations. The park also encompasses almost 53,000 acres which has surface activity including hiking, camping, and...

  • Daniel Boone's Grave

    Daniel Boone's Grave is situated on a ridge in Frankfort Cemetery overlooking the small city of Frankfort. He died in 1820, but his remains, and those of his wife Rebecca, were interred in Frankfort Cemetery in 1845. His gravesite is one of the most popular attractions in Frankfort.Daniel Boone was a pioneer, explorer, and hunter whose exploits in...

  • The Locust Grove House

    Constructed in about 1790, the Locust Grove House was the home of American Revolutionary War hero George Rogers Clark. Famous for capturing the Northwest Territory from the British in 1779, and founding the city of Louisville, Clark resided at the Locust Grove House with his sister, Lucy Clark Croghan, and her family in his later years. Clark's...

  • The Confederate Monument

    The Confederate Monument was erected in 1895 by the Kentucky Women's Confederate Monument Association to honor Confederate soldiers killed during the American Civil War. It was completed to coincide with the 29th annual reunion of the Grand Army of the Republic. Although Kentucky was officially a Union state, Kentuckians had divided loyalties...

  • The AEGON Center

    The 35-story AEGON Center is Louisville's tallest building, and is the tallest building in Kentucky as well. It rises to a height of 549 feet (167 meters). The building was designed by architect John Burgee with the architectural firm of Philip Johnson. The reinforced concrete building was completed in 1993. Its most distinguishing feature is its...

  • The Speed Art Museum

    Originally called the J.B. Speed Memorial Museum, the Speed Art Museum was established in 1927 by Hattie Bishop Speed in memorial to her husband James Breckenridge Speed, a prominent Louisville businessman, art collector, and philanthropist. It is the oldest, largest, and most important art museum in Kentucky, with over 12,000 pieces in its...

  • The Kentucky Center for the Performing...

    Dedicated in 1983, the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts was the result of a major public/private partnership to bring the performing arts to Louisville. Its gala opening event was attended by such celebrities as Charlton Heston, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Lily Tomlin, and Diane Sawyer.Productions at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts...

  • The Police Memorial

    The Police Memorial is located in Jefferson Square in downtown Louisville. It was erected in 1992 to honor the more than 100 Louisville police officers killed in the line of duty. The names of the fallen heroes are etched at its base, and it is topped by an eternal flame. An inscription on the base of the monument reads: "Dedicated to the memory of...

  • The Firefighters' Memorial

    The Firefighters' Memorial is located in Jefferson Square in downtown Louisville. It was erected in 1992 to honor the more than 90 Louisville firefighters killed in the line of duty. The names of the fallen heroes are etched at its base, and it is topped by a bronze sculpture of a firefighter carrying a baby and holding the hand of a small child....

  • The West Main District

    The West Main District is one of the five districts in downtown Louisville. It is named after Main Street, the major east-west corridor through the downtown area. Its boundaries are 2nd Street on the east, Market Street on the south, 9th Street on the west, and the Ohio River on the north. Maintained by the Main Street Association, the district has...

  • The Louisville City Hall

    The Louisville City Hall originally housed the various offices of the city government of Louisville. However, after the merger of the City of Louisville and Jefferson County governments, it now houses some of the offices and chambers of the Louisville Metro Council.The building was designed by local architect John Andrewartha, who was the winner of...

  • Louisville Metro Hall

    Formerly the called the Jefferson County Courthouse, Louisville Metro Hall was renamed after the merger of the City of Louisville and Jefferson County governments. Its primary function has changed from being the county courthouse to housing governmental administrative offices.The building was designed by architect Gideon Shryock. His original plan...

  • The Louisville Water Tower

    The Louisville Water Tower functioned as the city's first water-pumping station. Completed in 1856, it is the oldest ornamental water tower in the world.During the 1830s and 1840s, Louisville acquired the nickname of "the graveyard of the west" because polluted water from tainted private wells caused epidemics of cholera and typhoid, killing...

  • The Locust Grove Log Cabin

    The Locust Grove Log Cabin, dating from about 1810, is now located on the grounds of the Locust Grove House. It was moved from the neighboring property in 1961 to serve as the residence of the first curator of the Locust Grove House and grounds.Log cabins like this represent the type of homes constructed by early settlers in Kentucky.

  • Watch the Blue Grass Festivals in...

    Kentucky is very big in Blue Grass Festivals. It is kind of the tradition of the people. The state is very popular in their blue grass music. The blue grass music is very American and the instrument that they use is a banjo. The History of Blue Grass Music is very amazing as it dates back in 1600.While we were living in the midwest before, we made...

  • Patton Museum

    There is a Museum of Cavalry and Armor at the George Patton Museum on Fort Knox. For those who are interested in the history of Army tanks and other military memorabilia dating back to WWI, this might be an interesting option. For more information on the Patton Museum go to:


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