United States of America Local Customs

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United States of America Local Customs

  • Tipping

    New York City Local Customs

    We are going to NYC for our 2nd trip in just under 2 wks, I was looking for info on tipping to remind myself, and came across this. I think it's awful that these people have to rely on tipping to make a decent wage. For us personally, we have just put everything on our credit card for this holiday! We don't make a lot ourselves, so it will be...

  • Tipping / Money Matters

    Las Vegas Local Customs

    If you are sitting at the machines or the tables and the waitress comes and asks you if you would like a drink don't forget to tip her. Yes the drinks may be free but if you don't tip the waitress she won't come back, but if you tip her one dollar for each drink she will return.

  • Drinking

    New Orleans Local Customs

    It is legal in New Orleans to drink alcohol on the street. This comes in handy when you're waiting for a table in a restaurant and the bar is very small and crowded. Order a drink and ask for a go-cup -- then take your drink outside and wait in the fresh air. Sidebar: One of my daughter's friends, accustomed to this New Orleans custom, asked for a...

  • S.F. Nicknames / Pride

    San Francisco Local Customs

    The great Chronicle gossip columnist, Herb Caen wrote a book in 1953 with this title, yet even Caen lamented that the nickname had a long tradition among gritty longshoreman and sailors. One problem with the Frisco nickname is that it was used by Frank Sinatra in his song, "Hello, Frisco, Hello". San Franciscans percieved Sinatra's Palm Springs and...

  • Festivals & Holidays

    Chicago Local Customs

    Christkindlmarket is a German Christmas market at Daley Plaza that runs from around Thanksgiving to Christmas each year. If you are in Chicago around this time, be sure to stop by. Sample a variety of food and drink from Germany, including bratwurst, schnitzel, leberkaese, potato pancake, stollen, and gluehwein. There are also a variety of vendors...

  • What to Wear - Packing

    Los Angeles Local Customs

    I am obliged to a gal who cuts hair on the other side of town. She is "rad". However, when she was outta town, I got my mop cropped at "Rudy's", a cool spot in Los Feliz. Rudy's is a stylin' space - a re-worked auto shop that sells magazines and CDs while you wait. Cuts cost, I think $18, which is cheap for Los Angeles. Ask for "Dale". She knew...

  • Manners

    Key West Local Customs

    I'm sorry I lost info on who wrote these tips of Do's & Dont's for Fantasy Fest. It makes sense, so thanks to the creator whereever they are: Don't wear a mask you can't drink in or costume you can't use the bathroom in, or shoes you can't walk in. Do dress sexier than you thought you might. Do make sure you have a place to stay before...

  • Speaking Bostonian

    Boston Local Customs

    Visitors from outside of New England are often confounded by local pronunciations, especially of Massachusetts cities and towns. Here’s a guide that’ll help you sound like a local: City: Pronunciation: Worcester WUH – stuh; also acceptable: WIS – tuh Just remember not to pronounce any r’s in Worcester and you’ll be fine. Leominster LEH – min...

  • Tipping

    Orlando Local Customs

    tipping at restaurants and bars is an american custom. by law in the united states servers only receive 1/2 of the minimum wage so to make a living they depend on tips. servers basically are outside contractors to bars and restaurants. this system helps to keep food and beverage prices low. the customary tip is 15-20% of the bill. in many...

  • Seattle Weather

    Seattle Local Customs

    This tip is really aimed at the entire northwest, but I have stuck it in the Seattle section since it is convenient, and since most people visiting the northwest seem to make Seattle part of their travel plans. It is extremely difficult to tell people what weather to expect in the Pacific Northwest: 1. The weather changes very quickly and is...

  • Dress Code

    San Diego Local Customs

    San Diego is quite the beach culture. These peops are raised on the wet sand and they're not so friendly to outsiders. You stick out like a sore thumb if you're wearing elastic trunks while drinking and chillin on the beach. Before you go, invest in some board shorts. Don't get them in San Diego because you'll be paying way too much. Otherwise,...

  • Philly Facts

    Philadelphia Local Customs

    I know Philly has a bit of a rough-around-the edges, blue collar reputation, but as long as you're not an opposing team at a professional sporting event, the locals are really friendly! They don't call it the City of Brotherly Love for nothing!

  • Neighborhoods

    Atlanta Local Customs

    A common concern expressed by several VT members and verified by my time walking around in certain areas needs to be addressed. There are some VERY bad neighborhoods in Atlanta. Do NOT walk alone, walk with expensive clothing or photography equipment, or any amount of money you would not be willing to lose. If you do get into a situation like...

  • Vortexes & Spirituality

    Sedona Local Customs

    Sedona is believed by many to possess almost supernatural powers in the form of the vortexes in the area. A vortex is an energy field which is supposed to enhance psychic ability and promote self-awareness. There are four vortex areas in Sedona- Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Airport Mesa. Boynton Canyon is believed to be the...

  • Different Cultures in Hawaii

    Honolulu Local Customs

    hawaii truly is a melting pot of cultures! why? since hawaii is the ONLY minority-majority State in the United States where asian-americans, pacific islanders are the majority over caucasians and african americans and latinos. that is why you see a very small chinatown in honolulu and that you will see assorted asian, pacific islander, mainstream...

  • Cultural Events

    Dallas Local Customs

    There are various Asian food stalls which are not huge in variety but are not bad. A lot of the dancing and singing are performed by children and there are many stalls offering activities specifically for children. Along with the sponsors stalls, there are various Asian stalls offering goods from their respective countries.

  • Southern Influence

    Houston Local Customs

    Throughout the South of the USA, especially close to the Gulf of Mexico, you will notice that most trees have grey moss hanging down from their branches. It is called Spanish Moss, and is very common in Houston where it thrives in the humid climate. Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) is actually not a moss at all but belongs to the Bromeliads...

  • Yosemite History

    Yosemite National Park Local Customs

    Inspired by the scenic beauty of Yosemite and spurred on by the specter of private exploitation of Yosemite's natural wonders, conservationists appealed to Senator John Conness of California. On June 30, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill granting Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias to the State of California as an...

  • Tejano Culture and Music

    San Antonio Local Customs

    One of the unique things about San Antonio is the wedding culture of the town. On several occasions, we ran into wedding parties getting their bridal pictures taken in various city locations. Obvious spots like the Riverwalk made sense, but then also several were in the various Missions around town getting their pictures made. At Mission San Jose,...

  • Festivals

    Richmond Local Customs

    The last weekend every October, the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival (or the Scottish Games, as they are more commonly called) takes place at the State Fairgrounds. Tickets run for $15 in advance, $19 at the door, and $28 for a weekend pass. My mama, daddy, and brother attended this event regularly, but I am not as keen on showing my...

  • Internet Cafe

    Fort Lauderdale Local Customs

    Internet Acess is very important when we travel. Princess has an internet Cafe as well as many areas aboard the ship with wireless access. Internet plan pricing: $0.75 a minute (no plan) Plan 1: $175 for 500 minutes Plan 2: $100 for 250 minutes Plan 3: $75 for 150 minutes Plan 4: $55 for 100 minutes

  • Beaches/South Beach/Art Deco District

    Miami Local Customs

    For an entire week in January, Miami's Art deco festival celebrates it's design inspiration. Includes historic walks, jazz music, plenty of artwork and dining. Auctions, memorabilia and unique items are on display! The entire weekend which ends the festival culminates in dancing, international music and parties. It is put on annually by the Miami...

  • Elvis

    Memphis Local Customs

    Elvis will always be a part of our history, and I remember hearing stories about him, as I was growing up in Memphis, Tennessee. I was just a teenager when I heard the news about his death. I cried. I admired the man for his generous nature and of course, his many talents. I had wanted to see him in concert one day, but I never had the chance. I...

  • Some folks hate Tampa

    Tampa Local Customs

    According to www.stripclublist.com, Tampa boasts about 32 strip clubs/gentleman's clubs within the city limits. With a population of 303,447 in Tampa, that is about one strip club for every 9,500 people. For comparison New Hampshire has just one gentleman's club for every 440,000 people (I guess there is just one in the whole state!). Around Tampa...

  • General city Information

    Tucson Local Customs

    The combination of college students, a somewhat cowboy mentality and large liberal population give Tucson a great bar scene. A few of things to know about Arizona law: 1. Bars can open at 6am every day, and some actually do. 2. Last call is at 2am. 3. Opening and closing of the bars is also tied to the general alcohol sales. Meaning that you can...

  • Row Houses

    Baltimore Local Customs

    Another typical old time Baltimore custom was painting scenes on window screens. This not only decorated the house, but also allowed the window to remain open and people inside to have the benefit of breezes in hot weather without other people being able to look in. (This doesn't work if you have a light on inside the house.) I started decorating...

  • Fairs & Festivals

    Kansas City Local Customs

    We went to a wonderful celebration at the Union Station downtown Kansas City. It was for the Memorial Day holiday. They had the Kansas City Symphony play a patriotic concert, then there were fireworks over Liberty Memorial afterwards. They announced that there were 24,000 people attending the event this year. This was a free performance. Check out...

  • Fires

    Yellowstone National Park Local Customs

    Since the great fires of 1988, the park has increased the number of animals living in it's confines. The fires opened the forest, allowed for new growth, created more 'edges', where wildlife can live and diversity can florish. The easiest place to see it is along the central road from Norris Geyser Basin to Canyon Village. These pictures are...

  • Desert Views

    Death Valley National Park Local Customs

    Well, as the Ranger information states "Don't feed the animals". I am not sure of what qualifies as a local custom in Death Valley but I am sure that this place deserves a visit and your respect.

  • Land & People

    Albuquerque Local Customs

    Manuel’s Food Market opened in 1924 and is located at the present-day intersection of Edith Boulevard and Roma Avenue. Manuel lived to be 98 and his daughter, Clara, still runs the market. Adelita's grandmother also lived there in the 1920's. Her wonderful blog about the area tells us that "if you’ve never been in Manuel's, make a point to stop by....

  • People

    Minneapolis Local Customs

    It's best not to overgeneralize and expect that the behavior of several Minnesotans represents the people as a whole. We have a lot of diversity (typically more in the twin cities area), which means a lot of different personalities. I've lived here my whole life and have encountered both rudeness and kindness--just like with any other place on the...

  • Christmas in Jacksonville

    Jacksonville Local Customs

    If you are visiting Jacksonville during the Christmas season be sure to check out the windows of the large Kuhn Flowers store on Beach Blvd. Every year the store decorates its large, two-story tall windows with a variety of Christmas scenes including a nativity, carolers, tin soldiers, Christmas trees, and their central attraction--Santa's Workshop...

  • umbrellas? Not for locals!

    Portland Local Customs

    This is a weather related tip and thus doesn't fit into any of the currently available VirtualTourst categories: Portland has a well-earned reputation as a place where it rains a lot. The local tourist and convention bureau, colleges and universities, real estate agents, and various others have attempted to pass off the Portland reputation for...

  • No Litter

    Grand Canyon Local Customs

    Please don't litter. The National Parks are one of the last sacred areas for everyone to enjoy! Find the correct area the deposit what you want to get rid of. Most visitors do a nice job of keeping the Parks free of trash. Thank you!

  • Information / Sources

    Long Beach Local Customs

    Most people, even people who live in Long Beach, do not know what the little islands in the harbor are. They are man made islands that are actually oil drilling platforms. There was a consortium of companies that wanted to drill. They were Texaco, Humble, Union, Mobil, and Shell. They were told by the city fathers that they could not place any ugly...

  • Disneyland

    Anaheim Local Customs

    One of the most celebrated and hated things about Disneyland is the evening fireworks show that does on many nights of the week- 3-6 days a week. Locals living within a mile to about 5 mile radius can see and hear the 10-15 min big bang show very well. However this does not sit so well with some who find the elaborate show quite bothersome. Just...

  • People / Oddities

    Hollywood Local Customs

    popular oscar award replicas are widely available at the grauman chinese theater souvenir shops and around hollywood boulevard area shops and they cost $ 9.95 for the small oscar trophy and you can even have your name engraved on it. truly an oddity and a tacky souvenir of hollywood hehehe.

  • Beach Activities

    Sanibel Island Local Customs

    NO LIVE SHELLING!!! Collecting shells in Sanibel is great fun, and the place is famous for this activity. Live shelling is illegal, and you can be jailed and or fined $500.00 for rape and pillage of local wild life, and rightly so. Enjoy collecting the dead shells, and throw the live ones back! There is no sport in snuffing out the species of...

  • Beach Culture

    Santa Monica Local Customs

    Here I am in my bohemeian attire at the Promenade, by the dinosaur-cut tree sculptures. Santa Monica is a fashion capital within the greater L.A. area. Many clothing boutiques line the streets within and around the main Promenade area. Get some ideas at these places and buy some outfits (if you can afford to, that is!

  • Sacred Sites

    Kailua-Kona Local Customs

    Just to the north of St. Peter's Catholic Church on Ali'i Drive, this altar stands as a temple solely to the art of surfing. Here, offerings were made asking for gnarly surfing conditions. Even today, offerings are left, though now it is left by locals of all social standings. Long ago, surfing was a sport only for the royalty. Commoners caught...

  • Alcohol

    Salt Lake City Local Customs

    I am posting this because much of the info here is incorrect or outdated. Utah did away with the Private Club law a little while ago so you do not have to have a membership to enter those establishments anymore. The downside of this is that in the past, you may have paid a smaller amount for the temporary membership whereas now many of the...

  • Word to the wise

    Naples Local Customs

    Neapolitans are justifiably more snazzy in their culture and dress than other parts of the Gulf Coast. With upscale nightlife and an arts scene, plus some of the richest beah places outside of Palm Beach, it's not hard to see why. Generally, there's no dress code or demeanour needed for the more traditional Floridian places along the Tamiami Trail...

  • Jamestown Bridge

    Newport Local Customs

    On April 18, 2006 they demolished the old bridge on the right side of this pic. It has always been a point of attraction as I bring yet another VTer to Newport. It was quite strange when I first returned to Newport after the demolition as the view had forever changed. The old bridge was on the seaward side, your right as driving to Newport.

  • People

    Sacramento Local Customs

    They have all kinds of memorials that have been created over the years. The statue comemmorating Spanish War Veterans stood near a little pond with fountain. It was near the Civil War Memorial Grove. I decided the people of Sacramento must be very civic-minded.

  • Local places for a bite

    Brooklyn Local Customs

    You must take time to relax! The perfect place is a cozy space with delicious, freshly made pastries and hot or cold tea, coffee, other lovely liquids... You can either imagine yourself as a character from Austen, sitting in the main pillow-strewn area, and sipping tea. Alternatively, you can retire to the garden (weather permitting) to admire the...


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