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  • Bayou Vermillion
    Bayou Vermillion
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  • Things to Do
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  • Things to Do
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Lafayette Things to Do

  • Pastor Brothers Cajun Excursions

    The adventure started off with Daquiri's at the boat launch's bar location and then went into a wonderful 2 hour boat ride through the swamp to lake charlo. Many birds, reptiles and yes, we actually did see the elusive alligators:) 300 year old cypress trees and so much perfect nature! Our guide was fun and entertaining! We followed up our tour...

  • Perfect Day on Sunday!

    The adventure started off with Daquiri's at the boat launch's bar location and then went into a wonderful 2 hour boat ride through the swamp to lake charlo. Many birds, reptiles and yes, we actually did see the elusive alligators:) 300 year old cypress trees and so much perfect nature! Our guide was fun and entertaining! We followed up our tour...

  • Swamp Tour Lake Martin

    Champagne's Cajun Swamp Tours- I couldn't imagine a better tour guide than Bryan! What an Amazing guy, so full of knowledge about the swamp and all the wildlife that live there. Such a beautiful landscape to tour, not at all what I imagined when I heard the term 'swamp'! We were a small group of six but managed to see quite a few alligators on our...

  • Cemetery of St John the Evangelist...

    There is something especially evocative about all south Louisiana cemeteries, and this is no exception. Most have live oak trees which seem to be "weeping" due to the spanish moss. Also, because of the high water table, above ground burial is necessary.St John's burial ground is the oldest in the city. The remains of a number of prominent state...

  • Cathedral Oak

    This southern live oak tree* on the grounds of the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist is believed to be one of the largest of its species in the USA. It is estimated to be approximately 500 years old. Just how big is it? According to the plaque found near the tree and pictured here: "The diameter of the trunk is nine feet two inches and the...

  • Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

    Originally called l'Église St-Jean du Vermilion, St. John's was the first church in Lafayette parish. Property for its first building was donated in 1821 by Jean Mouton, the city's founder and father of Alexandre Mouton, a US Senator and 11th governor of the state of Louisiana. The current edifice was completed in 1916, in the Romanesque Revival...


Lafayette Hotels

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Lafayette Restaurants

  • Outlandishly Good Gumbo!

    We wanted to sample a taste of the local cuisine, but a) were traveling with our doggy pal, and b) weren't excited about paying the prices we were seeing on the menus of the better-known local Cajun and seafood places. Nancy had noticed a rustic-looking little place a block from the cathedral, so we decided to check this one out, too.Serendipity...

  • World's Best Po Boy Sandwiches

    Small, unassuming cafe-type retaurant that you wouldn't look twice at unless you knew how good the food was. The shrimp po boys are awesome. The freshest bread and cabbage with cajun fried shrimp have left a permanent impression on my tounge. If I didn't live 2500 miles away, I'd eat there once a week.

  • Best Franchise Restaurant

    Copeland's is a chain restaurant, but damn it's good. Ambiance, from decor to music and staff hospitality reflects the best of class cajun country has to offer. If I had the $$$, I'd open one in California. Spinach and artichoke dip is served with fried bowtie pasta, and it's wonderful. In fact, all the appetizers are great and I could just order...


Lafayette Nightlife

  • Multi-Dance Floors--4 Clubs in One!

    Four clubs in one--Karaoke, Techno/HipHop/Popular, Country, and can't beat that! They have great specials. Thursday night is Ladies Night if you are up for some fun. They stay open till 2:00, when all bars in the parish have to close down. After that,head for one of the after hours clubs out of the city limits! Dress Code....Not much...

  • Lafayette has great music for...

    Lafayette has great music for its size. Many acts can be heard at Lafayette's main established music spot: Grant Street Dancehall. Lots of great 'alternative' spots spring up, then fizzle away. Unfortunately, Metropolis closed last year. The best Cajun music can be heard at either Prejeans or Randols.

  • Just Judy's

    OK I haven't really gone inside here. Every time I drive by the 'Harley Parking Only' signs and the ramp you can use to drive the hog inside, I have wanted to stop by. You can't see it, but the roof is concave in at an amazing angle.


Lafayette Transportation

  • Common traffic jams

    Lafayette has too many cars and not enough roadspace, and it often results in slow-moving traffic. It happens at all times of the day (not just typical rush-hour time), so trying to get 3 miles downtown can take upwards of 20 minutes. Just a general warning if you have a deadline to meet!

  • Car

    You'll definitely need a car to get the best out of Lafayette, as the dance halls, restaurants and hotels are spread out some distance from each other.

  • Amtrak

    See the intro, beware of the terrible condition and location of the Amtrak station here. It is a druged out burned out old building in a rather bad side of town with nobody working there. But it does have a nice, brand new sign!!!


Lafayette Shopping

  • 502sandersplace's Profile Photo

    Oil Center Shopping (all shops): For the Quiet Shopping Days

    by 502sandersplace Written Feb 26, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is just a great experience as the Oil Center has a little bit of everything for any taste. It ranges from Custom Wine at Phillipe's Wine Market to Cigars at the Cigar Merchant to Fine Art at Rebecca's Art Gallery to old fashioed toys at the Toy Soldier and one of the best finds in the Oil Center - The Kinchenary (a wonderful Kitchen and baking shop).

    What to buy: Anything and Everything that your heart desires.

    What to pay: It all depends on if you are gong to SHOP or going to Shop.

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Lafayette Local Customs

  • Old time rules apply

    This is the deep south, and it is steeped in the old ways. I'll let you choose if you want to adhere to the old ways or "stick it to the man" you rebel you. It is expected to take a hat off indoors, old school chivallry ( I probably spelled that wrong , but I'm to lazy to look it up) and prepare to be attacked with all sort of rhetoric if you dare...

  • History

    In 1755, the French-speaking Acadians, now known as the Cajuns, were forced from their homeland in Nova Scotia, Canada by the British. Years later, many of those exiles journeyed to the Louisiana territory to find a new home along its southern region's fertile marshlands and prairies. There they joined another group of settlers called Creoles, the...

  • Drive-thru Daiquiris

    I couldn't believe it, but when you go to Louisiana you will see drive-thru daiquiri stands everywhere. This is the cool thing to do. As long as the driver doesn't drink it, then you're okay. Drinking and driving is against the law. But I was a passenger and I benefitted from stopping at one of these stands. I had the strawberry daiquiri and it was...


Lafayette Warnings and Dangers

  • Hurricane number 2 "IKE"

    Well, we just made it thru Gustav, and now comes Ike. We were fortunate to only have our electricity out for 17 hours for Gustav, and very little damage. I fixed up my fence and cut up the tree limbs at my house and three of my neighbors houses that couldnt do for themself due to age or illness. My pool was full of leaves but now its all cleaned up...

  • Hurricane Gustav is coming!!!!!

    Here we go again. This one is aimed right for us. Looks like the winds will hit us starting monday or maybe late sunday. Maybe you could come visit and live thru one of these sometime. Its a strange feeling, year after year.

  • Summer & Winter may be dissappointing.

    While the bird sanctuary & swamp areas are pretty cool year round, Spring & Fall are really the best time to see the Jungle Gardens-especiallly Spring. The Azaleas & Camelias are amazing. Its like a sea of pink & white.


Lafayette What to Pack

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    Packing List

    by Rude_boy22 Updated Aug 24, 2002

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Pack an umbrella, for when it rains here it pours....and mosquito repellent, lots and lots of mosquito repellent. If here during the summer, make sure to carry light clothing, it gets very hot/humid.

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Lafayette Off The Beaten Path

  • Bach Lunch, which is held at...

    Bach Lunch, which is held at the planetarium offers free concerts and some of the city's best restaurants provide the lunches for $5 but you can just bring a picnic lunch if your wish.

  • Eat your way through the Lafayette area

    Take a look at the Boudin Trail an hour's drive from my house to Lafayette - but well worth it just to get good Boudin. There's not one link left by the time we get back home!!!

  • Courer de mardi gras.The...

    Courer de mardi gras.The small surrounding towns like Church Point and Cade have traditional Mardi gras where the men dress up in traditional costumes and ride horses around the town dancing or singing for Chickens and vegestables they also drink heavily and make there way back to a barn where the women make the gumbo. You can't ride with them...


Lafayette Sports & Outdoors

  • Vermillionville: Nature Trail

    In addition to all the cultural attractions within Vermillionville there is a short, easy nature trail that follows the shoreline of the bayous and showcases the animal and plantlife indigenous to the area.

  • Ice Gators ?

    Lafayette, known for its food, humidity, culture, and... ice hockey? While visiting around five years ago, Some friends gave me a call...."Why don't y'all get ready and we'll come pick you up for an ice gata's match" "What" "Da' Ice gatas, man you been up there dat' long- da' hockey team." What I thought was a joke turned out to be true, Lafayette...

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Lafayette Favorites

  • Largest health club in the South

    A very large fitness complex called Red Lerille's in Lafayette. They even have their own website:http://www.redlerilles.comTheir group exercise schedule online:, Tennis, Handball, poolAVAILABLE TO PERSONS LIVING OUT-OF-TOWN $10.00 PER DAY$25.00 PER WEEK$75.00 PER MONTH (1...

  • When visiting Lafayette you...

    When visiting Lafayette you must go to Randols for the food and music, its a little touristy, but its a must. Don's Seafood is a big must for the food.Take a boat tour: 'Gateway to the Atchafalia Basin'.Lake Martin is also an excellent place to visit. The people are great, really friendly will show you where to visit...

  • You have to come to Lafayette...

    You have to come to Lafayette during one of the many outdoor festivals. My favorite is Festival International which takes place the last week in April. Musicians, dancers and artists from many foreign countries come to Lafayette where they perform for free. Usually the performers are from the French, Spanish or Portuguese speaking areas of Africa,...


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