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  • Caught it with no queue !
    Caught it with no queue !
    by ChrisSheena
  • Go on - choose the Bananas Foster
    Go on - choose the Bananas Foster
    by ChrisSheena
  • Don't leave without trying this
    Don't leave without trying this
    by ChrisSheena

Most Viewed Restaurants in New Orleans

  • travelingbunny's Profile Photo

    Emeril's: The Flagship doesn't disappoint

    by travelingbunny Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Emeril's wasn't actually on our dining itinerary this particular trip. It was Labor Day weekend and we had trekked uptown to Jaques - Imos which I had heard good things about, only to discover it was closed until after the holiday weekend. (many local places seemed to close during the dog days of August). Disappointed, we decided to try somewhere close to where we were staying in the CBD, and Emeril's happened to be right down the block. We actually didn't expect to get in, but we were able to secure one of their lovely tables in the bar area without a wait. I sometimes enjoy the more casual atmosphere of the bar area, if you're not that hungry you don't feel bad about not ordering multiple courses or spending huge amounts on a costly bottle of wine, etc... Of course, far be it from us to be thrifty, as my boyfriend and I both ordered the tasting menu. (There were so many delicious things to choose from, I had to try as many as possible!) It was a great choice as all the courses were superb. The food, the casual elegance of the restaurant, and the great service, really saved the evening, more than making up for missing out on Jaques-imos.

    Cheese course at Emeril's

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  • Virtuous_Tourist's Profile Photo

    Christian's: A Mid-City Gem

    by Virtuous_Tourist Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Christian's Restaurant is located in a restored Lutheran church that is over 90 yeras old. The establishment was founded in 1973 by Christian Ansel but moved into its present church location in 1977. Christian's is located near the Canal Street line.

    The restaurant is noted for its seafood, poultry and meat dishes, and it's sinfully delicious desserts.

    Favorite Dish: The signature dish is Cold Smoked Soft Shell Crab

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  • JacquelineRenee's Profile Photo

    Jaques-Imo's: Must eat in New Orleans!

    by JacquelineRenee Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Jacque-Imo's is hot! The food is spicy, the ambience is funky and the quarters are cramped. Do like the locals and eat on the patio. Drink an Abita local brew with your fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, or stuffed pork chop. In all the times I've been...I've never had room to eat dessert. Roll next door to the Maple Leaf Bar and watch some local music in equally cramped quarters!

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  • pamstravels's Profile Photo

    Deanie's: Bloody Mary's and BBQ Shrimp

    by pamstravels Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Deanie's was recommended to us and we wasted no time finding this place! The meal that was recommended was the BBQ Shrimp. What was funny is they wern't shrimp at all, they had to have been prawns, enormous...and messy. They give you bib's to wear, but no clothes to wash off your hands.

    Here is the menu description:

    Barbecue Shrimp
    The New Orleans way, Jumbo head-on Shrimp sautéed in our unique blend of seasonings. This is for the hands-on eater, so don't be afraid to get messy. Just peel, dip and enjoy!

    Favorite Dish: The bread pudding was small and sweet, just enough after a big meal.

    Latest fashion statement

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  • Wendy67's Profile Photo

    Petunia's: Crepes don't get better than this!

    by Wendy67 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Located in the French Quarter, Petunia's is not just a restaurant, but a dining experience. We went for brunch (not too many folks are early risers, so we fit right in). The line at 10:30 a.m. was relatively short, and we waited only 20 minutes. Reservations would be a good idea for dinner as I understand the wait is quite long.

    The service is first rate - warm and friendly. We didn't even mind the waiter calling us "baby" as he used it so endearingly.

    Please see the restaurant's website below for a full history of the building. It's incredibly fascinating, and I don't feel I can do it justice by trying to reiterate it here.

    History sneak peak - Three story townhouse built by a cabinetmaker - so you can only imagine the detail of the interior. The dining room is located in the home's double parlor, which makes it a tight fit, but quite cozy. (Elizabeth and I actually had a conversation with the couple seated next to us and got a few other restaurant recommendations from them as they were frequent visitors to N.O. from Atlanta, Georgia.)

    Behind the main building is the kitchen, which used to be a two-story slave quarter - the kitchen being on the first floor and slave quarters on the second.

    Favorite Dish: St. Francis crepe - shrimp, crab meat (the real thing), ratatouille, cheese sauce. Boasted as the World's Largest Crepes, you most likely won't have room for dessert. If you do, you're a better person than I am.

    Elizabeth had the crawfish etouffee (e two fay) omelet, which was very good, but she had a little trouble getting past the appearance of the crawfish (miniature lobster). If this happens to you, take in the ambience of the restaurant and people around you so you taste the food, but don't have to look at it.

    We would both like to go back again as the menu is quite diverse and there's so much we wanted to try.

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  • Bela_LUng's Profile Photo

    Rita's Olde French Quarter Restaurant: Quiet little place...

    by Bela_LUng Updated Apr 4, 2011

    This place is right across from ther Chateau Hotel. The food iportions are a bit on the smallish side. The quality is right up there thought.

    The place is nice and quiet and offers a good place to grab a bit to eat out of the hussle of Bourbon street.

    The menu is not huge but offers some good seafood choices. Yum, catfish good.

    Favorite Dish: Catfish

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  • larsy's Profile Photo

    Jaques-Imo's: A great restaurant in the land of great restaurant

    by larsy Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Not to fancy looking on the out side or the inside for that matter, but a great place to eat with the locals and smart out of towners. Quite a long wait to get food but it is worth it and they will go get you at the Maple leaf bar next door when your table is ready. I had the carpet bagger steak and it was marvelous. The cornbread muffins are also a treat. They also usually have some game on the menu, if that is your thing. Not to be missed.

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  • larsy's Profile Photo

    Mother's: The meal I miss most

    by larsy Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I went to grad school in New Orleans and for my last meal in New Orleans I chose to eat a Ferdie Sandwich at Mothers, excellent choice. The sandwich has ham, turkey and debris (the stuff that falls of a roast) I miss that sandwich more than I miss N.O.

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  • Mother's: Living off its' reputation

    by Tourist11801 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The locals warned me- they were right- this place seems to be living off its' reputation- I'm from gritty NY but this place was a bit too "real" for me. The "greeting" is from an elderly woman propped in the corner with a cigarette dangling from her lips. "Menus to the right, give the order at the counter"- Sounds easy, right?? Try giving an order to someone who apparently doesn't read and write too well- We repeated our request ( not a difficult one- Two Po-boys, two cokes, and two "famous" bread puddings-- three times, when the food arrived, it had to go back since they got the order wrong. You show yourself to a dirty looking formica table- Food arrives, goes back, and is delivered again. Po-boy is passable- not great, passable- Bread pudding isn't "famous"- I stopped eating after two spoonsful- and bread pudding is a favorite of mine. To top off the experience two females employees behind the counter got into a fight- spilled over to our side of the counter right in front of our table with one drawing a knife. I would suggest you skip this one-- despite the glowing reviews on this site and others I read seems the "glory days" , if there ever was any, are in the past-

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  • Deanie's: Huge portions-

    by Tourist11801 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Finally a place that didn't look like you had to have your shots updated to enter- I don't want to be cruel, but some of the places in the Quarter look like they could use some serious scrubbing- Maybe some folks like the "charm"- but as far as I'm concerned food and dirt don't mix. Anyway, Deanies looks clean and modern by comparison- Servings are HUGE so do listen to what the server suggests- Seafood platter couldn't be eaten by any one person I know. Meal starts with boiled red potatoes brought in a bowl- I selected shrimp, which were excellent, and my non-seafood eating companion had a steak- which was delicious and at 14.00 for the entire meal was a bargain.- Service was excellent- Locals even said this was the place for food of its' sort- They also offer seafood broiled -- which is what I prefer.

    Favorite Dish: Huge portions- Shrimp were excellent.

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  • grandmaR's Profile Photo

    Deanie's Seafood: Boiled Potatoes Substitute for Rolls

    by grandmaR Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We asked the girl at the desk for another recommendation for a restaurant, and she told us about Deanie's. Their first restaurant was in Metaire and this is a second location.

    Deanies is a big place and they give you a lot of food at very reasonable prices. In the corner there were apparently slot machines (which are called gaming devices here because there is no gambling allowed), and the sign next to the area said that the doors had to remain closed at all times and that persons under 18 were not allowed to see the devices and those under 21 were not allowed to play them.

    Favorite Dish: At the beginning of the meal they brought us a dish of boiled new potatoes and butter instead of rolls. Bob had a dozen raw oysters (some of them pictured) for $8.95 and a house salad ($3.95), and I had the crawfish quartet ($14.95) which was crawfish fixed 4 ways - au gratin, fried tails, etouffee and crawfish dressing balls. I couldn't eat it all and brought it home, along with the bread pudding ($4.25) that I got for dessert. Our bill before tip was $40.15

    Collage of restaurant, kitchen door and oysters

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  • grandmaR's Profile Photo

    Cafe Bienville: Hotel Restaurant

    by grandmaR Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Wandering in the French Quarter I took this picture. I thought it looked interesting but it turned out to be the restaurant for the Holiday Inn New Orleans Hotel Chateau Lemoyne

    I have not eaten here.

    Corner in the French Quarter

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  • grandmaR's Profile Photo

    Tony Moran's: Northern Italian

    by grandmaR Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We didn't eat here, but I saw another tip for this restaurant and so I posted the picture.

    Open for dinner nightly, 6p.m. to midnight.

    Favorite Dish: The website says: Besides their famous pastas, the chef will tantalize your taste buds with mouthwatering cuts of prime aged beef, the freshest local seafood, succulent chicken or any of his veal masterpieces

    Street in front of Old Absinthe House

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  • grandmaR's Profile Photo

    Mother's Restaurant: The Best Po'Boys

    by grandmaR Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When we had our meeting Saturday morning, this was one of the special restaurants that was recommended. So when we went past it on the New Orleans city tour, I took this picture, but we never got back to eat there. I'm not sure what the statis is post-Katrina.

    The food is served Cafeteria Style and there are no reservations, so sometimes there is a line waiting to get in. I can't stand in line because it hurts my back too much. But at least you have the picture of the outside of it.

    Mother's is open daily from 6:30 a.m. till 10 p.m. and Sundays from 7:00 a.m. till 10 p.m.

    Favorite Dish: The signature po'boy is the "Ferdi" Special. They are also famous for their ham (as the sign says). The Ferdi (Ferdi being the brother of the original owner), is piled high with Mother's best baked ham, roast beef, debris (flecks of meat left in the pan) and gravy, shredded cabbage, pickles, mayo and yellow & creole mustards. The Ralph (Ferdi's son) is the Ferdi with cheese.

    From Faison Everywhere a column by Sharon Faison

    In a year, Mother's cooks:

    more than 100,000 lbs. of ham; over 100,000 lbs. of roast beef; a lot more than 40,000 lbs. of turkey; almost 250,000 lbs of cabbage; around 90,000 lbs. of jambalaya; some 30,000 lbs. of homemade sausage; greater than 275,000 eggs; a staggering 12,000 soft shell crabs; amazingly over 30,000 lbs. of shrimp; about 250,000 biscuits; a whopping 3,500 fresh pies; over 100,000 loaves of French bread; more than 1,500 gal. of Creole mustard and a Ton of hot pepper sauce! And DO NOT leave Mother's without trying the bread pudding and whiskey sauce


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  • bteg's Profile Photo

    Jaques-Imo's: Fun place, but crowded! Go Early..

    by bteg Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Great local feel, but it's gotten so popular you're crammed in. But the food is great, well worth the wait. The fried chicken is tops, but everything I've eaten there (and I've been there many times) is excellent.

    Favorite Dish: Fried Chicken...try it and you'll understand!

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