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  • Look out below
    Look out below
    by msbrandysue
  • Keep it in your pants...
    Keep it in your pants...
    by msbrandysue
  • Ladies room door sign
    Ladies room door sign
    by grandmaR

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    by NeutralGround53 Written Apr 26, 2012

    "OPP" (Orleans Parish Prison) was just sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center for a variety of civil rights claims. The feds also just pulled all their inmates out because of "poor conditions." Forced by public pressure, the prison also just closed the so called "House of Detention" bldg. because of conditions. Bottom line: Ever see the movie Midnight Express? That fictional Turkish prison has nothing on OPP. Even minor traffic infractions can get you thrown into this pit. A poor hapless female tourist made an illegal left hand turn near the French Quarter. The N.O.P.D. pulled her over, and arrested her for the violation because she was from out of town. She was cuffed, strip searched in the open at the jail, and spent several days enjoying the hospitality that only a third world jail can offer. (I believe she sued.) Getting the picture...?

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  • msbrandysue's Profile Photo

    Boys be careful!

    by msbrandysue Written Jan 2, 2008

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    While walking on Bourbon St. I watched people on the balconies throw beads down to people on the street. Some of the guys who lift up their shirt and all was good. However, every now and then a few guys would simply attempt to touch their zippers and cops would come out from nowhere and start interrogating the guys. So, men, beware!

    Lift your shirt...flirt a bit and you should get all the beads you want. Just stay away from the pants so that you have no trouble!

    Look out below Keep it in your pants...

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  • Mr.Sparkle's Profile Photo

    Getting stuck in jail

    by Mr.Sparkle Written Dec 15, 2006

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    My advice would try to do anything to avoid getting arrested in general, but especially at Mardi Gras. You see, the city kind of shuts down and judges aren’t really available the last 5 days of Mardi Gras. So, if you get thrown in jail for doing something stupid you will find it an impossibility to get out until the end of the festival, which is when a judge will be on had to set bail. As I understand it, this for minor offences as well. DON’T GET ARRESTED!!!!!!

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  • JacquelineRenee's Profile Photo

    You WILL get arrested for urinating in public!

    by JacquelineRenee Written Apr 28, 2005

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    Do NOT pee in the streets of New Orleans. When I would have many guests for Mardi Gras...someone always got ARRESTED for this offence. Pay the $5 and go into a bar and buy a drink and use the bathroom. If you get arrested during Mardi Gras, you will not be released until after Fat Tuesday..even if arrested the Thursday before! Please take my advice or end up in Central lockup!

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  • jlanza29's Profile Photo

    Don't go to jail !!!!

    by jlanza29 Written Feb 26, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Considered one of the roughest police crews in the United don't want a New Orleans police officer catching you peeing in the streets.......they are very liberal in all sorts of things but get caught urinating on there city and you go straight to jail with several charges......public intoxication, indecent exposure, and vandalism....I had the unfortante pleasure of bailing out a buddy of mine during Sugar Bowl week, when a police officer caught my friend against the wall !!!!! When at the police station, an officer told me that imagine if everyone peed on walls all over the city.....the stink would be that's why there so strict about people doing that...if you have to go....step inside numberous hotel, bars, restaurants and go there instead of the street !!!!!!!

    use this instead of going to jail !!!!
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  • grandmaR's Profile Photo


    by grandmaR Written Dec 22, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    New Orleans is apparently a hard drinking town. I was somewhat amused to see this sign on the back of the ladies room door at the Radison/Park Plaza hotel.

    The NOPD says: "New Orleans is a 24 hour city with an open container law. The drinking age is 21. The police are tolerant of drinking in public in the French Quarter as long as you do not have an open can or glass container. Bars and restaurants will give you a plastic "go cup" when you leave their establishment. Obnoxious intoxicated behavior and urinating in public are not tolerated and you can expect to be arrested immediately.

    "While we want you to have a good time in New Orleans, you must remember that we have residents whose peace must not be disturbed. You can drink in public but you cannot become intoxicated, damage property, injure anyone, or sleep on the property of others. "

    I had no idea that anyplace other that St. Mary's County MD offered Go Cups. I don't know what Go Cups in New Orleans are, but in St. Mary's, they are plastic cups with ice, and you get a minature at the drive-in window of the local bar. I suspect that New Orleans go-cups have a cover to them, to avoid the open container prohibition.

    Ladies room door sign
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  • Don't touch the horses during Mardi Gras

    by Uniqlo Updated Mar 8, 2004

    Remember that the police ride horses down Rue Bourbon during Mardi Gras (as it's impossible for the police to use patrol cars or foot patrol). NEVER hit the police horses or throw objects at the horses, as you will be charged by the police for assaulting an officer! If you want to take a photo with the horse you’d be wise to ask first, as you may scare the horse in such a crowed area.

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