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  • Lone Red Tree
    Lone Red Tree
    by johncudw
  • Mount Katahdin, Maine
    Mount Katahdin, Maine
    by Canuck5
  • Mount Katahdin from Hunt & Appalachian Trail Parki
    Mount Katahdin from Hunt & Appalachian...
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Baxter State Park Things to Do

  • Hike up Mount Katahdin

    This is after a long rather steepclimb up the side of the mountain.There is a flattened out area for a ways, and then the final ascentto the top. Northern end of theAppalachian Trail.View toward the north with smaller mountains withglacial boulder gougesView of valley with lakes and surrounding peaks andKnife Edge down to Pamola Peak is good on a...

  • Walk along the Knife Edge Trail

    Descent from main Katahdin peak. Goes over to Pamola PeakSteep on both sides. Best for more experienced hikersThis photo from September 1978

  • Hiking

    The main activity at Baxter State Park is to climb Mt. Katahdin. Baxter Peak is the east end of the Appalachian Trail.If you take the Hunt Trail, which begins and ends at the Katahdin Stream Campground, the trek will be approximately 17 kms in length, round-trip. For this reason, people are encouraged to start around 6:00 am.Click on "3 more...

  • Wildlife

    If you are looking for wildlife viewing this is the place. We saw moose, bear , a bald eagle, birds, squirrels, chipmunks etc etc. The best places are those less travelled pull offs on the Golden Road, Marshy areas on the road between Millinocket and Baxter State Park and in the Park itself.

  • Hamlin Peak

    The summit of Katahdin (Baxter Peak) and the Knife Edge were spectacular, but it was Hamlin Peak that appealed to us most. We were pleasantly surprised to do the first half of our hike without seeting a soul and then to have Hamlin Peak to ourselves as well. To have such a popular destination to ourselves just because we were a little off the...

  • The Knife Edge

    If you've ever considered hiking in Baxter State Park, you have probably heard of the Knife Edge. From the summit of Katahdin, this trail wraps around the bowl containing Chimeny Pond. At best, the trail is couple feet wide, at worst it is kind of like hiking on a stone wall...3000 feet from the ground.This trail is not for the faint of heart nor...


Baxter State Park Restaurants

  • Mountainsmith's Profile Photo

    I was told all were closed after 2200 hrs.: Get it before 2200 hours or eat an MRE!

    by Mountainsmith Updated Sep 12, 2005

    If you think you will be finding NYC or Vegas hours here, you need to re-think your life prior to coming here. I tried the Chinese place and the pizzeria in the small plaza, next to my hotel... bad call! They, in a near happy tone, said they were closed.

    I was told by those living here that unless you want to go out to a bar type setting, you'd best shop the service station across from the Econo Lodge... I did.. and oh... By the way the MRE brought from home was very good!

    Favorite Dish: Err, uhh yeah right. Oh that restaurant! Once there, I imagined that it was open 24 hours and that the waiters (for the ladies) all looked like Johnny Depp and for the guys, the waitresses resembeled a greatest hits bikini team from Sweden. Food was free and you never got full... Oh an they hand fed you as well. BUZZZZZZZZ! Time to go hike Mount Katahdin... Wow, whatta dream! Dang I am still hungry!

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Baxter State Park Nightlife

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    Cry of the Loon

    by sarahandgareth Updated Aug 2, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Baxter State Park doesn't have any least not in the sense most people think of.

    After the sun goes down, there isn't much to do except sleep. Hopefully the loons, enjoying their own nightlife, don't keep you up!

    Loon family

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Baxter State Park Transportation

  • Melann's Profile Photo

    Be prepared for the "roads"

    by Melann Updated Feb 14, 2005

    Be prepared for the roads that run through the park itself they are basically nothing more then dirt tote roads. I would highly suggest you not take a low profile car into the park as it would surely bottom out. The roads are also narrow and not everyone is as careful as they should be so drive slowly and defensively. There were times when we had to literally pull into the grass or dirt to avoid being struck by an oncoming vehicle.

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Baxter State Park Local Customs

  • Getting in

    If you want to make use of the Park for a day, you have to arrive early, especially in the summer: some people get there at 3 a.m. to drive in! Although that may be a little extreme, you may get turned away if you arrive after the day-visitor quota has been filled. And in that case, you will have come a very long way for nothing!

  • Park etiquette and considerations...

    Carry In/Carry OutTake back out everything that you bring in...including Jrs. disposable diaper...cigarette and banana peels..everything. You can find litterbags and cans at the campgrounds. Shhhhh...Quiet PleaseIf I wanted to listen to your Hip Hop ,do you think I'd come out here to do it? This ain't the place for it homey. I think...

  • Baxter State Park Hotels

    0 Hotels in Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park Warnings and Dangers

  • Beggars

    When we entered the park we were given a bright orange sheet of paper with a warning stating that there had been a beggar deer hanging around the Roaring Brook parking lot apparently tourists had been feeding this deer and it was now accustomed to being fed by hand. The deer had become aggressive on occassion , actually using its front hooves to...

  • Wild Life

    Moose, dear and other wildlife abound in Baxter State Park. In the time that we were there, we had at least one, usually more, moose sighting per day!Most of the wildlife is happy enough to just leave you alone, but that doesn't mean human visitors shouldn't use caution. Moose expecially are very large and cows will defend there calves with all...

  • Electrical storms..

    Better to be looking up at the storm from down at camp and not be caught on the top. Plan to be off the summit by 1:00 on humid unsettled days to avoid the infamous displays up close.


Baxter State Park What to Pack

  • Go prepared !

    Make sure your day pack or backpack is comfortable. It's better to have the weight on your hips than all on your shoulders. If it rains and it gets soaked, anything inside your pack will probably also get wet, so you'll be carrying this as extra weight. It can be more than 10 degrees F cooler at the top of the mountain than at base level. It can...

  • Daypack essentials

    .-Sturdy Footwear: Hiking boots...sneakers probably aren't going to be an adequate choice. Most trails are rock covered and footing can be difficult at times.-Wool/Pile shirt and or sweater, hat, extra socks and raingear. It can get blustery at the top. .-Band-Aids, Ace Bandages, mole skins.Likelihood of Blister= High .-Lightweight digital...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Baxter State Park Off The Beaten Path

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    Drive the Golden Road

    by Melann Updated Feb 14, 2005

    As previously described somewhere in this page the Golden Road is actually a very long logging road that runs around and near Baxter State Park this is a fully functioning logging road where the trucks have the right of way if they are coming towards you I suggest you move over if they are behind you allow them to pass. These trucks are monsterous and can be dangerous!However this road is quite amazing as you drive for miles and see nothing but woods, we also saw a few moose and a mama bear with cubs along this road. Be sure to fill up the gas tank in Millinocket before you venture onto this road as there are NO services!!This road is on private land owned by the paper/logging companies so there are rules to be followed!

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Baxter State Park Sports & Outdoors

  • Appalachian trail

    Baxter State Park is the home to the Northern terminus of the famed Appalachian Trail Mount Katahdin.The stretch of trail that runs through Maine is known as one of the hardest sections of the trail. Katahdin is beautiful and can be viewed from various locations throughout the park. The famed Katahdin Knife Edge is a very narrow section of trail...

  • Safe Hiking

    -Sign in/Sign out at the trailhead registers.-Stay on the Trails: The flora in the Alpine zone is put at risk when folks stray from the trail. Help preserve it..and yourself.19 people have died since 1963 on Katahdin and 80% were caused by them leaving the trail. -Turn back if the weather or darkness approaches. Allow equal time for ascents as for...

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Baxter State Park Favorites

  • Climb Katahdin

    The challenge of the mountain... and meeting that challange is the greatest!It's an all day proposition for most.Grand views definitely make it worthwhile though ;-) The satisfying feeling of having climbed the mountain...and survived. ....Hehe...Insider Tip: -Bring lots of water...-Wear a hat if it's sunny .-Comfortable hiking boots.-Walking...

  • Katahdin Stream Campground

    Great place to camp if climbing Katahdin. The Hunt trail comes out right to the site. It is convenient to Katahdin Stream Falls as well. I particularly liked puttering around camp and then sauntering up the Hunt Trail to the Falls....Peaceful..

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