Maine Off The Beaten Path

  • View of Nickels home
    View of Nickels home
    by BruceDunning
  • Fishing boat in the foggy harbor
    Fishing boat in the foggy harbor
    by LoriPori
  • Lobster Traps
    Lobster Traps
    by LoriPori

Maine Off The Beaten Path

  • Freeport & Outlets

    Portland Off The Beaten Path

    I did not take an exit, but the promotion ws surely out there-STOP and shop. The literature for the area featured all the brand names, and the highway exits nearly steered you off toward the exit, so you could buy something. They must have 60 shops, 20 places to stay overnight, and 20 restaurants.

  • there is a subway and trolley car musuem

    Many places along the shore before Portland is a great destination. I even went to Orchard beach and drove along route 9 and found many hideaways along the shore before Portland. All picturesque and could be great stop over. In Saco, there are little bungelows for rent, but the area reminds me of a carnival. Crescent Beach State park is a great...

  • Go to Monhegan

    10 miles off the coast is a great island called Monhegan. Populated in the summer by artists and in the winter by a hardy group of locals, it is not to be missed. There are no cars on the island and it is filled with amazing sights, like fairy houses in cathedral woods, old shopwrecks and breathtaking cliffs!You can take a ferry from Booth Bay or...

  • The "Original' unique Maine Farmhouses.

    Off the Beaten Path of Maine are the numerous back roads and by-ways, that host so many of the original unique Maine farmhouses. Maine's farmhouses have the nick name of "Front house, Middle house, Back house and Barn"...................and they are all connected together in a long row. Thus, the New England ingenuity of not having to go out in the...

  • Wolfe's Neck State Park - near Freeport

    This is a wonderful little park with picnic areas (wheelchair access also!) and some very windy, pretty walks that follow the coastline, and a few expanses perfect for frisbee or other running around games. It's on about 200 acres, and a great stop to get away from the Freeport insanity!There are islands off the coast where ospreys breed. We saw...

  • Enjoy a real finnish communal sauna - in...

    About 40 miles from Portland in Richmond, Maine, you will find Richmond Sauna bed and breakfast. There are six wood fired sauna rooms - each with it's own changing room. Most people understand that saunas are best experienced nude and they can be very social places so mixed nudity is the norm. For those who prefer to retain some modesty, a private...

  • Maine Sailing Adventure on the Margaret...

    If you've ever wondered what it's like to sail silently between Maine islands and head out to sea, this is the perfect experience. Take a ride on a 151-foot, four-masted schooner. The crew is friendly and informative. We even had a park ranger on board tell us all about Bar Harbor, and I mean it when I say that there was no question she could not...

  • Vinalhaven Island - A Working Lobster...

    Wow. Whether for a day, a week or a summer, Vinalhaven Island is well worth the visit.After spending a wonderful week and a half hopping from New York, to Vermont, and into Maine, and after the pretty large crowds encountered throughout much of Acadia National Park, a week of solitude on Vinalhaven Island was perfect for the soul. If you are...

  • McLaughlin Gardens in South Paris, Maine

    McLaughlin Gardens, located at 97 Main Street (Route 26) in South Paris, is for the nature/garden lovers out there. In 1936 Bernard McLaughlin began planting what would become one of Maine's most beautiful gardens, on his property. A century-old Maine home with stone walls and huge barn is the background for his collection of trees, woody shrubs,...

  • Easternmost Point in the US

    This is off the beaten path, alright. In fact, the 2+ hour trip to the West Quoddy Head Light, the easternmost point in the US was an interesting experience. But I can say I've been there, and the lighthouse was pretty cool. It's the only red and white striped lighthouse in ?? I don't know... Maine, the US?? who knows. I just know that it was a big...

  • Portland Headlight

    This is one of many headlights located on the coast of Maine. It is the largest one and is located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

  • Cliff Island, Casco Bay, Maine

    Cliff Island is 2 miles long and a 1/4 mile wide. It is home to about 90 residents including lobster fishermen and women. It has about 300 summer residents.....and it is a little piece of heaven. My little Jewel.It is the last island that the Casco Bay Lines Ferries accomodate. About an hour and a half from Portland, Maine by ferry, 20-25 minutes...

  • Old Dodge Farm, Somerville, Maine,...

    This is the old Dodge Farm built on what is now called Patricktown Rd., Somerville, Maine.It is located on Dodge Pond and Lovejoy Stream. There once was old lumber mill on Dodge Pond.This farm now belongs to my brother Peter Dumont, who lives there alone in his retirement years. It is the typical old tradional Maine farmhouse, with the front house,...

  • China Lake....One of the many lakes in...

    China Lake is located southeast of Waterville and Winslow Maine...east of Augusta, northwest of Rockland.It is a lake I spent lots of time on when I was growing up in that general area. My dad would get the old Buick Road Master and we would take a ride after supper for a swim and some fishing. I also spent time in rental cottages through the...

  • Rockport itself is off the beaten...

    To get to Rockport you have to get off Route 1 and take Route 1A after Rockland going Northeast.Before you go over a bridge into the town, take a right down a steep hill and it will take you to the Rockport is here you want to stop and admire the boats and park-like surroundings. The "Harbor Master" building is there also.

  • Rockport, Maine....small and pretty!!!

    Rockport is a bit off Route 1, Off of Route 1A,it is worth the by-way. So pretty and quaint, a nice harbor. Very interesting display of Maine Maritime history, the old limestone kilns, the "Andre" the Seal Scupture and history also.It is off the beaten path and well worth the visit.

  • Casco Bay Ferry Lines, Old Port,...

    If you didn't know about it, it would be easy to miss the Casco Bay Ferry Lines Terminal, that is on the corner of Commerical St. where Franklin St. ends at the Waterfront on the Old Port.The ferries can be taken out to see the beautiful Casco Bay islands....a nice ride with so much to see. You can buy ferry tickets, round trip...and have the best...

  • Griffin's Cove, Best Swimming Hole Cliff...

    Griffin's Cove is a nice cut out cove that is shallow in parts and makes a great place for small children to swin and play in the water. The best part is that when the tide is completely out, the hot sun warms up the mud, so by the time the tide comes back in, the water is warmer and acutally bearable to swim and wade in. This is a favorite place...

  • The Bluffs on Cliff Island, Casco Bay,...

    This is definately off the beaten path, as a matter of fact it is at the end of the path, you can't go any further than walk out into the deep blue sea.The Bluffs on Cliff Island are the far side of the Island on the small part of the "H", the shape of the island when you see it from the air. The narrow path up from Kennedy Beach goes by a private...

  • Visit the Northern Lakes Region

    An area of Maine that is popular with state residents but usually gets ignored by out-of-state visitors are the northern lakes. One fall, as the leaves were changing, we spent some time hiking the mountainous terrain around Rangely Lake. With the leaves changing, the scenary was stunning.

  • Walk through an Old Cemetary

    Although this may seem macabre, it's great fun to wander through old cemetraries in Maine. Many of them have beautiful country settings or views of the seacoast. Often they have old headstones marking the graves of people who served in the American Civil War or fought in the revolution. It is a lesson in history as well as a different sort of...

  • Attend a Wild Blueberry Festival

    Since Maine produces 85% of the world's wild blueberries, there are several festivals in which the blueberry is featured. The state even elects a Wild Blueberry Queen (see our travelogue). The festival we attended was in Union and it was quite small. Apparently, The Machias Festival is the best in the world -- it was even featured on an ESPN...

  • See a Pie-eating Contest at the Fair

    Maine, being a rural state, has dozens of country fairs going on in August. These are great ways to get a feeling for what life is like in small-town New England. Among the most fun things to watch at the fair is the pie -eating contest. They have contests for all age groups, but we just caught the pre-teenagers. If the kids were like this, I...

  • The Lumbermen's Museum

    I was very disappointed to see that the Lumberjack show was closed for the season down in Bar Harbor. Not that I'm all into this kind of thing, it just seemed like a funny thing to check out. However, I do know it reopens on June 15th 2005 and I have my calendar marked. (I think it's the 15th, don't make plans according to my bad memory) Anyway, we...

  • It's For You...

    Okay, so I definitely like to go to places that wouldn't appeal to most people. The barbed wire museum in Kansas is my personal favorite, but that didn't keep us from finding a runner up on this road trip. We saw a little sign pointing to the "Telephone museum" between Bar Harbor and Ellsworth. Now, Maine needs to work on their attraction and road...

  • Ft. Western is still around from 1754

    Although there is not much reason to get off the highway and drive into Augusta, history buffs might be interested in tiny, old Ft. Western, built in 1754 on the banks of the Kennebec River. It is the oldest extant wooden fort in the United States, and it was originally built by the British government to protect it's northernmost Massachusetts...

  • Belfast Bay Brewing Company

    We were heading down the coast from Bar Harbor to Portland and the main beer stop was to be Camden but Dublin looked like a scenic place too. I have to add that last minute I learned of a great sounding little brewpub in town so we stopped in and found a great friendly place with some excellent beers. The more run of the mill beers like the Lobster...

  • Desert of Maine...

    Well, actually this place is quite popular but I had never heard of it before so must be mostly known by the gray bus crowd. We camped here and as part of our fee, we got free tickets to visit this odd little corner of the earth. Evidently it was a huge farm at one time that somehow got overtaken by sand. Hence, the desert of Maine moniker. Kinda...

  • behind the old port...

    Portland is a real port town with a bustlng modern area as well as the historical old town. It is easy to imagine life here 100 years ago and if you go behind the main tourist areas, you will be all alone with nothing but your thoughts

  • St. Lawrence Street Church

    St. Lawrence Street Church was at the far end of Congress Street and made for an interesting departure from the main tourist area. Unfortunately, it was in an awful state but would be a nice place for the city to refurbish as it was an unusual building

  • get off the Main St.

    Main Street, USA is a great place to wander around but get off the main streets to see how locals live and what they grow too.

  • Shaker Village

    Shaker Village as a religious sect had the biggest membership in the late 1700s. It was a surprise to me to read that the group continues to funtion at present at Shaker Village in present day New Glouster/ Poland Spring. There is a gift shop there with numerous goods produced by the group and a tour of the grounds which is 6 dollars and takes a...

  • Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

    Short trail much of it board walk through an interesting estuary salt water marsh. There are numbered stops and views with basic general information about flora and fauna. locarted at 321 Port Road Wells Maine . It is a short distance from route 1 and from Kennebunkport

  • Fighting Forest Fires!

    While on our 1977 trip into Baxter State Park, we came across this scene of a forest fire (most are started by lightning) in the Park. The fire was being attacked by a specially built airplane for this task - a Canadair CL-215 Water Bomber. These amphibious craft are designed to skim across any nearby large body of water, scooping water into their...

  • Cathedral in Lewiston

    Lewiston, Maine is not known for its beauty. However, it does have some marvelous architecture and history. At one time it was an economic power in Maine due to the falls and the mills which provided many jobs and much industry. Recently, Lewiston has had a lot of changes and adjustments to make. Several thousand Somali refugees have moved to...

  • Mount Battie: A lovely climb and a...

    This park is just outside of Camden and the peak has a beautiful view of the ocean. There are paths to follow, bathrooms available, picnic tables at the base, and car access if you can't make it up by foot. In warmer weather people travel up by foot and with the snow some folks use snowmobiles. I'm not a big fan of them due to massive destruction...

  • a little foot bridge in Bridgeton

    This little bridge is in a park in Bridgeton that features a sandy Highland lake front beach and picnic tables with grills. Located just off Main Street, on Highland Road. It crosses Willet Brook

  • on Sweden Road

    If you are interested in 19th century architecture there are some interesting examples tucked away in hidden corners of the state like this wooden cemetery gate one of few remaining from the period when park like cemeteries were beginning to gain popularity.

  • Take a picnic to Hacker Hill

    Quaker Ridge in Casco Maine boasts a spectacular view of the White mountains and Sebago Lake from the summit of Hacker Hill. Picnic tables are available and there is an interesting representative carving of Christ with a child. There is a large cros formed from a tree struck by lightening with informational plaques place at the summit.

  • see covered bridges and rural new...

    In vermont the green mountain railway runs up the connecticut river valley . from bellows falls to chester Excellent trip in old passenger cars You can see rural vermont and covered bridges . The railway museum used be in vermont. Its now in pennsylvania,the presidents car there is a must . See pennsylvannia page

  • This spot is beautiful in the Autumn!!!

    This spot here is in the town of Chesterville. It is a very small town. But this view is absolutely beatiful in Autumn when the trees have changed to the brilliant organges and reds!! But I was here in July so you will just have to imagine!! Sorry!! It is still a beautiful view!!

  • Mill Pond Dam

    You will find alot of these old Mill Dams all over Maine! They are nice to see after a good rain so you can see the water go over them! As a kid I used to like swimming near these dams and walking through the water as it went over the top!!

  • While in Lubec, pop over to visit FDR's...

    Campobello Island in Canada is worth a stop. It is where FDR spent his summers and where he contracted polio. You can tour the cottage that was given to FDR and Eleanor as a wedding gift. You can also, and should, drive out to the East Quoddy Head Lighthouse while on the island. We were there on a less than ideal day (too much fog to see the...

  • Lubec Maine

    We recommend going way downeast if you have the time. Once you drive past Acadia National Park, the tourists thin out. The area was a bit financially depressed but folks are very friendly and there is a lot to see and experience. This picture was taken in Lubec Maine. One friendly local man stopped and asked us if we needed help finding someone in...

  • Lincolnville Strawberry Festival

    We happened to be in the Camden Maine area during Lincolnville's Strawberry Festival (nearby town). The town's band played music while inside the local town hall community members served up strawberry pies, tarts, and icecream sundaes. We also stumbled across this great country store (though don't be fooled by its modest appearances -- it is...


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