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  • Sunset cruise
    Sunset cruise
    by globetrotter_2006
  • Main Street, Annapolis
    Main Street, Annapolis
    by dzni
  • State House, Annapolis
    State House, Annapolis
    by dzni

Annapolis Things to Do

  • Inner Harbor

    Here is where many of America's most prestigious "old money" families tie up their pride and joy--their sailboats. In Annapolis, some of the country's finest sailors go head-to-head in competitions, such as the regattas held out in the bay. No wonder it's nicknamed "Ego Alley". The City Dock has restaurants, bars, shops, harbor tours, and a lot of...

  • United States Naval Academy

    5 out of 5 stars

    One of two houses of worship, the United States Naval Academy Chapel is located on the grounds of the Navy's service academy in Annapolis. The cornerstone was laid in 1904 by Admiral George Dewey with the dedication of the Chapel on 28th May 1908. The chapel dome is copper and the cupula is 200 feet above the main alter area. In 1940 the Chapel...

  • Maryland State Capital Building

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The Maryland State House is the oldest American state house still in use. The Maryland General Assembly convenes here for three months of each year. The Speaker of the House of Delegates and the President of the Senate as well as the Governor and the Lt. Governor also have their offices in the State House. From 26 November 1783 until 13 August...

  • Historical Explorations

    The Annapolis Historic Preservation Commission provides a Guide to Architecture in Annapolis. We used this map of the historic district as a walking tour; 52 sites & homes were identified photographs & descriptions were provided. We went into St. Anne's Church, Reynolds Tavern, Brewer Tavern The Coffee House, & Old Treasury. We missed touring the...

  • Sailboats and Watercraft

    The Annapolis Maritime Museum (Barge House) is a stop you'll appreciate if you are interested in collections of maritime artifacts and the history of this area. The hours are Saturday 11 am-4 pm. There is no charge. The Eastport Historic Walking Tour is coordinated through this museum. Eastport is a small town across the bridge from downtown...

  • Step back in time

    The Maryland State House is the oldest American state house still in use. The Maryland General Assembly convenes here for three months of each year. The Speaker of the House of Delegates and the President of the Senate as well as the Governor and the Lt. Governor also have their offices in the State House.From 26 November 1783 until 13 August 1784,...


Annapolis Hotels

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Annapolis Restaurants

  • Great local hangout away from the...

    CRAB ! What else would you have in Maryland ? Not too spicy ( as it most tourist restaurant ), our server brought extra condiments to make it as spicy as you wish ! Raw bar was awesome and so is the steamed platter!

  • A Taste Of History!

    Located on the dock in a building that is more than 250 years old, Middleton Tavern offers more than just a delicious meal. Sidewalk dining is avaliable during summer months, but it was late fall when I arrived and we were seated near a blazing fire place and the 18th century atmosphere was not lost on my historical senses. After the American...

  • An 18th Century Inn

    Just the look of the building which, dates from 1750, made me want to eat here and we were not disappointed either by the food , the service or the ambience. It was busy on both nights we ate there, inside first time, out on the verandah the second night. Lots of midshipman and their parent eating there.On both occasions I ordered fish and John had...


Annapolis Nightlife

  • "An Officer and A Gentleman"

    Outdoor full-dress parades of midshipmen are an awesome sight, but when the parade is over, imagine the streets of Annapolis teeming with these healthy young men out on the town to relax and met new friends!! Did you see the movie, 'An Officer and A Gentleman?' Need I say more?I didn't actually experience the nightlife in Annapolis, but can say...

  • Catch a show while in town

    Bar and tavern that also hosts live music acts. Check their web site for upcoming shows. If you attend a concert, they will give you 10% off your meal check. Then, after the show, go to the bar for a free glass of Fordham beer. If the weather is nice, ask to sit at the outdoor patio out back. Casual.

  • Griffin's

    Yes Griffin's serves food. However, they make their living off of their superb nightlife. Tons of people, a large bar, a live band, and room to dance make Griffin's one of the liveliest spots in town. They have about 20 beers on tap including Irish favorites Guinness, Harp, and Killian's. For dinner, Griffins has a good variety of hig-priced dishes...


Annapolis Transportation

  • Going East from Annpolis

    Most of the time, when we are in a car, we do not go to Annapolis. The streets of Annapolis are narrow and were not laid out for cars. We either go north or south on MD Route 2, or we get on US 50 and go east across the Bay Bridge (in Maryland we always call the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the Bay Bridge, although the real name of it is William Preston...

  • Crowded Skies?

    You can arrive in a car, a bus, a train, or a plane when going to Annapolis. The BWI, Baltimore/Washington International, airport is the best airport to choose when going to Annapolis. Even for a trip to Washington D.C., arriving at BWI is usually less expensive than Dulles International in Virginia or Reagan National in Washington D.C.. If you do...

  • Bussing to Annapolis

    Annapolis is not on any of the train based transportation systems - no MARC train or Amtrack or Metro. The former Baltimore-Annapolis rail line is now a hiking trail. The only public transportation available would be the bus or possibly boat. There used to be (in the summer anyway) a dinner cruise that went from Baltimore to Annapolis, but I can't...


Annapolis Shopping


    The Annapolis Pottery shop features stoneware, porcelain and earthenware pottery. You'll wander through several rooms displaying all sorts of pottery--the difficult thing will be deciding which piece you want to buy! Each time I stop, I've added to a specific pattern I'm collecting. You can find simple pieces costing just a few dollars to more...

  • Older than the Pottery Barn

    I was taking pictures as we drove around State Circle and thought this looked like an interesting place. Indeed the building is over 150 years old, and has a colorful history which included the YWCA, a homestyle cafeteria, railway express office, saloon and brothel.My husband doesn't stop much when he's driving and especially not in Annapolis where...

  • Sails and other Boat Stuff

    In this unpreposessing building is one of the best chandlieries handling second hand goods in the US. We got a second hand Sea Tiger windlass for about $800. (New Price over $1100.00) We got a replacement for our staysail which I don't think had ever been used, and we sold a wishboat anchor through Bacons that we didn't want. The list of thing...


Annapolis Local Customs

  • All Faiths are Welcome

    This is a view of the inside of the U.S. Naval Chapel at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. It is a church that looks very much like a Catholic Chapel, but worship services for all the religious faiths are held here, coordinated by a schedule. Throughout the city of Annapolis there are many Christian churches, mostly Methodist, a Synagogue as...

  • Weddings at the Academy Chapel

    We were very lucky to see a wedding @ the Academy Chapel. When the newly married couple walks down the stairs, one of the Naval officers will spank the bride with the sword, and yell "Welcome to the Navy Mrs...........".

  • What Style of Building is That Again?

    If you're strolling around Annapolis you'll notice that it is filled with historic homes. You might also notice that some homes have little different colored markers with trees on them. These markers are from the Historic Annapolis Foundation and the colors tell you what time period (from 1681 - 1938) the house was built. So...a green one would be...


Annapolis Warnings and Dangers

  • This town is not dangerous

    As a member of the tourist industry I couldn't help but reply to this thread. I have lived here over 12 years, walked the streets at all times and never had a problem. I agree, like any city there is crime but based on my past residence of Philadelphia & Baltimore both of which I was mugged in, Annapolis is like Mayberry. Don't wander off the main...

  • Avoid Parking Hassle and Use the Shuttle

    Here's a link for info about parking at the US Naval Academy Stadium ($5 per day) and using free shuttle to get downtown. This might be easier than finding the downtown parking garages and hoping for space. If you don't want to take the shuttle, the Stadium is also an easy and pretty pleasant walk across the Rowe Blvd Bridge to downtown . . . less...

  • Stay Alert. Don't be a victim.

    Before working at the courthouse in the downtown area (where the statehouse is), I did not realize it is a place you need to keep your guard up. It's a very charming area, and the local historical society strives to keep it that way. However, this area cannot escape modern day crime. For example, not long ago, one of the prosecutors from the...


Annapolis What to Pack

  • Packing Light for A Weekend Trip

    A simple rollaboard since this was just a weekend trip. The weather in Spring is a bit unpredictable so we bought clothing with layers in case it got cold. I packed comfy walking shoes and an umbrella. Contacts, hair gel, shampoo, contact lens solution, body wash, deodorant, cologne and lotion. My digital camera and memory card reader. My lap...

  • Annapolis

    The town of Annapolis, Maryland comprises 6.7 miles and is located in Anne Arundel County. As of 2004, the estimated population was 36,2l7.

  • Annapolis Hotels

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Annapolis Off The Beaten Path

  • Bronze-Domed US Naval Chapel

    With it's bronzed-dome, the U.S. Naval Chapel on the Academy campus, 101 Cooper Road, is a lovely building. There are not many bronzed-domes in the U.S.A. but this is one to see while in Annapolis and it serves all faiths at various times. The corner stone was set in 1904 and the dedication happened four years later. A tour of this chapel is...

  • State Capitol Is The Landmark

    Annapolis is a wonderful day trip from Washington D.C. but also a destination on it's own. The City docks seem to be one of the biggest draws for a tourist and there you can see the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial site which has changed it's look since I was there. The Middleton Tavern is just a block or so away and beyond that you'll find the...

  • Banneker-Douglass Museum

    In the process of being expanded, the Banneker-Douglass Museum--named for Benjamin Banneker and Frederick Douglass--is a small museum dedicated to African American history in Maryland. There is also usually an art exhibit and the museum hosts cultural and arts workshops and activities as well.Located a block away from the Visitor's Center in the...


Annapolis Sports & Outdoors

  • Quiet Waters County Park

    We visited Quiet Waters Park by boat from an anchorage in Selby Bay. Bob started the engine driven refrigeration compressor and we motored over to Duvall Creek in Hillsmere.We ran aground a couple of times trying to get in past the creek entrance, so we anchored and Bob lowered the dink, and motored in. Ed (a retired friend of Bob's from work) came...

  • White Rocks Marina

    Marinas in Central Maryland i.e. including Annapolis are in the Magothy River, Severn River, South River.I took this picture on Rock Creek which is off the Patapsco in Baltimore, so technically this marina might be considered in Baltimore (it is in Pasadena which by car is halfway between Baltimore and Annpolis), but you can see that there are a...

  • The Annapolis and Baltimore Rail Trail

    We rode from downtown Annapolis to the Southern Trail head and then to the BWI Airport observation area. (approx 20 miles one way). If you begin at the parking area, the airport is approx 16 miles north. This trail is Most Excellent! The trail is well maintained, grass along the sides of the trail is mowed, street crossings are well marked, and...


Annapolis Favorites

  • United State Naval Academy

    Below the Chapel is a crypt that contains the burial place of Captain John Paul Jones, (1747-1792) U.S. Revolutionary War hero. Captain Jones’s badly damaged "USS Bonhomme Richard" forced the British vessel, "H.M.S. Serapis" to surrender in one of the war’s most exciting battles. He is considered the father of our modern day Navy and his famous...

  • Inner Harbor

    While in the city, take a walk along the harbor of Annapolis where there are many things to see and do. There is even a plaque where the African slave, Kunta Kinte--of Alex Haley's 'Roots' fame--set foot on U S soil. When I visited, there was only a plaque to see. Now there is the lovely Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial at the City Dock, where...

  • Historical Explorations

    Have a look at the Alex Hailey monument. It is located on the harbor between Compromise and Dock St. The slavery of the black people has deprived them of the knowledge of their origine. A. Hailey has given to the whole Black American people an ancestry when he wrote his novel : ROOTS. He told the story of his family since the first slave, Kunta...


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