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  • An Average Suburban Street
    An Average Suburban Street
    by phastphreddy
  • Me Driving, looking for the connection
    Me Driving, looking for the connection
    by phastphreddy
  • An old, boarded up store
    An old, boarded up store
    by phastphreddy

Severn Things to Do

  • Airplane Watching

    by phastphreddy Updated Aug 3, 2004

    There is a small park near BWI airport designated as an airplane viewing area. There is also a playground and a trail that encircles the airport.

    This is where I go some afternoons to sit and read the paper. There are benches for when the weather is nice, and there is you climate controlled automobile for when the weather sucks.

    The view is best when the planes are landing on runway 33/15 (the one behind me in the photo), as opposed to when they are taking off. The planes come in really low over the park when landing, where as they pass over at a much greater height when taking off. If the planes are taking off, and the weather is bad, then you won't see jack because they'll already be above the clouds by the time they pass over you. You'll still hear them, but I can hear them at my house too, and that's not all that interesting, trust me.

    Airplane Viewing Area at BWI Airport

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  • Severn Post Office

    by phastphreddy Written Jul 18, 2004

    This is most definately a must see for anyone visiting Severn. There's a good reason for it. This is the only place that I know of, without looking at the address, that I'm 100% sure that I'm actually in Severn.

    Get away from here and it gets a bit murky. Is it Severn, or Harmons? Unless you steal some poor guys mail and check, you'll probably never know.

    This being said, it should be noted that all of my other Severn tips may deal with places that are not, in point of fact, in Severn. They're nearby, but I really don't care enough to check all of the addresses.

    Severn Post Office

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  • Severn Hotels

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Severn Restaurants

  • Gianni's Pizza: Cheap Pizza Slices

    by phastphreddy Written Jul 18, 2004

    This used to be one of the local hangouts when I was a teenager. A huge slice of greasy (but tasty) pizza cost a buck, and a Coke was a bit less than that.

    It's a clean pizza joint. I know this first hand because I worked there for a brief time many years ago. That shouldn't scare anyone off. I think.

    Favorite Dish: Pizza. It's almost all that they have.


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Severn Tourist Traps

  • Provinces Library

    by phastphreddy Updated Aug 3, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You would think, in a place devoid of stimulating diversions, that the library would be the lone bastion of intellectual sanity. It would be a place where you could lose yourself in great literature or histories of far away places that you dream of someday visiting. It would be the place that you could go to leave the suburban doldrums behind.

    The Provinces branch of the Anne Arundel County Library System would be that place, if it didn't suck so badly. Most non-fiction books cater to a fourth grade reading level, what passes for a fiction section is a stack of second rate paperback mysteries, and the music collection is wretched. They have more Kenny G than Mozart, and there's no more that needs to be said about that.

    Unique Suggestions: Use the inter-library loan system to get good stuff from other libraries in the county. It only took them a day to get me a Croatian language course, which is something that I doubt they get many requests for.

    Fun Alternatives: Go to the Enoch Pratt library in Baltimore. The only complaint that I've heard of is that its hours of operation are too short (which they are).

    The Provinces Branch Library

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Severn Off The Beaten Path

  • Old and Forgotten

    by phastphreddy Updated Aug 3, 2004

    We used to drive by this store on the way to baseball games when I was a kid. For some reason, I don't know why, I always associate it with RC Cola. I now have trouble remembering what it looked like back then.

    I remember sitting near here in a line of cars, waiting to turn onto Reece road. That was before they put in the traffic light, and also before they changed the road so that it bypassed the bend where the store stands.

    It was also before the omnipresence of convenience stores. Don't get me wrong, we had our 7-elevens and all, they just weren't on every corner. Now we also have Royal Farm, Food Lion, Safeway, Shoppers Food Warehouse, Weis Mart, CVS, Wall Mart, Target, etc. I sometimes wonder how even the big stores survive such a density of outlets.

    So now this place sits, boarded up and off of the main road. You can find it near an old railroad crossing, out of site and forgotten by nearly everyone.

    An old, boarded up store

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