Maryland Warnings and Dangers

  • Making a snowman 1963
    Making a snowman 1963
    by grandmaR
  • Snow1964
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  • Thunderstorm Clouds over BWI in 2011
    Thunderstorm Clouds over BWI in 2011
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Maryland Warnings and Dangers

  • Crime

    Baltimore Warnings and Dangers

    I won't be taking any trips to EVER! I live in Winston Salem, NC, and we don't even have to lock our doors. I never worry. What gets me are the comments from some stating that Yes, Baltimore is the second most dangerous large city in the US, but it's really not that bad. LMFAO

  • Hangovers

    Baltimore Warnings and Dangers

    Hangovers seem to be a very common problem in Baltimore. All 6 of us who spent the night there woke up with pounding headaches and upset stomachs. It must have been something in the water (or something in the beer or tequila, maybe?). According to the website below, we could have prevented our hangovers by eating almonds, bifidus powder, peanut...

  • Weather

    Baltimore Warnings and Dangers

    Although Baltimore is below the Mason Dixon Line and thus considered 'South' it is really only 100 miles south of Philadelphia and has much the same weather. In the winter it snows. Or sometimes there is ice. If you intend to fly in or out of Baltimore in the winter, you should be prepared for snow. If you leave on a cruise out of Baltimore in the...

  • Traffic

    Baltimore Warnings and Dangers

    As many of us still need to be reminded. Many of the older cities still have ONE WAY streets so please pay attention to stay safe. Plus, you may comes accross some very colorful hand gestures if you don't;-)

  • Ballpark

    Baltimore Warnings and Dangers

    Imagine our surprise when we were challenged at the gate. We brought a half-full, "Rick Steves approved," carry-on sized backpack for our raincoats and sweaters. Apparently, even this is too big. The attendant asked us to put our pack in this tiny box, then started to turn us away when it appeared too big. Only after some sweet-talking (and the...

  • Warning-Have Cash for I-95

    If you're driving on I-95 going through Maryland make sure you have cash to pay the tolls. It was only $2 here but the money gets more costly the farther North towards Delaware and New York.

  • Eating Hard Crabs

    Eating hard crabs is a Chesapeake Bay thing.Several warnings connected with hard crabs.1) If you don't know how to do it, it's a lot of work for very little food. You'd do better to get a crab cake where someone else has done the work. Or at least have some backup food while you are learning. Also, don't try to get the meat out of the crab legs...

  • Fog

    Fog is a hazard in driving almost anywhere that is near the water because of all the moisture in the air. Usually it will burn off later in the day. Drive cautiously in these situations - you don't want something to appear out of the fog too close for you to stop before you run into it. That's how you get multi-vehicle accidents.Also you have fog...

  • Ouch!

    A crab's claws are very powerful and a bite can be painful. A crab pinch can cut through the skin and cause bleeding. If you must pick up a crab with your hands, hold the crab by one or both swimming fins and be careful not to let your fingers extend too far under the crab. It can reach back a good distance under its shell and BITE YOU!

  • Baltimore is a big city.Be...

    Baltimore is a big city. Be properly cautious, avoid walking by yourself especially at night, park in lighted areas.I went to graduate school at University of Maryland at Baltimore, very near the inner harbor area (the best places to visit are there). I never had any problems other than finding parking in the student areas!

  • This isn't really a danger-...

    This isn't really a danger- more of a warning. Maryland is 90% farm land (statistics: my head). There aren't too many scenic roads in Maryaland, and if you choose not to take a major highway... you will encounter some unpleasant smells of manure!! When visiting Maryland, stick mostly to the Washington/Baltimore areas!!

  • When in Assateague- bring bug...

    When in Assateague- bring bug spray!! When I went there, I had 20 quarter sized mosquito bites on my body!! Also, the residences around the park are crappy, don't stay here for too long. Recommended stay- weekend.More

  • Like any City, Baltimore has...

    Like any City, Baltimore has typical street crime, though the locals told me it is higher risk here than other large Cities. I found it fairly safe though a more intimidating atmosphere exists at night.

  • Just a warning...Maryland is...

    Just a warning...Maryland is on the east coast and so in the summer it can be SOOO hot and humid. Too, dure to recent economic prosperity(pre-9/11), Maryland has been booming, therefore that translates into traffic. So if driving on the Beltway or on I-95 use caution cause they can be congested.

  • Despite a relatively mild...

    Despite a relatively mild climate, every few years, we get a little snow, usually in January or February, but sometimes as early as November or as late as April.

  • If you drink too much, you...

    If you drink too much, you will not only pass out in your clothes the wrong way on the bed with your friends, but your camera will get stolen and you will leave your one semi-sober friend left to entertain the pizza man...

  • The biggest warning I can give...

    The biggest warning I can give is beware of driving around Washington, DC and Baltimore. Drivers in these areas are very aggressive and rude, and you can expect delays at almost any time of the day. In many ways it compares to Los Angeles. Be careful.

  • Avoid Southeast DC altogether-...

    Avoid Southeast DC altogether- scary things occur daily in broad daylight. Driving during rush hour should be avoided whenever possible. Snow of any kind pretty much shuts down the whole area. Avoid the Bay Bridge Friday and Sunday nights in the summer if possible- the traffic is a killer.

  • This may seem like a quaint...

    This may seem like a quaint little street lined with antique stores. Well, in fact, that's exactly what it is. Annapolis is full of them, but as I should point out, be careful about what you think is a deal. Chances are, you'll be spending a bit more than you hoped for soemthing. That said, I came away with a glorious 19th century map of Lancashire...

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Maryland Warnings and Dangers

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