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  • Red Sox - Fenway Park
    by machomikemd
  • Red Sox - Fenway Park
    by machomikemd
  • Red Sox - Fenway Park
    by machomikemd
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    Fenway Park Tours and Pictures

    by machomikemd Written Jul 7, 2014

    If you are a fan of the Boston Red Sox (or Red Sucks as the New York Yankees would say) then you can either watcha live ball game at fenway park or take the tour of fenway park or just take pictures and selfies around the park and on the famous bronze statues of Famous Boston Players along Yawkey Way. The Public One Hour tours cost $ 17 for adults and $ 12 for children and $ 14 for Seniors and $ 12 for students or military.

    fenway park tours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm everyday

    Equipment: none

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    Don't Miss Fenway!!!!!!

    by Barbie2138 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fenway is a must see if you're a baseball fan or not. You can tour the park 7 days a week 9 am to 4 pm. Tours last an hour and you can take pics. Like most things in Boston, the park is living history and you can't help but get caught up in it. The only drawback for me was the gouging in the souvenir shop. I mean $75 for a hoodie! Come off it already. Better to get your souvenirs online or anyplace else than here. But the tour of the park ($12) is a bargain and the guides really give you your money's worth. They are perky and knowledgeable and really seem to enjoy telling visitors about the park. If you go during the summer, be prepared. Take a water bottle. The tour starts at the top of the park. you will walk 9 levels to get there. But the reward is sitting in the press box! Yippeee and gazing out to the Green Monster; a beautiful sight to behold indeed! After the tour stop by Boston Beer Works for lunch right across the street. Who knows maybe Big Papi will drop by!

    Equipment: Wear comfortable walking shoes and loose clothing. You will be walking a lot! This is not the place for small, cranky children!

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  • Astrobuck's Profile Photo

    The Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park

    by Astrobuck Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I am very pleased to see that the Red Sox FINALLY won a World Series!! I actually had the privledge of seeing a New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox game at Fenway park on Easter Sunday, 2001. It was a great experience, and I highly recommend you see them when in Boston.

    Equipment: Glove, Camera, and $$$.

    Fenway Park
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  • bdougherty's Profile Photo

    For God's sake see the Sox!

    by bdougherty Updated Jan 6, 2009

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Go to Fenway Park! If it is baseball season, there is no better place to be than Boston and no better place to watch a game than at Fenway. This park is not only a unique and intimate sports venue but a historic gem in the story of America's pastime. Built in 1912, it maintains much of the character from that time and allows fans of the sport to feel a part of the overall experience - even if you are not a Sox fan you will become a Fenway fan. The fans at Fenway are knowledgable, passionate and enjoy the game as much as anyone.
    The surrounding area (beginning with Kenmore Square) is so connected to the park itself, it has the feel of a themepark and you can enjoy the Sox from a number of souvenier shops, bars and restaurants as well as the curbside of Yawkey Way. Eat the street food, people watch and soak up the amazing pre-game ambiance - then get inside and see the Sox!
    Regardless of the score you need to stay until the end. Enjoy the seventh-inning stretch and get another chance to stand and sing an inning later as "Sweet Caroline" is piped into the sold-out park where everyone knows the words (and just in case, they are on the big screen). Hopefully the Sox will win so you can flow out of the stadium and onto the street with the exhuberant crowd all thinking and talking about the team's chances of making it to October.

    I have been to Fenway for three games - there is not bad seat, although there are "obstructed view" seats where you will have to keep moving to see the action around an I-beam or two. That's part of the Fenway aura. This stadium has seen it's share or baseball gods: The Babe, Jimmy Foxx, Cy Young, Yaz, Lynn, Fisk, Clemens, Pedro, ManRam...the list goes on and on. And those are just the Sox players... Today's heros include Youk (my favorite), Papi, Pedroia, Pap, Lester... and many more - evevryone has their favorites but as long as the Sox are triumphant, nothing else matters.

    Teddy Ballgame The Monstah! The single red seat. Take the T to Fenway Yawkey Way and Lansdowne St.

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  • Paul2001's Profile Photo

    See the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park

    by Paul2001 Written Jul 27, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Boston Red Sox have probably the most devoted fans in baseball. This is somewhat amazing when you consider that until they won the World Series in 2004, they had not won the championship for 86 years. That is true fanaticism. Possibly for the fact that they play in the oldest, smallest and most distinct stadium in baseball, Fenway Park, is a large part of the reason for passionate following. Tickets here are the most expensive in baseball but team sells out virtually every game. They have be bought on line or ordered by phone and only a few are available on gameday. These are sold at 5pm and there is usually a long line up for them.
    One of the reasons that I timed my trip to Boston for the weekend of July 13, 2007 was that my local baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays, were playing the Red Sox in Boston. I wanted to see a game. I realized that I had little chance have getting a ticket at cost so I bought one from a scalper. The ticket was on the 3rd base line and slightly obstructed. The fans are incredibly noisy and obsessive. They do not put up with you cheering for the other team, so try not to.
    The stadium is quite atmospheric and there is a party like feel to attending the game. This is a true family affair. It is famous for a novelty of design, that being the Green Giant, a high wall in left field that "makes up" for the shallowness of the outfield. One street outside, Yawkey Way, is blocked off and is full of concessions and beer swelling fans. There are many sports pubs and restaurants nearby. Fenway Park itself is the loudest place I have ever watched a baseball game. There are a few problems with see a game here. The fans can get rawdy and even obnoxious. There are few washrooms in the concession area and the food was of poor quality and sold and ridiculous prices. My biggest problem was that I could barely fit into the seat and I am not that large. Still overall seeing the Red Sox is a must-see for visitors to Boston and is something you should consider even if you do not like baseball.

    The Yawkey Way Statue of Ted Williams (my father's favourite) Lyle Overbay at the plate. The famed Green Giant Banners of Red Sox greats

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  • kschmitty0's Profile Photo

    Fenway - Is it a zoo? is it baseball? who cares!

    by kschmitty0 Written Apr 13, 2007

    Fenway stadium is something to see for how old it is, how tiny the field and bleachers seem, and just for history's sake. The better attraction for me is the boston crowd, completely freaking out, every single game. If you have a chance to see them play the Yankees its extremely rowdy and of course fun.

    If you are bringing kids, I would not suggest being way out in the nose bleed seats. If you are one of the loud ones you have definitely found your crowd.

    If you can't get in or the tickets are too expensive for a good game, but you still want to see the Red Sox frenzy in action, head down to the Fenway area. All the bars outside the stadium will be packed with "wicked drunk" fans.

    Equipment: Money is the equipment. its not cheap. beers are $6.50, hotdogs around the same.

    What they won't tell you before you get there is that you cannot bring any bags into the stadium. There are no lockers so make sure you leave everthing in the car before you head to the gates. Its a real bumer when you ahve to walk 1 mile back to the car to do it.

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  • jtbro86's Profile Photo


    by jtbro86 Updated Mar 14, 2007

    There are no many classic stadiums left in the country, and this one is worth seeing. Everyone knows the history of Fenway and any sports fan will love it here. I have been to a handful of stadiums, and this one is so small it makes every seat priceless. Any ticket will leave you happy.

    Equipment: Arrive early and you'll have no problems getting any souvenirs you could want. The shops just outside of the stadium have more than you could ever want.

    I would suggest not trying to drive into town. Subways are definitely the easiest.

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  • karenincalifornia's Profile Photo

    Fenway Park and the Red Sox

    by karenincalifornia Updated Aug 28, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I am not kidding when I say Beantown is fanatical about the Red Sox. I don't really follow baseball that closely, unless it's the Giants, and even there, my enthusiasm has dwindled since the Giants gave up JT Snow. But back to the Red Sox -- I can't really tell you much about them. Are they any good?

    Of course, now that JT Snow plays for the Red Sox, I guess I'd better start following them...

    In Boston, it is not a good idea to let it be known that you don't follow the Red Sox. In fact, don't even let it be known that you have plans to do anything in the evening other than go to/watch a Red Sox game. Boston is a place where there are only two kinds of people (despite its reputation for diversity) -- Red Sox fans and everyone else. However, Bostonians think that the Red Sox fans account for 99% of the population of the entire world, and everyone else comprises the 1% and are just plain idiots, particularly if they are Yankees fans.

    We made big points with our bellhop when we said we hoped we got a good view of Fenway Park from our hotel room. After that, we got fantastic service - every wish was granted.

    Bright lights of Fenway Park during a Red Sox game
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  • moiraistyx's Profile Photo


    by moiraistyx Written Aug 27, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My very fist professional baseball game that I went to see was at Fenway Park. My friend Tim took me as part of my going away gift. This is a great place to watch a game due to it's Giant Green Wall, aka the Green Monster. One of the best games to go see here are games versus the NY yankees. Be prepared if you are a Yankee fan in Red Sox territory, these Red Sox fans are brutal. You may get lynched if you wear your Yankee garb.

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  • KarenandCory's Profile Photo

    Sweet Caroline

    by KarenandCory Written Aug 3, 2006

    During the 8th inning of every Red Sox home game, Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline is sung along with by every fan at Fenway. The tradition began when a member of the production staff, Amy Tobey, started playing the song if she felt the time was going to win. It has become so popular with Red Sox fans that it was even featured in the movie Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore.

    Where it began
    I can't begin to knowin'
    But then I know it's growin' strong

    Was in the spring
    And spring became a summer
    Who'd have believed you'd come along

    Hands, touchin' hands
    Reachin' out
    Touchin' me
    Touchin' you

    Sweet Caroline
    Good times never seemed so good
    I've been inclined
    To believe they never would
    But now I

    Look at the night
    And it don't seem so lonely
    We fill it up with only two
    And when I hurt
    Hurtin' runs off my shoulders
    How can I hurt when holdin' you

    Warm, touchin' warm
    Reachin' out
    Touchin' me
    Touchin' you

    Sweet Caroline
    Good times never seemed so good
    I've been inclined
    To believe they never would
    Oh,Lord, no

    Sweet Caroline
    Good times never seemed so good
    Sweet Caroline
    I believed they never could
    Sweet Caroline

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  • jasperdo's Profile Photo

    Baseball's best

    by jasperdo Written Jun 21, 2006

    Fenway Park, along with Wrigley Field in Chicago, are called the Cathedrals of Baseball. And rightly so. They are classic, historic ballparks that define the game of baseball. Even if the beloved Sox are out of town, (like they were when we were visiting Boston), just walking around Fenway Park is an absolute must for any baseball fan. From the brick facade with the year 1912 rising over it, to the Pennants going back to 1903; from the statue of Ted Williams, to the banners of Red Sox Hall of Famers...Fenway Park IS baseball. Not to mention the Green Monster. Today's new "Retro" parks try and reproduce the feel of a ballpark like Fenway. And while they're leagues better than the cookie cutter monstrocities from the 1970's, they're still not the real thing. And believe me, Fenway Park is the real thing.

    Fenway Park Fenway Park Ted Williams statue Fenway Park Green Monster, Fenway Park

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  • BostonPaul's Profile Photo

    Red Sox @ Fenway

    by BostonPaul Updated May 4, 2006

    Yes I am a hard core Red Sox fan but even if you do not like baseball this is THE #1 attraction/event in the city. It ain't are always sold out and using ticket brokers are very expensive but do whatever you can to score a ticket and you won't regret it. If there is anything better that being at the "lyric little bandbox" on a summer evening or a weekend afternoon I haven't found it. There is just a constant buzz around Kenmore Square and the Fenway area when the Sox are in town. And if you are ever lucky enough to score tickets to a Sox/Yankees game...welcome to hardball heaven!!!v Even if you don't have tickets it's worth heading over at game time just to soak up the atmosphere. Plenty of great places to eat, drink and watch the game on a giant TV.

    Ticket Tip #1...The Red Sox do release a limited number of tickets before the start of each game at the box office on Lansdowne St but plan on getting there early...people do sleep out on the sidewalk for big games.

    Ticket Tip #2...Depending on your budget I've actually had luck with the mulitude of scalpers who roam around the ballpark before the game. Although scalping is technically'd never know it prior to the start of any major sporting event in Boston. Scalping is an art and these guys are pros...It's like buying a need to walk away. Wait 'em out, gage the inventory and stick to your price. If you can wait to just before the start of the game or even a little after the first pitch you'll find a better deal.

    Equipment: Forget about parking...take the T or if you must park over at the Pru and walk over.

    Like I said...hard core

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  • cjg1's Profile Photo


    by cjg1 Written Mar 29, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Yup. Title says it all. This was my second major league ball park on my tour of them all. And I must say it is a dump. But lets be honest. Its not nearly as bad as Wrigley in Chicago.

    I have seen a few games here and will continue to come back to pisss off the local faithful.

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  • PetraG's Profile Photo

    Home of the Boston Red Sox

    by PetraG Written Oct 7, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Though generations have come and gone, Fenway Park remains, much like it did the day it opened on April 20, 1912.

    The home of the Boston Red Sox resounds with the echoes of great baseball players: Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Jimmy Collins, Duffy Lewis, Tris Speaker, Harry Hooper, Joe Cronin, Bobby Doerr, Johnny Pesky, Ted Williams, Jimmie Foxx, Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice and Carl Yastrzemski, to name just a few.

    Fenway Park is actually the second home for the Sox. In 1901, the Boston Americans became one of the charter members of the fledgling American League. The Americans played ball at the Huntington Avenue Grounds, now a part of Northeastern University's campus.

    Boston Globe owner General Charles Henry Taylor, a Civil War veteran, bought the team for his son John I. Taylor in 1904. At various times were called the Puritans, Pilgrims and Plymouth Rocks. In 1907, owner Taylor changed the club's name from the Pilgrims to the Red Sox. In 1910, tired of the leasing arrangement for the Huntington Avenue Grounds, Taylor announced that he would build a ballpark for his Red Sox. Taylor dubbed the new ballpark Fenway Park because of its location in the Fenway section of Boston.

    The Fenway Park is one of the greatest Baseball stadiums in the USA and home of the Boston Red Sox - World Champions 2005.
    Watching a game is an absolute MUST if you visit Boston during the Baseball season (Mid April till End October). It's good to order tickets in advance on the net or via telephone, because the Bostons LOVE their team and nearly every game is sold out.
    Watching Baseball is always great, but watching Baseball in Fenway Park is an experience of it's own...

    Equipment: A Red Sox-Baseball hat is good to show your ambition and not being taxed by the fans. If you don't have one - no problem: there are thousands of shops and stand to buy clothes and souvenirs inside and outside the stadium!
    A warm jacket could ne a good choice if you come in September / October. It can get cold in the evenings.
    It's allowed to carry photo or video equipment inside the Ballpark as well as a bag or bagpack. But all bags are controlled and bringing drinks and food inside is forbidden (only small water bottles allowed). But you get food and drinks inside, don't worry...

    Boston Fenway Park the Green Monster Before the game starts... Rain break during the game

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    Great sports town

    by acemj Updated Sep 20, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Boston is a great (if not jinxed) sports town. Pro teams include:
    National Football League: New England Patriots
    Major League Baseball: Boston Red Sox
    National Hockey League: Boston Bruins
    Natonal Basketball Association: Boston Celtics
    Major League Soccer: New England Revolution

    I've lived in Philly since July of 2004 and it's a great sports town too, but the enthusiasm in Boston for their beloved Red Sox (the baseball team) is like nothing I've seen anywhere else.

    Red Sox fans 3 hours before gametime.

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