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  • Warnings and Dangers
    by machomikemd

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    Smoking in Boston

    by machomikemd Written Jul 10, 2014

    Smoking is not allowed in all indoor workplaces and restaurants and hotels and other enclosed areas and are only allowed in outside areas or at designated smoking places. It is also not allowed in public parks and the fine of you are caught smoking in no smoking areas will be $ 250 and or a misdemeanor charge or both. so better be aware before lighting up in boston.

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    Pretty Safe

    by antistar Written May 20, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For the most part Boston felt very safe for a big city, and comparable to many European cities I've visited. There were parts, like Essex Street from Chinatown to Boston Common, that felt a little edgy - a place I'd be wary of at night, and especially around the corner of Essex and Washington. But mostly I felt very relaxed.

    This was helped by the fact that most people in Boston are very, very friendly and helpful. People complain about the homeless, but there weren't that many, they were never aggressive to me, and the few times I spoke with any of them, they were as polite and friendly as every other Bostonian.

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    Geoffrey's Cafe-bar

    by Nathalie_B Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Geoffrey’s was highly recommended to us as a perfect place for breakfast. This famous, beautifully designed café-bar is located in the Back Bay, just one block away from the stylish Newbury street.
    My friend and I were looking for some omelette, vegetables, fresh squeezed OJ and coffee. Well, we got it all but…. Fresh squeezed orange juice was freshly squeezed “Tropicana”. The omelette was served cold. Vegetables: a slice of tomato and some lettuce. But we got a huge portion of breakfast potato, which, I have to admit, was delicious but also cold. The coffee was OK.
    Who knows, maybe at nighttime this place is better. For sure my friend and I will never go there again for breakfast.

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    Gravestone Rubbing

    by cjg1 Written Jan 20, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Gravestone rubbing is illegal in Boston's historic cemeteries. I personally wouldn't be doing it regardless isnce I do not like cemeteries. My wife on the other hand has enjoyed gravestone rubbings at other cemeteries that permit the activity.

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    by BruceDunning Written Oct 16, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The drawback in taking the subway is they only go out about one-maybe two miles from downtown. Then you have to figure out how and where to get a bus, or switch over to the rail. That is a drawback, in my opinion.
    There are different fare costs, depending on the "zone" of travel. Least cost is zone 1 one way for $2.00. If you then need to get on bus or rail, that increase to final destination. I stayed 15 miles out in Danvers, and the cost for rail was $5.25 each way, high in my opinion.

    Subway map and pioints of termination
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    Look Hard for the route and Map out

    by BruceDunning Written Oct 15, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I found that a great deal of study is needed to get into the suburbs with a vehicle. I read ahead of time to not even think of taking a car downtown Boston. The parking fee and nightmare directions and traffic will turn you off very quickly. Park and ride the public systems of rail, subway or bus.

    Construction is a problem-delays Traffic slow down nearly everywhere in suburb Rail is one way to get around
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    Rail/Subway/Bus Tickets

    by BruceDunning Written Oct 15, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Make sure you get a ticket either before boarding, or you may be able to buy while on board in some cases. The catch is to insure you have the right ticket for the right zone you are traveling. The costs increase as the distance form the city is longer.
    The conductors do check for people coming on board and trying to get a "free" ride for short distance between stops and for longer runs. Fines are huge at $150-250?

    North Station for rail and subway Wait for the rail to come
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    Jet lag.

    by mwe Written Jul 29, 2007

    This is not just a figment is the imagination, it is real.
    It works in your favour going from the British Isles to America, because Eastern time is 5 hours behind UK/IRL time. You'll have no problem getting up at 6am, because on British Isles time it's 11am!
    ...Problems start when you go back to Europe, you lie in until 8am & still don't want to get up. That's because your body clock says it's 3am Eastern!

    Going by sea lessens the effect, but you still get it. Eastern USA to UK takes 5 days: that's five 23-hour days, because the clocks go forward every day. Not so bad, but you'll still have trouble rising at 8am, because your body clock still thinks it's around 5 or 6am.

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    U.S. immigration.

    by mwe Updated Mar 6, 2007

    The immigration card people from Britain and abroad have to fill in to enter the USA has been a standing joke among the British since at least the first time I went to the USA in 1991.

    One question asks something on the lines of "Were you involved in, or did you assist in any way, the German government between 1933 and 1945? ...This is presumably a well intentioned way of keeping Nazi's out of the USA, but concentration camp inmates and allied prisoners of war who did forced labour for the Germans would've had to tick "Yes" to be honest.

    Another question asks if you've ever consumed, trafficked or sold illegal drugs. The last time I filled one of these cards in, the Rolling Stones were touring the USA! (Messrs Jagger and Richards were jailed in the UK for drugs offences)...Elton John has a home in the USA, as did John Lennon: so what is the point in this question? ...I applaud the USA for attempting to keep druggies and ex-junkies out of their country, but they still let these people in!

    I last visited Boston, MA on the QE2 on September 10th, 2005 and we could not leave the ship until we'd been interviewed and been given Visas. Obviously, people on trips had priority. Those not on trips wasted an entire morning because of US government beaurocracy.
    Four US immigration officers (speed and competence varied: guess who was in the slow line?!) had to interview and process over 1600 passengers. The queues were horrendous from the ship docking at 7am until about 11:30 am, meaning we could only spend the afternoon in Boston. Fortunately the ship didn't depart until midnight.

    The QE2 had gone from Southampton (UK) to Canada. Boston was the first US call.
    When I went to Australia and New Zealand on a cruise ship, the NZ immigration officers boarded the ship in Australia and interviewed and processed all the passengers on a day at sea between AUS and NZ: why couldn't the US immigration board the ship in Quebec City and interview and process us on a day at sea?

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    green line on the weekend

    by burbankbeatnik Written Feb 23, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beware of the T on Friday and Saturday nights, especially the green line. The E and B lines trains are packed with students between 7 and closing, and the trains are nothing short of packed. It is impossible to get on, and impossible to exit the train, so plan accordingly.

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    Beware the "Land Mines"

    by travelfrosch Written May 28, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As in many large cities, there are lots of dogs in Boston. While most residents are conscientious, just enough of them allow their pets to leave their "presents" on the sidewalk. I've heard complaints about doggie-do issues in Paris and Brussels, but I have to say Boston is right up there. Keep an eye on the pavement in front of you, even on main streets. And be extra careful on the beach, as locals take "No Dogs Allowed" signs about as seriously as they do parking laws.

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    by shirez Written May 25, 2006

    ... when you apply for a SSN!!!

    If you consider to stay longer in the US, and apply for a SSN (Social Security Number) wich is the basic paper for everything, you have to know it might take 3-4 weeks to receive it.
    If you dont receive it in 3-4 weeks, start to be suspicious.
    If you even left the US since you applied for the SSN, and you came back since then and there is a big quiet from the SSOffice, start to sniff around.
    My SSN process was cancelled, because I left the US for one week according to my work.
    Now it takes 2 more weeks to receive it. My banks are waiting for it, my landlord is waiting for it, the payroll is waiting for it, Mass ID Dept is waiting for it, basicly im stucked in the middle of nowhere. I will also move next week, so i do hope I will receive it there and not a stranger will receive my mails at my previous apartman. Lets hope for the best from now, that I keep an eye on the case.

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    Closed in Boston

    by cruisingbug Updated Mar 30, 2006

    Not everything is open year-round in Boston. The following is a list of places that were closed when we tried to visit in late March 2006:

    The Skyway Observatory, Prudential Tower: Closed due to private function. For the price of a drink, rather than the $10.50 for the Skyway, go up to the Top of the Hub restaurant for the same view.
    Trinity Church: Closed for Monday Sabbath (??)
    USS Constitution: Closed for tours Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays in winter. You can see the outside and go to the free museum on site though.
    Boston Tea Party Ship: Closed for renovations. The weekly guidebook Panorama says it reopens in 2006 but its website says 2007.
    Swan Boats: The lake appears to be drained for the winter, leaving a sorry mudflat.
    King's Chapel: We were able to get inside for a quick peek, but a recital was about to begin so we couldn't walk around.
    John Hancock Tower: Our guidebook said that the observation area was closed since 9/11 - we didn't walk in to find out if that was still true.

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    Beware Hotel Telephone Charges

    by amapola66 Updated Mar 14, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I was touring as a musician, I stayed at many hotels around the USA. In Boston, it was the Doubletree.

    Whereas my room was huge and very nicely kitted out, a couple of times, I picked up the telephone to call the UK, realised the time difference made it not a good time to call and put the phone back in its cradle before dialing.

    When I went to check out the nexy day, I had been charged $5 each time for just picking up the phone!

    The crew told me, to charge you, by law, there had to be a sign 5 x 5 (inches I think) explaining the charges, or they couldn't insisit on payment. So if the signs not there, don't pay the bill.

    When you are tired, possibly jet-lagged and touring (and therefore encountering different time zones) you are not always aware of such things, but in this instance, I argued my case and the charges were dropped.

    Beware Expensive Phone Charges
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  • Cabana_Boy's Profile Photo

    New England mountain biking, watch out for rocks!

    by Cabana_Boy Updated Jun 30, 2004

    If you go mountain biking in Massachusetts (or anywhere in New England for that matter), be sure to wear some knee pads and beware of multi-purpose trails. Going uphill on a very narrow, rocky path, I slowed down for a lady walking her much so that I lost my balance going over the rocks. Next thing I knew I was on the ground laughing. I didn't even know that I split my knee open on a rock until one of my friends saw the blood... The boy scout that spotted my bloody knee also had a handy first aid kit (I started carrying one after this incident) and patched me up, then it was off to the Blackburn Tavern for something stronger to ease the pain...


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