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Lexington Things to Do

  • Minute Man National Park

    Start at the Minute Man Visitor Center. There is a short multimedia theater program on Paul Revere's Ride and the battles at Lexington Green, North Bridge and along the Battle Road. After leaving the visitor center, explore the Battle Road Trail.

  • Shop, rest, coffee??

    Interesting business district with lots of boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and sidewalks designed to accomodate the pedestrian shopper. Bricks, trees, benches and tastefully done signage combine to make the commercial strip a pleasant place to drive, walk or bicycle through.My town has just gotten brick sidewalks and "bump outs" at cross walks. It...

  • Concord

    A visit to Lexington can be easily paired with a trip to nearby Concord. After leaving Lexington, the British Regulars were met with a strong militia force at Concord. At Concord’s North Bridge, the militia held their ground and turned back the regulars. Part of Minuteman National Park extends to Concord. Information on the battle that took place...

  • Minuteman National Historical Park

    Minuteman National Historical Park stretches between Lexington and Concord and is dedicated to the historic locations and events relating to the first day of the American Revolution. It includes the five mile long Battle Road Trail between Lexington and Concord. This trail connects many historic sites and was path of the British retreat from...

  • Hancock-Clarke House

    On April 19, 1775 Samuel Adams and John Hancock were staying in Lexington as the guest of Rev. Jonas Clarke in the Hancock-Clarke House. Rev. Clarke was related to Hancock by marriage. The house was built by Rev. John Hancock, John Hancock’s grandfather. John Hancock had lived in the house as a boy with his grandfather after the death of his...

  • Revolutionary War Monument

    The Revolutionary War Monument was erected in 1799. It marks the burial site of seven who died on Battle Green on April 19, 1775. Its 200 year old inscription has been worn by time but is still readable. The inscription includes the names of the men who died in the Battle of Lexington.

  • Minuteman Statue

    Visitors to Battle Green are greeted by the Minuteman Statue. The statue was erected in 1900 to the likeness of Captain Parker, who commanded the Colonial militia during the Battle of Lexington. The detailed statue standing before the green is impressive. The Battle of Lexington was Captain Parker’s only action during the Revolutionary War. Parker...

  • Lexington Battle Green

    This open space was originally called Lexington Common, as it was the town’s common area. It was also known as Lexington Green. After the Battle of Lexington, it became referred to as Battle Green.Battle Green is the site of the first battle of the American Revolutionary War. It was where in April 19, 1775 just over 70 Colonial militia stood their...

  • Buckman Tavern

    Buckman Tavern was built inn 1710. Prior to the Battle of Lexington, the Colonial militia congregated in the tavern. Inside of which many minutemen, who would soon stand their ground at sunlight, spent the night awaiting their fate of the following morning. Buckman Tavern’s interior as been restored to how it likely appeared at the time of the...

  • Patriotic grounds

    The flag pole at the grounds where the patriots assembled is awesome. Everything looked so great in the late day sunshine. The grass is like a carpet and there were folks lingering...enjoying the remainder of a long holiday weekend. We envied the town square or green area which anchors the town and its history. Massachusetts and Connecticut both...

  • Historic Preservation Commission at work

    I didn't have to be told we were in a National Historic District to know that the people who constructed this Dunkin Donuts definately had to go before the historic commission when they built this donut shop. Just goes to show you that not every chain food store has to be so irritably ill designed as most of them are. Whoops! My prejudices are...

  • Bicyclists' acknowledged

    Bike path passes thru the park, but is screened by greens. When bicyclists and pedestrians enter a crosswalk....the traffic STOPS. Sometimes we have issues with this sort of thing where I live. The day we were in Lexington it was a quiet afternoon and everyone was moving pretty slowly...with plenty of consideration for cyclists...which is...

  • early American spires

    These chalk white church spires always look beautiful in small New England towns. Their simplicity is classic. I like to visit the interiors whenever I can. Unfortunately we were passing thru late in the day and had to promise to return when everyones' doors are open.

  • Interesting memorials

    It was Memorial Day and my husband is a career Navy man, so of course we spent time reading the memorial placques. There was a section beside the visitors' center which had an interesting collection of memorials. They were basically dedicated to every Navy ship ever named for the town of Lexington. They told the story of each of the ships and the...

  • Visitors Center

    Beautifully set in the shade of some enormous old trees, the visitors center would be a lovely place to begin touring Lexington...and not a bad spot to take a break or have a picnic lunch outside.

  • Headquarters of the Minutemen

    The Buckman Tavern was built c. 1709 and served as the headquarters of the Lexington Minutement. It is open daily for tours which are given every half hour. It's a stunning building...with absolutely fabulous grounds. People treat it all as their own park...leisurely enjoying the lush green carpet of grass. Lovers, bicyclists, parents and kids all...

  • Lexington Seamen

    Just adjacent to the Lexington Visitors' Center on Massachusetts Avenue is a small area with 5 plaques. Engraved on each plaque is a dedication to the various USS war ships that had the name "Lexington". There wasn't anyone else there when we found it. We took some pics and left fifteen minutes later. We didn't see any other tourists that whole...

  • Lexington Visitor Center

    Most people go right to the cemeteries and monuments and bypass the visitor centers.We always hit them first because they are a treasure trove of info about what to see and where everything is in the area.This visitor center has pamphlets and posters about each of the sites we wanted to see and a diorama of the battle grounds showing troop...


Lexington Hotels

  • Element Lexington

    727 Marret Rd - B, (for October 1, 2008), Lexington, Massachusetts, 02421, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • aloft Lexington

    The aloft, formerly the Sheraton, is new, clean and modern. It's sort of a "concept" hotel, meaning...

  • Quality Inn & Suites Lexington

    If you are on a budget and trying to save money when visiting Lexington then the Quality Inn &...


Lexington Restaurants

  • just a short stop for a bite

    Starbucks is a world famous coffee house for which we happen to have a gift card.So, when you are strapped for time and need a quick bite, what better place to stop than here. They carry some delicious scones (not quite English but close) and a variety of muffins and coffee cakes and bagels. So we stepped up to the counter and order coffee, scone,...

  • Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant

    I was broken hearted to discover my favortie Greek restaurant, The Athenian, was gone. I cursed the Ixtapa Coming Soon sign everytime we drove by. But when Ixtapa finally opened I was delighted to find a wonderful Mexican restuarant. On our first visit the waiter became impatient when we didn't order immediately and he decided to take it upon...

  • Leave pretentious Lexington atmosphere...

    Mario's is a small, unassuming restaurant in Lexington Center. Lexington is known for it's pretentious, snobby people and a casual and inexpensive Italian restaurant seems out of place in touristy Lexington Center. The food is decent and so cheap! The service is okay, the waitresses aren't overly friendly. They usually look scared and/or pissed off...

  • Brick Oven Pizzaria

    A Boston area chain, Bertucci's is also one of my favorite places to eat. They offer excellent brick oven pizzas as well as a whole range of authentic Italian fare. Their espresso and desserts are great as well, along with their list of Italian wines. Perhaps the best thing here though is that the prices are very reasonable. Al Fresco Dining in the...

  • My Favorite Coffee Place

    This is my #1 favorite coffee place. Often I will drive the 15 mins down the highway to meet friends here rather than get a cup more locally because I love it so much. The coffee here is in the style of an old Boston area chain called The Coffee Connection--which was the BEST--that was bought out by Starbucks in the late 90's. In fact there is a...

  • Authentic Thai Cuisine

    This is one of my most favorite places to eat, as well as my favorite Thai restaurant. The food is awesome and the prices are reasonable. One funny fact about this place is that once upon a time it was a colonial muffin house--and my step-sister worked there when she was in high school! You can still see evidence of its former life in the interior...


Lexington Transportation

  • by peach93 Written Feb 7, 2005

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    Bus service to Lexigton from Boston is available via the MBTA bus service from Arlington's Alewife T Station. Take the Red Line to Alewife from Boston. Bus schedules available at the T Station as well as at www.mbta.com

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Lexington Shopping

  • Shopping w/ Janet means Antiqueing

    We were shopping for bean latches for our 1700's house...we're restoring the front hallway now. Went to see a man who sells wonderful 1700's and 1800's hardware....complete sets in excellent condition. If you are a collector, restorer, or appreciate these old houses....you might appreciate the collection of things he offers. He had a second room...

  • Women's designer shop

    Oh how I love this store. I love it so. They carry every major designer label in everything from shoes (the selection is HUGE) to evenging gowns, jeans, casual clothes, jewelry and accessories, lingere, and outerwear. The greatest thing is that they have a huge clearence rack where you can find great bargains on gorgeous things. I once bought a...

  • Lexington Hotels

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Lexington Warnings and Dangers

  • very safe

    Lexington is extremely safe place for tourists.no murders, 3 rapes and 10 robberies in over 6 years.On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being very dangerous), Lexington would rate 2 at the very most.That doesn't mean that you shouldn't lock your doors and keep track of the kids but it should give you an indication of the environment you are traveling...

  • Traffic Tickets!

    Someone will take exception to this I am sure, but over the years I have found the police force in Lexington to be quite enthusiastic about issuing traffic violations for driving even slightly above the speed limit, as well as for not stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk even if they are practically on the sidewalk already. Keep this in mind...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Lexington Favorites

  • Jonathan Harrington House

    Jonathan Harrington was one of the militia under Captain Parker’s command who faced the British Regulars early in the morning of April 19, 1775 at Lexington Green. Harrington was shot during the fight. He managed to crawl to the doorstep of his home near the Green. Unfortunately, he perished right before his wife, who ran out of the house, was...

  • Community Movie Theatre

    Lexington has it's own community movie theatre called the Flick, a rare thing in these days of megaplexes. This little movie house has 2 theatres inside, one downstairs and one upstairs. They often show second run, independent, and foriegn films and they make their own popcorn so it's hot and fresh when you buy it. As an added bonus, their ticket...

  • 15 Star US Flag

    This 15 Star US Flag is located in a special room within the National Heritage Museum. I mention it because it is one of only 2 in existence, the other one being the Star Spangled Banner on display at the Smithsonian Institute of American History in Washington DC. This flag was hand sewn of home-spun wool and linen sometime between 1795 and 1818...


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