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    Race Point Ranger Station
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    Provincetown Unitarian Church
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Provincetown Things to Do

  • Pilgrim Monument

    Perhaps, upon looking at the link, you will feel inspired to visit The Pilgrim Memorial. I as of yet, have not. What I can tell you about the place is that this tower is Provincetown's iconic monument. You read that here.

  • People Watching

    P-Town is one of the best people-watching places you'll find. You can just park yourself on Commercial Street and watch the action.

  • That tower

    Perhaps, upon looking at the link, you will feel inspired to visit The Pilgrim Memorial. I as of yet, have not. What I can tell you about the place is that this tower is Provincetown's iconic monument. You read that here.

  • Race Point Beach

    If you look at a map of Cape Cod, Race Point is at the very northern tip, that little wispy bit of land stretching out into the sea. Part of the Province Lands and the Cape Cod National Seashore, Race Point is a federally protected wildlife area. The beach is fantastic, easily one of the best in New England, and because it is part of the National...

  • The Province Lands

    Part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, a U.S. National Park, the Province Lands are perhaps one of the only untouched natural coastal areas left in Massachusetts. With sand dunes stretching as high as fifty feet into the air, pristine wetlands, and gorgeous sandy beaches, the Province Lands are full of wildlife, birds and plants that are today...

  • Renting Bikes

    There are a lot of places to rent bikes from, and it's a great way to visit the National Seashore Park and surrounding area. We got ours from Arnold’s (address/phone below). The bikes appeared to be decently maintained (although I had trouble getting my mountain bike to shift back into first gear, and the chain fell of my friend’s hybrid twice),...


Provincetown Hotels

Provincetown Restaurants

  • Authentic, delicious and affordable!

    New on the scene, a modest little space down the alley between Twisted Sister Pizza and the Portuguese Bakery (on Commercial St., just West of Lopes Sq.) Kung Fu serves homemade dumplings (steamed or pan fried), homemade beef noodles, Chinese meat pies and sesame bread. Sides consist of kimchi and a Chinese cold salad of peanuts, carrots and celery...

  • And you can bring 'yer pooch!

    We chose this spot because of their great outdoor seating area and the fact that my friend's dog was welcome. All in all, it was a great choice. It was sunny and a little nippy that day so the weather was perfect for sitting outside in the sunshine. Everybody was happy! All four of us had omelets. Three of us had the same type (mine without...

  • Fanizzi's Restaurant by the sea

    We had a lite supper here...absolutely wonderful shrimp cocktail...tasty salads. You feel as if you are sitting on a boat in this restaurant. The interior decor is nothing special, but noone cares because everyone has water views and I can only surmise that part of the building must overhang the water. It's an amazing spot. Not far from the...


Provincetown Nightlife

  • Check out the local theater

    Forever PLAID was written and originally directed and choreeographed by Stuart Ross. It's a stitch. Four man show...they are so full of energy fun and great voices...lots of music throughout the show...old stuff from the 50's and 60's. They did a wonderful job with just a few props and interesting lighting. You can have a drink at the little...

  • Dream Brothers at the Meeting House...

    We always see what's at the Church theater, believe it or not-- the basement of the Unitarian Church does great little shows all summer long. This summer, for our Ptown week, we've already got tix to the Whitman Sings Provincetown concert, featuring songs with lyrics by Walt Whitman. We saw the singer in LA and by chance we'll be there at the same...

  • Cocktails and drag

    Restaurant cum bar. Great cocktails, food not so interesting (as the waiter informed me, the chef is a 'sauce queen' (!) who drowns the food with masses of the stuff) (I found this information out at Spiritus - see above!!!).Upstairs is the cabaret theatre where most nights there is the 'treat' of the drag cabaret.


Provincetown Transportation

  • Leave the car... Taxi's are inexpensive

    Taxi's are available year-round (508-487-2222) (508-487-3333) and operate on a flat rate determined by the town ($5. per person anywhere in town and $7. per person to the wharf, airport, or seashore beaches). Taxi to or from the Hostel in Truro would be about $18. for the 1st person and $5. for each additional person going to the same destination....

  • Grab a Ferry (No...not Fairy)

    Ferry service is offered to Provincetown from both Boston and Plymouth.The ferries offer visitors a flexible mode of transport. With their fixed daily schedules, and their fast service, they can be used for a quick day trip, or for the start of an open-ended adventure where return dates may remain subject to change.And, with their full bars and sun...

  • Summer Shuttle Bus Service

    There is regular shuttle bus service during the summer (last year it was $1 per person though this may go up some with the price of fuel). Buses run about every 20 minutes and do a loop from downtown Provincetown to Herring Cove Beach, the Provincelands Visitor's Center, and out to North Truro on Rt. 6A, looping around South Highland Road (serving...


Provincetown Shopping

  • Stuff you never knew you needed!

    And well...... you don't really need any of this. And frankly, you may not want it either. BUT you can't resist looking at, photographing, and maybe, trying some of it on.

  • Yeah, they sell seashells by the...

    They sell every type, variety, color, product made with, novelty item, and anything else you can imagine that's made of shells or in their likeness.BUT, they also sell stuff like this.

  • My Alter Ego?

    There are things in life that you can shrug off and not think further about. However, there are things you always regret. I'll always regret not buying this.


Provincetown Local Customs

  • Beauty and the Beach

    While walking, you will see much diversity: that is the beauty of Provincetown. The best thing to do is be open-minded about the odd art (most of which is stunning), homosexuals holding hands (get used to it), and odd clothing.

  • Sand sculpture

    There is this artist who build sculpture out of sand. A different one every day.He does ask for a donation but the sculptures are brilliant.

  • Homophobics beware! Though the...

    Homophobics beware! Though the Pilgrims touched land here first, there's very little Puritanical culture remaining. This is the home of artists, and the playground of the gay. If you have trouble dealing with homosexuals, I suggest visiting Chattem or Hyannis instead. It surprised me on my first visit, but have since learned to live with it.


Provincetown Warnings and Dangers

  • safe in Provincetown

    Over the years Provincetown has had a slightly seedy complexion (under its more glamorous artistic veneer). But it does not seem that it has earned that reputation if you look at the crime statistics.1 murder in 5 years; 2 rapes in 6 years; no robberies; less than 20 assaults (fights) per year.Provincetown rates about a 2 out of 10, where 0 is no...

  • Green Heads, Mosquitoes, and No See ‘Ems

    As beautiful as the Cape is, bugs are a reality of life here. Day and especially night, you’ll want to layer on the bug spray. And if you’re going to be outside, be sure to bring a can with you so that you can spray more on later.

  • Driving in Provincetown

    Driving in Provincetown is very difficult. The streets are very narrow and full of pedestrians. Most visitors park their cars at their residence and walk. However a car is necessary if you plan to travel to the beaches. They are a little ways from the town section and its easier to drive or ride a bike.


Provincetown Tourist Traps

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    by smike Written Oct 4, 2002

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    A place to eat. Since we were there in 1992 - this place might not even be there any more. We were on a family vacation (wife, 2 kids, my mother and my mother & father in-law). My in-laws had been to Providence Town before and they told us about a restaurant that had really good food, especially the seafood. They tried to describe the approximate location, but were not sure of the name of the restaurant, but it was out on a pier. The name of the place we ended up at was 'Ye old Fish House', and it was on a pier. It ended up to be the wrong place, but we ate there anyway. We were there for lunch and were the only people there - I guess that was the first bad sign. Then there was the cat that was climbing all over our table, second bad sign. Then my mother decided that she wanted a bowl of clam chowder, so she asked the server if it was fresh. The answer was 'it was out of a can'. 'Oh well' - we had come this far and didn't feel like looking for another place to eat. We survived, but beware of those 'off the beaten path' places to eat. Sometimes they are there for a reason, and there are also times when they have very good food. This was not one of those times.

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Provincetown What to Pack

  • Packing List

    Don't forget your camera, film and other supplies. You may never be back here again, so take a picture.

  • Packing List

    If your into scavaging through the remains of what was left when the tide was out I recomend sandles. The reson being that if you wear aquasocks the wet ground sucks them up like quicksand and your foot gets stuck. Then when you pull your foot out you lose your sock, all gone, by-by, it's crab property now. if you have sandles with straps around...

  • Provincetown Hotels

    62 Hotels in Provincetown

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Provincetown Off The Beaten Path

  • Camping on Cape Cod

    There are two campgrounds in Provincetown, Coastal Acres ( and Dunes Edge ( They are both walking distance to town and beaches, though Coastal Acres is more convenient... you have to cross the one and only highway to get into town from Dunes Edge. These are your only choices out here & both are OK (but yes,...

  • Check the alley ways and sandy walkways

    Sometimes you can walk between the houses to where the beach opens up and other times it's a narrow lane between the two main streets. You always find something interesting along the way. We walked so long I thought my back would collapse...but we made it back...and after a bit of aspirin and a glass of wine...a good sleep... I was fine.

  • Sex shops

    For provincetown, this is not an Off the Beaten path activity, but more a path well beaten ! However, most of us don't spend that much time in sex shops, and the ones in Provincetown are definitely way more "out there" than the Boston Puritan Scene allows. Check them out, they are a lark, and a-plenty on commercial street


Provincetown Favorites

  • Pretty and Purple

    This is the Somerset House Inn. Am not writing a hotel review about it because I did not stay there. But this beautiful house caught my attention and begged for a photo! Maybe you will stay there and write a tip and enlighten me!

  • Walkways 'n Alleyways

    It's the details that I love and peering into alleys and other "nooks" are one of my favorite things to check out and photograph when I travel. Provincetown has so many of these and I enjoyed looking at each and every one.

  • Public Bathrooms

    There are two places that you can find a public bathroom in Provincetown. One of them is in the town hall on Commercial Street, but this bathroom often has a long line, especially in the summertime. The other is at the entrance to the pier on Ryder Street. Just look for the place where all of the tour buses are parked and the bathroom will be right...


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