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  • Our selection of cupcakes and a Pupcake!
    Our selection of cupcakes and a Pupcake!
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Somerville Things to Do

  • Fluff!

    Fluff is made just northeast of Boston, and annually there is a Fluff Festival in Somerville which is just adjacent to Cambridge. Why else would folks break out their birthday outfits?

  • Union Square

    A little farther from home, Union Square has taken us a while to get to know. Home to a very diverse population, this is a great area for ethnic food with options ranging from Indian to Peruvian, Korean to Mexican, and Thai to Chinese.As if that wasn't enough, you can also shops for Asian groceries, plants, and furniture.Definitely worth some...

  • Powder House Circle

    Like many places in the greater Boston area, Powder House Circle claims to be the place where the American Revolution all began. The Powder House was targeted by the British in the hopes of preventing war by destroying the American's ammunition supply. Clearly they weren't successful.Now the Powder House area has been turned into a quiet park with...

  • Teele Square

    This "Square" is really a triangle, but Teele Triangle just doesn't seem to have the same ring.Our reasons for visiting Teele are wide ranging. Our realtor is in the area along with a seasonal H&R Block, but that doesn't mean that the area is of no interest to a visitor.Rudy's serves up Tex-Mex and great margaritas. PJ Ryans is the a cozy Irish pub...

  • Ball Square

    With Davis Square’s revival well and truly underway, we’re wondering if Ball Square’s will be next in line. It’d be a little premature to christen this the next big thing, but with Sound Bites already reeling in the customers and the trendy True Grounds packing them in with a very different vibe (where Sound Bites encourages you to eat and leave,...

  • Visit Prospect Hill Park

    Prospect Hill Park is a small park on Prospect Hill. It offers great views of Boston, and also features an old Revolutionary War era fort. You cannot go inside the fort, but you can walk on its ramparts and look out at Boston.


Somerville Hotels

Somerville Restaurants

  • We all scream for...cupcakes!

    Kickass is a tiny bakery filled with big flavors right outside of Davis Square. You will not be able to decide on just one - the have a specialty flavor every day (see the menu on their website) and an all star line up of available flavors like Sam Adams beer, champagne and Mojito and the more traditional cookies and cream, mocha, chocolate and...

  • Best Spot for People Watching in Davis...

    A historic landmark of Davis Square, Mike's is a great place to hang out, have a big slice of pizza or a sub, look through the gigantic windows at the people and constant happenings in Davis Square, or watch the Red Sox game on one of the big flat screens. Locals and visitors alike flock to Mike's just about any time, any day. The menu is huge, the...

  • Somerville's swankier side

    Although we had lived in the neighborhood for a while, it wasn't until we received a gift certificate from a very generous friend that we made our first visit to Gargoyle's. After our first visit, we assumed we would be back regularly, but it actually took us a few years to get back to Gargoyle's. Now, we swear we are going to become regulars!The...


Somerville Nightlife

  • Great Irish Bar in Davis Square

    There are few, if any, other Irish pubs in Boston that match the level of the Burren. That says a lot considering the only place that has more pubs in the world than here is, well Ireland.Walking in, well before you get to the first bar area the atmosphere overwhelms you. It's dark and on most nights you're guided by the sound of Gaelic harmonys,...

  • Cheap Movies!

    The Somerville Theatre is the cheapest place in the Boston area to watch a movie, with evening shows at $7 and afternoon shows at just $5 on weekdays. They show a varied assortment of movies: mainstream flicks that are a month or two old, or more arty fare that may have just departed the independent theatres - and in 2006 they began to add in...


    Good Times has something for all ages. Half sports bar and half amusement park, there are video games, Laser Tag, rides, batting cage, billiards and booze. I hate when people bring their kids here at night so they can stumble around drunk while the kids play video games. You will literally see 5 year olds there at midnight. In that respect, Good...


Somerville Transportation

  • take the "T"!

    The "T" is Boston-speak for the local subway network. This network directly touches Somerville on the Red line stops of Porter and Davis, serving (you guessed it) Porter Square and Davis Square. At the other end of town, the Orange line stops here in Somerville at Sullivan Square. Those living near Union and Inman Squares can walk or take a short...

  • Bump-n-grinding in Somerville

    Bump-n-grinding with other cars is just not that fun (or friendly). So, just like with the rest of Boston, don't drive if you can help it. Boston's subway system, the 'T' will get you most places and within a short walking distance of much more. The 'T' is operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) and you can check them out on the...

  • Take the T (subway).

    If you're in Boston you don't need to drive. The T is excellent, as is the bus system and commuter rail. Some people enjoying around the Boston area. Boston (Somerville) has heavy traffic, so be careful if you're going to bike!!!


Somerville Shopping

  • Support Your Local Liquor Store

    This is a great neighborhood liquor store that has made a real effort to find out what is of interest to customers, and which has regular Friday evening tasting events that occasionally feature the winemakers themselves! They also have beer tastings, and we've noticed that over the past year their beer selection has expanded quite substantially,...

  • Everything Asian in Somerville

    Reliable MarketWe read about this place in a local guidebook, and as that book pointed out, you expect something quite different from the reality when you see the sign ‘Reliable Market’. Inside, this is a huge Asian market, with the emphasis on all things Korean and Japanese. We were like children released into a toy store at Christmas, examining...

  • Somerville Hotels

    3 Hotels in Somerville

Somerville Local Customs

  • Parking in Somerville

    Parking in Somerville is one of the major local preoccupations and subjects of conversation, a bit like the weather in Ireland. The fact that both tend to be predictably bad doesn't prevent endless hours of discussion. On-street parking is a problem because of the need for a permit, and the few areas where no sticker is required are almost always...

  • The beer hunt

    Wherever you go, whatever you do, sampling the local beer is definite must!!!What do the locals drink, what beer is most popular, which beer is hardest to find, does it come in a half pint glass just like grandma used to drink…or better still, a full pint glass like I drink??? These are all good questions that need to be answered...Somerville is...

  • What did you say???

    Ahhhh, that New England accent…here is a quick language lesson: the consonant “r” is pronounced as “ah” and the vowel “a” is pronounced as an “er” or an “r” especially when it is the last letter of a word. The most common examples are Park, which pronounced Pahk and Car, which is pronounced Cah. Naturally, my name (Mark) is pronounced Mahk. I work...


Somerville Warnings and Dangers

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    The same traffic/driving...

    by Cabana_Boy Written Sep 8, 2002

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    The same traffic/driving warnings for Boston apply in Somerville. In fact, driving is pure hell anywhere in the greater Boston area (that is at least driving as one would think of it in area that has laws encompassing that sort of thing). Moving violations are a frequent occurrence, so much so that I think the police have simply given up on enforcing traffic laws. I particularly love the left hand turn from the right-hand lane and drivers that disobey traffic lights (even when there is no traffic). In fact, I just saw a driver in a U.S. Mail truck perform both of these moving violations in one instance today (07/17/2002). He swung out into the oncoming traffic lane (fortunately not being used by oncoming traffic at the time), passed two cars that were in front of him waiting patiently for the light to turn green and then turned left in front of them onto the perpendicular street. All before the light turned green or another car came down the down the street. Absolutely incredible! At least parking is not as bad in Somerville. It's bad, just not as bad as Boston or Cambridge...

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Somerville Tourist Traps

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    Somerville is a working class...

    by Cabana_Boy Updated Nov 17, 2002

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    This is a working class neighborhood, there are no tourist traps...that is unless you consider the next neighborhood over...Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Union Square in Somerville...

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Somerville Off The Beaten Path

  • Mt. Auburn: Historic and Beautiful...

    I say "off the beaten path" because it's not necessarily in the middle of everything; however, Mt. Auburn Cemetery is probably one of the most famous cemeteries in the US. In fact, the word "cemetery" originated with this historic burial ground.Mt. Auburn is full of beauty and serenity: a thriving home for vibrant natural life, a peaceful resting...

  • Somerville Open Studios

    Scores of local artists open their homes and/or studios the first weekend of May each year for Somerville Open Studios. This is a great opportunity to explore the various (and off the beaten path) neighborhoods of Somerville while simultaneously enjoying and, maybe even, purchasing some great art.The available art includes everything from fine...

  • Hang with the locals at Sully's

    R.F. O'Sullivan's (a.k.a. Sully's) is a local joint. Head into this place if you are in the mood for watching a game or if you are just wanting to shoot the sh!t with a friend, meet a complete stranger or even chat with a local (which is very similar to the complete stranger). Sully's also makes a mean burger, so give it a go. Oh, and while you are...


Somerville Sports & Outdoors

  • Minuteman Bike Trail

    The Minuteman Bike Trail runs from Cambridge to Bedford, MA, about 11 miles total. It's a flat, paved road that travels a scenic route, passing by football fields, farms, and meadows, and terminates at the old Bedford railroad depot. The bike trail is not by any means just for biking, though biking is probably the easiest way to travel the entire...

  • Shoeshowing in Minute Man National Park

    While living in Boston, I always enjoyed snowshoeing on the Battle Road in Minute Man National Park (obivously during the winter months). The Battle Road is the path retreating British soldiers took back to Boston on April 19, 1775 after the initial shots of the American Revolutionary War were fired at the North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts....

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Somerville Favorites

  • SF/30:The30th Boston Science Fiction...


  • Porter Square, this square is...

    Porter Square, this square is probably technically in Cambridge, but seems to be split between Cambridge and Somerville...regardless, it's the Somerville people who really make Porter Square what it is today... If you're looking for another "last call" and you're not too claustrophobic, check out the Toad for beers and music, I had an out-of-body...

  • Looking for something a little...

    Looking for something a little more ethnically diverse? Check out Union Square with its Irish pubs and Portuguese, Spanish and Korean restaurants, Asian markets.The Independent was favorite bar/restaurant here....


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