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    The church in winter, taken in 1971
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Stow Things to Do

  • Be a UCCer!

    My church is the Union Church of Stow, a member of the United Church of Christ. It has been around since 1905, and as you can see from the photos, it hasn't really changed much. The biggest change to its appearance came just a few years ago when a handicapped ramp to the front door was added.The church has a small but dedicated congregation. They...

  • Walk around the Delaney Project

    The Delaney Project is the knickname given to the Delaney Flood Control and Wildlife Management Area, a refreshing and quiet patch of forested land surrounding a man-made lake near the center of Stow. There's a small parking area just off the road, leading to a small path that then forks out to many more little paths. Serious hikers won't find...

  • Hillside Cemetery

    On the west side of Crescent Rd. (it turns into West Acton Rd.), a fairly pleasant residential street, is this lovely old cemetery. Most of the tombstones date from the 19th century, and most are in beautiful condition. It's a lovely and peaceful place for a picnic or just a short stroll to appreciate these charming reminders of Stow's past...

  • Lower Village Cemetery

    Stow has several lovely old cemeteries. The Lower Village Cemetery has some of the oldest tombstones, but it's location near the shopping center, stuck between two busy roads, makes it a less than idyllic spot to relax, picnic, or admire the old tombstones.

  • Stow Acres Country Club

    I've never golfed, even though my town is riddled with golf courses. The most well known is Stow Acres, and fairly popular country club in a beautiful, woodsy setting. I enjoy going for walks by Stow Acres, and the people seem to enjoy golfing there.

  • Honey-Pot Hill Orchard

    For most Bostonians, Stow is known primarily because of apple picking. Every weekend in the late summer and early fall, the roads are clogged with cars of city folks looking for an idyllic afternoon in one of Stow's picturesque little orchards. Don't get me wrong--they are indeed lovely, and picking apples is a very pleasing activity. Even I like...

  • Sit in the old trolley stop

    Once upon a time, a trolley connected many of the towns of Greater Boston. But of course today all this convenient public transportation has been replaced by the mighty automobile. All that's left in Stow is the picturesque little trolley stop. It would almost be a pleasant place to sit if it weren't for all the traffic whizzing by.

  • Be a Catholic!

    St. Isidore Catholic Church has the largest congregation in Stow--arrive early if you're worried about parking nearby.

  • Be a Unitarian!

    One of the major hobbies for the people of Stow is church! And you have several churches to choose from. Here is our oldest and most liberal church, the First Parish Unitarian Church. Back in 1683, the settlers of this area invited a minister to start a church on this spot--only once they had a preacher and a church building could Stow be...

  • Stow war memorial

    Despite Stow's tiny size, we have a quite dignified war memorial in the center of town, listing the names of all who fought and died in America's wars, all the way up to the Gulf War. I suppose more names will be added shortly.

  • The Randall Library

    Provincial tho' it may be, one could argue that the heart of Stow is here, at its library. It's always bustling with chatty locals, and be prepared for the librarians to make comments about the things you take out. Friendliness abounds, but the book selection is sadly meager. Sigh... someday we'll have lots of DVDs too, just like those spoiled...

  • Apple Picking at Shelburne Farm

    Apple picking in this rural little town is a great way to get away from stress. People are a whole lot friendlier the further from Boston you go, and the apples are a whole lot yummier tasting when you pick 'em off the tree. Bring your children on the weekends for the Hayrides and farm animals. Go on week days to avoid children (yes, I'm guilty as...


Stow Hotels

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  • Amerscot House Inn

    61 West Acton Road, Stow, Massachusetts, 01775, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Heath Hen Meadow

    74 West Acton Road, Stow, Massachusetts, 01775, United States

Stow Restaurants

  • Hot food, cold beer.

    This "Olde" place proudly sports a name that has been know locally since the sixties. It's prices are reasonable compared to the various restaurants nearby in Maynard and Acton. The food is hot and homemade and the portions are huge. The beer is cold and the drinks are free-poured. Everyone is friendly. It's a warm fun place to be and get a bite to...

  • Typical little small town diner

    This is primarily a breakfast joint, but it also serves lunch. The food isn't anything exciting--pretty basic fare, but it's filling and is prepared quickly. The staff is friendly, the prices are very cheap, and there's an overall small-town amiability to the place.

  • Nancy's Airfield Cafe

    Nancy's Airfield Cafe is accessible by car or plane. It's a little difficult to find by car but you will be glad you drove around in circles, past the same gas station 3 times, to find it. Owned by the chef, Nancy McPherson, the Airfield Cafe uses only the freshest ingredients straight from New England farms. You can taste the freshness of the...


Stow Shopping

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  • Lovely flowers, organic veggies

    This is a charming little organic farmstand that sells fresh vegetables (corn, onions, pumpkins, tomatoes, etc.) and flowers. The flowers are generally more of the wild flower variety than those you'd find in a posh flower shop, but here you can pick them yourself and make your own bouquet! very little -- everything is cheap!

  • Anything you can imagine made from...

    Derby's is pretty much a Stow institution. It's located right near the center of town, and since one drives by it so frequently, it's tempting to constantly stop in and pick up a gallon of cider or some fresh apples. apples apples apples!Actually, the do have other things besides apples--veggies, pumpkins, local crafts, that sort of thing.

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