Massachusetts Warnings and Dangers

  • Parking & Driving
    by Chris_Dahlia
  • Looks can be deceiving
    Looks can be deceiving
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    Help us!!
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Massachusetts Warnings and Dangers

  • Crime / After Dark

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    So, after adding tips about pickpockets to my Paris and Madrid pages, I'm now adding one about my home city! While browsing the racks at Marshalls in the Downtown Crossing area recently, I felt a hand along my hip. I turned to find a hand right inside my bag! I yelled "HEY!" really loudly and the thief sauntered away. In hindsight I suppose it...

  • Parking & Driving

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    People on foot in Boston are some of the friendliest around. When you find yourself down some weird side street, ask directions. But when they get behind the wheel they are A**holes honking! We took this personally at first, but later when we walked around the city, we noticed honking was just a popular past time. But most importantly, get a map...

  • Boston Common

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    I was happily taking pictures of the lovely colors at Boston Common, when suddenly a man came running after me, shouting invectives about me taking his picture - which I wasn't - and I didn't even know he was there! He hurled threats at me like he was prepared to go to jail for me! I ran as fast as I could and at some point he stopped chasing...

  • Weather

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    In the colder weather the roads sometimes appear safe to the eye, but in fact have a thin coating of ice which can cause you to lose control of your car. Leave plenty of room between vehicles and take turns slower than usual. If you do skid, steer into the direction of the skid and pump your brakes and hope for the best. Do not slam on your brakes.

  • Dealing with locals

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    people have made up all kinds of names for towns in boston. theres murderpan/mattapan which not a lot of people call it. dot/dorchester. westie/west roxbury. southie/south boston. eastie/east boston there is no nothend or west end or est end. Dorchester ave is called dot ave. massachusetts ave is called Mass. Ave and there is also Comm. Ave.

  • Big Dig

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    The Big Dig in Boston is finally nearing the end? The half way mark? Well some the the MAJOR portions are completed or about to be nearing completion. It's not the time to take your eyes off of road signs tho. New tunnels and off ramps to the city are opening or have been opened. Here's one from the Tip O'Neal (Main Artery) which is the Storrow...

  • Walking

    Boston Warnings and Dangers

    Jaywalking is rampant in Boston. I've never heard of anyone receiving a ticket. People generally walk at a brisk pace and have little patience to wait for the usually brief walk signal. Waiting at a light while other cross is an excellent way to be noticed as a tourist. This is not to say you can cross whenever you like. Follow the locals - they...

  • Beware of thunderstorms

    When we were visiting Berkshires, we were frequently greeted with thunderstorms everywhere we went (see the 3 pictures). Summer of 2008 was reportedly Summer of the Thunderstorms all over New England and Southern Canada.Berkshires is Thunderstorm territory. However, we being from Canada, did not mind it at all.Please keep gear for rain handy at all...

  • Rotaries and Roundabouts

    Not all Massachusetts drivers understand the rules of the rotary. The rule is that the people in the rotary have the right of way over people entering the rotary. This is often overlooked here, so be extra alert (but don't be scared).:)

  • Wild Cows in Saugus

    Along the backroads of Saugus, miles from the hustle and bustle, there's a gang of wild vicious cows that roam the countryside. Make noise while hiking, to let the cows know you are in the area. If surprised, they are known to attack. If you are unlucky enough to stumble upon a cow and her calf, stretch your arms out to make yourself look bigger...

  • Protect the Dunes!

    There is a huge effort to protect the receding dunes at the Cape, therefore signs like this are common. We did find some unprotected dunes on the Atlantic side of the Cape near Truro and we played there, otherwise we stayed off them. They are generally protected by fences and signs as a warning. Apparently the Cape is receding on the Atlantic side...

  • Harvard Square...

    Okay here's a warning, Harvard Square is infested with bums and beggars that constantly heckle passersby. Before I get started on this topic, I would like to say that by and large, I don't give money to people who merely ask for it. One evening I was walking down Massachusetts Avenue talking to my sister on my cellular phone. As I approached...

  • We swam in this lagoon day and...

    We swam in this lagoon day and night! I guess I could of been bit by a shark. There was a floating dock in the middle of the lagoon.

  • Boston Drivers


  • Watch out for those Rotaries!!!

    Massachussetts has a unique road hazard called a "rotary", which is a circle that has several lanes going in one direction around it and several roads shooting off in various directions. It is very confusing if you are not used to them, so use a little extra caution. I've driven all over the US and have never encountered anything quite like them. I...

  • We're not called Massholes for...

    We're not called Massholes for nothing. In Boston, we drive like mad people. I have never seen so much road rage in all of America. Don't make eye contact with other drivers, it's a sign of weakness. Be defensive, not aggressive when driving, and don't expect someone to stop for you unless you're a pedestrian.If someone refers to you as 'wicked...

  • If you are faint of heart,...

    If you are faint of heart, don't drive in Boston. To say that Boston drivers are agressive doesn't even begin to tell the story. Additionally, the construction makes even long-time residents crazy. The roads are awful, the drivers are worse, and you will get a parking ticket for standing too long at a stop sign. And don't expect maps to be of much...

  • Be very very careful driving. ...

    Be very very careful driving. We're not called Massholes for nothing. Many of us pay little attention to the rules of the road. Also, don't even attempt driving in Boston. There are plenty of commuter rail stations around (the T, aka the purple line, to differentiate it from the subway) and the T (the subway or underground) is a decent way to get...

  • When you've had too much to...

    When you've had too much to eat and drink, do yourself and others a favour - don't drive, take an underground or a cab.

  • Watch out for skunks! We...

    Watch out for skunks! We returned home one evening to find this furry fella nosing around the front yard of my cousin's house. The best advice is to keep your distance and if you see the tail in the air and the business end pointed at you--make tracks ASAP. You don't want to have to take a bath in tomato juice like the dog on the Brady Bunch! ;-)

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Massachusetts Warnings and Dangers

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