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  • KarenandCory's Profile Photo
    sihuan garden 2 1 more image

    by KarenandCory Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Sichuan Garden in Woburn is in a big yellow historic house. Once inside the restaurant I immediately thought they didn't give much attention to decor. The dining area is in the rooms of the house, I'm not sure how many rooms, I only saw 2. It is very plain looking. The walls are painted a doctor's office green and the plates are lime green. There was one picture on the wall, but it just seemed very boring. The room I was in had 4 tables, the tables are close together so you can hear everything being said by the other parties. Both of the other tables were also commenting on the decoration and presentation of the restaurant. Also, perhaps unintentionally, the rooms were racially segregated. All white people were in our room and the next room had all Asian people.
    The service wasn't horrible, but none of the waiters understood what anyone was ordering. You have to point at the menu.
    To start, we ordered Stir fried Pinenut Mined Chicken with Lettuce Taco. What we actually got was half an iceburg lettuce on a plate with a side dish of nuts and chicken. It was very poory presented but tasted pretty good.
    For dinner we got white rice with Crispy Chicken Breast with Citrus Lemon Sauce and Shredded Pork with Peking Plum Sauce. The rice was dry. The "crispy chicken" was chopped up fried chicken fingers and the lemon sauce had no taste at all. The Pork with Plum Sauce was a little better, nothing special.
    We received the check, payed with a credit card, signed receipt and left good tip. We finished our fortune cookies and left only to be chased outside by a waitress (not even our waitress) thru the back door and the manager thru the front. We were accused of not paying but before manager made his way to parking lot, someone must have realized the mistake and called him back. He went back into restaurant without even apologizing, leaving the waitress to say sorry about 1,000 times.
    It was a terrible let down.

    Favorite Dish: Horrid place. Don't eat here.

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  • KarenandCory's Profile Photo
    Applebee's 1 more image

    by KarenandCory Written Jun 17, 2006

    We go to Applebee's more than I would like because Cory works nearby. Their best food is average quality. Everytime we go here the menu looks different. But it's the same few items paired with different things and given different names.
    The staff is friendly.
    Even in the middle of a weekday there always seems to be people at the bar. This always surprises me. If I was a drinker and/or sports fan, I'd go somewhere else to watch the game. But I guess it's a decent escape from shopping- Stop & Shop, AC Moore, etc.

    Favorite Dish: Hamburgers & Salads are alright.

    Applebee's has great drinks. However, if you are going out to drink Applebee's probably isn't what you had in mind.

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Woburn Shopping

  • cjg1's Profile Photo

    by cjg1 Updated Apr 26, 2010

    Target is a chain store found in just about every suburb and city in the US. They carry clothes, tolietries, toys, books, electronics, food, medication, furnishings and automotive supplies. We stopped at this particular Target out of necessity. I had forgotten my razor and shaving cream at home and was getting furrier by the minute.

    We saw the target sign from the highway and decided to stop in. I found my razor and shaving cream. Liz decided to get a three pack of gum.

    What to buy: Anything you could possible need they will have it from razors to wiper blades....

    What to pay: Inexpensive. My shaving cream was $2.79 and my razor was $12.99. Liz's gum was $1.37 for a three pack.

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  • KarenandCory's Profile Photo
    the bake shop where I worked 2 more images

    by KarenandCory Updated Jun 17, 2006

    Cory and I met here. That's the only positive thing that happened to me working for almost 2 decades at Stop & Shop.

    I would advise anyone not to shop here. Stop & Shop is a horrid company. They are encouraged to re-label product. They treat their employees very badly. They are way over-priced. Do not go there.

    I helped set up the Bake Shop when they remodeled this store. I think I was only at this location for a year. Obviously I'm very biased and you may be tempted to take this warning with a grain of salt. But go ahead...peal off that label. Notice the evidence that there was another sticker on this product at one time? That's because there was. They re-label. Gross.

    What to pay: Insanely over-priced. When an item goes on "sale", the price has been jacked up. No such thing as a sale.

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  • KarenandCory's Profile Photo
    dilapidated building in Woburn

    by KarenandCory Written Aug 22, 2005

    Favorite thing: Woburn is an average Boston suburb and has attractive little areas. Occaisonally I see run down buildings like this that detract from the quality of the neighborhood. Fix it.

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