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  • Downtown Frankenmuth
    Downtown Frankenmuth
    by tvdandy
  • the village of Frankenmuth, Michigan
    the village of Frankenmuth, Michigan
    by tvdandy
  • Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge
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Frankenmuth Things to Do

  • Winterfest & YouTube Video

    I've always enjoyed Northern Michigan but never stopped in Frankenmuth, despite having heard great things about their festivals. I'm planning on making the drive to 80's fest with my wife, Sophia, in April if weather permits. However, it may be too young of a crowd, so I've been thinking about waiting until Summerfest. While visiting YouTube to see...

  • Be a romantic ninny, take a carriage...

    I won't name any companies, because I personally have never used this service, but I can say plenty of people do and it seems like a romantic and casual way to tour the village. There are many companies lining up and down Main Street, so there should be no problem in booking one. I would imagine this would be a beautiful experience during the...

  • Take a stroll in a Bavarian Village

    OK, OK, I know this is Michigan and not Europe. But this village is still pretty awesome, with wonderful european style shops selling fudge, arts and crafts, and every other touristy item you can image while still trying to maintain a authentic Bavarian village. Cool and walking distance.

  • Paddleboat ride, Mark Twain sytle!

    Go aboard The Bavarian Belle for an authentic riverboat ride down the Cass River on a paddleboat for a relaxing and scenic way to spend an hour. The price is 9 bucks, which is ok, but kind of pricey, but probably worth it. An enjoyable way to see parts of Frankemuth you can't see by foot with the breezes of the water on your face.

  • Bronner's for holiday decorations

    If you need or even want Xmas decorations, then Bronner's is the place to stop. If they do not have it, then it does not exist, with regards to decorations.Stay away from the "world famous chicken dinners" What makes it famous is the very high price for very low quality dinner. A place 5 miles from my home offers the same thing only ten times...

  • Cheese Haus

    The Chees haus is a relatively expansive country style cheesery. They don't make all or even most of their cheeses but they do feature a local style of colby called Pinconning. It isn't very good, has kind of a plastic texture and very little flavor, but it is truly local. The same can't be said for every cheese they stock. Some are really very...


Frankenmuth Hotels

Frankenmuth Restaurants

  • All you can eat German served family...

    Last Visit November 2013There are two huge restaurants in Frankenmuth, sitting right across the street from each other, that serve pretty much the same type of food and probably get about 95% of the people visiting Frankemuth to dine at their restaurants, there are all kinds of references to the Zehnder's at Bavarian Inn, I'm pretty sure they are...

  • Ready for the world famous chicken...

    Zehnder's is a great place to have the world famous chicken dinners because it is less pricey than other restaurants in town which serve the same chicken dinner. Also, very nice portions in a great colonial house atmosphere. Friendly service as well. If you come to Frankenmuth and you only have time to do one thing, it has to be the Chicken!!!

  • Not a good value

    We waited in line for 45 minutes to be seated so we missed the luncheon. This restaurant has a very limited selection of food in it's menu. We ordered the all you can eat chicken dinner. The coleslaw was bitter and runny. The mashed potatoes were ok but the gravy was very bland. I must say the garlic bread and cheese spread were very good....


    We had lunch here and should have eaten every meal here! It is a bit down the road from the tourist area but it is well worth going to. They have excellent pizza and their toasted submarines were great as well. Great value as well! 2 large pizzas for $18 --- and it's delicioius!

  • The Best German Food in Michigan

    This is among the best German restaurants that I've ever visited. It even rivals Hasenhour's back in Louisville (now closed). It's huge, hosting thousands of visitors each weekend in the summer. A local landmark, it also has a golf course, shops, a covered bridge, and other attractions.Attention beer lovers! This is your chance to sample...

  • You will delight in the smorgeborg menue

    I've treid every type of fare at Zenders and a lot of the Bavarian Haus and just can not say enough. I will admit I do like the snitzel at the Bavarian inn but the wife loves the prime cut at Zenders. I am registered as is the with at Zenders birthday club and this allowes us more opertunities to visit Frankenmuth year round. Maybe some time soon,...


Frankenmuth Nightlife

  • by Tryla Updated Oct 3, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A FREE Laser light show, set to music is featured each evening in the Festival Platz (Outdoor ampitheater). Laser show hours vary depending on when it gets dark enough to enjoy the show. The children will love an adult, I didn't really enjoy it all that much. You have to wait until approximately 10:00 p.m. for the show to start and the stores are closed at 9:00 p.m. so you sit around for an hour hoping you are sitting in a good spot to see the show. The children were playing in the grassy area in front of the theatre before the show started so they were having fun. There is a reason why this show is FREE...I wouldn't pay to see it.

    Laser Light Show

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Frankenmuth Transportation

  • by Tryla Written Oct 3, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Enjoy a fabulous narrated tour up and down the Cass River on a 70-ton nostalgic paddle wheel boat. Ramped, handicap- accessible dock is located in the heart of Frankenmuth River Place.

    Bavarian Belle
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Frankenmuth Shopping

  • World's largest Christmas store

    Most recent visit November 2013The first thing you do when you walk into Bronner's is to remember where you parked, West or South. Then you pick up a map from the entrance so you don't get lost. Then you arrange a meeting time and place for your party or else you may never find them again, cell phones also come in handy. Grab a basket and off you...

  • Where to buy SAUSAGE! Willi's vs. Kern's

    This is going to be a no brainer after you finish reading what I have to say, but there are two places in the relative downtown of Frankenmuth that bill themselves as sausage shops, Willi's, on the main ddrag, and Kern's right on the south end of the highway out of town. We visited both and would say that Willi's is a bit friendlier to the tourist...

  • Dollhouse supplies

    My niece has a dollhouse that she is furnishing so we spent a lot of time in Rau's Country Store, the entire basement is filled with dollhouses that you can make, ones already put together and any piece of furnishing you could imagine to go inside. My husband was very excited to see all of the things that they had in minature, he's already working...


Frankenmuth Local Customs

  • Tourism office

    Should you not have the time to print out any information from the attached website or order a free brochure from them, you can also stop by the tourism center at 635 S. Main Street.

  • Scarecrow festival

    Fall is our favorite time to visit Michigan, if you catch the right weekend, the trees along the way are awash in vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. Unfortunately we were either too early in the year or the leaves weren't going to change dramatically because of drought conditions this year. But fall is still a nice time to visit Frankenmuth, I...

  • Frankenmuth Hotels

    7 Hotels in Frankenmuth

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Frankenmuth Warnings and Dangers

  • Dabs's Profile Photo

    by Dabs Written Oct 14, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was a little surprised that we got stuck in a traffic jam on our way out of Frankenmuth but I think that it was because it was around 5 pm on a Sunday afternoon and it had just started raining. We waited for about 15 minutes to make the turn at Birch Run and to get back on highway 75 which also had a fair amount of traffic.

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Frankenmuth Tourist Traps

  • dlandt's Profile Photo

    by dlandt Updated May 15, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I think that after eating at the Bavarian Inn restaurant, that I can sympathize with many a historical figure because I too now know what it feels like to be BETRAYED!

    We sat down to a $44 dinner which promised substantial helpings of sauerbraten, bratwust, wiener schnitzel, "famous" fried chicken and a healthy array of side dishes. We received a completely different animal altogether.

    The previously frozen and more than a day old bread should have provided warning enough, but sadly, we still had faith that so many people couldn't be so wrong. The "sides" turned out to be a pitiful moose scat of mass produced, mayonaisse sogged salads that couldn't impress an Ethiopian famine victim three weeks after the departure of the last UN rice convoy. Though they served a very nice chicken soup, sans chicken but with a quality pasta, however, the remainder of the menu simply fell flat even before an unsophisticated palette.

    After such a disappointing beginning, sadly, the worst was yet to come. The featherweight plater of meat proved a insubstantial as it was poorly prepared. I realized at once why the waitress had stubbornly refused to discuss the weight of the meats, callously allowing me to presuppose out loud that four measly ounces would be the portion alloted for each of the promised meats. Even this relatively conservative estimate far outweighed the miserly slivers of protein grudgingly alloted by the owners. What was, in theory, a bratwurst, turned out to be a flavorless sausage the size of my diminutive wife's little finger, hardly worthy of the name "sausage" let alone finding its place on the touted menu of a the standout restaurant of Michigan's "Little Bavaria". The sauerbraten proved even more disappointing, a piece of meat sliced so thin it could not possibly have been cut by hand. You could not have made half a sandwich with what they delivered. The schnitzel, while larger, had to have been under two ounces as well, made all the lighter by the fact that every tiny bit of juice seemed to have been squeezed from the B grade meat.

    The Bavarian Inn touts its fried chicken as the finest in Michigan, proudly boasting that it and it alone is what made not just the inn, but the town of Frankenmuth. If this is true, then Frankenmuth is in a much more sorry state than meets the eye. Although qualitatively adequate, the minute portions again would fail to please even a relatively meager second grader. The pitiful excuse offered, that if we had placed an additional order, free seconds would have applied, did nothing, absolutely nothing, to change the fact that $44 dollars changed hands in exchange for a meal which would more properly rate $10 out the door, including tax and tip. Telling me that if we chose to spend $66 dollars we would have been provided with more of their slop carried no weight whatsoever.

    Needless to say, if you visit Frankenmuth, avoid the Bavarian Inn at all costs! Even a culinary novice can tell it is really a farm which harvests the money of hard working visitors while delivering nothing but disappointment in return. I wil be forking over a similar sum of money to the state of Michigan for a lapse in my vehicle speed, and will pay it with far less grumpiness than I paid to the Bavarian Inn for their so-called "meal".

    Fun Alternatives: Try any other place, but nothing here

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Frankenmuth What to Pack

  • HoneyJen's Profile Photo

    by HoneyJen Written Jun 17, 2004

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: This is Michigan, and as the saying goes "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." Last year we paked fall clothes, and enjoyed a beautiful day, the next day we froze half to death, as the tempature had dropped nearly 20 degrees. Long story short, pack for long walks outside.

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Frankenmuth Off The Beaten Path

  • Walk on the Covered Bridge

    The covered bridge has a beautiful view of the river, take the time to walk over it and take a look.

  • Prime Outlets, Birch Run

    Visit the Midwest's largest outlet center with over 170 factory direct stores! Save 25-65% off suggested retail prices every day! Just minutes from Frankenmuth. Don't leave Birch Run without visiting great places such as Wilderness Trails Animal Zoo and Alpine Village Mini-Golf; Frankenmuth's attractions; Chesaning's historic boulevard and...

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