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    Janet & Parents Lori & Hansi
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    Good food Wine and good company
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Houghton Lake Things to Do

  • Pirates Cove

    We all went up to Houghton Lake for the 4th of July and we were all bored, so I remembered that my daughter gave me a pamphlet for Pirates Cove, which is a mini golf place, so I took all of them up there and I was very pleased with the service and all of the fun my kids and I had as a adult.

  • Tip Up Town in the winter

    Tip Up Town is definitely not a party for those with a weak liver. This is northern Michigan’s biggest party of the winter, known to some as a “drunk fest,” and anyone will tell you to bring plenty of beer to your cabin. Majority of the visitors will come up with their snowmobiles. Unfortunately this year, the lake wasn’t quite frozen enough due to...

  • Summer In Houghton Lake

    During the summer Michigan residents flock to their "second home" cabins as other take on cabin rentals for the weekend to enjoy fun in the sun. The lake is always busy with locals and visitors as it is a prime destination for boating and other water sports, or just lounging by the water at your cottage.In August they hold their annual "Bud Fest"...

  • Check out Taxidermied Wild Animals at...

    Even if you have seen the movie that is playing at the Pines, (each film tends to be shown for a much too long period of time in my estimation- which can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks!) you should at least go into the lobby and have a look at all the wonderfully preserved examples of local wild life specimens!

  • Get your Body Painted

    All most all of the local Arts and Crafts Fairs, have a booth for 'Body Painting.' The youngest spectators are usually the ones who love having this done...and don't they look cute??? In preparation for their teenage tatoos??? Don't get angry mom...you started it...remember???

  • Junk Art

    Wondering what to do with all those old tools and junk that has been in your way for years in the garage where your poor car can't fit? Well, there is a guy at the Arts and Crafts Fair who has made the most unique yard art sculptures from old tools and found objects. I think they should be in an Art Exhibition they were that good! Maybe he could...

  • Sterling Wind Chimes from Forks and...

    One of my favourite things that I have found at the Arts and Crafts Fair, are these lovely wind chimes made from old silver forks and spoons. This man even takes the handles of old knives and makes key chain holders. His latest creation, were spoons sawn in the shape of fish..they were cute.

  • Arts and Crafts Show

    Arts and Crafts is REALLY Big in Michigan, especially in Northern Michigan...maybe more so at Houghton Lake because there isn't much to do unless you like to fish and hunt or snowmobile in the winter and go skiing! Anyway, one of our favourite things to do every summer, is to visit the big Arts and Craft Fairs that are held at least 3 times at the...

  • What's wrong with the good ole horse and...

    When Henry Ford started mass producing these 'horseless carriages,' there were many a steadfast 'horseman' who thought this was but a passing fancy! What man in his right mind wanted to fool around with one of these 'expensive' toys??? And, besides, a horse was man's friend and never got a flat tyre or needed gas! Maybe one day, when we have...


Houghton Lake Hotels

Houghton Lake Restaurants

  • by mrsbruce77 Updated Oct 1, 2003

    Maple Valley offers a large menu with food items ranging from filet mignon and lobster to the "Valley Burger" which has a huge, half-pound pattie. The house favorites are the all-u-can-eat walleye and cod, featured everyday and served broiled or fried. They have a wonderful salad bar that is included with any dinner entree' and features many homemade items including two fresh soups. The atmosphere is comfortable and reflects the beautiful wildlife found in much of northern Michigan and Canada. From the popular silver fox to the white tail deer and the 150 gallon fresh-water fish tank, this restaurant has much to offer...kids and adults alike will enjoy the great food, service and atmosphere.

    Favorite Dish: My personal favorite is the all-u-can-eat Walleye, it is very tasty and, of course, you can always have more! It is also reasonably priced. I have also tried the black angus new york strip and the shrimp marinara, both wonderful. Oh, and escargot, yum!

    Maple Valley Restaurant and Lounge
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Houghton Lake Nightlife

  • The Biggest Party in Houghton Lake

    LimberLost is a restaurant during the day and a nightclub during the evening. They normally carry a full menu but for Tip Up Town weekend they will limit the menu due to large crowds. A large dance floor with a catwalk for dancing is located in the center, and a live band will play with DJ music in between sets.You can also enjoy the heated tent...

  • Cinema in the Woods

    Other than going to one of the local 'country' bars, there really isn't much to do at Houghton Lake in the evenings! One very popular "American Pastime" however, is going to see a movie. Like most places in the world today, unfortunately, going to see a movie at the cinema, is fast becoming an obsolete 'sport.' One thing that kept the spirit of the...

  • Houghton Lake Hotels

    5 Hotels in Houghton Lake

Houghton Lake Shopping

  • janetanne's Profile Photo

    by janetanne Written Aug 10, 2005

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    All along M55 at Houghton Lake, you can find souvenier shops with arts and crafts from Michigan craftsmen, especially those with Indian themes and using the local material, such as these wonderful Indian sculptures made of Pine. You will also find jewelry made from the State stone, Petoskey stone.

    What to buy: Petoskey Stone jewelry, leather Indian moccasins, Wooden sculptures.

    What to pay: $50.00-$300 and up

    Looking for Wooden Nickles?
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Houghton Lake Local Customs

  • Frozen Stupid Filmed at Tip-Up-Town...

    Houghton Lake may only be known by the locals and a few tourist who come every Freezing February to celebrate the annual week-long festival on the frozen lake, known as Tip-Up-Town, U.S.A. This may not be an unknown event for long! The world premiere of Michigan filmmaker Rich Brauer’s anticipated new movie, “Frozen Stupid,” will be held at the...

  • Artistic Creations and Cultural...

    Houghton Lake and the surrounding small towns, are renowned for their antique stores and flea markets, yard sales and church thrift stores. From these sources, one can find all sorts of objects that can cheaply be purchased and 'redone' in various Arts and Crafts projects. All it takes is a little imagination. Many Arts and Crafts fairs are held...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Houghton Lake Warnings and Dangers

  • This IS winter in Michigan!

    First and foremost, pack accordingly as winter in MI is COLD. Secondly if you are going to be bringing your snowmobile, be safe. If the lake isn't frozen enough due to exceptionally warm weather such as this winter, take caution, as the snowmobile may go through the ice--it has happened this past weekend while I was there.Be prepared, this is a big...

  • The Bear Barely Makes it to Other Side

    This bear must have been very tired and hungry by the time he made his 7 mile swim to the other side of Houghton Lake on June 1, 2006! Maybe the fish just weren't biting on his side of the lakes!What you cannot see from this picture, are the many cottages and houses along the shore where this little guy emerged! Not only did he make it 7 miles...

  • Beware of Bears

    When the temperatures reach 100 degrees F., it seems that bears at Houghton Lake go for a great, big, long swim across the lake! That's no mean feat for a Marathon Bear in training, because Houghton Lake is 7 miles wide! This little black bear was seen by boaters in the middle of the lake, swimming with his little bear paws, just as fast as he...


Houghton Lake Off The Beaten Path

  • Wildlife Restoration Area - Houghton...

    Having grown up in Michigan, I have always been in awe when thinking about how Michigan must have been before the white settlers came to this wild land of many lakes, wild animals and Ancient Indian Tribes.Michigan was once covered in thick forests, and marsh lands, which were homes for many a fur covered animal, feather flying fowl, and fin...

  • Beggar's Banquet

    Once you have found the blue delicacies, handle with care. Proper picking should be done with a light pull from beneath the berries allowing them to gently fall into your open palm.

  • Wild Berry Picking

    Before the white man came to Northern America, Indians roamed the forests and paddled along the crystal clear streams in their Birchbark Canoes. They left no plastic bags, nor did they carelessly burn down the forest. No chemicals floated on the surface of their waterways. They killed the wild game as they needed and used every part of the animal...


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