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  • Munising
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  • Munising
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Munising Things to Do

  • Wagner Falls

    Very easy walk through the woods for this one. Well worth the stop. The walk itself is also very pleasant, it seems to be in a canyon as the temperature is cooler than by the car. Also doesn't seem to get too crowded.

  • Munising Falls

    Both the falls & surrounding area are very pretty. Well worth the stop. When you get to the falls there is an option to go up steps to the right or follow the base to the left. Go to both for sure.

  • Watch the Picture Rocks

    On MI-28, up by the Holiday Inn on the hill is a good place to park the truck and shoot distance images of the infamous Pictured Rocks.

  • Walk Downtown Munising

    There's only Maple Street and the Munising Avenue, but there are a couple shops and restaurants with promise here.

  • Watch the Tourists Load into Boats

    I didn't have time to take the Picture Rocks or Grand Island Tours, so I ate my white fish sandwich and watch the long line of tourists load into the boats and depart across the bay.

  • Miner's Castle on a Foggy Day in August

    Miners Castle is looking less like a castle these days. Natural erosions and harsh storms off the lake have shaved off a portion of the outcropping, with a significant "collapse" of a portion of the "structure" just last year.Lake Superior fogs can be as thick at San Francisco Bay fogs. Ten minutes after I took the second photo, the entire rock...


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Munising Restaurants

  • Road Food with a View

    White fish is a deep water fresh water fish native to Lake Superior. It is rather mild like trout, but well worth trying. Regger's produces a deep fried or grilled fillet that goes into a hamburger bun. This isn't San Francisco or New York, so just enjoy a basic sandwich. But, the meat is fresh, not frozen. The portable restaurant is easy to find...

  • SKip the Dog Patch

    We heard from a local that the Dog Patch is the place to go for a meal and that the Whitefish was a must try. Walking in, the place is drab and dark. The tables are set up for 4 and when we walked in with a family of 6, they set my husband and I up at a table and then put our 4 children 2 tables away. Hello! This is a FAMILY vacation, we like to...

  • Traditional "Road House" with Northwoods...

    The Brownstone Inn is a favorite place of mine. It's a classic traditional "Road House" serving simple fare (but tasty) and doubling as a cheerful tavern. Good burgers, chicken sandwiches, basic salads,etc. Oh, and of course a nice whitefish sandwich, too. They also make an excellent spinach lasagna. This place tremendously popular both with locals...

  • #1 Pasty in the UP

    The pasty isn't a dish peculiar to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but it is certainly done well there -- and, according to a banner I saw in October 2007, Muldoon's has been named the best purveyor of the dish in northern Michigan. A small place which includes miscellaneous tourist kitsch as well as the counter from which comestibles are sold,...

  • Recently opened coffeeshop/bookstore

    The Falling Rock Cafe serves a real need in Munising. Ideally located on M-28, not far from the dock for the Pictured Rocks Cruises, this intimate, woody, coffeehouse serves brewed favorites and home-bakes goods. It's a good place to stop to pick up a cup of joe before your hike in the woods: really, the coffee is so much better here than at one of...

  • Down Home cooking and service

    A mid sized and cozy restaurant, the Dog Patch comes with a full bar and attached gift shop. We came for breakfast, which for $6.49 you get an all you can eat breakfast buffet. The service is very friendly, as are the locals! The breakfast buffet was reasonably priced, with an array of dishes including french toast sticks, scrambled eggs, corned...


Munising Nightlife

  • Cold Brewskis

    You're kidding aren't you? Beer in a backpack? Not the ideal backpackers beverage, bulky, weighty, and trash to carry out. We brought a six pack for our day at the beach. Hey! We were in College! Lake Superior makes a good fridge for cooling them down after several days in the pack. I recommend a mest bag (available at your local dive shop) then...

  • Beach Party

    While planning the hike, I noticed that several days in we would camp on the beach, so I asked everyone to bring wild clothes, for a beach party. On the way up, we stopped at a winery, and got several bottles that we had to carry in our packs for several days. It was worth the effort. Hawaiin shirts, or Bermuda shorts are the order of the day. Or...

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Munising Transportation

  • Bring your car

    Mass transit in Munising is almost non-existent, but you can drive to anywhere - or walk or bike or snowmobile or hike....

  • The Straits of Mackinac

    If you are headed north through Michigan, you have to cross Lake Michigan at the Straits of Mackinac (pronounced Mack-in-awe). The bridge across is the longest suspension bridge in the world, longer than San Francisco's Golden Gate. A great side trip would be to take the ferry to Mackinac Island.

  • By Land or Water

    By car, or if you have your own boat this is a wonderful place to travel to. If you have a live aboard boat Munising has a marina for overnight docking, or like us you may find a snug harbor to anchor in near Grand Island. Canoes and small motorboats are also wonderful to have in the area.


Munising Shopping

  • Best deals

    This seemed to be the best priced gift shop in town, especially with kids. Despite the German translation of the name, it does not sell poison :) Can't miss it - its the German house on the main drag. A lot is crammed into that little building. Just about everything available there. Below average.

  • Mature gifts

    One of a number of gift shops in the area. Cute building, but more pricey. Many adult themed gifts. Above average

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Munising Warnings and Dangers

  • Say ya to da UP eh?

    The dialect of Yoopers (UP'ers) can be a lilttle difficult to understand. These tips might help:Ya = yeseh? = a question, or whatda = thenuttin = nothingden = thendere = thereudder = otherYoopers = those who live in the Upper Peninsula of MichiganTrolls = those who live below the Mackinac Bridge (get it, below the bridge)For an explanation of the...

  • Diving and Biting Insects

    If you are a skin diver be aware that the water in Lake Superior is very cold. I have never seen a diver without a full body suit, and I understand many use dry suits. Watch out for mosquitoes and biting flies, don’t go into the woods with out a good repellent along.

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Munising What to Pack

  • kaloz's Profile Photo

    All you can carry

    by kaloz Written Feb 25, 2003

    Luggage and bags: Backpack or rucksack. Plastic garbage bags, leaf sized make good pack protection from the rain, and smaller plastic bags are good for keeping your gear dry and for hauling your trash out.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Hiking boots and lighter canvas shoes for days end. Comfortable loose fitting clothing for backpacking and layering. Rain gear!!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Toilet Paper!! A must when you are backpacking. Toothbrush, leave the paste at home. Citronella candles and other bug repellants. Candles add weight, but make your camp look nice.

    Photo Equipment: Weight is always a consideration when backpacking so I recommend only a wide angle lens, and a small flash.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Tent, bedroll, sleeping bag, stove, camp stove and fuel. Water Bottles!! A Filter if you don't trust the water is easier than boiling, but adds weight. For the beach, bring a towel, and swimsuit (if you are so inclined) I prefer to swim naked so I don't have to carry wet gear.

    Miscellaneous: You have to carry anything you will eat, so plan carefully. I always find that I eat very little on backpacking trips. My body tells me that if I am going to be doing this, I should lose weight.

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Munising Off The Beaten Path

  • Alger Falls

    Just as you get into town from the south, be sure to look to your right for this waterfall. Hope you're not too interested though, since you're not able to stop along the road to see it.

  • Rent a Pontoon

    The most common way to view Pictured Rocks is by tour boat. We rented a pontoon instead and am very glad we did. It is $300 plus gas for 9 hours or $200 plus gas for 4 hours. This is the same price as 6 adults & 2 kids on a crowded tour boat (which is what we happened to have). Was great to stop when we wanted, bring snacks on board, stop to swim...

  • Laughing Whitefish Falls

    This cascading 100 ft. waterfall is the central feature of the 960 acre Laughing Whitefish Falls State Park. Little developed, the only facilities in the park are a small parking area, picnic tables, outhouse, and a hand water pump. Camping is not permitted. A well groomed .8 mile trail leads through a mature white pine and hemlock forest to the...


Munising Sports & Outdoors

  • phred1910's Profile Photo

    Mountain Biking on Grand Island

    by phred1910 Written Dec 2, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Take the ferry over from Grand Island Landing. You head off along the beaches and then climb up about 300' of vertical to the top of some stunning sandstone cliffs. If you look closely you might be able to see a fish swimming below. Then downhill one of the lighthouses. On to Trout Bay. Take some time here to relax and take a swim. Then you head inland on the Island and back to the Ferry. I've made this description quite short, but plan on spending most of your day here and exploring for yourself. A don't miss for the Mt. Biking crowd.

    Equipment: Bring water and bug repellant.

    Lake Superior Beach (Munising, MI)

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Munising Favorites

  • Munising Bay in January

    This is a very popular place for ice fishing! In a typical winter, the ice on Munising Bay achieves a thickness of between 3 and 5 feet, and by mid-February you might see 250 ice shanties scattered from shore to shore.

  • Don't Miss Activities/Visitor Center

    This is a wonderful place for outdoors adventures. Don't miss a visit to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. You may wish to stop in at the Hiawatha National Forest/Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore visitor information center, which is located at SR 28 and CR-H58. Winter brings snowmobiling, with Munising advertising itself as the Snowmobile Capital...

  • The Dunes

    The coastline is made of sandstone, and one section of the trail is along the dunes. These are steep walls where the rock has been reduced to sand. We enjoyed a day playing on the dunes. Leaving our packs at the top, we run as fast as we can and jump as far as we can, landing in the soft sand, and rolling down to the water's edge. then it takes...


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