Michigan Transportation

  • Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)
    by machomikemd
  • Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)
    by machomikemd
  • Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)
    by machomikemd

Michigan Transportation

  • People Mover

    Detroit Transportation

    The Detroit People Mover is about a 3 mile automated transit system around the main business district of the downtown. It opened in 1987, and has really never achieved its initial vision of serving as mass number of people. It’s .50 cent fare doesn’t begin to cover the cost of operating the system with the number of people using the train. However,...

  • Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)

    Detroit Transportation

    there are two people movers in Detroit and it is a pity that I only rode one of them and this is the Airport Express Tram in the Detroit Metro Airport. The Airport Express Tram is a is a fully automated, grade-separated mass transit system inside the huge airport and is free and operates 24/7. it has 3 stations (North Station, Central Station and...

  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County...

    Located southwest of downtown Detroit, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) is among the busiest airports in the United States. The airport is a hub for Delta Air Lines, which offers flights to Asia, Europe, and most destinations in North America. Several European and Middle Eastern airlines also offer service to Detroit, making it a...

  • Scooter riding

    Scooters are very convenient for moving around everywhere and Michigan is no exception. The purring sound can't compare to the "real" exhaust tones I'm used to but it's fun. This one that I've been using was not highway rated - although topping 60+ mph - and this condition had the positive result to let me explore more of places that I'd otherwise...

  • Pine River - An important intersection

    Much of my location information concerning getting around, finding campsites and canoe rentals for the Pine River are referenced from this intersection.

  • Pine River - Need a canoe/kayak!

    If you decide to canoe or kayak the Pine River I recommend renting from Horina. It's located on SR 37, about 1 miles south of the intersection of SR37 and SR 55 and about a 1/4 mile south of the Peterson bridge campground.The cost for of renting a canoe is $40. There is usually 2 people per canoe. This cost includes transportation (provided by the...

  • When a bicycle can fly

    When I decided to buy a bicycle in Detroit I was unsure about taking it with me to Europe, but I eventually did. Lufthansa considers a bike as a piece of luggage and you just have to check it in as it is with no additional costs, at least on their intercontinental flights. No need for the bike to be put into a special carton or bag, not even the...

  • On the island

    On Mackinac Island, you cannot use a car. The hotels have horses and carriages, there are horse and carriage "taxis" and tours, and the most popular form of transport is a bicycle (which you can rent on the island). The horse and carriage you take to and from your hotel will not contain your luggage. Your luggage will arrive separately which can be...

  • Cars

    Well it's Michigan, home of the (former) Big Three so convenient travel such as trains and subways is fairly non-existent. You will need a car to get to where you need to go. Interestingly enough though one of our major tourist destinations is Mackinac Island where no cars are allowed! Do not travel in the Detroit area from 6:30- 8:30 a.m. and...

  • Cute vehicles

    Ever thought of driving around in the hush? Then try a NEV (Neighbrhood Electric Vehicle) and enjoy such a feeling, but and don't think these have no performance!

  • Motorcycle riding

    I don't have a motorcycle of my own in Michigan but a comprehensive colleague had the great idea of letting me borrow his cruiser for some time. Riding around Detroit requires extra attention for the quality of paved roads is not the best. Potholes and bulky joints jeopardize a more vulnerable vehicle such as a motorcycle, even if these are hit at...

  • Michigan D O T

    MDOT has a great website of useful information for tourists driving to places in Michigan.There are tons of maps and brochures about Michigan cities and roads.They have route planners and distance calculators. There are maps of construction areas and rest areas. They have a page of safety tips for all drivers in Michigan. There are instructions and...

  • UP See the Mackinac Bridge

    I thought the Mackinac Bridge was a sight unto itself. The bridge is or was the biggest one in the world in its day and it still retains a sense engineering bravado that isn't all that common. The toll is $2 each way, collected on the north end and the views alone make it worth the sum. On either side, in either direction, even in less than fully...

  • The Mackinac Ferry

    For a dollar per minute you can take the ferry to Mackinac Island. Ferries leave from both St. Ignace and the City of Mackinac. On holidays lines can be long, but the ferry ride is very short as the boats are fast. Still and all, I think $20 is a bit steep for a simple ferry ride even if it does cover both ways. Sadly, it is the only way to get to...

  • Harley Davidson Road Rally

    When I was a little girl in gradeschool, my parents had a summer place in Meridith, Michigan, along the road where thousands of Harley riders passed by on their way to their final rally point at Westbranch, Michigan. I remember that I was in awe of these huge motorcycles and their leather-clad riders! This rally still takes place once a year in...

  • Still running

    When Henry Ford made his first cars, he made them to last! You will most likely see many such old restored cars on the roads in Michigan, especially in the summer. So, keep your eyes out; it also makes for fun 'road games' with the kids, to see who can spot the most of these old cars while traveling along the road while on holiday:):)I spotted this...

  • Michigan Map at Hand

    Since Michigan is bounded by the Great Lakes, why not take the costal highway for an unforgettable trip. Outdoor enthusiast, history buffs and sightseers will all discover many wonderful places along the newly designed Sunrise Side Costal Highway. This 200 mile stretch of US-23 rambles through welcoming villages in six counties form Sstandish(about...

  • The Mackinac Bridge

    For years many people thought that a bridge could never be built across the treacherous Straits of Macinac, where the cold waters of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan converge. When the five-mile-long, structure opened to traffic on Nov. 1, 1957, it was by any standard one of the great enginering feats in the world. Between the approaches on each end,...

  • Be a Courteous Driver

    The people in Michigan are serious about their cars and about driving. Be sure to be courteous, stay right except to pass on the highway (I've heard of people trying to control other people's speed...ever hear of roadrage? It is a serious problem.) Stay aware of your surroundings and for goodness sake accelerate away from stop signs and stop...

  • Boating on Lake Superior

    With so much of the Great Lakes making up the Michigan shore line, boating is very popular. A sunset cruise on Keweenaw bay is a refreshing end to a beatiful day.

  • Can't beat kayaking

    Michigan is easily reached by a variety of methods, Air, land, or water.My favorite way to get around is by kayak or canoe. Hiking is fine but you can bring more with you by water. Also you have more fishing options.

  • Getting into Michigan is very...

    Getting into Michigan is very easy as I-94 feeds intointerstates 8O and 9O,There is also interstates withinMichigan that never leave the state such as 1-96.TheDetroit metro airport is undergoing a major renovation as Northwest airlines has built a State of the art Facility that will replace the older terminal.The newterminal is expected to be one...

  • Drive and bring a nice tent to...

    Drive and bring a nice tent to put up in the Manistee National Forest. You will not regret it! Unless, of course, you make the extreme mistake of getting there in August or later!Walking, your car and DUNE RIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drive! It's a beautiful state...

    Drive! It's a beautiful state and you need to see it from a car! Plus, it's not too far from Chicago, so you can rent a car and drive from there if you fly in!Walk around whatever town you're in (if you can)--it's the best way to meet people and it saves money

  • It depends where you're coming...

    It depends where you're coming from. Michigan shares borders with Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ontario, but remember that driving around the lakes can add considerable time to what would otherwise be a much shorter trip. Detroit is an important gateway city, and several smaller cities also have airports. The Pere Marquette (Amtrak) runs daily from...

  • To get around in Michigan,...

    To get around in Michigan, you'll need a car. With the exceptions of Detroit and Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti, which have public bus services, there is no cheap, accessible, or convenient mass transportation in Michigan.

  • Fly into Detroit Metro...

    Fly into Detroit Metro Airport, it is a major hub, and rent a car. Detroit Metro is going to be under construction over the next few years, as they are trying to overcome their reputation and lower rankings as not being the most user friendly airport. Northwest Airlines has been the major player but they are also trying to attract more business...

  • e went from Chicago by car. If...

    e went from Chicago by car. If traveling to Michigan from Wisconsin, take the car ferry. It is a nice experience. Use the ferry one way and when you return you can drive up through upper Wisconsin and back to Chicago. By car

  • Train, Plane or automobile....

    Train, Plane or automobile. Personal preference. Ludington is such a small city that you should have no problem walking or catching the double decker. But a car is necessary if you want to see more than just the beach. Also the carferry transports people from one side of Lake Michigan to the other.

  • Most of the transportation...

    Most of the transportation will be done by your car or a rented car depends if you drive to this state or not. Flying to places up north might be difficult since theres not that many airports there.Again the best way to get around is by car the gas money can get expensive, or you could take a tour bus which will also require money.

  • Driving to Michigan from...

    Driving to Michigan from anywhere in the Midwest andthe East is very easy.The state is served by a few majorInterstates(Interstate 75 and 94).Detroit's Metro airportis a Hub for Northwest Airlines,South Bend's MichianaAirport is in South Bend,Indiana but serves the entireSouthWest Michigan area.Michigan's Interstates arent in the best...

  • The best way to get there for...

    The best way to get there for me is to drive. It's only about 6 hours from me so why waste money on a plane ticket. If you live farther away though, it might be in your best interest to fly.It's easy enough to get around in a car, unless your not used to driving on snow and ice. Then you might want to ride with someone who is. It's pretty dangerous...

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