Michigan Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
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  • Bridge to other side
    Bridge to other side
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  • West Bay, Downtown Traverse City
    West Bay, Downtown Traverse City
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Michigan Warnings and Dangers

  • Driving & Riding

    A common blemish in the US is the scarce availability of public transport. Albeit the vast country is connected by a large number of flights, availability of short- and mid-distance service is rather scarce. Train and coach services are not an option in most cases. Private vehicles are the only practical solution and Michigan is no exception. If...

  • Inner City vs Baseball Fans

    Like most inner cities, Detroit has seen much better days.They have thier share of drunks and vagrants who wander around - but not one time did I feel threatend!!Watch out for the drunk Baseball fans near Comeria Park, they can be a bit pushy and vulgar!!!I will take the locals over these bad sports any day.

  • Pine River- Tie supplies in Canoe!

    I was not sure where to place this tip, but this is as good as any. You should definitely tie all the supplies you are taking down the river to the canoe in some way. If the canoe capsize, it is sometimes impossible to recover all your coolers, extra clothes, etc. What does not sink gets washed down stream!

  • Pine River - Take care while...

    While not a world class white water river by any means, the Pine does have white water. In addition, there are log jams in the water that can not always be seen. It would be very easy to capsize and be washed under one of these jams or become snagged in a climb. I have seen this happen! If it does, you will probably not be able to rescue yourself!...

  • Cellphone coverage is sporadic

    Michigan is a very 'lightly' populated state meaning that there are large areas that don't have cellphone coverage. Add to this a one-of-a-kind cellphone company for most of the northern end of the Lower Peninsula and nearly all of the Upper Peninsula, even when you have coverage, your phone may not be able to use is or there may be an expensive...

  • The Murder City

    If you MUST travel across Detroit (Telegraph Rd eastward), make sure your gas tank is full, your tires are inflated, your doors are locked.... and DO NOT wander off the freeways. All you have to do is look out the window as you are passing thru to understand what I am talking about. And, by all means, stay out of the city at NIGHT!!!!

  • Watch the portions!

    Watch the portions!(This tip really applies to the entire USA.)You might be wondering why many Americans are so fat. It's at least partly because we are often served way more food than we need. Take this ice cream sundae, for example, does anybody really want to get a massive pile of ice cream like this when they order a $3.50 sundae? I sure as...

  • Wildlife alert

    Watch out for the wildlife at the Hiawatha Music festival. At times they just can't help themselves.

  • Take some Sunshine in a Bottle!

    In Michigan (especially in Metro Detroit) it is beautiful and green. Michigan can attribute the beautiful parks and forests to the weather. It is very humid and VERY CLOUDY. My friends who moved there from California bought sunlamps to combat depression from lack of sun. I know it might sound silly but sun deprivation can really do a number on you!

  • Bug alert

    Summers are wonderful. But beware of the variety of insects found up here. UPpers always find a way to manage the situation

  • The winters in Michigan can be...

    The winters in Michigan can be very harsh, so you have to be careful especially hwen driving. Also when driving around Detroit, be careful. The driveraround there can be a little psyco, especially at rush hour.

  • If you do plan to camp in the...

    If you do plan to camp in the fall call ahead for reservations at campgrounds. The start of the salmon run coupled with bird hunting can sometimes cause a shortage of camp sites. Also bring a wide range of cloting as the weather can change quite quickly especially being so close to Lake Michigan.

  • Wear your seltbelts! If a cop...

    Wear your seltbelts! If a cop or sheriff in MI notices you do not have it on, they turn around in the middle of the road and come after you! And you get a fine!....We got stopped for no seat belts twice! Dawn

  • If you are from out of state...

    If you are from out of state and get a speeding ticket they will take your license and hold it till you show up for court. They don't tell you this but you can demand an immediate hearing before a magistrate.

  • Michigan is one of the Very...

    Michigan is one of the Very few eastern states that allow persons to drive 7O but its a very strict state with numerous police on the interstates so please drive the speed limit.Ohio and Michigan are the TwoMost strict states in the Midwest and it shows.Also whilevisiting the Detroit area,be advised that the Citybasically leads the nation in stolen...

  • At the beginning to the middle...

    At the beginning to the middle of August every year, you need to high tail it out of the campground unless you have insect repellent with a strength of immense proportions!!! The attack of the very nasty biting flies begins then, and, courtesy the liberals in the Michigan state government, spraying for and against these pests was outlawed as the...

  • These people are serious about...

    These people are serious about their football! It's UofM against State and it can be brutal. I personally don't give a rats butt about football but these people can get plain nutty about it! Also, watch what you say about the Redwings...they'll kill you here! It's all about the Red.

  • If you are afraid of bats,...

    If you are afraid of bats, don't walk around at night...they're everywhere!! I had read about them being up there, but didn't think much of it, until my husband and I were taking a nice walk up to Mission Point Resort, and they were flying and flapping all around us! Me, being a 'girlie' screamed and ran, while my husband (and I'm sure half the...

  • Wintertime driving. If you...

    Wintertime driving. If you are visiting Michigan in the wintertime, and planning on driving, especially if you are from a warm weather state, listen to the weather reports. The winters have been milder over the last five years or so, but be careful if freezing rain is forecast, and black ice on the highways. Even if you have four wheel drive,...

  • We had to drive few hours till...

    We had to drive few hours till you find a petrol station or food store, so make sure you have enough petrol and snacks!May be we just didn't want to go out of main road?:) but this is a long drive, so make sure you have everything you need!

  • Some areas of downtown Detroit...

    Some areas of downtown Detroit can be very spooky espiecally after dark. Stay out of these areas and its not advisable to be walking by yourself in them at night. Most of the rest of the country side is nice, clean and safe.

  • LIke every place you have a...

    LIke every place you have a danger of getting lost. Before you go tell people you know where you are going. Besides that the wildlife can get pretty mean and by the way it can get very cold at night or any other time so make sure you bring warm clothes like always weather can be unpredictable at times.

  • Although Detroit is...

    Although Detroit is experiencing a DowntownRenaissance,This city,like Chicago,has a veryhigh crime rate and the Car alarm Business inDetroit has always been Booming for as long asI can remember.However,the town is makinggreat strides in protecting visitors here(I witnessedthis in Downtown Detroit a few years ago myself).

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Michigan Warnings and Dangers

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