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    MN winter home
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    the best city period
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  • Twin Cities is safe compared to most cities.

    by richard79 Written Feb 7, 2004

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    Since a lot of people that visit the Twin Cities are from small towns in Iowa and the Dakotas and places where you can leave a car running with the doors unlocked in downtown for 48 hours with no problem (you know what I mean), I think much ado has been made about nothing on this page in regards to a lot of areas in the Cities. Quite frankly, it seems any place that isn't 99% white in population is considered automatically "bad" by a lot of folks. In reality, that's not true.

    I'm white and have lived on Portland Avenue near downtown, on Lake Street, and many of these other supposedly "bad" areas. Yeah, you're going to see a lot of black people in some spots, but that doesn't mean they're *necessarily* going to shoot you. Try visiting New Orleans or Birmingham someday if you think some of the predominately black neighborhoods in the Cities are bad, seriously.

    Definitely agree with RugbyDave that Loring Park is very, very safe. Sure, I wouldn't go walking around at 4:00 in the morning unless I were able to take care of myself. But that's pretty much true in any city or town of any size.

    North Minneapolis is mostly okay, in my opinion. I mean I wouldn't worry about driving around the area--not at all during the daytime. At night I wouldn't walk around it really, again unless I knew where I was going and had some reason to do so. But it's not at all like East Side Detroit or a lot of areas in Southside Chicago. And downtown Minneapolis? I've walked around the downtown area at 2:30 in the morning many, many times, as I used to bartend at one of the clubs there. NEVER had any problems, there were always a dozen or so cop cars patrolling the area, and there aren't even any panhandlers to speak of. If you think downtown Minneapolis is bad at night, again, take a visit to Chicago, Miami, L.A., or just about any other city with a million or more people.

    Just my $0.02. Take it or leave it.

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    Loring Park is very safe

    by RugbyDave Written May 9, 2003

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    I know some people have said that Loring Park area used to be rough, but its not anymore! They really cleaned this place up, and now its pretty much gays and hippies here. Very nice, beautiful, tranquil part of the city. Its great -- you're downtown, but youre in a park.. just like "central park" in nyc, which is what Loring Park actually used to be called.

    and ANYONE that says North Mpls isn't bad is FULLY wrong -- its REAL rough! but its really far out of the way of the tourist.. .I mean, i've never heard of anyone accidentally wandering in to North Mpls. It's totally different from most other cities in that respect.. I mean, this city is SO DAMN HUGE that it would take some serious planning to casually accidentaly wander into North Mpls :)

    Its one of the most vibrant, diverse, cosmopolitan cities i've ever lived in or seen. Seriously... and the winters are the BEST part of the city !

    enjoy it and come move here :)

    the best city period
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  • Northwest

    by AlexMnWi Updated May 4, 2003

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    In Minneapolis, avoid Northwest areas, specifically areas north of I-394 and west of I-94. The Jordan neighborhood is very dangerous, especially if you are white. In the past year or so, there have been a number of race-related incidents. The Jordan neighborhood is northeast of Broadway, west of Emerson, and south of Lowry. Downtown is generally safe, as is far northeastern Minneapolis, especially north of lowry and east of central. I've been in this neighborhood at night and felt pretty safe. Minneapolis is also safe south of 54th St. Southwest minneapolis is safe, south of I-394 and west of Dupont or so. Most of the other areas of Minneapolis, while not all that safe, are much safer than South chicago.

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  • No really "bad" neighborhoods

    by marshtrillium Written Apr 3, 2003

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    People from Minneapolis (and I guess Des Moines) like to think that the North Side and parts of the South Side are really bad, but it's not true. I've lived on the south side for 4 years now (one year right by the liquor store at Lake & Chicago, which a previous person mentioned as being really bad and scary) and never had a problem.

    Just don't start your car to warm it up, then leave the keys in it and the doors unlocked. And don't wander around the South Side dressed as a Halloween Indian - we have the largest concentration of urban Indians in the U.S. and AIM has centers in Mpls & St Paul. Other than that, just be smart and you'll be fine.

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  • Minneapolis has very dangerous...

    by al17 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Minneapolis has very dangerous areas. Stay of of Portland, Chicago, and parts of Lake Street at Night.Also, the Art Institute is in a bad neighborhood. The worst are to be in is North Minneapolis. It's a huge neighborhood infamous for gang activities, drugs, and poverty.

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  • minneapolis has it's share of...

    by mabeline Written Aug 24, 2002

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    minneapolis has it's share of homelessness and panhandlers, it's best not to stop and hear there stories, they can get rough, especially with us gals. at all costs avoid the minneapolis institute of art at night/dusk, though the neighborhood is slowly cleaning up it's still deceivingly rough. also avoid the mississippi river trails at night. girls, I've found my self in trouble there in the day time.

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  • JeremiahS's Profile Photo
    Jul 10, 2013 at 9:04 AM

    @ emoja Afraid of black people? C'mon....this has nothing to with race. Nobody has said anything about race on this entire site. You made that connection. People are warning people to stay away from that area because it owns the highest rate of violent crimes in the Minneapolis area. Even if everybody who lived there were white, people would warn people not to go in that area. Don't pull the race card on this one, completely pointless. It's 2013, not everything is about skin color.

  • May 28, 2013 at 3:10 PM

    Avoid the north side of Minneapolis. You wont have a reason to go to the north side since there is nothing there worth going to, unless you actually live there, so don't live there. It's not nearly as bad as the south side of Chicago, or Detroit, but it has had years where it has among the highest murder rate per capita in the United States. It's not as bad as it used to be but the crime waves come in cycles. Some years are fine, while some are really bad. For several years in the late 90's and 2000's, it was coined Murderapolis. Don't listen to these white, guilt tripped, fools who say people like me, that tell others to avoid the north side, are just afraid of black people. Just google the north side of Minneapolis and it will be the overwhelming source of violent crime in Minneapolis.I will say though that members of the community there have recently taken action on their own part to get their kids out of the gangs and to shame those who contribute to the violence. The vast majority of the people there fine, but the gangs ruin it for everybody, It's been getting better, but it's still not a safe area at all.

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