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    Twin City Grill: Hidden Away in the Chaos

    by DueSer Updated May 8, 2010

    It seems crazy to have to go inside the largest mall in the country to find a quiet, cozy little restaurant and's true. The Twin City Grill is quiet and cozy but also serves delicious food. Once you get in and sit down the screaming children outside fade away and it's just you and your tastebuds (and whoever you're with, I guess, too).

    The restaurant serves a loaf of bread to every table. The staff is friendly, the lighting is just right (not too dark, not too bright) and there are cute pictures on the wall about Minnesota.
    They serve a variety of things - soups and salads, sandwiches, steaks, dinners (the chicken & mushrooms is LOVELY), as well as desserts, which always look wonderful but I've never actually had because my main meal fills me up too much to leave room for anything else.

    I have been there several times and I always have a great meal and look forward to going back again and again.

    Favorite Dish: My favorite dish is the chicken sandwich. It sounds so simple! So blah! And yet, it's a party for your taste buds.

    The main thing here is the bun. A fantastic sandwich can be ruined by a lousy bun but here, that definitely does NOT happen. Besides the heavenly bun, you get a boneless breast of chicken with cheese, bacon, tomato and barbecue sauce. It comes with fries but if you're not a big fan of salt, ask for the fries plain. Otherwise they come "salt & vinegar" style, which are okay but not as good as they are without it.

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    Noodles & Co.: Simple Idea - Great Place

    by DueSer Written May 8, 2010

    This is a cool little place that I guess technically could be considered fast food but is unlike any other fast food place I've ever visited.

    As the name implies, they serve noodles. Pick your bowl size (regular or small) and then pick which part of the world you'd like to sample.

    See, the quirk about this place is they serve noodles from all over the world. In Asia, you can try Japanese pan noodles, Pad Thai, Indonesian, or Indian curry style noodles. In the Mediterranean, it's pasta - penne, linguine, spaghetti...all with different toppings. Finally, in the American section there's mac & cheese, stroganoff, and even good old chicken noodle soup.

    Everything comes with extras if you'd like - you can add meatballs or sliced chicken or sliced beef to any dish you order and they also have salads and breads to choose from to add to your meal.

    You place your order at the counter and then a waiter brings it out to you, It's inexpensive, fast, and different - oh, and the food is really good.

    Favorite Dish: I haven't tried everything yet but everything I've tried I've loved. The mac & cheese is decadent. The Japanese pan noodles are delicious and the buttered noodles with chicken is great too. You can get seasoning on the side so you decide how much to add and the serving sizes are great.

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    Twin City Grill: Five Stars and Fresh Breads

    by Travler409 Written Aug 14, 2009

    The waitress informed us the TC Grill has a scratch kitchen: Everything is made fresh right there. She brought out a complimentary loaf of onion bread and soft, creamy butter. She recommended the Cuban sandwich. I couldn't pass it up. Incredible combination of sliced ham, pulled season pork, cheese, and a light mayo relish. Came with salt and vinegar fries. Complimented by a pint of Twin City Grill Amber, a locally brewed beer by Schell.

    Foodies The Amber Kegger Texting It In

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    Baker's Square: Great Spot to Drop In!

    by Juyish Written Sep 4, 2008

    I found the food to be very good and seasoned so you won't be disappointed. The soups are great so get a cup of soup with any thing you order! I loved the Clam Chowder and the chicken wild rice soup.

    Favorite Dish: This place has over 20 different types of pies that will leave you mouth watering! My favorite is the triple berry pie a la mode.

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    Rock Creek Cafe: Road Food

    by Stephen-KarenConn Updated Aug 1, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When on my frequent road trips I try as much as possible to eat "Road Food" from independently owned local restaurants where I can get a taste of the local flavor. That's why I stopped at Rock Creek Cafe while traveling across Minnesota in May of 2007.

    It was a mixed experience. I found the place to be clean and the service was fine. Also, I had my very first cup of chicken dumpling soup - a regional specialty for which they are "famous." However, the Ruben Sandwich which I ordered with my soup was less than perfect. It was on the small side, and was almost burnt. However, I found the sandwich to be edible and the soup was good. Also, the price was very reasonable.

    Click the hidden pictures to see the inside of the restaurant and my menu choices, just before I ate them.

    Rock Creek Cafe My Overdone Ruben Sandwich My Chicken Dumpling Soup Interior of Rock Creek Cafe Menu at Rock Creek Cafe
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    Mickey's Dining Car

    by traveldave Updated Jan 1, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    An American institution that is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, stainless steel dining cars, or diners, were once common across the country. They were places where people could get a hamburger, a slice of apple pie, or a cup of coffee.

    One of the few remaining authentic diners, Mickey's Dining Car has been a part of downtown Saint Paul for over 70 years. And during those years, it has been open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Like it did when it opened in 1937, it still serves such classic diner fare as hamburgers, fries, slices of pie, malteds, coffee, and large breakfasts.

    Mickey's Dining Car has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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    Cafe Latte: I love Dessert

    by CeciliaL Written Aug 9, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    They have excellent coffee and dessert choices. I visited this place very regularly when I was in college. A bunch of us would grab our books, get a coffee, chocolate cake/fruit tart, and enjoyed a nice afternoon or evening there.

    They also have a lot of art work on display, and they change them frequently.

    Nice relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff.

    Favorite Dish: Cafe latte - the name says it all.
    Fruit tart - very fresh fruit and not too sweet.

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    The Antlers: An orchid on your plate

    by no1birdlady Written Jun 9, 2006

    The Antlers Restaurant is a very nice place to dine near Breezy Point Resort just out of Pequot Lakes, Minn. It has a nice atmosphere with view of the golf course and chandeliers made of a large number of antlers. Moose and elk heads look down at you from the walls. We ate here 2 nights. Between the 3 of us on the 2 nights, we had 6 different meals. All of the meals were very good. They have wine by the glass or you can buy a bottle. There is also a bar for mixed drinks. One signature thing they do is to put an orchid on each plate. The waitress said it tasted like lettuce but it was too pretty to eat!

    Favorite Dish: Chicken Marsala was excellent.

    The front of The Antlers Restaurant.
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  • CUPCAKE: Cupcakes cool, but TUNA rocks!

    by MsBexter Written Oct 13, 2005

    As a gourmet cook and discriminating diner, I perform a good deal of research before visiting any city. I delve into local specialties, investigate well-established and newly opened eateries, consider wine lists, awards and reference reputation, and I read as many menus and reviews as possible. My efforts are typically rewarded in great culinary pleasure.
    With that said, I must now admit that visiting Cupcake was a completely spontaneous adventure--and sometimes, as in this case, those are the best experiences. My confection curiousity led me into the center of cupcake nirvana, but that's not all. My companions were kind enough to share tasty tidbits of quiche, greek salad, soup and sandwiches. The numerous cupcakes in interesting flavors were wonderful, but the hands-down winner was an albacore tuna salad with cranberry on fresh baked honey-wheat bread. In a nutshell, it was to die for! I find myself craving the creamy conglomeration of flavors right now. How unfortunate to be a thousand miles away from a sandwich I can only describe as divine.

    Favorite Dish: My companions were kind enough to share tasty tidbits of quiche, greek salad, soup and sandwiches. The numerous cupcakes in interesting flavors were wonderful, but the hands-down winner was an albacore tuna salad with cranberry on fresh baked honey-wheat bread. In a nutshell, it was to die for! I find myself craving the creamy conglomeration of flavors right now. How unfortunate to be a thousand miles away from a sandwich I can only describe as divine.

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  • Campfire Cafe: Fresh Fried Fish Lunch

    by rleverman Written Dec 30, 2004

    There is some satisfaction in catching and cooking your own fish that’s hard to explain. Excellent finger food for lunch.
    I make a pre-seasoned cornmeal dredge at home so there is no fuss to prepare in the wild.

    Fish Fry

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  • Russ' Campfire Cafe: Hearty Breakfast

    by rleverman Updated Dec 30, 2004

    There is nothing better than watching the sun rise and the smell of coffee and bacon cooking over a camp fire.

    Favorite Dish: I built what I call my “Camp Wok”. It's a dished piece of steel with horse shoes welded on for handles. It’s a great cooking just about anything. It's a griddle, fry pan and deep fryer all in one. (Maybe I should patent this thing)
    Here is a typical camp breakfast when I'm cooking. Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Fried Potatoes onions and Jalapenos. Now that’s good eatin!

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  • Jason's Campfire Cafe: Falafel on a Campfire??

    by rleverman Written Dec 30, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Jason works for a volenteer program in Colorado where he takes troubled kids on extended camping trips (usually two weeks at a time). He cooked some excellent meals including this one.

    Favorite Dish: Falafel, Fried onions, Tomato Sauce in a Pita and coffee. Now that's a creative camp dish.


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    No offense

    by genica45 Written Oct 15, 2004

    I didn't find the food in Minnesota particularly imaginative. I have nothing against the people and the food is palatable but I found, for example, that if you order pot roast and gravy, you get pot roast and gravy. I wondered why the food didn't have onions or mushrooms or any kind of spice which could add flavor to make the meal that more enjoyable. The food was decent but could have been better.

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    Fav resturants: There ar a...

    by MrGQ Written Sep 8, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fav resturants: There ar a few:

    Chino Latino: A very hip returant that offers a food that is a mix between latin and chinese food.A lot of 'terndy and wanna be trendy' go there. Most tend to dress up for it.

    Buca di Beppo: Although this Italian retursant is not exclusive to Minnesota it is still one of my fav Italian resturants there! They serve LARGE portions of food and you share. SO make sure you go in group of people.

    Girarrosto Tuscano, an Italian steak returant.The resturanthas a 70s theme sorta scarry I know!
    Everything dreadful about 70s design is cleverly repackaged in the comfortable dining room and bar.
    Plosyster suit and hair gel is optional by the way! :)

    Pickled Parrot:
    Attention Jimmy Buffett fans: the Pickled Parrot is your Margaritaville. Whenever the songwriter/author/Tequila spokesperson comes to town, the Pickled Parrot shelters Parrotheads to the full capacity! Providing free-flowing margaritas and tender, Caribbean-spiced ribs. Inside this downtown restaurant the vibe is loose and light with a caribian theme to it! It also serves some of the best crab in Minnesota, imported directly from Miami.

    Nico I am on a budget anything else other than McDonalds?!

    Well .. try the Da Afghan Express in NE Minneapolis. They serve Kababs and Chicken gyros. You can get a good meal for less than $8 !!

    Also check out Quang Restaurant in Minneapolis.There you can eat like big overweight hairy Emperor ( eat enough times there and you will look like one too) :)
    It serves Vietnamese food.
    Without a doubt the best vietnamese food in the cities.Great spring rolls and the soups are top notch.

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  • Rapper's Sports Bar and Grill: Rapper's Sports Bar and Grill

    by raeben Written Sep 7, 2002

    Prices are cheap the average meal is $5.50. They have 3 seating areas with a full service bar at each and every one depending on the atmosphere you like. They have 2 big screen tv's with 12 other tv's also. It's the hot spot to be for Vikings games. They have an incredible happy hour M-F from 3-6. A very friendly place downtown Alexandria.

    Favorite Dish: Where does one begin...from their unique sandwiches to pasta to apps that will easily feed a person. My fav tho is the Broadway pork sandwich it's a grilled hoagie bun loaded with grilled roast pork topped with melted swiss cheese, bacon, and their own 'broadway' sauce. It comes with your choice of a salad or fries but you can sub almost anything you want.

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