Minnesota Warnings and Dangers

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Minnesota Warnings and Dangers

  • Areas to Avoid

    Minneapolis Warnings and Dangers

    I would say avoid the whole area. Overpriced and Over-hyped, that is the Twin Cities. The downtown MPLS is freaking dirty, trash cans at just about every corner in downtown MPLS but crap is still on the ground along with cigarette butts, chewing gum, and loogies!. A bunch of bums downtown in MPLS. But if you have to come here. I would say any apart...

  • Driving / Parking

    Minneapolis Warnings and Dangers

    Clearing Minneapolis - and some suburban - streets of snow after a big winter storm requires that vehicles be removed from streets being plowed. The city(s) will issue a formal Snow Emergency alert to give citizens and visitors a few hours to move their cars, and no parking will be allowed on EITHER SIDE of streets with a red “Snow Emergency Route”...

  • Be Aware

    Minneapolis Warnings and Dangers

    In a (fairly) recent article in the Star Tribune (local newspaper), many people have gotten injured leaving a Downtown club or bar when it closes. Most clubs close around 2 am, so to avoid being mugged or stabbed, use common sense and leave before drunk people come out in droves. If you need to, call a cab. However, that doesn't mean Downtown is...

  • Weather

    Minneapolis Warnings and Dangers

    No hurricanes, monsoons or temperamental volcanos here but the Midwest has a few seasonal nasties that are good to be aware of. Summer/Spring/Fall: Severe storms are not uncommon and can produce strong winds, heavy rain and hail. The worst of them can produce tornados that, while short-lived and often narrow in scope, can do horrific damage to...

  • Storms (2)

    Unfortunately, some of our storms are quite severe. I remember standing at the airport in Arizona in 1997 and seeing a report on CNN about a tornado that ravaged St. Peter, Minnesota. St. Peter is a lovely community about 45 miles due west of Northfield. The 1997 tornado devestated its downtown and uprooted thousands and thousands of trees in town...

  • The Dangers of Winter Travel

    The weather in northern Minnesota can be dangerous in the winter. The week before I went to Duluth, the temperature fell to a record low of -45 degrees Farenheit (-43 degrees Celcius) in the nearby town of Embarrass. Anyone driving in such weather should be prepared to survive should they become stranded. Many of the roads in northern Minnesota go...

  • Tornado!

    Tornado season is between March and June/July, and Minnesota does get its fair share. This is a picture of a photograph taken by my mom while standing at home in her kitchen near Mankato, MN. Luckliy the tornado touched down in that field and was going the opposite direction. It did damage 2 homes that day though. Tornados are not really a good...

  • Bear Hang!

    Black Bears are not a common hazard, but you are in their backyard. Be aware and take precautions. Do not cook food, clean fish or wash dishes in the general vicinity of your camp. Do not keep any food in you tent and make a bear hang in the evening or any time you will be away from camp for extended periods. A bear hang consists of putting all...

  • Mosquitoes

    Mosquitoes should be Minnesota's State Bird. They are big, hungry and lots of them. Take some good bug repellant. Beware of the repellants containing "Deet" if you have Gore Tex or Polypropylene material in your clothes. Deet will react and can damage these materials. Take some after bite ointment, maybe even some Benadryl (analgesic) if you have...

  • Spring Storms

    There is an old saying about the weather in Minnesota in the spring--"if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes." True enough. But often times the change will be for the worse.Each April and May we will have brilliantly beautiful days where the temperatures soar into the 80s and sometimes even the 90s. But these days often lead to...

  • Speed traps: Be careful off...

    Speed traps: Be careful off the interstates (I-35 & I-94). The Minnesota Highway Patrol not only uses radar to trap speeding motorists but small aircraft as well. So if you see a single engine plane around, slow down. He may be watching you. On the interstates, you can generally get away with 5-7 mph faster than the posted limit; I wouldn't chance...

  • Every years a few people die...

    Every years a few people die in snowmobiling accidents! Either running off a cliff or falling into a frozen lake! Its a huge sport there winter time. Do exercise caution for you might be walking on thin ice! Also the temperature there sometimes gets as low as 30or 40 below zero with wind-chill. Make sure you dress WARM.

  • Watch out for the speed...

    Watch out for the speed traps!!! Local sheriffs have no qualms about handing out tickets to out-of-towners that fly by their spot. And unless you plan on a return visit in the near future to contest the ticket, you will likely be stuck mailing in your fine.

  • If you want to go camping up...

    If you want to go camping up north do some research. I don't suggest camping in the middle of a wooded area to a new camper. There are wolves,coyotes,bears,etc. that are wild. When I went to the BWCA we had to hang up our food pack from trees, correctly so the bears didn't get our food. Plus plants such as sumac and poison ivy cause a rash if it...

  • Almost every winter in...

    Almost every winter in Minnesota, you will experience some sub-zero temperatures. To avoid putting yourself in danger, dress warmly and listen to the weather reports. It is quite acceptable to look kind of funny when you are outside if it is cold, it is better than freezing...

  • A very serious danger in...

    A very serious danger in Minnesota are our winters. We have gotten temperatures of -60 below zero F. That is without the wind chill. It is no joke that skin can & will freeze extremly quick. Hypothermia is also a very real threat. If you will be outdoors in our cold winters, dress very warm, make sure all skin is covered & try not to be out for...

  • Yes, our freeways are very...

    Yes, our freeways are very confusing. Many drivers can be too aggressive and even downright nasty. Road rage is alive and well in Minnesota (much to our disgrace). Study a good road map and watch signs carefully. Know which lane you will need to be in. Get off the interstates for a more relaxing drive.

  • Weather in winter. Wind chills...

    Weather in winter. Wind chills can be vicious. If you are not used to winter driving, don't try and drive in MN. If you must drive, then heed warnings about carrying survival kits. People have frozen to death in their own driveways. This applies even more if you are elderly or have small children. This is not exageration! I lived there for many...

  • If you are from a warm climate...

    If you are from a warm climate dont even think about driving here in the winter. Only visit in the winter if a minnesotan from a rural area is driving you. Otherwise you will be a statistic. And dont think a 4x4 truck will help either. They are the first vehicles in the ditch every time there is a snow storm.

  • When travelling in summer, be...

    When travelling in summer, be aware of the mosquitos, specially in the BWCA. There are zillions, and there are always after YOU! They keep you from sleeping, they will keep on getting to you. They really are the most annoying buggers I know.

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