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    Natchez Parkway Cour. Wiki
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    Portrait of Eudora Welty- Wiki
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    Boyd House Museum Today
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Jackson Things to Do

  • Free Exhibits at the Archives & Histrory...

    Walking around downtown, you will likely find the Old Capital and the World War Memorial. However, just another half block up on the same side of the street. While the business side of the William F. Winter Archives and History Building may be just that, they do have a free exhibit in the lobby.But the lobby is rather small, so don't expect to...

  • Visit the Eudora Welty House

    Looking at a AAA Guidebook on Jackson I was struck that it mentioned the Eudora Welty House as a place to see. In the 1970's I had read her book, The Optimist's Daughter, and vaguely remembered her name when my wife suggested driving by it.Eudora Welty was better known for her wonderful short stories, She wrote about the South and the struggles...

  • Drive Along the Natchez Trace Parkway

    The Natchez Trace Parkway is an interesting drive and diversion from the urban noise of Jackson. The 444 mile parkway stretches from Natchez, Ms. to Nashville, Tn. The parkway is administered by the U.S. National Park Service. Speed on the road is limited to a maximum of 50 mph and no commercial vehicle are allowed.The trail itself dates back to a...

  • Boyd House (Oaks House Museum)

    Secluded on a smaller side street in downtown Jackson the Boyd House sits somewhat unconspicously from other neighboring houses. The house is the former residence of Jackson Mayor James H. Boyd, his wife Ellisa Ellis Boyd and their family.. The house Is one of the oldest homes to survive the burning of the city during the last stages of the Civil...

  • Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry...

    Although dedicated to the history of Agriculture, the highlight of this museum is a recreation of a turn of the century small Mississippi town.

  • Museum of Natural Sciences

    Located in LeFleurs Bluff State park in Central Jackson, this museum has an excellent natural history display including an aquarium.


Jackson Hotels

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Jackson Restaurants

  • Best no frills original burgers

    This restaurant is the real deal. Its the original which a few have tried to duplicate. Its a bit dodgy from the outside, and honestly speaking a bit dodgy on the inside too. But its plain, simple, cheap and good.The windows are tinted dark enough that you may think they are closed. When you go in, you'll realize that the inside is also dark,...

  • Southern Food

    Two Sister's serves lunch buffet style in an old mansion just a few blocks from the Capital building. Fried Chicken

  • Great Guacamole

    Who knew that you could get good tacos and tapas in Mississippi? You'll need a car to get from downtown to Babalu, located in Jackson's Fondren neighborhood, but I can promise you a lively evening. Housed in a former school, Babalu is a warm, noisy gathering place where you can have a glass of Spanish wine, Mexican beer, or sangria. The executive...


Jackson Nightlife

  • Nice Place to Have a Drink

    Although the bar is billed as a place for the hip young crowd, they made us oldsters feel welcome there, too.

  • irish pub

    one draw back to downtown jackson is it's total lack of bars and nightlife. i assume there are some bars in the suburbs but since i was not familiar with the area i elected to stay in the downtown area after dark. near the old state capitol i did find a good replica irish pub named fenians. they had good pub fare and a good beer selection. if you...

  • Irish pub theme

    Nice pub in the downtown district of Jackson. On St. Patrick's Day, it is ALWAYS packed to the rafters with drunken college kids. Keep in mind that parking during major events (i.e. St. Patrick's Day Parade, live music events, ect.) can be a pain. The pub does have its own microbrew, so if you want to try something other than the usual watered-down...


Jackson Transportation

  • JATRAN: The Local Bus System

    JATRAN is Jackson and Hines Country public transport. The system is limited in reach within metro Jackson, so don't expect it to reach Richland, Ridgeland, or Clinton. A ticket costs a dollar and transfers are possible. There are fewer buses during Saturday than during the weekdays, and the system is closed on Sundays. The link below provides the...

  • New Combined Central Bus and Train...

    Across from the King Edward Hotel, now under restoration, is the newly configured Greyhound, Amtrak, and JATRAN bus terminal. This terminal is architecturally interesting because the Amtrack train tracks go over the Greyhound boarding area. Old grey steel beams support the tracks, which serve as a boarding zone on a second story. Entrance to...

  • Historic Greyhound Bus Terminal: ...

    The spirit of the Art Deco interior has been more or less preserved by the architectural firm that owns and occupies the building. The interior space has a main floor for ticketing and passenger waiting, but on a second floor mezzanine area was additional space for seated waiting and restrooms. The women's room has a tub, but I couldn't see this...


Jackson Shopping

  • atufft's Profile Photo

    Fashion Corner: Lime Green Suit

    by atufft Updated May 10, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At 101 E. Capitol Street near the Elite Restaurant is an interesting men clothier where one can buy suits in garish colors.

    Fashion Corner
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Jackson Local Customs

  • atufft's Profile Photo

    Jackson's Annual Crawdad Festival

    by atufft Written May 3, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At the fairgrounds, which are just down the hill behind the old capitol building, Jackson hosts an annual festival of music and crawdad eating that is very popular among the young folk living in the area. I didn't have time to go, but I did spend a few minutes talking to the teenagers there. The music was mostly heavy metal and blues, I think. A link to a myspace.com page with sample music is provided below. Prices are shown on the photo of the ticket.

    Two girls show off their T-shirts for the event Ticket Information The location of the festival The band stage set-up Band action on stage...
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Jackson Warnings and Dangers

  • Service in the city

    Hanging uptown in Fondren? Midtown eats near the fairgrounds? Downtown at the Mississippi Museum of Art? Service just about anyplace is great - super speedy and super friendly - the 'burb are more likely to have stinky service than trendy neighborhoods in the city.

  • Prepare to get sass

    I'm not sure why, but it's a local custom in Jackson to get horrible service nearly everywhere. Go to a restaurant and you'll be lucky to get your order; actually, you'll be lucky to get anything. Go to a gas station and you might here the attendant utter a single word. Visit a Walmart and there is a decent chance that three functional illiterates...

  • Historically High Crime Areas of Jackson

    There are a few areas of the city you may want to consider avoiding, or be aware of your surroundings. Amongst the major streets you should be aware of your surrounds are: Ellis Ave, Robinson Rd., Hwy 80, McDowell Rd., and Hanging Moss Rd. Use common sense in and around these areas, as these areas are not the worst places in Jackson, but you do...


Jackson Tourist Traps

  • Don't purchase the "designer" handbags

    by Diego_dog Updated Jun 4, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In the Jackson Mall (Metrocenter), there are several shops and mom-and-pop stores that sell fake designer handbags (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, ECT - and poor fakes at that). Don't make the mistake of thinking that you are purchasing a real Louis Vuitton handbag with a "Made in Mexico" tag on it (BTW...Louis Vuitton is ONLY made in three countries, Spain, France, and in the US).

    Unique Suggestions: Don't condone this behavior, but if you are determined to purchase one of these handbags knowing it's a fake, then I tell you not to pay more than $5 for it, and besides, it's illegal for the storeowner to sell fake merchandise.

    Fun Alternatives: I would not recommend purchasing the fakes, as it only raises the prices on the legitimate goods for everyone else.

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Jackson Off The Beaten Path

  • Mississippi Petrified Forest

    This attraction about 15 miles north of Jackson features petrified wood unearthed as erosion cut away a gully. An about 1/2 mile trail winds it's way through the gully.124 Forest Park Road Flora, MS

  • natchez trace

    the natchez trace is a 444 mile long scenic highway that runs through mississippi, alabama, and tennessee. the trace was originally a native american trading route. there are two entrances to the trace near jackson one on I-20 just west of town and one on I-55. if you are not in a hurry this is a very interersting and pleasant way to go to natchez...

  • Residential Housing Along State Street: ...

    These homes are often converted into Law Offices, and some of them have signs to allow the public some understanding of the homes original owner. The details of workmanship around windows, doors, and roof edging are often quite extraordinary.


Jackson Sports & Outdoors

  • Payton, Peyton, and Dizzy

    by jinkoe Written Feb 20, 2006

    The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame is a great place to go for the sports enthusiast.

    To start off, there's a nice little video that gives a brief introduction to some of the sports greats that are in the museum. Additionally, the video is a rundown of MS sports legends like Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Archie Manning, and Dizzy Dean. The content is great, but the screen and video medium itself is a little worn down.

    After the video, the actual museum has a ton of exhibits to see. One can test their skills by throwing a football, kicking a soccer ball, or pitching to a batter in a "test your skills" area. It's great for the kids.

    There are videos of all time greats, talking about their accomplishments, thoughts on sports, and thoughts on life. Some of the greatest moments in Mississippi sports history are also a finger-tip away on the computerized monitors. The depth to which the interviews go is fascinating, making video watching an all day possibility.

    Other than the aforementioned, it's the typical sports museum. Old uniforms, cards, hats, memorabilia, championship rings, pictures and graphics line the walls. Bring plenty of film.

    MS Sports HOF The G.(RB)O.A.T.

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Jackson Favorites

  • atufft's Profile Photo

    "Jackson" the Song

    by atufft Updated May 3, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Jackson is the name and location described in a song that is widely familiar to the American music audience for having been sung by a variety of performers. Curious about this, I looked this up in Wikipedia and found the following:

    "Jackson" is a song written by Jerry Leiber and Billy Edd Wheeler about a married couple who find that the "fire" has gone out of their relationship. The song relates the desire of the husband and wife to travel to a city named Jackson (state is not specified), where they each look forward to a new life free of the unhappy relationship.

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