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    Natchez - Not for Children!

    by ATXtraveler Written Sep 7, 2009

    While you are researching things to do in Mississippi, let me make fair warning that children are not welcome in the City of Natchez. On several occasions we called ahead to make reservations at several bed and breakfasts, and overwhelmingly were turned down by the mention of our 15 month old daughter. Considering we normally spend less than 8 hours in a location, and normally do not arrive until her bedtime, it was disheartening to think that our daughter was so unwelcome. I understand having rules to protect the antiques in certain homes, but for $200 a night I would think you could put the breakable things up!

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    Beware the Heat!

    by DueSer Written Jan 24, 2009

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    It's hard to describe just how hot it gets in Mississippi in the summer months. You really shouldn't travel in that time of year but if you must, make sure you don't over exert yourself and carry plenty of water with you wherever you go. Don't think the air conditioning will be enough. I drank water all day long and still ended up dehydrated and I wasn't doing anything extremely physical.

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    Lies about Mississippi

    by jimandmarcus Written May 12, 2007

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    I grew up in Mississippi and I am appalled by some of the comments here on the stae. As far as I know, the KLAN doesn't even exist anymore. I am 54, lived there 30 years and still go there often, and I have NEVER even seen a Klansmen. My black friends and white friends alike would agree there is no place they would rather live, because it is peaceful, and safe. Do some still use the "N" word? Of course! Just like some people still say redneck as well. And if youare a Jew, or the idiot that said Jews should stay out of Mississippi, you might be surprised to know that there is a huge Jewish population in the state. Half of my friends I grew up with in Meridian are Jewish.
    Another tip was on the junky condition in the countryside. This fool obviously never went to Texas, New Mexico, or almost any other state you can name, where the countryside is full of junk cars and trash. That is a part of country living to some people. It still does not mean I don't love Texas, or any of the other states.
    Mississippi has gotten a bad rap for years. I must admit that we don't have mountains, but it is still a beautiful state, with some of the friendliest people in the country. Otherwise, y'all Yankees wouldn't be moving down here in droves!!!

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  • Beware of the KKK

    by hexpatraite Written Oct 21, 2005

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    When driving through mississippi it is imparitive to watch out for the klan, espically if you are an ethic minority or a jew. many white folks in mississippi use the N-word quite frequently and without much discretion. I do not reccomend that non-white, non-protestant, folks travel to mississippi unless escorted by somebody weilding a shotgun


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    Don't Take This Home with You

    by Small_World Written Aug 11, 2005

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    If you travel anywhere within Mississippi, you'll more than likely notice Kudzu, a fast-growing vine brought over from China in the 1800s that ultimately covers everything in its path. It is virtually impossible to get rid of once it takes root.

    I love the way it softens the landscape like a monchromatic Monet, but I've heard it eventually kills the plants it covers. It's great for preventing erosion, though, and cows love it.

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    Watch out for the Hurricanes

    by keeweechic Written Jan 13, 2003

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    We drove through Gulfport and the Gulf Coast area only a couple of days after Tropical Storm Isidore (a diminishing hurricane) swept through there. This photos is what it looked like - you would never have known what these people had recently gone through. Going during Hurricane season - you take your chances. We were only just ahead of the next one coming a few days later.

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    Rules of the Gulf Coast Beaches

    by keeweechic Written Jan 13, 2003

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    The rules are pretty defined, so leave those bows and arrows at home.

    No tents during the hours of darkness unless approved No glass, china, or pottery
    No motor vehicles, except those permitted by the Sand Beach Authority
    No animals of any kind
    No firearms, air guns, or bow and arrows
    No fireworks, except by permit
    No fires, except those permitted
    No advertising, except those approved
    No loud or unusual noise

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  • One thing that all Mississippi...

    by WhtKnt Written Aug 24, 2002

    One thing that all Mississippi travelers should be aware of is hurricane season. This period extends from June 1 to November 30 each year and though this should not be taken to imply that hurricanes cannot form outside of this period, it is rare that one does. For the intelligent individual, a hurricane is a minor threat, at best. During this time period,keep a close eye on local weather reports. Forecasters will inform you in plenty of time if a storm is approaching. If you are warned to evacuate the region, do so immediately! Don't wait until the last minute, as evacuation routes will be jammed. Only rarely does a hurricane of any real threat endanger our region, but if one does, just follow common sense and the directions of local officials and your safety is assured.

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  • Recently my wife and I...

    by IMFearless Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Recently my wife and I traveled to Biloxi
    Mississippi for an evening. We had tickets to a
    Willie Nelson concert and reservation at the Howard
    Johnson Express Inn at 1712 Beach Boulevard. We
    checked in and I place the room on my charge card.
    At 6 PM my wife tried to make a long distance call
    from the motel room’s telephone. She was unable to
    so I tried and had the same problem. I called the
    front desk to see if they had any idea of what the
    problem was. The desk clerk commenced to talk to
    me as if I should know that I had to make a $20
    deposit before they would activate the phone. He
    never told me that when we check in, there is
    nothing in the room that states that, and I never
    experienced this before, so why was he talking to
    like this. I told the clerk, “I have traveled the
    world over and never have had to do that before,
    and I hung up.” Within a minute, the phone rings
    and a man on the other side introduces himself as
    the manager (Jeff). He starts to accuse me of using
    profanity with the front desk clerk, specifically
    the f word. I start to defend myself by saying I
    never did say that. The manager continues to be
    belligerent. I thought managers were suppose to
    solve problems not create them. The manager
    continues to badger me and accuse me of using the f
    word until I say to him “I don’t have to take this
    from you” and I reference the posterior portion of
    a person. At that point, he informs me he is
    kicking me off the premise and not refunding my
    money. I said I am not leaving and he calls the
    police. The police arrive in 3 squad cars. The
    police ask for my side of the story and I tell it.
    The officer wants to hear the manager’s side of
    the story and he tells all kinds of lies. The
    officer informs me that the manager can make a
    citizen’s arrest and that he can wait up to a year
    to file charges. I start laughing. The officer
    says this is not a laughing matter. I say, I can
    not believe this. I have done nothing wrong and I
    can be arrested. This is too unbelievable for
    words. We leave without a refund, and the front
    desk manager proved whatever point he was trying to

    I have filed a complaint, Howard Johnson calls it
    a concern, through their customer relations 1-800
    number. They said I would have a response by the
    2nd of April. My advice is, if you stay at the
    Howard Johnson Express at 1712 Beach Boulevard in
    Biloxi, be careful.

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  • I love beaches because of...

    by traveltom Written Aug 24, 2002

    I love beaches because of there serenity and natural beauty. I love the ocean because it of it's natural wonders and it is fun to play in. Pass Christian's beach really upset me. It is a small town and you think they would want to keep their beach nice and tidy, which they probably should cherish so much. WRONG!!! There were anti-freeze containers, broken glass, beer bottles, food wrappers, and just a whole bunch of crap that probably found its way in from fishing boats in the Gulf. I picked up some stuff while walking along the beach, but I think the township needs to do a beach comb or something to restore the beauty of the beach.

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