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  • The Berkeley Pit
    The Berkeley Pit
    by JessieLang
  • Things to Do
    by JessieLang
  • Things to Do
    by JessieLang

Butte Things to Do

  • The Copper King Mansion

    The architecture In Butte is amazing, better then I have seen in any other town in Montana. This belonged to one of the original 3 copper kings of Butte, William Clark, the other 2 were Finlan whose son financed the hotel we just stayed at, and Daly, who founded the town I now live in. More money then anything they had. This place is actually now a...

  • Ride the Trolley

    The Trolley tour takes about 2 hours, and it passed quickly. The tour is informative and fun. Our driver/tour guide, was a retired miner, and I thought his stories were even more interesting than the sights he showed us.

  • World Museum of Mining

    This museum is one of the very few to occupy an actual historic mine site, and it shows the story of mining from earliest methods to modern techniques. There are about 50 buildings, lots of equipment, and a recreated mining camp. Tour guides take you a little way into the underground mine.

  • Tour the Copper King Mansion

    This is a 34-room Victorian mansion, built in 1888 for Copper King William A. Clark. He was very wealthy, and probably a bit eccentric, and the house tour is fascinating. It is a 1-hour tour, and costs $7 per adult. Hours are on web site below. Note: it is also a B&B (see my tip under lodging) and overnight guests get the tour without charge.

  • The Berkeley Pit

    This is one giant hole in the ground. It is 1700 ft. deep and about 3 mi. in circumference. When the mine closed in 1982, the pumps were shut off, and the pit is now full of very acidic water that they have to figure out how to clean up. There is an admission fee to go to the viewing platform. If you pay it, you get a look at what we can do to our...

  • Nature Trail

    Ulrich/Schotte Nature Trail is a two-mile paved trail through wetlands. It starts at the Visitor Center. No cost.

  • Our Lady of the Rockies

    You can't miss her. She's a 90 ft. statue of Mary up in the mountains. She's lit up at night. I first saw her on my cross-country drive from St. Louis to Seattle, then saw her again when I went to Butte on business.

  • Look for ghost signs

    Ghost signs are the cheap alternative to billboards that are painted on the sides of buildings. The reason they call them ghost signs is because most of them are over 70 years old and represent businesses and products that are long since forgotten. They are a piece of artwork, decorating uptown buildings and sharing some of Butte's long history....

  • 3/16 St. Urhos Day

    The day before St. Patrick's day is St. Urho's day. It is supposed to be the patron Saint of Finland except for the fact that it is totally fabricated. I have read on the internet that it originated in Minnesota but Butte wants full credit for this one! In anycase, St. Urho drove the grasshoppers out of Finland (i.e. locusts), to protect the...

  • granite mountain memorial

    Worth the few minutes to drive uphill on main st. to the top of the Berkely pit just to see it, but once you are there, there is a memorial to the miners that were killed in June of 1917 in a mine fire. Their names are all etched in the stones that pave the path and there are memorials and their story overlooking the pit. 168 men died in the...

  • St. Patrick's Day

    This is the biggest day of the year in Butte, Montana. It probably fuels the economy for the next 3 months. There are more then a few bars in uptown Butte and you owe it to yourself to check them out and pick your favorite. Ours was far and away the Silver Dollar. It had the best music and the nicest crowd. Guinness around town varied from 3 to 4...

  • "Welcome to Red Wood!" Outdoor Theatre...

    -Unfortunately due to a lack of funding and a fall apart with the two production companies this show was canceled. It was sure to be a great show, however we will all never know.-A local writer, has written a great play to be performed this summer, in Whitehall, MT. The play titled "Welcome to Red Wood!" is an outdoor western. It'll be a great...


Butte Hotels

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Butte Restaurants


    I was shocked at the prices for the offerings! Many steaks topped $35, and this is in Butte! The steak, when I finally got it, was ok, but tasted old. The place is "Real Fancy" but the food is very usual. Really don't think I can recommend it because of the price and quality. Steak, obviously brined!

  • Huge cheap breakfast

    It was St. Patrick's day in Butte so everyone was festive. We ordered corned beef hash with hash browns, over easy eggs and dark rye toast....all for $5.95 and we SPLIT it and could still not finish our meal.

  • Fantastic Mexican Food in Uptown Butte!

    I'm originally from California (sorry :) ) I constantly crave the kind of fresh tacqueria style food that I thrived on there. Until I ate at this place, I thought I was condemned to eat the truck-stop style Mexican food that predominates in Montana. La Hacienda delivers fresh authentic food that is very delicious. It is located in an old historical...

  • Chinese! Yum!

    Great Chinese dishes at a great price. But if your not into buffets try The Asia Gardens, or the Hong Kong Restaurant. But for a very unique experience of Buttes past, try the Pekin Noodle Parlor. Some say it's the best chinese food in the world!

  • The Lamplighter

    Decor is nothing to write home about, but the food is non-stop. The dinners are served with peel & eat shrip as an appetizer, bread, and pasta - all serverd family style. You also get a salad, andchoice of potato with your meal. No veggies though :( Prime Rib. I had the 'Petite Cut'. There are 4 cuts, and the petite cut is the second smallest. I...

  • The M&M Bar & Cafe

    Like a lot of places in Uptown Butte, the M&M is a landmark. Most of the seating is at the counter by the grill, or at the bar. There are a few tables in the back. And, of course, there are video gambling machines. This was my introduction to the Pasty. It's an Irish dish (but, strangely enough, I never had one in Ireland?), that's kind of like a...


Butte Nightlife

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  • Butte is full of casinos and...

    Butte is full of casinos and lounges just drive around and you'll be able to find them. Some of the more historic ones would be the M&M and Irish Times Pub in Uptown Butte. But some of the more modern ones like, Uno's Lounge on Harrison Ave still provide excitement and fun.

  • Maloney's Bar - Don't know if...

    Maloney's Bar - Don't know if it would be considered traditional 'nightlife', but there are not categories in VT for taverns.Established in 1871. There is a big green shamrock inlaid in the sidewalk in the entryway. The prize for the World Series baseball pool was a rifle with a scope. Anything, including hunting attire.

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Butte Shopping

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  • "Little New York" in Butte, MT

    This little shop looks like it doesnt belong in Butte, MT. I have only been there one time, and I am going again this weekend (July 12, 2003)...I am driving 90+ miles to go there. It is a kind of grocery store that I havent seen anywhere else in Montana. Home made dishes in the freezer (lasagna, meetballs, etc.)..Every type of food from every...

  • Best Service and Quality

    Shopping in Uptown Butte is great! Just pull your car over on Park Street and walk down the street looking into all the window displays. Every store is unique, none are chains, or national corporations. Theyre all Butte!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Butte Warnings and Dangers

  • Backroads

    Don't get too adventerous unless you're very prepared for contingencies. Some of the back roads are dangerous.

  • Beware when traveling to the...

    Beware when traveling to the various bars. 'Night life' here kicks into full swing and parting is the highlight of this 'Irish town.' Although men are not the only ones who like a good brawl in this town, women will and do search out a good old fashion fight!

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Butte What to Pack

  • Pack Appropriately...

    Winter here can get pretty cold. I think the coldest last year was -30 degrees. So bring warm clothes. But summer here is nice. 70's are the norm. But it can and does get up to the 90's. We have mountains, mountains, and more mountains.

  • Packing List

    I was interested in walking around the historic district, even if just during lunch, so I brought shoes that were both appropriate for the office (which is fairly casual) and comfortable.Also - It can be quite cold and windy in the fall & winter, so I brought a parka (shell) and a fleece.

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Butte Off The Beaten Path

  • Fairmont Hot Springs, Anaconda, MT

    Fairmont Hot Springs is 15 miles west of Butte on interstate 90. It has a hot pool, swimming pools and a three-story water slide. It also has golf and tennis. You can rent a room, hook up an RV, or just stay for the day.

  • Painting the shamrock

    It happens at midnight when St. Patrick's day begins. The police block off the streets, the crowds gather by the hundreds and the local chosen few get to paint the shamrock in the street of a busy intersection. Maybe you had to be there but it was very fun.

  • Lost Creek

    Great little public park called Lost Creek, just west of Anaconda. Waterfalls and meadows with creeks that are jack-full of trout, old gold mining camps, and postcard scenery.


Butte Favorites

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  • The Sunsets and Sunrises

    If your in Butte, make sure you look up into the sky, especially, either in the morning or evening. The sunsets are absolutely beautiful here, were at a perfect altitude, where the sun glows. It's to hard to describe, you just have to see it for yourself. By the way this picture is not even close to what it looks like in real life.

  • If you have never been to...

    If you have never been to Butte before you must take the Old Number 1 Trolley tour through Uptown Butte. The trolley is an old street car used in the mining city, back in the day. The tour is approximately an hour and half. It's fun! The Columbia Gardens was the most beautiful and funnest place, it was a amusement park, built for the kids of Butte...

  • The Lady of the RockiesThis...

    The Lady of the RockiesThis is a 90 ft. statue on top of the Rocky Mountains. To get there you have to take a bus tour up to the top. But they are working on a tram to take people up to the top. It should be completed in a couple years. Also at the base of the Lady is a Womens Memorial Wall and a Chapel. This is the second largest statue in...


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