Montana Things to Do

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Montana Things to Do

  • Roosevelt Arch

    Gardiner Things to Do

    Roosevelt Arch is the north entrance's gateway into Yellowstone National Park. This is the original entrance into the park. Visitors would take the train into Montana, and ride in stagecoaches to this entrance. This Arch was created in 1903. President Theodore Roosevelt was visiting the park at the time. He placed the cornerstone for the arch,...

  • Ski & Board Montana

    Oh we have the greatest slopes at a lower cost than most and little to no lines. Check out the video for this movie that was made here in Montana on how nuts we are about it here. There are a few hidden places here that are not only world class slopes, but they are low cost and no lines to get on the lifts.


    Most of Yellowstone National Park lies within Wyoming, but small fringes exist in Idaho and Montana, as well. Just outside of Montana’s fringes lie three little towns from which you can establish a home base while exploring the vast Park from. They are conveniently situated on the west, north and northeast edges of the Park. The Park is very large,...


    There are many beautiful highways in Montana, but you would be hard-pressed to beat the Beartooth Highway for pure magnificence. The road was built in 1937. It never was a primary travel route before it was built. The primary reason it was developed was to bring in tourists. The road goes for 68 miles running from the town of Red Lodge in the east...


    Prairie dogs are one of those emblematic animals of the Great Plains along with buffalo. Unlike the buffalo, the prairie dog was not hunted to almost extinction though their numbers have been greatly reduced with the sprawl of urbanity and the encroachment of agriculture. Farmers are not fond of the prairie dog because of the foraging ability of a...


    Located a few miles south of Billings, the Pictograph Cave has been the site of human comings and goings for thousands of years. First excavated in 1937, the cave was the first such excavated work done on the Northern Plains. Items as old as 9,000 years old were uncovered – over 30,000 separate pieces have been recovered in all.The pictographs have...


    For $15, you get a pan to use, a pail full of dirt taken from the miles of mine trailings along Alder Creek and a vial to store all of the gold and garnets you find within that pail. The River of Gold experience is located on the south side of Montana Highway 297 just east of Nevada City. There are several exhibits from mining history including a...


    Three rivers come together at this State Park to form the 2,300 mile-long Missouri River. The official beginning is where the two Presidential rivers come together – the Jefferson and the Madison (who was actually the Secretary of State at the time Lewis & Clark named the river). The Gallatin – named for Swiss-born Albert Gallatin - joins the mix...


    Bison have jumped to their deaths here for over 2000 years. Native Americans chased herds of bison to the rim rock precipice up until about two hundred years ago when horses came onto the scene allowing bison hunting to take place in an easier fashion.Young men dressed in animal skins known as runners used to try and lure the bison to the cliff...


    Nestled up along the Canadian border is Glacier National Park, a magnificent piece of Montana’s Rocky Mountains preserved. Most people limit their exploration to a journey up and over Logan Pass on the Going-To-The-Sun Highway. While that is a good place to start from, realize that there are over 730 miles of trails to further your discoveries...


    Little Bighorn is one of the most famous battles in American history. It was a somewhat small-scale affair compared to other battles – Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Yorktown, New Orleans, Meuse-Argonne, D-Day – but the totality of the defeat, its unexpectedness and the colorful nature of the Federal commander involved – one George Armstrong Custer –...

  • Glaciers

    Glacier National Park is a must-see when in Montana. When I went the main road wasn't completely open yet, but it was still a breathtaking experience. We hiked down the closed road to a small waterfall off the path. The shops right in beginning of the park have some amazing local artwork and crafts. There is also an information center with...

  • Power Maker

    Visit Kerr Dam in Polson, Montana. The guys that work there are fantastic and so informative. If you call ahead, you can schedule a tour of the inside of the power station that runs the dam. It is amazing inside. You can tour the huge machinery before taking a walk down to see the dam. It was great to learn how the dams work and what an impact they...

  • Bison, Bison, and More Bison

    The National Bison Range is quite possibly my favorite thing about Montana. Our group went there to volunteer, but got to tour the property as well. The bison are amazing and massive animals. They roamed about without a care in the world. There were some other wildlife as well including one mother badger that kept popping up.

  • Symes hot springs

    This is an old hotel restored to the original 30's look and feel. The bedrooms are all art deco furniture and it has a very comfortable lobby where everyone hangs out. I did not want this under hotels because going to the Symes is not about a place to stay, it is an adventure in itself. The mineral water is the best I have ever been in and I try to...

  • Visit Glacier National Park

    The Park has some of the most breath taking natural beauty I have seen anywhere.It is very inexpensive and only cost us a few dollars to enter.The road we took was called the "Going to the Sun Highway."I can't recommend driving this road enough.We had to stop every little ways to take in the views and hike and explore!Be sure and check ahead before...

  • Ghost hunting

    There are several different ghost town in Montana. Garnet was just listed in 2010 as a Ghost Town. People had to be pretty tough to live here at that time.There is a $3.00 fee for entry and is done on the honor system.This is a self guided tour. Get a pamphlet and you can go in most of the buildings. Some I don't recommend going is as they don't...

  • Logon Pass

    On my first trip to Montana in 1994, it was a very big deal to drive the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park. It was hailed as the top scenic drive in any US National Park and I must say, it did not disappoint. The winding road hugged the mountains closely and if any drive could approximate a hike, this sure seemed to be it. Stopping at...

  • Glacier National Park

    Glacier National Park is a study in contrasts. While it does have what is possibly the most scenic drive of any US National Park, its most incredible spots can only be reached on foot. The park does its very best to make these spots accessible, from shuttles to shorten hikes to extremely useful free trail descriptions and sketch maps, but in the...

  • Little Bighorn Battlefield

    In 1876 at this battlefield Custer attacked the Sioux. led by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, who camped near the Bighorn River, in order to force them back into their reservation. Having seriously underestimate the number of Indians encamped there he did not have a snowball's chance in hell of winning, and in what was one of the biggest victory for...

  • Experience the cowboy lifestyle

    For months I had been looking forward to travelling to the Dryhead Ranch for a cowboy-style horseriding holiday. We had looked at a lot of ranches on the web, but many of them seemed to be rather like leisure ranches, where they just take you on trails for the fun of it, but we were looking for more of working-type ranch, where we could participate...

  • Drive along the Beartooth Highway

    The Beartooth Highway is an absolutely stunning stretch of road. Coming from Billings, I could see the Absaroka mountain range looming in the distance and slowly coming closer. Then the road wound up in precarious serpentines along the mountain sides up to plateau of the Beartooth Pass, with many turnouts and viewpoints along the way. The views...

  • Landscape of Montana

    We drove across Montana from the northern entrance of Yellowstone on Rt 89 to the North Dakota Border on Interstate 94, stopping for a night in Billings. Almost the entire route followed along the Yellowstone River, as it grew from a quick-running, fish-infested rapids leaving Yellowstone National Park, to a wide fast river as it approached the...

  • Billings

    Billings, with 100,000 residents, is Montana's largest city and even the largest city within a 100-mile radius. Originally a railroad town, Billings draws tourists due to its close proximity to Yellowstone National Park and the Little Big Horn battlefield. The area was also on the route of the Lewis and Clark expedition during 1806 (in fact, nearby...

  • Snowmobile in Yellowstone

    A snowmobile trip through the Park is an amazing experience and something you really must try if you have a chance. People who enjoy Yellowstone in the summer will be amazed at the beauty of the place in winter. We half joked that it felt like we were in Narnia.Our guide was fantastic - all snowmobilers must go in with guides - and works both for a...

  • Three Forks Spring Horse Drive

    Each April, the Montana Horses ranch moves a huge herd of horses from Winter to Summer pastures. The drive takes them through the towns of Willow Creek and Three Forks. It's a fantastically "Montana" event. There's great street food, sales and a dance at night at the Sacagawea Inn in Three Forks.We watched the drive from the Main Street of Three...

  • Yellowstone's North Entrance

    While the vast majority of Yellowstone in Wyoming, a small sliver of the park is in Montana and Idaho. In total, 96 percent of park is located within Wyoming, while 3 percent is within Montana, with the remaining 1 percent in Idaho.The primary northern entrance to the park is at Gardiner, Montana, and is marked by the famous Roosevelt Arch, whose...

  • Hot Springs

    This is Silex Springs, one of the many hot springs you can see in Yellowstone National Park. Take a look at the colours ! The things you see in this park make you think you took a trip to another planet... it's unbelievable!!!

  • Hayden Valley and Sulphur Cauldron

    Ranger-guided wildlife walk from Hayden Valley turnout about halfway to Lake Junction from Canyon Junction. Ranger walks are at 0700 Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Hayden Valley is a great place to view wildlife. The Sulphur Cauldron area is just south of the Hayden Valley turnout.

  • Yellowstone Wildlife II

    More wildlife of Yellowstone. Too much to include in just one entry. The wildlife was abundant and fantastic.

  • Wildlife of Yellowstone I

    The wildlife is astounding and as beloved by the people as the beautiful land they live in. Do NOT forget though...this is WILDlife! Do not approach them as though they were pets! They are beautiful but dangerous. And YOU are dangerous to them! Respect and appreciate them. (Our ONLY disappointment was not seeing any moose! A wolf would've been...

  • Mammoth Hot Springs

    The terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs are similar to those at Pamukkale, Turkey. I suggest to anyone wanting to tour this area on foot that you drive uphill, turn in to the one-way Upper Terrace Drive, and park right after turning off. Then hike on the boardwalk paths. It is really a beautiful area, surrounded by great mountain panoramas. My photos...

  • Northwest Yellowstone Entrance

    There are a number of features just inside Yellowstone's northwest entrance, south of Gardiner, Montana. The first is Roosevelt Arch (named after President Teddy Roosevelt, who designated Yellowstone a national park, making it the world's first). South of that is the 45th Parallel, marking the midway point between the North Pole and Equator. About...

  • Norris Geyser Basin

    Norris Geyser Basin is the ONE area that was a real let-down. The walk is long, steep, and pointless, the geothermal activity is minimal, and the tourist hordes are undeterred. Its one redeeming feature is a small museum with exhibits that explain some interesting points about geothermal features.

  • Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin

    Old Faithful is still the star attraction of Yellowstone. You can tell that from ALL the cars and people there!! The crowds are my LEAST favorite thing! Everyone (but me) was too tired to do much when we got here, so we didn't get to see any of the other features besides Old Faithful. I climbed to Observation Point though for some photos of the...

  • Black Sand Basin

    Small but vibrant. Easy, short boardwalk stroll. A number of colorful and photogenic features.Black Sand Basin was named for the black obsidian sand scattered throughout the area.

  • Firehole River and Excelsior Geyser...

    Excelsior Geyser erupted for 46 hours on Sept. 14, 1985. The last prior known eruption was in 1888. Yet the geyser flows copiously, 200 degree water at a rate of over 5 million gallons a day pouring into the Firehole River. That's 1 1/2 BILLION gallons a year!

  • Midway Geyser Basin - Awesome Sights

    This is a can't-miss group of geothermal features. If you go be sure to climb the slope across the highway for some great panoramic shots. The day we were there, we had the added pleasure of watching a herd of buffalo cross the rock escarpment from the south with calves searching for the best place to leap across the steaming runoff channels. The...

  • Grand Prismatic Spring, Middle Geyser...

    A spectacular sight. Grand Prismatic has a 370 foot diameter, greater than a football field. The colors are brilliant and powerful. Even the mud flats have arresting patterns, the art in nature. The vapors above the spring appear brightly colored, smoke of bold orange, red, and blue spectrums. A must-see.

  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

    Magnificent and awesome. North Rim Drive was closed for renovation when we were there, but South Rim was great anyhow.

  • Dunraven Pass and Tower Fall.

    These two sites are in the North-central Park between Tower Junction and Canyon Junction. It is a very scenic drive. Dunraven Pass is on the south slope of Mt. Washburn. There is a small area with picnic tables just north of Canyon Junction, but we did not see any more between there and Tower Fall. Parking is at a premium at Tower, but there are...

  • Firehole Lake Drive

    A beautiful side-trip. 3-mile, one-way, south-north crescent drive. Enter on road on east side of highway south of Fountain Paint Pots. Return to highway just north of Paint Pots. Great Fountain Geyser is the star attraction but only erupts every 7-15 hours. There is a closer estimate each day available at the Old Faithful Visitor Center. White...

  • Fountain Paint Pot, Lower Geyser Basin

    There is a good boardwalk along Fountain Paint Pot Nature Trail. It's a very pleasant and easy self-guided tour.

  • Firehole River Drive

    This is a great introduction to the awesome and unexpected sights of Yellowstone. Just south of Madison Junction, turn right onto the one-way Firehole River Drive. It's a 2-mile drive with several delightful features. There ARE bathrooms by the (unattended) popular swimming area.

  • When you are in West...

    When you are in West Yellowstone, Montana, and you are a bookworm, visit The Bookpeddler. Great for books and they have good coffee too!


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