Nebraska Things to Do

  • Old Market
    Old Market
    by laraangelique
  • The Joslyn Memorial, which houses the Art Museum
    The Joslyn Memorial, which houses the...
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  • Dale Chihuly sculpture
    Dale Chihuly sculpture
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Nebraska Things to Do

  • Scotts Bluff National Monument

    This was the thing that brought me to Nebraska, and it was the first of two sites we visited in the state.This is one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Nebraska, and one of the state's main attractions. It is a MUST on any visit to the state, especially since the rocky environment and original prairie habitat, is not something you...

  • Chimney Rock

    This is the most famous landmark on the Oregon Trail, and the most famous landmark in Nebraska. In fact, it is so iconic that it is featured on the Nebraska state commemorative quarter. This strange geologic feature is composed of a combination of Brule clay, volcanic ash, and Arikaree sandstone. The chimney shape was formed through a process known...

  • Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area

    Lake McConaughy is the largest lake in the state of Nebraska. It is about 20 feet long, 4 feet wide and up to 142 feet deep at the dam. The lake offers a wide variety of water related sports and is a nice place to just relax and take a few nice pictures. Lake McConaughy is near the town of Ogallala. I just dipped my feet in the cool clear water;...

  • Fort Robinson State Park

    Fort Robinson State Park is considered by many to be the premier park in Western Nebraska. It is named for Fort Robinson a former U.S. Army Post but has much more than the fort to attract tourists. Fort Robinson was in service during the Indian Wars and was the site of the Cheyenne Outbreak in 1879. It was here that the great Sioux War Chief Crazy...

  • Fort Kearny State Park

    Fort Kearny was established as a military outpost along the Oregon Trail in 1848 to protect pioneers making the trip west, and was named for General Stephen W. Kearny. It also served as a stop for the stage coach, a pony express station, the headquarters for the Pawnee Scouts, and a supply depot/outfitter during the Indian Wars, along with...

  • Fort Atkinson State Historic Park

    Fort Atkinson was the first U.S. Military post west of the Missouri River and was established in 1819, by the Yellowstone Expedition. The fort was named for Colonel Henry Atkinson, commander of the expedition. The first winter was very bad and over 160 men died on this first expedition here. The fort was active from 1820 to 1827 and supported over...

  • Cowboy State Trail

    The Cowboy Trail will one day be a 321 mile kike and bike trail running along Northern Nebraska from about Norfolk to Chadron. Currently the main part of the trail that has been completed is a 195 mile stretch from Norfolk to Valentine. The trail follows the old Chicago & Northwestern Railroad line and when completed will be the world's longest...

  • Buffalo Bill's Ranch State Historic Park

    William Frederick Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill, was the best known Nebraskan in his day and may still be. He was a guide, a scout, a buffalo hunter, a rancher, a farmer, and a showman known around the world. His ranch was located near the town of North Platte in Nebraska. Today the ranchhouse and grounds are open for tourists to learn a bit...

  • Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical...

    Ashfall Fossil Beds is a fascinating park showing the results of a volcanic eruption in what is now Idaho some 12 million years ago. The ash entered the lungs of the animals living over a wide area and slowly killed them. Their bones were preserved by the drifting ash as they fell by, and in, a waterhole. The skeletons are quite well preserved even...

  • Ash Hollow State Historic Park

    Ash Hollow was named for a grove of ash trees located here, and was a rest stop along the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails for settlers heading west. Of course the area was attractive to mankind many years before the expansion west, as its ready supply of water and plantlife attracted lots of animals and therefore pre-historic hunters. As...

  • Arthur Bowring Ranch State Historic Park

    This state park preserves a turn of the century cattle ranch displaying artifacts and memorabilia about the ranch and its owners Arthur and Eve Bowring. Arthur was a state legislator and Eve was the first Nebraska woman elected to the US Congress. Hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, 9 AM to sunset the rest of the year....

  • Valentine National Wildlife Refuge

    Not far from the town of Valentine, in Northern Nebraska, and not far from Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge is another refuge called Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. The Valentine National Wildlife Refuge is about 72,000 acres of the Nebraska sandhills studded with shallow lakes and marshes. The refuge is home to a different variety of...

  • Scotts Bluff National Monument

    Scotts Bluff was a landmark along the Oregon and California Trails. Between 1841 and 1869 some 350,000 pioneers headed west in the shadow of Scotts Bluff. This is about 1/3 of the way along the trail. Settlers did not stay here long to celebrate, however, because they had to get through the mountain passes in the Rockys before winter or they could...

  • Niobrara Scenic River

    The previous tip was about a predominately historical site, now this one is more geared toward sports and recreation. There are 76 miles (120 kilometers) of the river set aside as the "Niobrara National Scenic River" and for good reasons. The river has cut through some rocky cliffs allowing the rivers and stream that feed into the Niobrara to from...

  • Homestead National Monument

    Homestead National Monument was established to commemorate the Homestead Act that opened the way for free land and the expansion west. It is located in Nebraska because it is believed the homestead on this spot, applied for by Daniel Freeman, was one of the first, and possibly THE first homestead granted under the Homestead Act. The visitor's...

  • Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge

    The Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge preserves over 19,000 acres of prime wetland and prairie located along the Niobrara National Scenic River. The refuge got its name from the Fort Niobrara Military Reservation that occupied the land from 1879 to 1906. The river, and the limestone cliffs eroded by it, provide a home habitat for a number of...

  • Chimney Rock National Historic Site

    Chimney Rock rises 300 feet above the surrounding plains, which made it a prominent landmark as settlers made the long, hard trek west along the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails. The site is a National Historic Site but is run by the Nebraska State Historical Society. There is a visitors center here with some nice displays about the history of...

  • Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

    Agate Fossil Beds National Monument is concentrated around two small hills (University and Carnegie) protruding from a grassy plain. It is here that an abundance of fossils from the Miocene Epoch (23 Million to 5 million years ago) were found. The fossils are predominantly Miocene Epoch mammals from about 20 million years ago and are amongst the...

  • The State Capitol Building

    The current Nebraska State Capitol Building is the third building built on this site that has served as the state's capitol. The first was completed in 1868, and the second was completed in 1888. Both buildings had to be demolished due to poor construction practices. Their foundations had begun to settle and the exterior walls therefore began to...

  • Niobrara State Park

    Located on the Missouri National Recreational River, the state park is one of several camping, hiking, fishing and other river access points to both the Niobrara and the Missouri Rivers.

  • Niobrara National Scenic River

    This untethered natural stream passes through the edge of the Great Plains, creating a unique mixture of plants and animals far out into an area of low moisture. While primarily a canoing river, there is limited access at several locations for hiking and camping.

  • Winter Quarters

    In the late 1840's travelers, on foot and by wagon train were forced to winter here on the banks near the Missouri River. Many did not survive to move on to Utah following that winter

  • Red Cloud - home of Willa Cather

    In Nebraska, you can see the home town of famous writer Willa Cather ("O Pioneers!"). Cather grew up here until a young adult when she moved to the cities.Many of Cather's novels are set out in the Nebraskan countryside, in places that resemble Red Cloud.You can visit the Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial and Educational Foundation and learn about the...

  • The Original Pony Express Station

    The Original Pony Express Station is located two miles (three kilometers) north of Interstate 80 in Gothenburg. The log cabin also served as a trading post, ranch house, and stagecoach stop.In 1860, the Pony Express was formed as a quick way to deliver mail to communities and farms in the growing West. The route stretched 1,996 miles (3,164...

  • Go to the Blue House in Walthill,...

    It is incredible how quickly the life can change.. just a few hours ago i was in Paris, and then a nice jamaican meal with my sister in Miami and here I am about to enter the house which we call the Blue house in Walthill among the Indians.. now for a few days nothing else exists.. we live in our own world, say the indians, and we just exist in...


    Photo # 1: CRUISE NEBRASKA ON A HARLEY....or any other two-wheeler. Just be careful!Photo # 2: Most cropdusters are fixed-wing aircraft, often painted yellow. But here is a helicopter cropduster; if you look closely you can see the "wands" extending out from the sides. The chemicals spray out from these wands as the chopper flies just above the...

  • Last of the Mushrooms for the season

    People go mushroom hunting and they are plentiful this time of the year but it becomes scarce towards the end of May. it is usually fried with eggs or eggs and cream.

  • Lake McConaughy

    A sportmans paridise on the Platt River just a few miles downstream from the orginal Cabella's outlet. This is sand hill country so it is almost like being on the beach in Southern, California. Fishing is good, lots of boat ramps, and campgrounds and motels located around the lake.

  • Henry Doorly Zoo

    This is hands-down the BEST zoo I have ever been to (Even better than the San Diego Zoo), I had a great time. The Henry Doorly zoo has an impressive selection of animals and displays that makes Omaha a worthy destination to visit for people who have an appreciation for zoos. I spent the entire day walking around non-stop and even managed not to see...

  • Omaha, the commercial center of Nebraska

    The Zoo, the Botanic Garden, Aksarben Race Track (Horses), fine dining, The Orpheum (legitimate theater), Westroads Shopping Mall, 77th ST, and the Old Market all make Omaha a place to visit. On business, there has not been much time for all of these, but many have been experienced.My Omaha page

  • Cabela's

    In Chappell, Nebraska, 1961, Dick Cabela modestly began Cabela's by offering free fishing lures and enclosing a catalog. In 1969 Cabela's opened their first large-scale store in Sydney, Nebraska. Even then, the company's foundation was in the catalog business and they still mail 120 million catalogs per year. Cabela's currently has 14 stores,...

  • Nebraska Farms

    Nebraska has 48,000 farms totaling 45,700,000 acres, averaging a 952 acres per farm. This makes the average farm size in Nebraska 10th largest in the nation. In terms of total acres of farming, Nebraska is 4th in the nation, behind only Texas, Montana, and Kansas.Nebraska's #1 crop is grain corn, while the state also produces large quantities of...

  • Carhenge

    Created in 1987, Carhenge is made of 38 American cars painted gray and aligned to resemble the ancient Stonehenge monument in England. Farmer Jim Reinders created the monument for his father. Though the townspeople originally wanted to tear it down, it is now advertised around the town, it has grown to include new art, and a visitors' center is...

  • Boot Hill Cemetery

    Boothill cemetery in Ogallala was one of several "boothill " cemeteries we found out West. Ogallala had a reputation for being a lawless place and lots of gun fights happened there. The cemetery has very many young people burried in it. It was kind of strange looking at the graves. Usually cemetaries are not something I think of as a tourist...

  • Enjoy the autumn weather and colors

    Get out and about in the fall of the year. Nice cool days and nights, usually low humidity, and of course the colors.

  • Omaha Zoo

    This was the largest zoo we have ever visited and well worth the little detour. We spent 5 hours there, and still did not see everything. We skipped the aquarium stuff, since we have plenty of that at home. I was amazed at the amount of tigers and leopards they had! I counted at least 20. Most zoos only have one or two. I have never seen a Rhino...

  • Wildlife Safari

    Just south of Omaha, there is a small wildlife safari (4-miles) that has a variety of animals (bobcats, bears, deer, wolves, eagles, buffalo etc.). There are bear and wolf feedings on the weekend. Admission $5 Adults $3 KidsOpen in the from April - October only.

  • Henry Doorly Zoo

    Omaha is fortunate to have one of the country's better zoos. So, if you're into animals, have children, or just want to do something different for the day, check out the Henry Doorly. The zoo has a rainforest jungle, a desert dome, an aquarium, a recently built semi-interactive (through glass bubbles) gorilla enclosure, an imax theater, etc. etc....

  • Scottsbluff National Monument

    Scottsbluff is one of the monuments the pioneers that settled the American West used as a point of direction. There are some more in the area. The wagon trails went through here. There are still some ruts of the wagon wheels on the Oregon Trail visible.It took us a day to drive through Nebraska, doing mostly about 75 mph, I can't imagine doing this...

  • Nothing

    Probably nothing... There is nothing to do...If you really wanna visit Nebraska the only place you could see it is probably Lincoln......Pretty flat and boring but at least there is more to do than every other places.


    THE GREATEST MIGRATION OF WATERFOWL IN NORTH AMERICA comes right through central Nebraska. From about the middle of February, when the geese arrive, through late March when the Sandhill Cranes are here, it is quite a show.In the photos you will see Canadian and Snow Geese.

  • Harold Warp's Pioneer Village

    This museum, in central Nebraska, gives a lot of insight into the lives of earlier inhabitants of this state. Here's a place to learn about the pioneers, farmers, ranchers, town dwellers, and others who have lived out on the Great Plains. Its collection of vintage cars, aircraft, appliances, furniture, art, crafts, and memorabilia is impressive....

  • Fort Robinson

    This is a pleasant, out-of-the-way place. It's a good base for exploring western Nebraska. Ft. Robinson has many historic buildings dating back to the late 19th century, good lodging, a fine restaurant, and plenty of hiking trails. You can take guided tours as well, including a motor trip along the top of the nearby escarpment. Here, one can...

  • Scotts Bluff

    This massive escarpment overlooks the western frontier of Nebraska. It stands about 800 feet tall, and is quite an impressive sight. The view from the top is superb. This was a landmark for pioneers heading west in the mid-19th century.The Visitor Center has a small museum, the Oregon Trail Museum, devoted to the pioneers, with examples of their...

  • Lincoln

    Lincoln is the state capital and home of the University of Nebraska. It's a small city, and for a college town it's very conservative. Nebraska, alone among the states, has a unicameral legislature. That is, there is only one legislative body, not two (e.g., the Senate and House of Representatives), as the U.S. government and other states have. The...


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