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  • Some lovely people
    Some lovely people
    by cochinjew
  • young faces, ancient minds
    young faces, ancient minds
    by cochinjew
  • an indian friend of mine
    an indian friend of mine
    by cochinjew

Walthill Things to Do

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    Saturday Morning in Walthill

    by cochinjew Written Feb 16, 2008

    The outside temperature is in the MINUS C range. but the day is sunny and without wind so looking out it is gorgeous.
    what to do?
    fortunately enough there is wi fi internet available. so keep in touch with friends. make some masala tea and eat it with filipino spring rolls left here yesterday.
    read a book or catch up on your journal reading.
    in general take it easy.
    call friends to meet you at the Thai Restaurant about thirty five miles away for an early dinner since it gets very dark here and the roads are not safe at night.( animals and other party animals)

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    Back to the UmonHon Indians

    by cochinjew Written Feb 13, 2008

    Today is 13 February 2008 and it was a beautiful day to drive towards the UmonHon Indian Reservation. There was a welcoming feeling to the air, i imagined how the initial settlers might have seen the missouri river winding through, and the centuries of the omaha presence here. the skies were very blue and the roads clear and it was nice to come back here. i was a little worried about the temperature, yesterday I was told that it was minus 12 degrees centigrade but today is about minus 2 centigrade but it felt fresh without wind bringing in the cold.

    sunlit living room of a house in walthill

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    With so much snow, it is time to leave

    by cochinjew Written Jan 27, 2007

    I arrived here on 21st Jan 2007 and today 27th, I left Walthill to Paris! a great contrast indeed. But I love being with UmonHon Indians, who never loose an opportunity to teach me something or other. This visit was particularly good to renew some old relationships and for Indians, relationships are everything. The temperature hovered around zero C and the coming week the top temperature is expected to be around minus five C. So time to leave...

    shabbat shalom the snow has melt a little bit parapharnelia view from where i stay when i come here

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Walthill Restaurants

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    The House where I stay in Walthill: Dinners at the Blue house

    by cochinjew Written Sep 21, 2008

    Eventhough Walthill is a small village isolated from the rest of the world, coming here over the years I have built up some strong friendships, including friends who would either bring food or cook food at the blue house and always ready to share good times.

    Favorite Dish: On this visit, shrimp and pasta, omaha cherries which blosoms only once a year, fresh peach picked wild made into pie, avacado salads, shrimp with guacamole..
    and more when you think that this is just a village with the nearest good restaurant a good 25 miles away.
    Thank god for Mi Hu Sa my dining partner, unfortunately (and fortunately for her), she is off to Australia and i will have to fend more for myself on my next visits ..

    pasta and shrimp dining companions omaha cherries peach pie home made nice to share a cheer

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    Aztec Bar and Grill: Thank god for Mexicans

    by cochinjew Written Jun 14, 2007

    An enterprising Mexican young man has opened a restaurant as the businesses have closed their doors in this isolated town. Gracias amigo.
    The food is your usual american food of mexican origin: chips salsa quesadillo greasy enchilladas etc etc

    Favorite Dish: I wanted two appetizers
    but they were so big i could hardly finish one of them..
    and the lunch for two came to 12 usd..it is nice to know that there are still places like this

    entrance to aztec bar and grill zadie the main attraction mexican theme

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    Mila Wolfe the Chef at the Clinic: Ah Filipina Food in these Boondocks?

    by cochinjew Written May 28, 2006

    Mila Wolfe met her UmonHon husband while he was serving the army in the Philippines and have been living in this reservation for more than twenty years. Each time I come to visit, she makes it a point of cooking something for me and this is what she made for me on this weekend of 27th May 2006

    Favorite Dish: Pancit
    Chicken Adobe

    the house in walthill where I stay on my visits hanukkia from cochin and a Nat

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Walthill Local Customs

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    How can it be so cold?

    by cochinjew Written Feb 15, 2007

    This morning the temperature is -6F with windchill of -27 F ie MINUS THIRTY C! snow everywhere, covering the landscape into a white linen sheet. It is very difficult to be outside, because of the biting cold.
    Was invited to dinner at the home of my friends, Ardise (PHD in UmonHon language) and her husband Junior and their little daughter, Beatriz. It is amazing that even in this wilderness, you can find people, careful about their food and eating only organic food whenever possible when you think that the nearest store is 35 miles (nearly 50 km) away.
    While at the Clinic, there was no special celebrations on this 14 february, but two littel girls came to say hello who were sucking on heart shaped lollies.
    The temperature difference between Walthill and Miami where I would in two days time, is more than one hundred degrees F. How can it be?

    a new nebraskan home made organic huevos rancheros valentines day greetings from the clinic

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