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  • Hoover Dam
    Hoover Dam
    by vichatherly
  • Hoover Dam
    Hoover Dam
    by vichatherly
  • Lake Mead from Hoover Dam
    Lake Mead from Hoover Dam
    by SteveOSF

Boulder City Things to Do

  • Lake Mead National Recreationn Area

    If you are taking US Route 93 bypass road going to the Hoover Dam, there is a small round about road there that leads to a vista point overlooking Lake Mead.lake mead is a man made lake as a consequence of Making the Hoover Dam and is the largest reservoir of water in the United States and is part of the Colorado River, is located about about 30 mi...

  • Arizona Vista Point of Hoover Dam

    this was the main stopover of the various Grand Canyon Day Tours from las vegas who pass by hoover dam for the Photo and Video Stops and is still is, but the road traffic is less nowadays since the Mike o'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge wasw opened.Boulder Dam or HOOVER DAM, is a concrete gravity-arch dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado...

  • Nevada-Arizona Time Towers

    Nevada is at Pacific Standard Time (PST) while Arizona is on Rocky Mountain Time (RMT) so that there will be a time difference of 1 hour once you cross the bridge from Nevada to Arizona but since Arizona don't follow the Daylight Savings Time, when you visit the hoover dam during the Daylight Savings Time Periods (from early march to late october)...

  • Walking Along Hoover Dam

    Boulder Dam or HOOVER DAM, is a concrete gravity-arch dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada (it also acts the border between the Pacific Standard Time and Rocky Mountain Standard Time!) The dam is located 30 miles (48 km) southeast of Las Vegas, and is named after Herbert...

  • Mike-O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Vista Point

    The bridge also has good vista points on viewing the Hoover dam from the pedestrian walkway in it but you would walk a long way up to a hill to be able to view it and it also has a mini museum on the history and constuction of the bridge.The Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge which is a Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, was started in 2005 and...

  • Mike-O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial...

    The Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge which is a Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, was started in 2005 and finished in in October 19, 2010. It was intended to be a bypass bridge to lessen the bottleneck at Hoover Dam going to Arizona via US Route 93 since the hoover dam has only has 2 lanes. The Bridge is an all weather, multi-lane archway...

  • Hoover Dam Visitors Center

    This hoover dam tips will be more pictures in and around the Hoover Dam Parking lot and the Visitors Center.The Vistors Center:OPERATING HOURS:Parking Garage: Open 8:00 a.m. -- Close 6:00 p.m., Visitor Center: Open 9:00 a.m. -- Close 6:00 p.m. Tickets sold until 5:15 p.m. The Hoover Dam Visitor Center is open every day of the year except for...

  • Hoover Dam with Pat Tillman Bridge...

    This will be my pictures of the hoover dam with the now finished O'Callaghan-Tillman Bridge Bypass which was started in 2005 and finished in in October 19, 2010. Boulder Dam or HOOVER DAM, is a concrete gravity-arch dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada (it also acts the border...

  • Hoover Dam Pre Pat Tillman Bridge...

    This will be a hoover dam multi tips with more pictures of around the Hoover dam circa 2005 and my revisit in 2011 and this is the first, with the backbround without the still not started Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge which is a Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, which was started in 2005 and finished in in October 19, 2010. Boulder Dam or...


Boulder City Hotels

Boulder City Restaurants

  • Great Breakfast~

    I was looking for unique place we could have breakfast and found this one on the web. It was featured on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives", in May of 2007 with host Guy Fieri. So my hubby was thrilled to try out another wonderful place. It was already getting crowded, but had exactly four counter chairs that had our names on it. So we sat at the...

  • Cafe in the boulders~

    We didn't want to eat here because we had planned to eat in Vegas. Yet, I know being a Mom and if you have young children and spending a whole day at the dam your kids get hungry. It was a good thing they put something in with the volume of folks visiting everyday all year long. There were lots of folks taking advantage of the wonderful facility....

  • Feed Me Do NOT Hit On Me

    The food is fine at this restuaurant although the place could use a good cleaning. The problem that we had was that the owners seem to feel is that this is their pickup joint. We travel to the lake a lot since we have friends in Henderson that have a boat. The locals at the tables next to us joked that the owner has been with most of the singles in...


Boulder City Nightlife

  • Yubert's Profile Photo

    during the summers, people...

    by Yubert Written Aug 25, 2002

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    during the summers, people take party boats out onto the lake and drink and party all night.

    Dress Code: Less is best.

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Boulder City Transportation

  • Drive yourself or go by bus

    We hired a car for a couple of days so drove to the Hoover Dam. There is a multi storey car park for visitors and the cost for parking was $5.However if you havent got transport or dont want to drive you can get tours from Las Vegas which includes stopping at Lake Mead and also includes the Dam tour and the price is about $45.

  • An Easy Drive from Las Vegas

    Boulder City and Hoover Dam are just under an hours drive from Las Vegas.Just take Highway 93.

  • Make a fly by

    You can travel by bus or car.... We went here the first time by car but nothing beats a fly by in a helicopter.Thats what we did in the spring of 2004 as a part of our marriage in Vegas.We had put this of because of the cost many times but now we have done it, we both agree it's worth the money...We used Maverick Helicopters and where very...


Boulder City Local Customs

  • Hoover Dam Fridge Magnets

    yes, I'm an avid collector of refrigerator magnets too besides the shot glasses and when visiting a destination, The first thing that I would buy are the shot glasses and the refrigerator magnets and here on a revisit at hoover dam, it is no different that I must buy these, and the variety and kinds of ref magnets here in the hoover dam souvenir...

  • Hoover Dam Shot Glass

    Having been an avid Collector of Refrigerator Magnets and Shot Glasses, I must buy a shot glass of The Hoover Dam here in boulder city to be a part of my extensive colection of Shot Glasses at home and here, you can buy a variety of Shot Glasses as souvenir items at the Hoover Dam Visitors Center which has souvenir shops selling it and they are...

  • Las Vegas and Boulder City

    30 miles in any direction of Las Vegas is a thick pall of smog. The smog carpets the desert floor. Las Vegas is 1 000 000 plus people. Who knew? Where we are working too we can see the smog build up throughout the day. There are dark black mountains scattered around like marbles. And the Mojave desert is to our north, south, east and west. And...


Boulder City Warnings and Dangers

  • Caution~Stay Off The Wall & Don't drop...

    I think this is a no brainer, but yet there are those who just do not get it. I know from being a Mom, Myself and my hubby watched our boys like a hawk, especially my youngest. Because he is not afraid of heights at all. We were always near or his wonderful older brother stayed close too. The walls are thick and make it hard to leanne over and...

  • Bridge Vehicle Restrictions

    When we visited in the 1980's there was only two lanes for cars to cross the dam. Highway U.S. Route 93 is very narrow with several dangerous curves, and is known to have rock slides. Since 911 many of the heavier vehicles such a semi trailers longer than 40, and buses with luggage, are not allowed and was diverted to another Highway. Since the Oct...

  • You will fry

    Very hot. Given the fact that it can get up to and above 120 degrees in Boulder city and around the Hoover dam, you have to protect your self from the extreme heat! Wear white t-shirt and white pants or shorts. Protect your head with a hat or umbrella. protect your eyes with sunglasses and make sure you apply some kind of UV blocking sun lotion on...


Boulder City Tourist Traps

  • This isn't a 'tourist trap' in...

    This isn't a 'tourist trap' in the traditional sense but don't fall over. See my 'warnings and danger' picture, it is a long ways down!

  • When visiting the Hooverdam...

    When visiting the Hooverdam your not allowed to take items with you that won't fit through the X-Ray scanner. The actual size is posted all around the dam also nearby the elevators if you park at the Nevada side. A back pack won't be allowed. Larger objects have to be brought down using the large cranes located at the Nevada site of the dam.J.K....

  • Boulder City Hotels

    7 Hotels in Boulder City

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Boulder City What to Pack

  • Packing List

    During the summer and autumn months, the weather is still warm during the days that you can wear shorts. However, it can get cold a night so bring a jacket and long pants, This is a picture of the bridge that spans Hoover Dam. On one side is Nevada, and Arizona is on the other side.

  • Packing List

    When you visit the Hoover dam make sure you wear good shoes when going on one of the tours especially when your taking the hard hat tour it is adviced not to wear open shoes. You will be walking in manmade caves and up en down stairs. You can take al the pictures you like (it's the federal government they've got nothing to hide ;-) ) But make...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Boulder City Off The Beaten Path

  • Valley of Fire State Park

    What a pleasant surprise it was to find such a lovely park such a short distance from Boulder City and greater Las Vegas. The park is located about 40-45 miles from Boulder City and even closer from Lake Mead. Within the some 42,000 acres that comprise the park you will find some stunning red rock formations, natural arches, petroglyphs, and...

  • More than a dam.

    Boulder city is more like a small town but it is not too far from Vegas and many people travel through here. Most just want to see the Hoover dam and move on. There is a lot more to Boulder city than the Hoover dam. If you have the time, stop for a souvenir or for gas. You'll find out how friendly the people are here and you really feel like you...

  • Hoover Dam Spillways

    There is a little part of Hoover dam that many people do not know anything about. That is the spillways. The spillways are located on both the Arizona and Nevada sides.The spillways were made to take care of any overflow that may occur with Lake Mead. The spillway is made of concrete lined open channels about 650 feet long, 150 feet wide, and 170...


Boulder City Favorites

  • Boulder City

    Boulder City is the Gateway to lake mead and the hoover dam, US Route 93 passes by here going to Arizona and although the City itself is small, it has some attractions and is just one of the two areas of the whole of Nevada where gambling is prohibited. Boulder city was voted as one of the 25 cities all around the United States to live hance there...

  • Elks Memorial to President Hoover of the...

    Something that caught my eye while exploring the Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge was this structure in the distance just below the power line towers. Being so curious I took some photographs and contacted the Boulder City Historical Society and they graciously had experience eyes look at my photo's and the consensus was it was the...

  • World War II Bunker

    Built in 1942 during World War II after the attach of Pearl Harbor to protect the dam since it was considered a military target due to its electric power it created. This bunker or pill box is located on the Arizona side was manned 24/7 by the military police and it consist of six gun ports, 25 feet long, constructed of steel and concrete and...


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