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  • The Strip
    by Angie_rox
  • Paris via New York
    Paris via New York
    by Assenczo
  • Streets of Las Vegas
    Streets of Las Vegas
    by freddie18

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  • crabby38's Profile Photo

    Free things on the strip!

    by crabby38 Written Oct 1, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Gondola Watching at the Venetian....Free to watch or $15.00 to ride!
    Eiffel Tower at Paris....Free to watch or $15.00 to ride!
    Lion Habitat at the MGM....Free to walk under & through!
    Dancing Waters of Bellagio....1000 ft waters, every hour afternoon & evening! Free to watch!
    Pirate Show at Treasure Island... Free to watch! every 15 minutes
    Flaming/Shooting Volcano at Mirage...Free to watch, every 15 minutes 7-10 pm daily
    Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo...Free to walk above--penguins, flamingos etc.
    Lake of Dreams at the Wynn....Free to see--3000 trees and waterfalls
    Circus Performances at Circus Circus....Free to watch every 30-45 minutes
    Pyramid looking at the Luxor....Free to enter and explore
    The Forum at Caesars Palace...Free 7-10 minute shows each hour
    White Tiger exhibit at Mirage...Free daily with photo ops.

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  • nicolaitan's Profile Photo

    Scenes of Las Vegas

    by nicolaitan Written Nov 21, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    More scenes derived from a leisurely stroll up the Strip, admiring the featured exhibits in front of each palace. On image 1, the exterior versionn of the Venetian Hotel's grand canal. The Aria's Elvis advertisment on image 2 is affixed to the exterior windows of the building well above street level. If you think the two towers making up the Veer complex (image 4 ) don't look exactly parallel, there is a reason - these large condominium towers are built at a 5 degree angle to true vertical and each other - the towers do veer. Image 5 is of the massive Aria hotel which is the largest in the City Center complex and one of the best in the city. With over 4000 rooms the Aria has a casino which never seems to end.

    From the front of the Venetian Hotel Advertising Elvis at the Aria Selling Barry at the Paris The Veer Towers The Aria Hotel

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  • nicolaitan's Profile Photo

    Check Out the Ceilings

    by nicolaitan Updated Nov 28, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Perhaps the most unexpected piece of advice came from the hotel concierge who reminded us to keep looking up at ceilings whereever we went. Putting aside the trompe l'oeil ceilings of the older shopping centers and the incredible Chihuly Fior d Como at the Bellagio, it seemed most hotels and attached shops carried through the theme of excess to the ceilings, some of the most spectacular pictured here.

    Canal Shoppes at the Venetian The Wynn Hotel Lobby Canal Shoppes at the Venetian The Wynn Hotel Lobby The Venetian

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  • heitzenrater's Profile Photo

    visit the sign

    by heitzenrater Updated Oct 30, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The infamous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign has been greeting visitors since the 1950's.

    basicly this sign tells you that you will lose all your money, see smoking hot chicks that are stuck up, get stuck in traffic on the strip, see a waste of powe on flashing lights and ringing bells, you will get drunk and pass out, oh yea, and you will have TONS OF FUN.

    there is a median in the road, and it's not uncommon to for people to pull their car on to is for a picture.


    "updated" Sign now has grass and parking area"

    vegas babby vegas

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  • mightywease's Profile Photo

    Las Vegas Strip Trolley

    by mightywease Written Jul 5, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you legs are aching with walking in, out and through casinos, you’ve got time to spare and you wouldn’t mind a cheap sightseeing tour of The Strip then I’d suggest hopping on the Las Vegas Strip Trolley.
    A replica of an old-style trolley bus the Strip Trolley runs up and down the Strip from the Mandalay Bay in the South to the Stratosphere in the North stopping at various hotels/attractions in between. The set fare is 1.75 dollars (exact fare only, no change is given) or 5 dollars for an all day pass. Depending on traffic the Trolleys run every 15 to 20 minutes, weaving in and out of hotel driveways and, if you are lucky enough, with drivers who will give you a running commentary – not about the hotels but rather their feelings about the other drivers on the road!
    It’s not the fastest way to travel the Strip but it’s cheap, convenient and, if not too busy, rather pleasant.

    View of The Strip
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  • Gillybob's Profile Photo

    Take a walk and take it all in!!

    by Gillybob Written Jul 6, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    With sunshine hours over 75% throughout the year, why not get out and see Las Vegas the good old fashioned way - step by step along the world famous Strip!

    The Strip is 4 miles (6.6 km) of Las Vegas Boulevard South. Whilst only part of The Strip is located within the city limits of Las Vegas, Nevada (the section north of Sahara Avenue), the section south of Sahara Avenue is actually in Clark County's unincorporated Township of Paradise, Nevada - aptly named as many visiting Las Vegas are looking to find paradise via a huge jackpot win from one of the casinos many slots which are located along the length of The Strip.

    Many of the largest hotel, casino and resort properties in the world are located on The Strip and it is these which people come to see during their visit.

    If you are staying at a hotel along The Strip, you can walk in one direction and return via the monorail.

    Las Vegas Boulevard South Paris Las Vegas - with its own Eiffel Tower New York New York Las Vegas MGM Grand Luxor Las Vegas
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  • deecat's Profile Photo

    Join the Glitz and Glitter on "The Strip"

    by deecat Updated Jan 31, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although we had both been to Las Vegas before, both Mickey and I were impressed by all the upgrades and additions to the Las Vegas Strip this visit.

    Photo#1 shows a view of one portion of Las Vegas Blvd. that includes Harrahs, Denny's, and Casino Royal. Vegas has often been called "Neon City", and after a few hours here, one certainly knows why.

    Photo #2 By the way, Casino Royal was the first casino we entered because we were told by our shuttle driver from the airport, that we could receive $50.00 for joining the club. We had lots of fun here, and our money lasted for a long time.

    Photo#3 is of the Rio Hotel/Casino which we took a free shuttle to reach. Again, we tried the casino here because they,too, gave away money for slots if you joined their club.

    Photo#4 represents the famed Harrahs with a giant casino and a huge player's role on the strip.

    Photo #5 is of four Player's cards that we used while in Vegas. They represent Casino Royale, 4 Queens Hotel/Casino,Harrah's-Caesars-Flamingo-Paris-Planet Hollywood-Rio, and Tropicano Hotel/Casino. In our opinions, CASINO ROYAL AND 4 QUEENS HAD THE "DEALS".

    Harrah's, Casino Royale, & Denny's along Club Royal, our first Players Club Card in Vegas Rio Hotel/Casino Harrah's Neon Along the Strip Player's Cards we used on our visit to Vegas
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  • shrimp56's Profile Photo

    Take a drive up the strip ...

    by shrimp56 Written Jun 6, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Driving "the strip" from the south end to the north can be frustrating if you are in a hurry, but absolutely fascinating if you are not. You'll pass through Las Vegas history from the new, New York, New York to the old, The Flamingo and many stops between. It's a "don't miss" way to get an overview without wearing yourself out!

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  • csordila's Profile Photo

    Some famous Hotels and Casinos on The Strip

    by csordila Updated Jun 4, 2009

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The main street is the notorious Strip, here you can see the city's most famous hotels, which are the most interesting sights of Las Vegas at the same time. All hotels have a unique style, there are special sights everywhere, and all of the hotels have an own casino of course.

    Let's see some of the most interesting Strip hotels walking to the northern direction from south:
    The first one is the Four Season's quoting a classicist style, next to it is Mandala Bay, a tropical paradise with palm trees and jungle feeling.
    You find yourself on the next corner in Egypt already, at Luxor hotel's pyramid. In the neighbourhood Excalibur with its medieval mood waits for you already.
    New York New York follows this, the skyscrapers and the small scale replica of the Liberty statue are excellent background for taking photos.
    Its neighbour is one of largest hotels in America the MGM Grand. It faces the MGM studio's symbol, a 15 metres high lion sculpture.
    Walking further you meet a mini Eiffel Tower, at the Paris Hotel. The most elegant and most expensive hotel of Las Vegas comes next, the Bellagio.
    Ceasar's Palace, a hotel in ancient Roman style follows this, which is possibly one of the best-known in Las Vegas.
    At the Italian mood Venetian Hotel on the artificial canals you may ride even in a gondola. Tresure Island Hotel forces you into the pirates' world; Circus Circus, Riviera, the Sahara lie on the northern part yet with the fifty storey Wynn Resort.

    Visit Stratosphere Tower on the end of your walk: the 350 metres tall tower is the highest building of Las Vegas, from the roof restaurant a fascinating view overlooks the city.

    Excellent background for taking photos
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  • nicolaitan's Profile Photo

    Walking Through The Land of Excess

    by nicolaitan Updated Nov 21, 2010

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Las Vegas is no exception to the concept that walking is an excellent, perhaps the best, way to see and appreciate the ambience of a city. The Strip is populated by a mass of excited humanity, hustling to and fro, to shop gamble and see the great hotel facades and malls of the city. Photo ops beckon at every step - many of the hotel facades are spectacular. Some of the most famous hotels of the earlier era have been "imploded" to build new and more spectacular towers, yet a lot of the best known names from the past live on, a history lesson even in this most modern of cities.

    New York New York Harrah's Mirage Venetian Monte Carlo

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  • freddie18's Profile Photo

    Streets of Las Vegas

    by freddie18 Updated Jan 11, 2009

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This tip will focus on the Strip of Las Vegas which is the most popular and exciting street in the world.

    The street of Las Vegas Strip is approximately 4 mile or 6.4 kilometers of the section of Las Vegas Boulevard South. You may start at the Welcome sign and continue down the entire lenght of the Strip which is priceless. If you have enough time to stay in Las Vegas, be sure to stop at some of the luxurious hotels including Bellagio, Paris, Planet Hollywood, The Venetian, Ceasar's Palace, Paris, and Mandalay Bay.

    The view on this street is spectacular. The neon lights on the many of the largest hotel, casino and resort I mentioned above are located and can be seen on The Strip.

    Streets of Las Vegas Streets of Las Vegas Streets of Las Vegas Streets of Las Vegas
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  • gkitzmil's Profile Photo

    My guide to Casinos on the STRIP

    by gkitzmil Updated Oct 27, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    "The Strip" is Las Vegas Boulevard. There are Twenty Eight casinos ON this boulevard -- and I have been in narly ALL of those ( I have not ben in the Stratosphere) plus more.


    Circus - Circus. I do not like this casino. It is noisy. It was designed many years ago as a place for families. In the buffet I felt like I was in a giant food fight. But if you want to see a free circus this is your place.

    Riviera -- this is the FIRST casino I ever visited. It is still very "old-style." You can get a feel for the way Vegas was formerly just gambling and shows. The buffet was good a few years ago, the rooms usually are a bargain, and some of the shows are really good. This is NO LONGER a good location along the Strip.

    Westward Ho -- I just HAD to stop here. They have some very good prices and it is worth visiting once. Old time western theme.

    Stardust -- another throw-back to old LV. You will almost always find cheap rooms here. If you don't mind walking to the center of the Strip you might like this.

    Frontier -- another older casino. Clearly western themed. Again, you might find really cheap rooms.


    Treasure Island - this one will be renovated and the pirate show has changed. This was a more modern destination for families and I like the buffet. With the monorail to the Mirage this was always a good location.

    Venetian - this is a MUST VISIT. Even if you've been to Venice it is still nice. There is a lot to see and the ceiling art work is a marvel. DO visit the shops!

    Mirage -- the second casino where I ever stayed and the reason I fell in love with Las Vegas. Beautiful lobby - a true paradice. This is a classy place.

    Harrah's -- From the people who bring you many riverboats this is a nice place. Catch the good free entertainment in a lounge.

    Casino Royale -- more like a fast-food restaurant this place is tucked away as one of the many small casinos in Vegas. I would skip it unless you want to say you have been in them all.

    more coming...


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  • gkitzmil's Profile Photo


    by gkitzmil Updated Oct 4, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Boardwalk Casino -- now closed, was a Holiday Inn I stayed here a few times. The rooms were fine and cheap. But the casino was a yawn.

    Monte Carlo -- a fine place with the best value of a show in Vegas: Lance Burton. Go for the show, stay to visit the brewery! Oh, and the buffet is very nice, too.

    New York, New York -- if you are visiting theme casinos you'll want to see this one. It is very different and you do not get the feeling that you are in one big room as with many casinos. The Sports Book is particularly appealing here.

    MGM Grand -- the "big tuna" of casino hotels. I love the buffet and the atmosphere is very good. Yet it is a monster of a place. Good restaurants, nice shows -- the central lounge often has great entertainment.

    Tropicana -- don't ask me why I like this casino. I guess it reminds me of "old Las Vegas." You'll see older balding guys and the casino is actually small. Yet the tropical theme always draws me in. Sometimes the steel drum band or another lounge act is really fun.

    Excaliber -- to ME, kids and gambling don't really fit. So I tend not to spend much time here. It is loud and full of kids. But if you like Midieval Times you'll like this.

    Luxor -- DO NOT MISS THIS property! Home of the fabulous King Tut museum, the Blue Man Group show, and - hey - it is a pyramid!

    Mandaly Bay - home to the best pool in Vegas, the Shark Reef, and more. While I find the casino (one big room feeling) a bit boring there is too much you want to see here to pass it up.

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  • kazander's Profile Photo

    Cruisin the strip

    by kazander Updated Sep 24, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We drove up and down the strip to see everything by car. It was a good way to at least get a glimpse of all the hotels, even if we didn't get a chance to go inside all of them. So many amazing hotels, there just wasn't enough time. We did manage to go into the Bellagio, which was elegant and by far my favorite, Bally's, the coolest thing here was the entranceway but it takes far too much time to get in with all those people movers, the Venetian-Disney version of Venice-a little weird, but nice,MGM Grand, one word-HUGE!, The Luxor, kitchy egyptian & the food was not so good at the buffet, Excalibur, a fun and silly Medieval Times theme, Monte Carlo which would be a very nice hotel if you didn't have the Bellagio to compare it to., New York, New York-really cartoonish version of the real thing and Mandalay Bay which has a nice island theme with lots of fishtanks.

    view from the bridge between NYNY and MGM
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  • Yaqui's Profile Photo

    Take Your Picture with a Cartoon Characters

    by Yaqui Written Mar 2, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Something that is new, is they have these folks dressed in cartoon characters outfits located all along the Las Vegas strip. I know my son got excited seeing Transformer Bumble Bee and So he had a picture taken with a Bumble Bee.

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