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  • Thrill Rides
    by Yaqui
  • The X-Scream on the way up and out
    The X-Scream on the way up and out
    by marielexoteria
  • Seen from the indoors observation deck
    Seen from the indoors observation deck
    by marielexoteria
  • queensgirl's Profile Photo

    X Scream, Insanity, Big Shot and High Roller

    by queensgirl Written Jul 19, 2005

    You have to try at least one of them. It just half fun riding these rides 110 stories off the ground. Go at night it is better. Cost $9.95 for adults per ride. A different cost if you ride more than one.

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  • jag17's Profile Photo

    Manhattan Express

    by jag17 Updated Jun 21, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hold On

    For those looking for a thrill, take a ride on the Manhattan Express. The roller coaster leaves the loading dock from the 2nd floor of the NY-NY Hotel. Featuring a "heartline" twist and dive, the Manhattan Express is a wild ride. Reaching heights of 203', and speeds of 67mph, you drop down 75' just in time for the 55 degree, 144' second drop. A series of turns, hills, loops (yes, upside down) leads into the finale heartline twist and dive. If you are still able to breathe and walk, the casino bar is just an elevator ride away!

    As of June 2005, it was $12.50 to ride!

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  • WorldTravelMan's Profile Photo

    A new thrill ride

    by WorldTravelMan Written Mar 30, 2005

    The Stratosphere was originally constructed with the Big Shot (a contraption which launches you up a tower on top of the Stratosphere; a 4-g feeling 1,300 feet above Las Vegas City) and the Roller Coaster on the top of the building. Now there is a new ride... it is "Insanity" which spins you while you hang over the edge of the top of the building... nothing between your feet and the 1,300 feet to the street below). See the pics for the roller coaster, Big Shot and the new ride.

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  • doreenellen's Profile Photo

    Big shot

    by doreenellen Written Dec 19, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You must go up in the lift at the Stratisphere and ride on the Big Shot. What an experience.
    You feel as if the restraints are lifted high and you could fall out - in fact you feel as if you will land face down on the strip. he he
    The best and worst thrill ride of your life, and not to be missed, if you dare.
    The hotel facilities is good too so could spend a day there or evening.

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  • orke's Profile Photo

    on the top of the stratoshpere

    by orke Updated Oct 24, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    there are 3 rides on the tower of the stratosphere

    1 of them is the x scream - my bf tried this one - it was really scary but it takes u out of the tower above the strip - prety nice

    the other rides are big shot and a rollercoaster

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  • caz400's Profile Photo

    Manhatten Express

    by caz400 Written Oct 13, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ride the Manhatten Express Roller Coaster at night and get a birds eye view of las Vegas and the strip. this thrill ride features the first ever heartline twist and dive manoeuvre, the train rolls 180 degrees, suspending riders 86 feet above the casino roof, Smile during the last few seconds as thats when the pictures are taken

    well worth the $10.00 per person

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  • joanj's Profile Photo

    Rollercoaster madness

    by joanj Updated Aug 21, 2004

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Go up to the top of the Stratosphere and watch the High roller - as it is called - go round the top of the Stratosphere.

    There is also a High thrill ride called The Big Shot, which shoots you to the tip of the Sphere.

    Facts. The tower was opened on April 30th l996., and stands at 1,149 ft. or 350 meters. Diameter of the tower is 160 ft. (pod) and 210 ft. (base of the tower)
    It cost aprox. $80 million to build, and it weighs approx. 100 million pounds.
    It is the talles free-standing observation tower in the US.
    It has 4 double decker elevators that travel 1800 ft. per minute, or 20.5. mph. It is the 5th tallest structure in the US.
    There are 1,644 steps from bottom to top of the tower.

    Photo by joanj.

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  • where2next's Profile Photo

    Crazy Rides and a Good View of Vegas

    by where2next Written Jun 15, 2004
    View from Stratosphere

    My friend was reluctant to ride the Big Shot, though with the help of the ticket agent we were able to convince him to go. It was funny because the ticket person mentioned that it was really safe (i.e. no one has been hurt), and that even Cuba Gooding, Jr. ("Show Me the Money") rode the Big Shot, however he had gotten sick doing so. Anyhow, of the two rides the Big Shot is a lot better than the High Roller as in the latter one does not get a good view of the city nor it is as exciting.

    In addition to the rides, the trip to the top of the Stratosphere is cool as one gets a good view of Vegas. My guess is that the dry, desert land near the Stratosphere will be developed one day.

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  • Roller Coaster

    by su_jen Written Jun 9, 2004

    I did not have the chance to take a "ride" at the Stratosphere, but from what I could see from the window across the Sahara Buffet... I imagined myself being pull up and down on those coaster... It's high as it is, and having to dread the ride on top of the tower? You have got to be an adrenaline junkie to want to try that ride, I would say it is worth a try, I would love to take a ride on it, if somebody is brave is enough to accompany me and share the terror :D

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  • denadearborn's Profile Photo

    NY, NY Roller Coaster

    by denadearborn Written Apr 6, 2004

    If you have 10 dollars left over from the casino, go upstairs and ride the roller coaster at night. It's a cheap thrill that you should experience once. You feel like you are flying through the streets of NY. The con is that the people who are staying at the hotel have to listen to the noise of a roller coaster and people screaming at night. I believe it closes down at 10 so check before heading out.

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  • dambrosi's Profile Photo

    This one will get your heart pumpin'.

    by dambrosi Updated Mar 26, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the view from the free fall tower is even worse

    This one is nuts. The Stratosphere is a hotel casino that built a tower on its site that stands 1,100 feet tall. On top of this they put a roller coaster, a free fall tower and a ride that I couldn't go on but like to call it the "holy crap" ride, as it lifts you up and pretends to drop you off the tower. My friend Dave went on it and I have to give the guy credit, according to him, "this ride is just not right." But the views are awesome and the thrills are even better, so if you're looking for some heart pounding fun, take a trip here :)

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  • Russ60's Profile Photo

    This is AWESOME!!!!!

    by Russ60 Updated Dec 10, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    1146 feet  straight up

    Go to the Stratosphere Tower, buy a ticket go to the top and get on the highest thrill ride in the world "Big Shot" and start getting nervous. You must do this ride at night the view of Vegas beneath is fantastic and when the ride launches you upwards you just hope its going to stop as you ascend to over 1000ft you can see nothing but lights, you cant see down because as you go up so do your legs obscuring the tower below.

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  • ptee's Profile Photo

    Be A Big Shot

    by ptee Written Sep 30, 2003

    The Big Shot Ride atop the Stratosphere is absolutely astonishing.The incredible thing is that at the top of the "shot" your eyeline is down to the street not the top of the hotel you feel as though you are over a thousand feet up and just about to land in the Strip!!
    Dont miss the thrill of this ride

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  • krizt's Profile Photo

    Shooting into the sky @ the Stratosphere

    by krizt Written Jun 18, 2003

    The Big Shot at the Stratosphere is so much fun!!! It's a ride on the very top of the tower- outside- above all the lights. It's beautiful- Don't chicken out- after you do it you'll want to do it again.
    There's also a Rollercoaster up there too but I've never ridden it- I think it looks kinda lame: ) But everything else is great!
    I think it's about $10 to go up in the tower and about the same to ride the rides. Also- when it's windy outside they shut down the rides.

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  • crzymallard's Profile Photo

    Stratosphere tower & Big shot thrill ride

    by crzymallard Updated Jun 15, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'm on the right, hanging on for dear life!

    The Stratosphere observation deck and rides tower 100 stories above ground. Enjoy panoramic views of the strip and the surrounding valley.

    The Big Shot thrill ride was a lot of fun, didn't really care for the High Roller roller coaster ride.

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