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  • Do's / Don'ts'
    by Yaqui
  • Do's / Don'ts'
    by Yaqui
  • Do's / Don'ts'
    by Yaqui

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    by MLBFANATIC Updated Feb 5, 2016

    I'd like to address the people coming here to visit, whether for the weekend or for a longer stay. For those who this applies to: PLEASE STOP BEING RUDE TO:
    1. Our homeless
    2. People handing out Adult Entertainment
    3. Our service workers
    Las Vegas is your destination to gamble, relax, get drunk, get high, obtain hookers, come to conventions.....whichever & whatever your forte is.
    With that said, please take into consideration that 2 million of us live here.
    The following goes for males & females. It's not just the guys acting like ass clowns.
    1. Yes, there's a lot of homeless here. You will find it in any big city. ANY.
    Please take into consideration that it's not a choice for many, though, is for a few.
    Please remember that 70% of our homeless are veterans. 40% of that 70% are war veterans. They signed a blank check with their lives in order for you to razz them, kick at them, spit on them, tell them to "Get a f*#cking job".
    MANY of our homeless are severely mentally ill.
    You're reply is "Put them in mental institutions, medicate them" "lock them up" "help them", etc. There are none anymore. As in many big cities in the U.S., there is no funding to keep these types of facilities open & functioning {ie: paying thousands of medical workers}.
    Those huge "asylums" that once stood tall are either a boarded up, abandoned building or long torn down.
    Over 60% of our homeless are women.
    Over 35% of are homeless are families with children under 15 yrs old.
    Thousands, not hundreds, of kids under 18 yrs old are homeless here in LV. Whether it's because their parents are deceased, abusive, unfit to care for them or simply don't want them. The average age is 15 yes old.
    Many are prostitutes, yes. Many are addicted to drugs..."Get a real job", you say?" I agree 100%. Will you hire them? What about your golf & tennis club buddies? I didn't think so.
    I'm not making excuses for them. I'm just asking for some of you to give more thought to people's circumstances. Not everyone can be as fortunate as some reading this.
    I'm not saying some can't be obnoxious, pushy, belligerent, smell foul. What I'm trying to point out is that YOU don't have to be rude. When approached for money/cigerettes/what have you.....simply acknowledging them goes a long way. Even if your answer is "No", which in most cases it should be.
    Ignoring them, making fun of them, cussing them is bad manners. It doesn't matter if they're homeless or "hustling you. They are still human beings.
    Simply making eye contact and saying "No" or "Sorry, No" goes a long way.

    People handing out adult filers. Yes, it's unsavory, some of it's downright disgusting. But if you're walking in certain areas you are going to have people with stack of them handing them out.
    Everyone who's human knows that the unemployment rate is high everywhere, unless you're the CEO of a corporation, Lawyer, Doctor, etc. Jobs are hard to come by.
    As degenerate as some of you may think this is....this is their job.
    For those of you who don't have to worry about money, the minimum wage in Las Vegas is $7 HR.
    Some of these handing out fliers get paid by the hour, some get paid only by how much they hand out each day.
    What is it going to hurt to have a bit of respect & common decency and take the fliers? Even if it's repeatedly? They can be thrown into the first trash can you come across.
    Many of these people have families and are trying to make ends meet.
    Many are embarrassed of their job but you'd be surprised what you will do for work when you're hungry.
    If nothing else, it's better than selling their bodies, drugs or robbing people.

    Our service Waitresses, Waiters, Bartenders, Maids {Housekeeping}. Just to name a few. **Note** I can't speak for Cab drivers because I think they gat a % of their total fares, but I'm not sure.
    I can only speak for the above.
    Many of you have heard about a lot of these workers now being in a Union. That's 100% true, many are. This is what you may not know.
    It's not the same type of union as say Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians who you hear about making $40--$100 HR and easily clearing over 150K a year.
    This is a workers Union. The minimum wage is still in effect for these workers such as Housekeeping. They are offered health benefits. If they have to co-pay for them, I do not know.

    Waitresses & Waiters....whether you're at The Belagio, The Ritz Carlton, The Four Seasons, The Hilton to the Horseshoe, Lady Luck to Denny's, IHOP or some dinky diner / café......our Wait Staff makes a minimum wage. It is LESS than $2HR.
    If you believe that they make great money because of tips or think that everyone tips great because you do, I've got to burst your bubble.
    While some service workers make better tips in fancier settings because people feel entitled to tip well, please remember that MANY, MANY servers are stiffed, even after they've given good service.
    If not stiffed , then insulted by being given $1-$2 on a $200+ bill. It happens every day all day.
    I'm NOT saying to tip if the service you receive is horrible or even sub-par, if you receive good service, please tip. TIPS are what they live on.

    Maids {Housekeeping} start at minimum wage and the majority do not get decent raises, even though they've been at that particular job for many years.
    I will give you a true, real life example that is going on as I type this.
    My friends mother, who is in her 60's works in Housekeeping. Please pay close attention to what I'm about to say next.
    This woman has worked at the same casino/hotel that I won't name for 40 years. You read right. 40 years. This is NOT a casino/hotel downtown or some dinky dive motel.
    She makes exactly $13 HR You read right. $13 HR. No, I'm not lying nor exaggerating, I have no reason to. She is also a "Supervisor"
    She began working there in 1975. Many of you reading this weren't even born yet.

    As with Waitresses & Waiters, Housekeeping is a very hard, demanding, on your feet the entire time, working with the public job that pays for ***.

    By all means, have a great time while you're here--regardless of what you deem fun--Hey, I'm not one to judge, lol. I've seen & heard it all in my 46 years on this earth! No, really....I have.....
    What I'm asking is to please be considerate of the people who work & live here.
    Please know the difference between being impoverished and being what you may deem "unsavory", "up to no good" or "dangerous". There is a difference.

    A little about me:

    I grew up VERY impoverished home all through the ghetto's of East L.A., Compton, Long Beach & the like until I was 10 yrs old.
    It was a single parent home. My mother worked 16 hours a day in a factory to take care of us, NEVER asking for welfare or food stamps.
    I Moved to Las Vegas at 11.
    Due to circumstance not my mothers fault, at 14 1/2 yrs old I became homeless. I lived in and ran around the streets of Las Vegas until I was 18.
    Before entering the Army, I've held just about every service job that Vegas has to offer a 14--18 yr old {Legal , non sexual work}
    At 18 I joined the Army, in which I served 12 years & participated in the Gulf War and a few other overseas humanitarian efforts

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    Tow Away Zones

    by Yaqui Written May 27, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We stay pretty much at the same resort, the Grand Desert. At times it may appear there is no parking, but there usually plenty outside and in the parking garage. We never have a problem finding a spot. Yes, you may have to walk some, but the elevator is not that far and security is always walking around.

    It was obvious the last time, that there are folks who do not want to have to walk far to the elevators. I understand, but I wouldn't want to get a ticket either or worse yet, but towed away. Well, this person was lucky they were not towed away. Next time they probably will not be lucky.

    Also, by parking this way, it makes it hard for the individuals who need to back out of their spots too.

    If you cannot walk and need someone to park your car, I am sure the hotel or resort can provide you that service. Just ask.

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    Bring your own aluminum water tin can!

    by joiwatani Written Sep 17, 2011

    If you are driving to Las Vegas, make sure to bring your own water bottle or your own aluminum tincan. This helps a little bit in the disposal of garbage in Las Vegas!

    Besides, it will be cheaper for you if you bring your own bottle and just get water at your hotel. You save money and you save the pain from buying water at those dispensers!

    Make sure not to buy at the water dispenser located close to the Sphinx at Luxor Hotel.

    That one is broken and there is no note that that dispenser is broken!

    My sister lost her money trying to buy water over there!

    My sister who lost her money at the H20 dispenser The water bottle is located to the right of this! Don't buy water close to the Sphinx!
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  • Beware of Fresh Shellfish

    by redravel Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beware of eatting things that include exotic ingredients that you have never tried before. Beware of eating things that you have had slight reaction to lately or in the past.

    Over the past year, occasionally, when I have eaten shell-fish, I have gotten an itchy nose and ears, that required scratching at my face. A few times, I experienced upset stomach and diarria. This went away after an hour or so and the reddnes with it. It did not keep me from eating my favorite meals as it did not happen every time.

    The first night in Vegas, I ate at a buffet. What a treat, all I could eat seafood, and tons of other stuff.

    Twenty minutes later, my face began to itch, but it didn't stop there. Welts began popping up over my upper tourseau and my chest was full and the itch was torture. This lasted about 6 hours and ruined my evening.

    Why did the shell fish in Las Vegas cause a more serious consequence than the shell fish of my home, Washington State? Why did I react only sometimes and not every time?

    Two reasons: 1. There is a parasite called anisakiasis that frequently contaminates seafood. This parasite is killed by deep freezing the shellfish; So if you find you can tolerate shrimp that has been frozen, but sometimes get sick eating fresh shrimp, it may be the parasite contamination, rather than a seafood allergy.
    2. What causes welts is the protein in the shrimp or crab and sometimes other shellfish. Some people are sensitive to any amount of this protein and others must intake a larger portion before they react. Some shrimp from different parts of the world have stronger protein than others, thereby making it difficult to pin down.

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    Don't hold on to your winning vouchers overnight..

    by mapakettle Updated Feb 20, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The days of tumbling coins have come to an end in Vegas. No loud tinkling of coin dropping from the hopper into the buckets anymore. We have become a cashless society, at least from the casino payout point of view.

    All wins are printed on a voucher which the customer takes to the ATM/Bill Breaker for payout. Be aware that these printouts are time sensitive, so don't carry them about with plans to cash in before you hit the hay. You might forget, and find a winning voucher in your shirt pocket as you're unpacking. Look around for a machine, and cash the voucher immediately.

    Vouchers expire quickly. Don't even count on a twenty four hour period of grace. Why chance it. Plus, casinos DO NOT honour each others vouchers.

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    by ebola26 Written Feb 16, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


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    Always use the Walkways

    by deecat Updated Jan 31, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the great tips that our airport shuttle bus driver gave us was to always use the walkways. He told us that crossing major intersections was a really bad idea and that jaywalking was a real bad idea since the fine was gigantic. Many tragic accidents happen when these suggestions are ignored.

    Mickey and I always used them and found them a real convenience and time saver. Since walking was one of our most popular means of travel around the Vegas Strip, these cross walks helped us immensely.

    a. Between the Tropicana and New York-New York, the MGM and the Excalibur at Las Vegas Boulevard.
    b. Between the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Bill's Gamblin'Hall & Saloon and Bally's at Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo.
    c. Between Mirage and the Venetian.

    Fortunately, there are escalators and elevators as well as stairs up to the walkways.


    Walkway between the Bellagio and Caesar's Palace
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  • Heat

    by fisherofsouls Written Jun 16, 2010

    DO - take the time to walk one of the trails in Red Rock Canyon (as I did late last year). It is a gorgeous place.

    DON'T - forget to take as much water as you can carry: the heat is brutal !

    DO - obey the posted speed limit

    DON'T - waste gambling money paying a fine, though the traffic cop was charming when he heard my British accent... :)

    DO - leave plenty of time to get to the car rental return place at McCarran on the day you leave

    DON'T - get pulled over because you're racing to make up the time you lost stuck in the Strip's abysmal traffic...!!!

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    Leave the high heels at home!

    by Yaqui Updated Aug 22, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I understand that some folks like to hang out at the clubs in some of the casino's and dressing up is probably a must. Yet, we I saw these gals where these 5 inch heeled shoes walking along the strip, well I think your nuts! Don't do it! Bring some extra shoes that might fit in your bag like a pair of cute sketchers. We saw a couple of gals carrying their fancy high heeled shoes, while wearing some sketchers that actually matched their outfits. I thought they looked really cute. Yet, some gals had these 5 inched heels shoes walking up and down the strip, but later that evening she was carrying her shoes and walking barefoot...figures, but now she was barefoot and that was not safe.

    So Ladies, you can look just as nice with some low heels shoes or even some flats. Your choice, the malls are huge and so is the strip.

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    The Stone Man at the Las Vegas Strip

    by joiwatani Written Apr 12, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We passed by a group of people and had to stop when I saw this guy, whom he called himself,The Stone Man. He is dressed in a metallic suit with his face in silver paint. You can hear him making all these beep, beep noises synchronized each time he moved his body like a robot.

    I took a video of him because he is groping women while this women get close to him to take pictures. He actually even touches the women in their napes, ears and kiss them on their necks! With the children, he gave them lollipops from his pocket.

    With this kind of modus operandi of this guy, I would not even dare get close to him! He is a freak! My children even said that loudly while he was kissing all those women who gets close to him.

    You will see this guy on the streets. Don't even bother get close to him. If you do, you are exposing yourself to groping!

    Please watch my video how he gropes women!

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    by f500vips Written Jul 4, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'm in the Security Department. When people come here to gamble or stay they think they can just leave their suit cases alone, or their purses next to them, etc. We call it being Careless, Stupid, or what ever you want! Yes we have lots of coverage and people around the casino and in the hotel but you are to watch your OWN stuff! We don't baby-sit here! Vegas is Cool and nice to visit but when you get careless about your stuff, someone will see it and (barrow) it. Because they see you don't care if someone takes off with it! So watch your Stuff! Also if ANY BODY comes up to you trying to sell you something, or DISTRACK your attention YELL OUT, SECURITY!!! We can't wait to get the bad guy or lady! Also watch the over 60 looking men or women! They look harmless but will trick you or distract you for your money or something! Don't let anyone get change for you! Do it yourself! The thing that makes us mad is when something does happen to you and you wait almost 30 minutes to tell Security! So watch your OWN stuff! It's YOUR problem! And NO, it does not happen all the time.

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    False Advertising

    by joyce&dean Written Mar 11, 2008

    Avoid the Mermaids Casino in Downtown Las Vegas.. Ther advertise $1.00 Daiquiris .. When you order one they say $4.00 please... I repied it says $1.00 outside.. They quickly reply . "That is only till 4 PM"... Outside has no time limit... Just say Sorry false advertising and walk out like I did.... Nothing is Free here.. Just a high pressure rip off operation... This is the only one I have ever ran into in LAS VEGAS.........

    Stay Away
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  • EXPEDIA US - total rubbish

    by SAM-E Written Oct 26, 2007

    Be careful when you book with expedia - if your flight is cancelled then you lose your booking fee - refunds can take 90 days - they wont call you back - constantly hassle with flight changes and incompitent service --- they give the wrong information - you might as well book direct with airline as you end up having to call them anyway to get things sorted

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    Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

    by onestepaway Written May 29, 2007

    We travelled up and down the strip, I noticed some shadey people along the strip but only a few bothered me but it wasnt bad as I thought it would be, because some of the areas around the strip tend to get a little dark and I saw a few people lurking in the shadows or down dark side streets.

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  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    Have The Correct ID

    by johngayton Written Jul 22, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As I say on my intro page, I don't know whether I was just unlucky in getting a particularly officious desk clerk but it seems that the local law requires valid photo ID from all hotel guests before allowing check-in, not just that of the person paying the bill. Also you must be over 21.

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