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  • Nevada Art Museum
    Nevada Art Museum
    by Jim_Eliason
  • Nevada Historical Museum
    Nevada Historical Museum
    by Jim_Eliason
  • Virginia Street, downtown Reno
    Virginia Street, downtown Reno
    by bpwarne

Reno Things to Do

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  • National Automobile Museum

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    the good old cars to the 50's to 70's is housed in the Third and Last Gallery of the National Car Museum. This is where you can find the fast and fabulous gas guzzlers of the period like the various car models from Auburn, Bugatti, Cord, Duesenberg, Ferrari, Franklin, Jaguar, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Pierce-Arrow, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, BMW,...

  • Circus Circus Casino

    more pictures of our stay at Circus Circus casino our hotel and a popular joint here in reno. If you want a casino that besides having your usual gaming tables and slot machines and betting stations, also have various attractions for the family, then Circus Circus Casino will be the best deal for the Family In Reno. Circus Circus Casino located...

  • Lake Tahoe

    it's just a 50 minute drive away Crystal Bay and Incline Village offers a variety of Lodges and Inns facing the Northern Shore of Lake Tahoe at the Crystal Bay Area for some private time or some water activities, swimming, water sports or just plain hiking and mountain biking. If you want to gamble and to other activities, then hop on to Inclinde...


Reno Hotels

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Reno Restaurants

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  • 24 hour Cafe in Middle of Slot Machines

    Cafe Sedona is located inside the Silver Legacy Casino and is recently renovated and Renamed Cafe'Central but it retains the Cafe Sedona's Menus. This 24 hour restaurant is with views of the slot machines as it is located in the Center of the Casino Complex. It offers a large selection of ala carte international meals and daily breakfast & lunch...

  • Budget what else

    a heavy breakfast after a casino hangover hehehe and if you are feeling el cheapo like us after splurging on some gambling, eating and partying, then a budget breakfast is a must. Well I still Like Ronald Mcdonald if I want some greasy but fine and budget breakfast items like biscuits and omelletes and Iced lattes as they make them better than...

  • roadside eateries at Italian Festival

    they have weekly festivals in downtown reno of which everyweek there is a different theme and the last time I was there, it was an italian food festival featuring some of the most scrumptious food, pasta and desserts of the more than 20 regions of italy.bongiorno and buon appetito!the weekly festival is located along S. Virginia Street in Downtown...


Reno Nightlife

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  • Sapphire Sirens Adult Show

    Sirens Adult Show is now renamed as the Sappire Sirens at Harrah's Reno and famous show this just an adult risque type of show of which there are topless performances as well. This is an adult show and is not a strip club ok. it is located in harrah's and you have an entrance of $ 10. again no photography or videos allowed inside and they are stict...

  • Booze in Hotel Room

    way cheaper than paying the $ 8 to 10 per bottle of beer at the pubs and bars at casinos. It pays sometimes to be an el cheapo he he. You can hide your brewskies and alco-pops in you portable cooler and but them beforehand at the convenience stores for $ 7.99 to $ 12.99 for a six pack of whatever is you favorite local or international beer or alco...

  • E.J's Jazz Cafe

    This is a first-rate jazz club. Reno is rather small, so I didn't expect to find one here. This club features live music, Tuesday through Saturday, by good local musicians. No real big-name touring acts perform here, but the local musicians are terrific. It's also a pleasant setting right on the south side of the Truckee River. Smart casual. Not...


Reno Transportation

  • Use your car

    there are lots of free parking spaces in reno at the casino hotels (unless you do valet parking and pay a tip to the valet man) but you park at your own risk as they are not responsible for any theft in your car. Using your car driving around reno is way lot cheaper than riding a taxi but the cheapest option will be walking around as most areas of...

  • Reno Taxis

    shuttling you from point A to point b in reno. Like in many casino cities, Reno has it's share of taxis and they are numerous here in the little big city in the world. you can hail a cab via your friendly taxi apps on your smart phone or by calling the local taxi companies for a ride or do it via the good ole fashion way of hailing it at the street...

  • Monorail Ride of Circus Circus

    lets you ride from the annex area to the main building in style and at a comfortable pace too.Harrah's Circus Circus Monorail is the only one of it's kind in Reno area and it provides the fastest access from the Hotel Tower to the Casino Tower Complex and vice versa. The Monorail glides at a leisurely pace of just 4 miles per hour and the 2 minute...


Reno Shopping

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  • Souvenir Shop at National Automobile...

    a must for car afficionados and enthusiasts. After loads and loads of Thrills of seeing a variety of Vintage Cars which is like car porn for the Car Afficionados, you can head to the Souvenir Shop to crave your thirst for souvenirs!Their Souvenir Shop is located just after the exit area of the Museum and it occupies a large space in the front area...

  • Souvenir Shops in Reno

    lots of souvenir and other dry good merchandise in this general store and convenience mart all in one. It is one of the many souvenir shops cum mom and pop family mart in Reno and is located in Downtown in Casino Row of S. Virgina Street where you can get budget foods like hot dogs, burgers and microwaveable frozen foods and cheap prices and ice...

  • River Sundries!

    If make it to Reno, make sure you explore the beautiful Riverwalk located along the Truckee River corridor. All kinds of cafes and bars, but plenty of gifts shops. All are located near downtown casino-hotels and Wingfield Park. Summertime is the best because its during the summer months the amphitheater plays host to free concerts and festivals.The...


Reno Local Customs

  • Reno Shot Glass

    again i, a collector of shot glasses and i bought one here at reno. I can't seem to find the fridge magnet I bought here at Reno Though.Having been an avid Collector of Refrigerator Magnets and Shot Glasses, I must buy a shot glass of Reno to be a part of my extensive colection of Shot Glasses at home and here, you can buy a variety of Shot Glasses...

  • National Championship Air Races

    The National Championship Air Races is an annual event that is held at Stead Field just outside of Reno. It is the largest event in Reno and typically attracts about 100,000 spectators. The races typically occur in mid September. Races of various types of aircraft are intermingled with stunt shows and other aerial demonstrations.The races are...

  • Dancing in Daylight

    In my last visit to Reno, we passed by Harrahs and there was a band playing outside. There's an open area infront of the stage where people can enjoy the music and dance. It's a relaxing and carefree atmosphere...


Reno Warnings and Dangers

  • Smoke, Smoke, and Smoke

    Smoking is allowed in most areas of casinos. Despite the efforts of the ventilation systems, a heavy cloud of smoke lingers in the casinos' air worse than smog will over a major city in summer. After a short visit in a casino, the smell of smoke will stay with your clothes, hair, and skin and you may feel like a human ash trey. The voters of Nevada...

  • Altitude

    Although located on a desert and seeming flat plain, Reno is located at a relatively high elevation of nearly 5,000 feet above sea level. It is also a 24 hour town with alcohol often flowing freely. Some people do experience some unexpected respiratory and other health issues caused by combining the high elevation with lack of sleep and over...

  • Reno, Nevada--some misconceptions

    1. Prostitution is NOT LEGAL in Reno or in Washoe County where Reno lies. Any solicitation will result in an arrest. Prostitution IS LEGAL in Storey County which lies about 10 miles east of Reno south of Interstate 80.2. Drinks may be free in the casinos but can cost you a lot if you drive later. There is an old saying "Come to Nevada on vacation,...


Reno Tourist Traps

  • Throwing your money away

    We all spend enough money in the casinos. If you want souvenirs buy them along the strip at the various little shops along Virginia Street. You'll find the same things that the hotel gift shops have only less expensive.

  • Renting RV Campers in Reno- Avoid it!

    If you must rent a RV for the festival, do no rent it in Reno or you will pay a very high price. For example, one year friends and I rented and RV for a week in a town called Stockton which is on the way from San Francisco to Reno. We paid $800 to rent the RV for a week from a company called Last year I met a man from the east...

  • Bringing Home Gifts

    I got these at a casino's gift shop because I thought they were colorful keychains and they reminded me of the publisher I work with. Sadly one fell off the chain and one of my truck keys is bootless now. I got these for a substantial discount, but I was standing in line behind someone that spent $300 (not kidding) for one junky gift for every...


Reno What to Pack

  • Bring a Watch

    It is nearly impossible to find a clock in a casino. Casinos never close and their management does not want you to realize how long you have been in there or that it is time to go to bed. In fact, you usually can not even tell if it is night or day outside. Carry a watch so you don’t loose track of time. A watch will help you from gambling way...

  • Visiting During Hot August Nights?

    Don't forget your shades, your hat with visor... Lots of sunblock... And, a water bottle will come in handy.

  • Reno Hotels

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Reno Off The Beaten Path

  • Beginning of Autumn

    early autumn leaves at the National Automobile Museum taken in the first week of October. Fall Season and the famous Bright color of it comes to Reno / Tahoe Area fo starting toward the end of September and peaks through October, though exactly when the leaves change color varies somewhat from year to year, depending on the weather if you have an...

  • Hike to the "N"

    The University of Nevada students have a huge letter in on the side of a hill on the NW side of Reno. Is was made of rocks painted white and is visible from the air as well as from the highway. It is a nice, moderately strenuous hike that provides awesome views of the city skyline. We began at Evans Creek/Canyon trail and worked out way up to the...

  • Old Reno Arch

    The Reno "Biggest Little City in the World" Arch on Virginia Street is not the original one. The Reno arch was replaced years ago with the more modern arch that spans Virginia Street today. However, the old arch is still around. It was relocated to South Lake Street in front of the Sienna Hotel and Casino. This historic arch stands as a remembrance...


Reno Sports & Outdoors

  • Take a Hike

    Reno is surrounded by mountains and wilderness much of it easily accesible from town. I did some hiking in Huffaker Hills Open Space Park just south of the Airport.

  • Hiking in/near Reno

    Having grown up in Tahoe, I will attest to the fact that it is a wonderful place to go hiking, biking etc.There are countless trails down in the Reno valley, but for the good scenery, head up to the lake.I will recommend any of those below, but please view any of my other pages for the Lake's towns for more details:Tahoe Rim Trail - completely...

  • Jan 2005 - We Had Winter

    Many people travel to Reno/Tahoe for the winter sports. But for those of us who live here, we had a real, honest to goodness winter in early 2005. This snow stuck around for months.


Reno Favorites

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  • Wedding Chapels

    Nevada is famous for the quickie wedding and divorce and the most popular places to have it is in Las Vegas in the South for Southern Californians and Reno for the Northern Californians plus many other nationalities go here for that quickie wedding too. You can have a wedding license almost immediately while you wait with some wedding chapels...

  • Parking in Reno

    There are parking areas on the streets with parking meters of which you have to pay them via quarters and maximum is 3 hours per use. There are also several parking lots like the Parking Gallery, Washoe County Parking Lot and 50 W. Liberty Street to name a few of which you can pay $ 2 for the first hour and $ 1 per additonal hour. The most numerous...

  • Reno Free Newspapers, Brochures,...

    Since Reno is having a huge loss of gaming revenues to the now Budding Indian Reservation Casino Complexes of California, they have instituted various measures to arrest this decline and one of the main thrust is by giving away free newspapers and brochures filled with various fell good write ups on anything about Reno and also tons of Discount...


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