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Concord Things to Do

  • Replica Liberty Bell

    We were surprised to come across a replica of the Liberty Bell sitting on the front lawn of the New Hampshire State Capitol building.It wasn't a true replica though, since it was clearly not made out of the same materials. It did look pretty similar though, and even had "the crack"... but not really - the bell wasn't actually cracked, it was just...

  • The Capitol Building

    New Hampshire's Capitol Building is right in downtown Concord.We only briefly stopped in the city for lunch during our roadtrip, so we didn't get a chance to go inside. However, we did check out the exterior of the building and it was fairly interesting.According to signs in the front lawn: The building is completely made from New Hampshire...

  • Legislative Office Building Service...

    On the west side of the capitol building, in front of the legislative office building, there is a memorial for those local police, firefighters, soldiers, and others who died in service to the community, state, or nation. The legislative office building is also of some architecture interest. The landscaping of colorful annuals contrasted with the...

  • St. Paul's Episcopal and Centerpoint...

    The Protestant roots being deep in New England generally, Concord has it's share of noteworthy churches worth a photo or two. Quite near the capitol building are the Episcopal and Baptist Churches. Probably the most well endowed, the St. Paul's Episcopal Church, right across the street from the capitol, also remains a vibrant congregation by all...

  • First Presidential Primary

    Across from the Capitol Building, in front of the old State Libary Building (claimed to be the first such "state library" in the nation) , is a tribute to the state that has been for many years first in the presidential primary campaign for both the Democratic and Republican parties--New Hampshire. More detailed information can be found here. There...

  • Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science

    Mary Baker Eddy first resided in Bow, which is next to Concord, but she later had a large house in Concord, across from the president day hospital. The house is gone, but there's a sign marking the spot and describing a bit about the Ms. Eddy and her founding of the Christian Science faith in the late 19th century. Downtown one block south of the...

  • Commodore George H. Perkins

    The most famous New Hampshire born naval officer is certainly Commodore George H. Perkins, if for no other reason than his extraordinary bronze and granite tribute at the west entrance to the Concord State Capitol. Perkins gain distinction for his Civil War commands during anti-slave ship patrols and Mississippi River engagements, but ultimately...

  • General John Stark (1728 - 1822)

    New Hamphire has probably contributed more than its share of able bodied heros, and so General John Stark, is really but one of them, and one of two memorialized by statue on the Concord State Capitol grounds. Stark was a Lieutenant and later Captain under Maj Robert Rodgers within the Quebec area campaign, during the French and Indian War...

  • Free Soil and Early Abolitionist John P....

    John P. Hale (1806-1873) and Daniel Webster both served in the senate during the critical pre-Civil War period, and was also a strong political enemy of the "doughface" Franklin Pierce. Hale lost the presidential election to Pierce in 1852. Hale ran for president as a "Free Soil" candidate, but gain his greatest reputation for early and open...

  • The Great Daniel Webster

    In contrast to Franklin Pierce, New Hampshire native Senator Daniel Webster is commemorated in a large statue right in the center of the Concord state house grounds--and for good reason. Webster was a very powerful and long serving 19th century senator who tried three times to win the presidency, only to spurn the offer of Vice-President twice by...

  • Failure of President Franklin Pierce

    In the somewhat awkward southeast corner of the Capitol building grounds, right along Main Street is a tribute to New Hamphire's only native contribution to the US presidency---Franklin Pierce (1804-1869). Pierce was a youthful but ineffectual president who both followed and preceded other ineffectual presidents in the decade just prior to the...

  • New Hampshire State Capitol Building

    Wikipedia provides a excellent architectural description of the 1818 New Hampshire State Capitol Building Here. Designed by Stuart Park, who also designed the state prison from where labor was found to shape the smooth the granite blocks for the building, this domed building surely provides as small but early prototype of the domed capitol...

  • Kimball Park and Free Public Pool

    When in Concord and looking for something low-key to do with young children, check out Kimball Park for an hour or so. It's located at 171 North State Street in Concord (a stone's throw from a Rite Aid, for your reference). The park has a medium-sized play area with structures suitable for most young kids through 'tweens. The play area is not...

  • State House Chamber

    Upon entering the New Hampshire State House Chamber I was immediately struck by it's larger than usual size, both on the main floor and in the visitors gallery. Although New Hampshire is one of the smallest states and has one of the smaller state capitol buildings, it has an unusually large House of Representatives with 400 members. These...

  • New Hampshire State Capitol

    The seat of government for New Hampshire, the State House is the oldest State Capitol Building in the United States in which the state legislative bodies still meet in their original chambers. The imposing structure, built of New Hampshire Granite in 1815-1818, is capped with a beautiful gold dome which is both a landmark and a monument.I took a...

  • Great Local Park for the Kids!

    Check out Kimball Park off North State Street, just outside of downtown. Very clean, play structures for all ages. Wide fields, basketball courts, benchs, nice local kids, big trees, quiet. My 12-year-old needed to thrown a football and burn some endorphins, and we found this park and just chilled for an hour or so, and we were so pleased!

  • Walking tour of downtown

    The Concord New Hampshire website has an interesting guide to the historic landmarks in Concord, since I didn't know we'd be stopping here, I didn't print it out so we just wandered aimlessly taking photos of cool looking buildings. But should you actually plan on stopping here, it looks like it contains a lot of interesting information.Or you can...

  • State Capitol Building

    The State Capitol Building is the most noticeable building in the city with it's guilded dome and stately facade. It was built between 1816-1819 out of New Hampshire granite quarried by prisoners from the New Hampshire State Prison, designed by architect Stuart Park.There are statues in front of the capitol building of Daniel Webster, a native of...


Concord Hotels

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  • Residence Inn Concord

    91 Hall Street, Concord, New Hampshire, 03301, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Centennial Inn

    96 Pleasant Street, Concord, New Hampshire, 03301, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Best Western Concord Inn & Suites

    97 Hall Street, Concord, New Hampshire, 03301, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Concord Restaurants

  • upscale prices, good food

    Nicely furnished atmosphere in an older building. Our waiter was excellent. The prices were too much for our budget, so we split an entree; that was perfect as we did not leave feeling "stuffed" but enjoyed the food.In Concord, they are open for lunch and dinner year-round, and also have a Sunday Brunch. Here are examples from the 2012...

  • Pizza buffet

    Foodee's was recommended in my guidebook as a good place to stop for lunch for creative pizzas. They have an all you can eat buffet at lunch and dinner, Tuesday-Friday, which includes several different kinds of pizza, garden or caesar salad and unlimited refills on soda. Since we didn't have a lot of time, we opted for the all you can eat buffet....

  • Buffet with Variety

    This was a decent Japanese restaurant with good sushi. Now, they've switched their main theme to a buffet which features something for everyone. They have Japanese, Chinese, American and Italian food. The buffet seems to be mainly focused toward Chinese food, but there are plenty of exceptions. You can have your fill of a variety of pizza and/or...


Concord Local Customs

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    Presidential primary

    by Dabs Written Oct 8, 2007

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    Since 1920, New Hampshire has held it's Presidential primary election before any other state although many other states seem to be trying to challenge that distinction for the next election in 2008 by moving theirs earlier and earlier. But it's part of New Hampshire's state law that says that their primary must be first. For those of you that think Iowa has the 1st primary, Iowa actually has the 1st caucus

    As a resident of Indiana, I think this system is unfair, by the time I get to vote on anything, the field is pretty narrow. Why should a state that has less people than the city of Chicago have so much say in the leadership of our country?

    There have been several reform ideas floated, although not perfect, the one I like best is a rotating regional primary that breaks the country down into four regions so that every part of the country gets a chance to have some meaningful input into the process.

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Concord Off The Beaten Path

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    Early Memorial of Those Slain by Indians

    by atufft Written Oct 6, 2009

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    In August of 1746, which is very early in the colonial settlement of New Hampshire, Samuel and Jonathan Bradley, and three others, were massacred by Native Americans at a spot that is marked by a sandstone monument. The monument is noteworthy for its early erection by the Bradley family--1837. This monument is right near the hospital.

    Bradley Clan Monument Bradley Clan Monument
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Concord Sports & Outdoors

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    Cycling and Kayaking

    by atufft Written Oct 3, 2009

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    Anyone driving north into New Hampshire will see the road shared with many who love to kayak or cycle. The roads around Concord are very friendly for road cyclists as the pavement is in generally excellent smooth condition, the cars few in number, and the air clean. The city has bicycle lanes in many places, and there are very few steep grades--mostly very gentle hills or flat terrain. I took a loop around the west side of the city and through the center of town on very pleasant Sunday. In summer, the temperatures are in the high seventies to low eighties, and so runners, cyclists, etc. won't be bothered by the sweltering heat found further south. There are a couple of excellent bicycle shops in town for those in need of additional gear. Both Kayaks and bicycles can be rented too.

    Stopping for pic when cycling in NH

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Concord Favorites

  • Christa McAuliffe Museum -...

    Christa McAuliffe Museum - Museum and Planetarium dedicated to the first civilian woman astronaut. Both times I was in Concord I was lucky to arrive for the annual street fair/sidewalk sale. They block off the main downtown street to cars and the street is filled with local shops and craftsmen selling their wares. Good bargins!!

  • luciano's General Tip

    The State House, and a beautiful blue sky! Don't ask me how did I get that perfect blue on film, it was just good luck...

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