New Hampshire Favorites

  • Horse drawn carriages always lure my camera
    Horse drawn carriages always lure my...
    by Pawtuxet
  • Liz and Lydis with their Margaritas
    Liz and Lydis with their Margaritas
    by cjg1
  • Yum!
    by cjg1

New Hampshire Favorites

  • Glistening Strawberry Banke

    Strawberry Banke is a town which has become a museum, representing about 400 years of architecture and crafts which have been part of this town through the centuries. It's located just beside the town of Portsmouth, which is a vital, bustling, revived town of many pleasures. Both are worthy of the visit. This weekend there were crowds everywhere,...

  • Meet locals

    From my own experience I believe it is vital to meet locals there and develop good relationships with them (especially if you arrive to NH without a car, new in the country or the state). Generally NH people are very friendly and would be glad to help you in different ways so if you're moving to NH don't be shy to ask for a ride, bring your new...

  • Leaf-Peeping

    The main reason for going in fall was for us the foliage. We were hoping for brilliant colours and were not disappointed in New Hampshire (unlike in the other states). Flaming red, bright yellows and beautiful oranges were dominating colours. At home we do get the two latter ones but rarely the flaming, intense red.New Hampshire has it. We were in...

  • Mountains

    The North of New Hampshire means mountains. The Appalachians stretch in direction southwest to northeast. The dominating mountain region here are the White Mountains with the highest peaks to find in the Presidential Range (Mt. Washington, 6288 ft.). The mountains are by far not as spectacular as in the American West, Canada or in the Alps....

  • counties

    New Hampshire is divided into 10 large counties.Hillsborough has the most people (380000) and Sullivan has the least (40000).Coos is the largest with 1800 square miles and Stafford is the smallest with 370 square miles.The first counties were made in the 1760s and the last in the 1840s.

  • Scenic Drives

    New Hampshire is packed with scenic drives. Especially the two national scenic byways, the White Mountain Trail and the Kancamagus Scenic Byway are wonderful during the foliage season. New Hampshire with its picturesque and historic villages, small towns, covered bridged, lakes and a lot of natural vistas is an ideal state to drive around in your...

  • Foliage Season

    Autumn is a wonderful time to visit New Hampshire because of its foliage colors. The cooler and shorter days of September cause the green chlorophyll to disappear from the leaves. Gold, brown and yellow become the prominent leaf colors of popular, oak, beech and birch trees. The sugar in the sugar and red maple tree bring out the red in these...

  • Covered Bridges

    New Hampshire has more than 50 covered bridges. They are also called "kissing bridges", because of their frequent use by the youngsters. Most bridges have a wooden structure and they are all different.Covered bridges in New Hampshire

  • Fall Color

    This comes up a lot in the forums: When is the best time to see the Fall color?While it's impossible to predict exactly when foliage will be at peak, in general you'll find a lot of color on Columbus Day weekend. Columbus Day is the second Monday in October. The northern mountains may peak a week or two earlier, but you'll probably still see some...

  • New Hampshire Wonder

    Day trips are easy in northern New Hampshire. We ranged to Woodstock Vermont in the southwest and all the way to Stowe, Vermont to the west. Below are a few photos of the sites along the way.

  • Ye olde covered bridge

    This is the Squam River Bridge. Not only is it wonderful for pictures .. lots of ice fishermen around in the winter... but also filled with winter storage boats and docks waiting for the summer crowd. This little spot could use up all your photo film for a weekend. It's picturesque in all directions. There were little cottages grouped together on...

  • The great Lake Winnepesaukee

    Good friends have a cabin right on the lake with a dock out in front. There is an assortment of boats and jet skis....dogs, kids, a few lobsters....and life is sweet. What a lake it is! Enormous...clean...and FUN. There are a couple of towns which front on the lake like Meredith and The Weirs. We stay away from the crowds...just sun, water, and...

  • That "wicked", dry, New England humor...

    Want some advice on interacting with New Hampshirites? Here's the secret tip: "They're kidding". Keep reminding yourself of this. Say, "they're kidding" and take it all with a grain of salt. The New Englander is a dry breed. Don't take them - or more importantly, "yourself" - too seriously. No self-respecting New Englander will sugar coat a sharp,...

  • The beautiful fall foliage

    The best thing I remember about New Hampshire was walking in the woods just amazed at all the beautiful colors. If you pick a good foliage year it is just breathtaking and a once in a lifetime experience (unless you are lucky enough to live there). I miss the foliage, pumkins in the fall, maple syrup on snow in the spring, the mountains and the...

  • Wolfeboro

    Visit a quaint little town called Wolfeboro. I know there are lots of 'quaint' towns but this one boasts of pretty houses that have a great view of Lake Winnepesaukee. They have several nice stores on the main road that sell local things like paintings, craft stuff and other cute and fun knick knacks.

  • Portsmouth

    It's got a quaint town center with old, narrow streets and fun shops common in New England towns. Enjoy the day walking around, eating ice cream on a hot, summer day, or warming up with a cup of coffee during the cold months.

  • Lake Winnepesauke

    Somebody told me there are over a thousand lakes in NH. I wasn't sure if that was accurate so I looked...apparently, there are over 250 lakes and ponds all over the state. Lake Winnepesauke is a big, beautiful lake that covers 72 sq. miles in Central NH. Sitting on the deck with friends on a summer afternoon

  • the things you miss when you are in a...

    I found myself nearing White Mountain National Forrest with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. Though I knew there might be nicer and far less crowded trails in the park, I felt an irrepressible urge to climb that states claim to fame. It was the tail end of a five-week trip around New England and the Maritimes, during which we had tackled most...

  • The Connecticut River Valley

    I'm sure you've heard of Dartmouth College located in Hanover. Hanover is located in the River Valley between New Hampshire and Vermont. This ninth oldest college in the nation is located in the heart of the town. What a pretty town it is with darling well-kept houses, unique shops, and several fine restaurants. The college buildings add to the...

  • Naval Shipyard and Lightship Museum

    Because my father was in the Navy, I was eager to see the Naval Shipyard Museum and Lightship Museum in Portsmouth. This fascinating place covers over 250 years of Portsmouth's history. It is America's oldest and largest naval shipyard.At first it was known as the Gosport Shipyard, but its name was changed during the Civil War to the Norfolk Navy...

  • Great Place to Explore Nature

    New Hampshire is a wonderful state to explore. If you have children, take a road trip to New Hampshire and stop ever so often just to let the children and yourself see, touch, smell all that nature has to offer.This photo shows our daughter Jill having the time of her life just being a kid. We all loved the granite rocks, the roadside streams, the...

  • New Hampshire Inspires a Great Poet

    "Nearly half of my poems must actually have been written in New Hampshire...Four of my children were born in Derry, New Hampshire...So you see it has been New Hampshire with me all the way. You will find my poems show it, I think." Robert Frost, 1938My favorite poet has always been Robert Frost. His insights into life are incredible; his use of...

  • Concord: New Hampshire's Capital

    Concord lies along the Merrimack River and more than 40,000 people live there. It's the political, industrial and commercial center of the state.The best thing about Concord is the gold-domed capitol called the State House. Built in 1816 out of New Hampshire Granite that prisoners made into blocks on land donated by citizens, this location was...

  • Treasuring the Grande Dame of The White...

    Please CLICK on photo to see moon and to take advantage of the panoramic photoI found it remarkable that New Hampshire's Mt Washington Hotel has kept her beauty after all these years; for over 100 years people have come to this Grande Dame for her elegance and for the opportunity to step back in time.In 1991, this wonderful hotel was purchased at...


    We stopped in at the lake house while visiting my son's ski vacation house. Couldn't resist checking in at the little cottage on Lake Winnepesaukee where the kids had so many wonderful times in the sun with old and good friends. Think all those memories were going through Christopher's head as he looked out at the frozen lake for the first time...

  • Drive the Kanamungus Highway

    Drive the Kanamungus Highway. It is has really beautiful vistas of the mountains are spectular. I am sure that when the leaves change colour in the fall it is the most wonderful road in the world. You also may see a moose or two, so be careful on the roads! Seeing a female moose and her calf at the side of the road.

  • Mount Washington

    Mount Washington is the highest mountain in eastern North America at an elevation of 8288 ft ( 1917 meters). It is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire .Weather is usually bad at the top of the mountain . Apparently the peak is cloudless for only 60 days per year. Average winds are 35 mph ( 56 kph) and a record wind was recorded at 231...

  • Covered Bridges

    New Hampshire is full of many scenic natural wonders. One, however, man-made is somewhat part of "New England" and that is the Covered Bridge. Many are located in the New England area (I've seen them in Pennsylvania too) and they just seem to bring back a nostalgia view of the world.This one is near Plymouth, NH, just a short drive from the center...

  • getting the whole point....

    Our solitude was soon interrupted by a day-tripper from Mount Washington who ran frantically and alone. He explained that he was "doing" all of the peaks this way. He drove his car to the top of Mount Washington and then walked from one President to the next. He would surely "have" them all in no time. He said we could be on top of Mount We tried...

  • time for some mashed potatoes.....

    The path was a splendid, a lushly green tract of earth. It began innocently enough as it meandered its way though mossy nurse trees before beginning its steep incline over muddy roots that made for a good workout. We found ourselves above tree-line in no time and decided to forgo Mount Pierce altogether as we saw a few people ambling up there...

  • no time to whine....

    I tried to be quick but between the watchful predator and my trying to find the perfect angle for my masterpiece, we found ourselves chatting with the ranger about 10:30. He explained with a sigh that it was THE perfect day to climb Mount Washington but that it was a tad too late to start such an endeavor. He detailed two great hikes, one in the...

  • eyeing me up for breakfast....

    With the clear skies came a cold night and even colder morning, but it was a gorgeous one just the same. We had planned on pulling up camp and maybe staying in a mountain hut or deciding on another spot after our hike but we found the campground we had chosen was indeed a very nice one. I had discovered my grave error of driving by the trailhead...

  • Just do it...

    Though you can see lots of great scenery from your car, the best part of the White Mountains in New Hamshire can only be explored on foot. With some of the most well developed trails in the United States, you just have to get out and do some hiking. Sometimes a person can put an idea in your head without you even knowing it. One such case was my...

  • The Notches

    The White mountains contain several areas (called Notches) that were carved out during the glacial periods. The three main ones are Franconia Notch, Crawford Notch, and Pinkham Notch. All three areas are quite scenic and contain some great hiking trails.

  • Driving through Pinkham Notch

    The drive through Pinkham notch is one of the most scenic areas of the White Mountains. The landscape was carved and sculpted by glaciers thousands of years ago and gives it a unique character. Pinkham Notch is located near Mt. Washington.

  • A clear morning on First Connecticut...

    I had the privilege of enjoying the sunrise in the beautiful north woods of New Hampshire. The scenary is lovely here, and atmosphere is so peaceful.

  • Don't Miss the Covered Bridge at...

    The Sacro River Bridge is located west of U.S. Route 302, four and one-half miles east of Bartlett Village over the Saco River. The style of the bridge is paddleford truss with added arches, it was built in 1851 The bridge is 166' 10" long with a clear span of 145' 0". It's closed to vehicular traffic but pedestrians may walk across the structure....

  • The White Mountains

    Probably nowhere else are such magnificent displays of nature more easily accessible (except, well, perhaps Niagara Falls). There are snow-clad mountains, lush forests, green lakes, meandering streams, silky waterfalls, all within an easy drive from the air travel hub of Boston. The Kancamagus Highway, named after a 17th-century Indian chief, is...

  • Lake Winnipesaukee

    Check out Lake Winnipesaukee. It's right in the middle of New Hampshire, and is a great place to spend a few days relaxing. It's a large lake, surrounded by numerous small towns. Wolfeboro is the largest on the Eastern shore, and Laconia on the Western. Both have plenty of small-town charm and B&Bs to stay at and chill, although personally I'd pick...

  • Hiking in the White Mountain wilderness

    Hike up Mount Washington, or backpack in the White Mountains. Going to school in NH was one of the best decisions of my life so far. It had so much to offer from seas to mountians. The hiking and wilderness activites in NH can't be beat. And let's not forget the tallest peak in new England, Mt. Washington.

  • Don't Miss the Swift River Bridge at...

    It's located one-half mile north of N.H. Route 16 at Conway Village over the Swift River. The style of the bridge is Paddleford truss with added arches. It was built in 1870. The original cost is unknown. Structural Characteristics; the bridge is 129'4" long with a clear span of 110'6". It has an overall width of 21'0" with a roadway width of...

  • Don't Miss the Sawyers Crossing Covered...

    Location: One mile north of N.H. Route 32 near the site of an old Indian community on Sawyer's Crossing Road in Swanzey. It spans the Ashuelot River. It was built in 1859 to replace a bridge constructed prior to 1771. Original Cost: 1771 - 53 pounds, six shillings. The bridge is 158'5" long with clear span of 61'6" and 77'3". It has an overall...

  • Don't Worry About The Falling...

    The beautiful ever changing scenery! Be sure to visit the OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN. He will surely lift a sagging spirit! Covered bridges, falling leaves, snow and ice are just a few of the things I will miss. Also, NO STATE SALES, shop, shop!

  • Plymouth, New Hampshire

    Plymouth, New Hampshire is about half way between the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border and the White Mountains Region on I-93. It's another quintessential example of little-town USA and a great place to stop on your to or from the White Mountains Region... While living in Boston, I would always stop in Plymouth for breaksfast at this little...

  • Keene, New Hampshire

    Keene is a nice little college town in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire (home of Keene State Collete part of New Hampshire's university system). Quintessential small-town USA, Keene looks like one of those towns you would see in an old movie from the 1950's. My fondest memory of Keene was "discovering" the Elm City Brewery after a long day's...


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